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In computer science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) discoveries are developing machines and programs so intelligent; they can work and behave like humans. Cutting edge and promising areas in technology are growing more popular every day. Applying AI to modern life, extensive and highly technical research is required. Also needed is additional specialized programming. In AI, knowledge engineering makes machines act, reason, and react like humans. Researchers have made significant strides in computer science. Some of the AI technologies developing are indeed to devise tremendous changes in many industries today.

What are some of the sectors likely to see this massive change?

Two programs already introduced to us which deal with personal assistance are Siri and Warren. Both programs give us factual answers to questions we ask of them. They seem to “understand” our language and give us answers, which in turn WE can understand. These programs can reside in our smartphones, tablet, or computers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) personal assistance is being adapted in other zones as well. Some of these areas include medical, finance, and engineering. Personal assistance will undergo much change with AI soon.

Medical diagnosis and Prescription Medication

In medical diagnosis, there are AI programs capable of diagnosing patients’ diseases and conditions when supporting medical tests, and exam reports are readily available.

Once the AI program is given a patient’s symptoms and medical reports along with any ultrasounds, MRIs, X rays, and CT scans ordered, it can diagnose any disease and prescribe the appropriate medication. Equipped with this knowledge, it is understandable that AI programs could replace pharmacists and doctors in the future.

Business to Business (B2B) Processes and Interaction

Businesses use computers and the internet to execute sales, collaborations, customer care and support, mergers, marketing, niche creation, mergers, and basically any task pertaining to their industry. This requires a tremendous amount of data processing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) capable of analyzing resources such as directories, credit agencies, websites, government records, filings, and other vital information is being developed. One such company, LeadGenius, is developing AI programs that will expedite this process. These AI programs’ goal is to clean, categorize, and enrich the data, allowing them to apply this knowledge to respond to emails, sort responses, service orders, and perform automatic billing.

Mathmatical Analysis

A major portion of modern-day data sheets involves numbers. What would a stock market or sports report or even a banking statement be without numbers?

Any of these reports could easily become too complicated to report on even with computer application assistance.

Narrative Science has developed Quill, which is capable of scrutinizing massive amounts of data in seconds needed to construct thorough and accurate reports. This is especially helpful in stock market reports.


Law and legal documents are a necessary evil in all our lives. We need legal documents drawn for a variety of reasons. Normally lawyers draft these for us, and the cost considerable, even to the point of being out of our budget entirely.

Currently under development is an AI program capable of creating legal letters and forms automatically. Relying on an exhaustive legal base, the program is adept in creating letters and forms needed in our everyday lives and businesses.

This system will establish greater efficiency and lower costs than by employing conventional lawyers. It is certain to be a huge technology disruption in the field of law.

Professional Scheduling

Scheduling plays an inordinate role in professional businesses. Some professional businesses, such as doctors, lawyers, and hairdressers, hire someone to fill this job. AI technology is aspiring to automate this process.

An AI program, known as Amy, which users paste into their emails when requesting a meeting with each other. The suggested time is chosen and put into the email along with Amy. The program will compare these times and suggest a time frame when both are free and schedule a meeting for them in their calendars. This process takes very little time and is a huge step forward in scheduling.

Manufacturing industry

For several years, we have seen industries such as the automotive industry apply the use of robotics in their assembly lines. It seems they were one of the first to adopt this technology. Many other industries have used robotics for packaging goods for decades. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now taking the manufacturing industry to the next level. AI can also be used for assembly in more complex tasks as those found in electronics.

AI has now been augmented to work well in other manufacturing industries, such as home building/repair. In fact, over time, they could replace electronic engineers and construction workers. Potential disruptions could resonate throughout the entire manufacturing industry.

Provision of Customer Service

Good customer service is tantamount to the success of almost any company. Responding to customer queries and concerns has traditionally been handled by human resources; however, AI is set to transform this industry in the same way.

Companies inclusive of Alibaba, Lexus, and Uber employ both human and Artificial Intelligence (AI) customer service to deliver the best results to their clients. DigitalGenius is another company creating programs to understand vocal queries and concerns, decipher, and respond.

AI programs can perceive human speech patterns, then respond in any language the customer requests. Once fully integrated, these AI programs will change the way customer service has handled the world over.

Transportation Industry

Transportation is an essential foundation in society involving the movement of citizens and manufactured goods from one point to another.

It has always been a given that a motor vehicle had a human driver behind the wheel. What if there IS no driver needed? What if AI programs could transport people and products without a human involved?

This is not only possible but happening in today’s world opening up the possibility of lowering accidents, lessening congestion, and energy usage greatly reduced.

Human resources could be redirected to fulfill other needed tasks.

Many companies are now involved in exploring the possibility of using intelligent driverless vehicles.


Hospital operating rooms are systematically upgrading their old technology with new Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines and programs. These AI machines and programs are using laser-guided tools with precision, capability, and efficiency.

Smart Tissue Autonomous Robots (STARs) have proven themselves capable of performing suturing and stitching while relying on their own knowledge base, tools, and laser vision.

Thus, AI robotics will soon rule the operating rooms replacing outdated machines and procedures.

Insurance Industry

Not to be outdone, the Insurance Industry is jumping on the AI bandwagon, too, by utilizing intelligent devices. These devices monitor and report your driving habits to the insurance companies to analyze your driving safety habits and determine whether or not to issue discounts to you.

Which insurance company is doing this? The Progressive Insurance company for one.

It doesn’t stop there, as Health Insurers are embracing the idea by having their customers wear devices that monitor conditions such as blood pressure, heart rate, and activity levels!

Most everyone wants to be as healthy as possible, but is this monitoring level more like personal invasion?

The bottom line to them, if you are health-conscious, you earn a discount on your insurance premiums; if not, you pay more to be covered.


Our Educational system too is adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI). Is this acceptable?

Although students are part of the whole, each student learns at a different rate. Therefore, AI programs are being created to personalize each students learning experience.

These AI programs analyze the students’ emotional responses to questions, monitor their daily performance activities, then execute changes tailored and designed to the students’ learning abilities.

Important Take Away

AI technology has incorporated into essentially all sectors of our business and industry. Some of the new Technology clearly needed to advance our civilization. However, it will remain to be seen whether certain aspects of AI Technology will be appreciated.

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About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Though I can see the benefits of AI programs replacing pharmacists and doctors, I’m somewhat skeptical of the idea because we would lose that sense of comfort of being able to talk to the doctor, a human doctor, and have his sympathy and understanding. The comfort and reassurance that I get from the doctor is an important part of the treatment and I wouldn’t want to lose that.

  2. I think AI is great in somethings like your house and car but when it comes to losing the small talk between associates and customers in business I think it could be harmful or cause loneliness. The positive side is a lot of AI is not associated that way so it can be very useful in shaping the world I just hope everything doesn’t get robotized, I enjoy speaking to people.

  3. Gail, very informative blog! Artificial Intelligence is a very advanced technology and it is the creation of the human brain. I think it will create a lot of distance between human beings but on the one hand it will save a lot of time and especially it is very good to diagnose a lot of diseases. It will happen easily and it can help the patient  get well soon,there are many benefits to the law sector,court decisions will bring justice,work will be easy and honest in every sector of life.But I would say that there is no one who can cure human loneliness.

  4. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing our world into a machine and robotic industry.As we see all major industries take over the AI system for better and safer performance,and unfortunately a lot of the man power will need to look into alternative jobs or business.This seems to be the need of the day as we are moving into the digital age and new technology.

  5. Interesting but at the same time very concernig. It is very like the iternet used correctly and legally it has obvious benefis in many areas. Most cars these days are built using robots which are probably more accurate than us humans. The downside is the number of jobs that are lost in the proess. Micro surgery is brilliant it allows surgeos to do things that were previously only possible with invasive surgery terehelping people stay healthy for longer.
    The problem with all AI options is theworldwide availability due to costs. It is difficult to see benefits in countries are struggling to provide the basics needed for survival.

  6. intriguing information Gail — and as time moves forward it appears that the computer age of technology will be the driving force behind many if not all of our existences — to me that is sad — still like the human effect –lol but with each year the sciences seem to be the driving force?? great read —

  7. Thanks for the post, Gail. How has Artificial Intelligence affected your life? It has had a big effect on my life. I’m still alive. When I had my prostrate taken out due to cancer cells in my prostate, a robotic machine was used. This was called the Devinci Xi surgical robot. Was I nervous about doing this, sure wouldn’t be? Would I do it again, you bet if it was recommended by my Doctor. I have been going for 6 years cancer-free. If you ever end up in my situation It may be something to research and see if it may help you.

  8. Your Artificial Intelligence article is mind blogging. I feel we are in ‘dial-up internet’ with AI technology. I have heard of studies where the doctors and AI diagnose the same treatments. It is amazing times that we are living in with the AI changes. Thank you for your extensive research on Artificial Intelligence.

  9. Great post Sophie, and very informative. I agree with everything you said, however I’m skeptical of how the technology will be used, for the benefit of humankind or the benefit of a few, for GOOD or evil. Will AI be used to bring us closer to our CREATOR or will this separate us further. AI in the wrong hands can destroy our beautiful planet
    that was created for us to enjoy. Hopefully this will lead us in the right direction for all humanity to PEACE, and to experience the gift of CHRIST JESUS. Namaste

  10. It was good to read all the areas AI is being adapted for….much more than I realized! I agree that; for example, with doctors being replaced in the areas of diagnosing and prescribing, the human element will be totally removed. This I feel is very important in our lives as we are emotional beings and relate to that in others! The one area that sounds helpful is in professional scheduling….this seems like a real time saver!

  11. Well, I have seen self driving cars; and I followed the truck (18 wheeler) that in it’s 1st attempts had a driver but the driver was not to interfere unless it was life or death, and on it’s last two attempts this truck deliver it’s cargo with no alternate driver, and had no mistakes.
    At my local Veterans medical center we have no doctors, and only a Nurse practitioner at most; but then are put online with a computer, and then diagnosed; if it comes down to a face to face it is a video monitor and a Dr. coupled with an AI for all additional information is a second that is not always as easy for a human to remember or acquire.
    We have come a long way in the last 25 yrs. for when AI 1st came to mind it was the idea to make a computer act, and think like a human, well I asked an MIT Professor this question to his program of study: think of all the calculations the human mind makes in a split second of time for such a question as this: “How can a person drive an 8 penny nail into an Oak board.” The simple calculations for such an operation are in the billions, but our human mind takes then in stride of ‘Experience and learning’ He email me back and decided this would be a test question, if they had read his book.

  12. What if you could just lie down, relax, go to sleep and wake up a short time later to be rejuvenated with a 30 year younger body and all ailments/disease/disfigurement corrected? This is part of what AI is doing in the medical field. Something called a Med Bed – Science fiction out of Star Trek, but how many things do we have today that have come from that program? Smart phones can now be (limited) medical tricorders for diagnosis aid. Flip phones as communication devices.. And as mentioned Siri or Warren or whatever app used for that purpose IS Captain Kirk asking the computer for an answer to something.

    Be on the lookout for the Med Bed. There already is a prototype being tested and although it is still a long way off… How many smart phones did we have in the year 2000? The future is here.

  13. This blog was Great, Gail. In Scio, it is AI. They were used by the USAF long ago, but today practitioners are using them to heal. They track the person or find them and send them healing frequencies. The body takes what it wants. Amazing.

  14. It is mind-boggling what Al program can do in the future and what it does already.
    It may be useful in some jobs to reduce the Reduction in Human Error. The list is long of the benefits but also the disadvantages. Job loss concerns related to Artificial Intelligence has been a subject of numerous business cases and academic studies. Replacing humans means also fewer jobs in the future.

  15. Thanks, Gail, I love the idea that AI can be used in the medical field and I look forward with Compumatrix in being able to help support those who are developing these ideas and help them get their products on the market and used in as many wonderful ways as possible.

  16. While Artificial Intelligence brings a lot to the table, it also scares me at the same time. Unless there is a reasonable way to use AI without giving up total access to our privacy, it seems that this could become a huge problem. While I like the idea of AI solving a difficult mathematical problem or telling me the ingredients found in certain foods, I don’t like the thought of the government knowing my every move (location, spending habits, phone calls and texts, medical issues, and who I had sex with yesterday). Actually, it is very easy to see how the potential for bad outweighs the potential for good. Using AI means that you will have no secrets, no privacy, privacy, nothing you can say that Elroy doesn’t already know. No deal!!!

  17. Gail a very informative blog on the different field’s in which AI is being used. It’s very interesting how it is being used in the medical field where it will help in minimizing human errors in surgery and hopefully right and early diagnosis of a disease.Its fascinating how the AI adapts to a human voice and has answers like Alexa. The downside of AI is lots jobs will be taken over by robots.

  18. Great article on AI. I’m aware of most of the areas It’s already being used. I also had surgery awhile back and the Davinci Robot was used, the first time for the surgery I had and it all went great and was less invasive. It is slowly being introduced into all areas of our lives…I just hope it doesn’t kick out all of us humans in the job market and we lose all our privacy. It is always a fine balance.

  19. As one commenter noted, AI can make our lives better, but it also scares me a bit. Personal rights and free will must not be chucked out in the effort to advance our society technologically. It is said by some that the drive to defund police forces is a cover to institute AI “robocops” in their place. That’s a little frightening to me.

    Also, a safer version of 5G must be allowed to replace millimeter wave tech, because 5G will be needed to run AI en toto. I guess we’ll wait and see how this AI rollout will play out. I’m a bit skeptical and wary, tbh.

  20. Another great blog Gail, I agree Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future whether we like it or not, actually its already here, I mentioned Mc Donald before replacing a big number of part and full time students with AI, and I really don’t like it. But anyway, its what its.
    I was very impressed when I saw Ronald statement above, “I had my prostrate taken out due to cancer cells in my prostate, a robotic machine was used. This was called the Devinci Xi surgical robot” that was really a great statement, who knows what’s coming in the next few years. Time will tell. Thanks again for your blog.

  21. Glad you mentioned AI being involved in surgeries and in medical practice in general. Having worked in one of the top hospitals for 9 years I saw some of the most incredible things that technology was able to do. There have been so many advancements they have improved recovery times, and made things so less invasive. There is a lot of good being done.

  22. Nice Job aagain Gail! A is certainly changing the way we look at the world. It can be, and is aleady proving very valuable as a tool for research, as a way of better understanding our world & our abilty to predict human behaviour. There are many ethical questions raised by the use of AI, which are becoming an important part of civil discourse.Like all new technologies, it takes humanity a while to catch up & understand its implications for our future.

  23. Gail, as I commented on Jeffery’s post “Artificial Intelligence”, this is a subject I am interested in investigating further. Other aspects of learning about Compumatrix as well as blogging and commenting and are my priority. Reading your blog has given me more understanding. Reading the facts as you have presented them is a great help. This new world of technology is mindboggling. We are learning about something, and before we finish the intake and comprehension snap, there is a new dynamic to learn. Exciting times!!

  24. this is so interesting to read and read again and do some research on in other times and to see the results and know some of those from actual experience and it is amazing to look back at the last 20-30 years perse’ and see the movements forward and it is the wow factor — and it keeps getting more n more wow — great stuff a few times thru already —

  25. Great article showing the new technology in each industry Gail. I’m in manufacturing with a small business and we have much human error which needs to be corrected constantly. We are too small to introduce robotics into our company, but larger businesses such as the auto industry already have. The robots are performing tasks that are repeated over and over which cause injury in humans, which saves the company in medical Workman Comp claims. The drawback is jobs…robotics will cause lost jobs and human interaction which this world needs.

  26. this is such a deep read and and when you look past just the headlines you can find some great info and see what say the next 10-15 years may a look like — not sure obviously but looking at AI and robotics and how more n more less human interaction — do the math and see what the future holds — jmho great read n info–

  27. In 2001 the drama film by director Steven Spielberg titled A.I. Artificial Intelligence, also known as A.I. came out. It was about a robotic boy, David that was adopted and who longs to become a human child.
    But circumstances embarks him or it on a journey of the Human and machine world in search of what he is
    Although just a movie it is incredible that the technology and science embraces in reaching an A.I. system.

  28. It is good to not be stuck in the old ways of doing things to take advantage of the many aspects of artificial intelligence. It is common knowledge that as more investors join the blockchain, AI will become increasingly more significant to crypto trading. The use of AI trading bots for cryptocurrency traders has aided in avoiding slippage and in helping to perform accurate technical and fundamental analyses to make better trading decisions.

  29. Given the choice ready or not, I choose to be ready. Here at Compumatrix we have always been reminded to stay ready and try to make sure that we know what is going on and are doing what we need to do so we won’t get caught unprepared. I have appreciated the advice.

  30. this is such an informative read and makes me go back a little but mostly look forward past the “good ole days” and see what is ahead ?? and see how much I am a part of that ?? or need to be to a part ?? and I truly see great tech peeps here at Compu that will keep us here at the cutting edge — keep writing great stuff —

  31. Great Blog Gail. As time moves forward it appears that the computer age of technology will be the driving force behind many if not all of our existences. I still like the human effect but with each year the sciences seem to be the driving force. It is AI. They were used by the USAF long ago, but today practitioners are using them to heal. They track the person or find them and send them healing frequencies. The body takes what it wants. Amazing, given the choice ready or not, I choose to be ready.

  32. Great article, Gail! I guess it makes sense that the information oriented occupations would put AI to use first. There is a lot of merit in much of it. But I would like to see AI employed in doing the jobs least desirable to humans… That is where I think it would be ideal. Figuring out how to use AI to take care of the garbage and recycling is uppermost in my mind. Jobs in the near future will shift a lot. There will be more leisure time for all of us. That some people would need to continue to do jobs that are not very desirable, seems like it would promote more division of classes. Here, here, to garbage robots and hotel room cleaning robots!

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