Run For The Roses

Run For The Roses

The Race of a Lifetime

You spend all your time preparing to become a Champion. I tell you the truth, and nothing can prepare you for the WIN!

In a previous article (The Backstretch)I wrote the following:

“We were told by the management some time ago that this will change our lives forever. We didn’t realize just what they meant at the time. When we signed up, stayed the course, and committed ourselves, we entered the Race of a Lifetime.”

The WIN is an extension of the efforts it takes to get to the prize. If you don’t step back and observe, you may miss the excitement of The Final Drive. You will be recognized for the WIN, but no one will acknowledge the long agonizing hours, days, months, and years you put in to become an Instant Success!

The Winner’s Circle

The prize is when you make it to the Winner’s Circle and claim the rewards for all the time you put in. The time in for something as spectacular as the Kentucky Derby comes with years in the planning. The horses running in this race are 3-year olds. Therefore, one can see at least three years of planning are verified. But, what about the years of planning by the horse race breeders to find the right combinations of bloodlines? There is the buying and raising the right mares and studs. The horse has an 11 month gestation period. Let’s add that year to the planning and throw in one more for the pre-planning efforts. We are now up to 5 years of planning to win the race!

It has now become time for Compumatrix to enter the Winner’s Circle!

We have run the race very effectively at that! Most people look at success and say, “They were lucky.” I look at our success and say, “I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time!”

Luck has everything to do with it! Do you want to be lucky? Put in the work, tie yourself to the right team of people, and don’t let go! 

Luck is one of those things that is measured by the eye of the beholder. The outsider sees the successful venture as “they were an instant success!” The people on the inside realize that “instant success” took years in preparation, planning, executing, and a genuine good measure of support to add a few items to the recipe.

Run For The Roses

The song by the same name is an inspiration Run For The Roses ~ Dan Fogelberg. You should look this up on Youtube. Listen to the words. Change from Race Horses to our online business. You can fully understand the dedication that brought us here.

There was a quote I remember from the NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association) handbook. I don’t know who’s quote it was: “the outside of the horse is good for the inside of a man.” 

I would like to see our time in the Winner’s Circle become a benefit for others. The leaders, the management, and the members of Compumatrix reach our hearts out to those of you that are willing to work for it so you can become Lucky!

About the author

Stephen Sampson is among the founding members of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network and writes various topics about life and business.


  1. What a great affirmation for us – We have entered the Winner’s Circle! Yes there is much prep work and details and so much more to reach the point where this can happen. If ever any data is needed for the Compumatrix museum – documents which show the steps taken over the years, I have at least 5 inches of paper copies of what was happening, changing and growing over time 🙂

  2. I can feel the excitement of Winner’s Circle! It reminds me of ‘Siddhartha’, the three principles in the book to success are discipline, patience, and knowledge. I truly feel blessed to be the Compumaturix ‘Winner’s Circle’, as I am beyond excited to celebrate all the dedication and hard work it took to get us there.

  3. What an expiring post, Stephen! Yes, we are on an amazing ride through this opportunity brought to us by Compumatrix. As important as the ride is the willingness to learn and grow with the opportunity. We must all be willing to learn about our Compumatrix business and the technologies involving cryptocurrencies, which will be our mainstay. This will be the secret of our success as business owners. Knowledge is power.

  4. Stephen, this is an inspiring post! You nailed it with your analogy of a horse making it into the Winner’s Circle of the Kentucky Derby to Compumatrix Members making it into our Winner’s Circle of the Global Community. Yes, we members will all appear, to our family and friends to be an instant success, and yet nothing could be further from the truth. Looks can be deceiving though. I’m going to take your suggestion and listen to that song, Run For The Roses ~ Dan Fogelberg. I used to enjoy his music many years ago, so I’m looking forward to that.

  5. Very well explained Stephen getting ready to be in the winners circle . Long years in all the plannings and developments has gone by and we are looking now for a change of page or just say get to the final stage when all those years of getting us there will be the final result. Learning and following what is needed for this to happen is our final goal. Sharing with others will be the next after that.

  6. Although I wrote this blog first, it is the post “The Backstretch” that had to be published first. For those of you up on your horse racing knowledge, the run for the roses is the Kentucky Derby. This is the first of the three races that comprise the Triple Crown. The other two are the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. I lived within 3 miles of the Belmont track. My goal is to write the third blog and call it The Triple Crown. A horse sweeping all three races is the Triple Crown winner and it is very rare. Compumatrix is even more of a rarity than this. This is why I have to write this blog after our launch and not a minute before. This is who we are, WINNERS!

  7. What is luck? Is it work or a force or simply being in the right place at the right time? Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter if you are in the winner’s circle. You probably have done something right. Coming to grips with if you can identify what you did to get to that level is great. However, it’s also great if you can’t identify what you did to be in the winner’s circle. I’ve never been one to believe in luck. I’ve always subscribed to the fact that luck stands for laboring under correct knowledge. Here nor there, being a part of Compumatrix I consider to be in the winner’s circle. I look forward to the excitement that is growing and also in the efforts needed to build a successful business.

  8. A lot of work and a lot of sweat, years in the making. The idea of one man to be able to help a lot of people, can you imagine? I have experience the winners circle a couple of times, not big money, but so exciting. I have watched the Kentucky Derby and a few of the other races, right now we are headed for the Derby, I want to be in that winners circle. This Compumatrix race is exciting and I want to be right up front.

  9. Blood, sweat and tears have to be put in first.
    Success comes with lots and lots of hard work.
    We , in Compumatrix, are the WINNERS CIRCLE.
    The once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity – to learn and get into the race, not to out beat the rest but to be with the others and duplicate our efforts ( teach others to move ahead). I remember those days in my home town. My grandparents would sometimes take me along with them to the Calcutta Turf Club. Quite a feat to see all the horses competing for the first place. But, only one winner. All the jockeys tried so hard.
    In Compumatrix, all of us try and all of us WIN.
    Isnt that wonderful? Sure, it is.

  10. Thank you Stephen for showing us that everything that has been done so far has been just so that we can become winners on this journey with Compumatrix! Yes! We will reap many prizes from all these years of preparation to achieve victory!

  11. What an excellent article, Stephen! What a great way to end the day. I can feel the excitement even though I have never been to a horse race.
    I have, however, been lucky enough to have been with beautiful people in my life, and it was those awesome people who helped me get to where I am today standing excitedly at the gates of Compumatrix.
    I see the train coming, and I am so blessed to be here. Thank you for everyone who works so hard for us to make it happen.

  12. Totally agree with the correlation between the Run for the Roses and Compumatrix. Having been in racing for the last 60+ years, the big win is always the race you want the most. You prepare the best you know how and let it all hang out when the gate opens. Put your head down and push.

    For us that are waiting for the team to finish up with their exhausting preparation, handling big and little issues that seem to pop up out of nowhere, trying to keep everyone happy while they finish their part so we can get busy. And we will be very busy. The marketing team is in place, Henry and his team are ready, TC has ironed out the major issues on the financial side. Our ladies (E & G) have seen what is about to happen which is all good. The determination by all is pretty strong even if you don’t see it.

    Our positive energy is stronger than one might think. You can’t win a race without being confident and have a case “of the wants”. It’s confidence that will make this machine move forward. The run to the checkers or Run for the Roses can get your blood running. At my age I need all the help I can get. Keep the faith…. We Can Win!

  13. We have joined, we have worked, we have gone thru good and “learned” loops and hurdles. We are about to enter the winner’s circle, not when we wanted way back in the beginning, not when we needed to pay a debt, not when BTC hit an All-time High (ATH).
    Is the time now? I’m smiling.

  14. what a great read and analogy of the work and effort and time, patience and persistence that it takes and train and learn and work to get to the winners circle and it is fascinating to me to read the replies and see all the effort put forth here and feel good about where we are and just maybe that circle is soon —

  15. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t know you can’t! When Stephen and I first met, he used to take me on trail rides. He had me doing things that I never questioned. Later, he would tell me just how difficult it was. He would tell me about others that wouldn’t have done what I just did. These other people had grown up with horses!

    I thought about this just now because of thinking about the accomplishments of Compumatrix to date. Henry closed himself away from those that would tell him he couldn’t. He only listened to that voice that told him to keep going. There is no winner’s circle without commitment.

  16. Yes, Stephen, we are running for the roses. We are the thoroughbred’s chomping at the bit, pawing the ground, prancing around in anticipation of this great run. We have come out of the gate running with exhilaration, knowing we are heading for the finish line and the great reward of the most enterprising business and the success we will have in the future with Compumatrix International.

  17. Yes I would like to be in the winner’s circle too along with my fellow members of Compumatrix! I completely agree! Luck has something to do with it, but it is mainly about setting yourself up to be a lucky person. If you draw from a hat that contains nine blue marbles and one red marble, if you kept drawing from the same hat – eventually you will get “lucky” and draw the one red marble.

  18. When preparation meets opportunity magic happens. We must set ourselves up for the win. We cannot expect the win to happen for us. There are opportunities everyday, but we need to be prepared for those opportunities. Also, if the opportunities are not occurring in our lives, perhaps we need to position ourselves better.

  19. In the Business or Corporate World. When the word “Success” of a Company is being mentioned. Whether the Attendees in the Conference Hall, Listeners or Viewers. Starts as asking themselves, what a great leadership in that Company? Very Intelligence Minds. Beginning from the CEO, Managers and all the Protocols. Exactly, that’s what entails in Compumatrix Digital Assets Platform.

    Am so lucky to be a member of this successful Company. In addition, am also learning all the skills and knowledge as pertaining to Digital Investment from these Great Leaders and Members.
    Mr. Stephen, if I may echo you. We are the Champions and “Success” is always our “Mission”.

  20. Well coming from Kentucky, I sure know what the run for the roses is all about!! The Kentucky Derby is a great way for winners to showcase themselves. I know that winners circle is a happy one and I know that we will all be celebrating soon with our own winner’s circle!!

  21. I like the way you put it with all the planning of your business and the comparison with race horses to Compumatrix a little different with horses but still steps you have to take as with any business. The many steps we have took and planning and websites and syncing all these steps will be a wonderful masterpiece when done and the winners circle will be worth it!

  22. Here we are approaching the finish line for this very long race. Before we met, Stephen told me about a Horse Endurance Race he was training his horse for. He spent months training only to have his horse bog down in the deep bog of mud and bow a tendon. Other horse people told him he could still race the horse but they would have to take it easy. He didn’t take the chance because his horse had the winner’s mentality and would settle for nothing less.

    This brings me to Compumatrix. How many times have we heard we could have started but we would have been in danger of something going wrong and being done? This is a race to be taken seriously because you only get one qualification to enter the race. We will be in the Winner’s Circle when this race is complete.

  23. Compumatrix is a winner already, and will continue to do so with the exact timing and individuals you describe in your wonderful article of horses and winning. I too used to love the thrill of hot rod racing, drag racing and then I dated the young lady who for years was the winner’s circle girl for the NASCAR 500, I felt like a winner just walking around with her, but that was a long time ago, and here we are today, and I am far more excited about our business; Compumatrix!! Thanks Stephen for the memories. I used to also ride cattle horses and a horse is a special animal, they become part of you.

  24. have to love so much of the replies and memories that reading the blog and replies bring about — do appreciate the winners circle aspect of any kind of race — used to love going to 1/4 mile motorcycle racing back in the 70s in granite city and then would listen to my dad tell stories of his race days before the Air Force and Marriage — all i know now is that with correct effort and persistence winning is a possibility and with Faith and Perseverance winning becomes a probability —

  25. good to have great music to listen to and also when we look at each moment of the days we work thru — it works so much to enjoy the run for the roses — and also understanding that each of us has an individual race to run or compete in — if we put enough of the thoughts into our daily activity we will not only run for the roses — but we will also enjoy the moments — each part of each breath — Please take time and Enjoy —

  26. Thank you Stephen, I agree. As we come into the winner’s circle, I think everyone is beginning to feel the upward motion we are in. The new announcements and the excitement in the messages. I am so excited to be part of this company. We are all so blessed. The steps we are taking to get to the winner’s circle is coming. You can just feel it. All the delays are coming to an end. So once it all gets moving like a well-oiled machine we will be ready to go. We are such a lucky group to have such great leadership. Thanks to you all.

  27. Thank you for your blog post Stephen. I am a horse lover myself. I have horses of my own and a paddock to train them in dressage. Horse racing is not something that I like very much. I know the hardships and sometimes torture that horses have to go through to please their owners. Becoming a champion is not nice for a horse.

  28. Great blog Stephen,now we are going to celebrate the victory of compumatrix soon,the wait is almost over,we are all winners in this wonderful race,everyone involved is lucky,this is a great blessing of God.

  29. I would agree that winning is sometimes not only about skill, but it can also have a lot to do with luck. The blog mentioned the sport of horse racing. By comparison, I think about the sport of football. After having played so evenly, both teams in a championship game could be tied up until the last minute. Then one team finally fumbles, and the other team takes advantage and is able to score and win the game. Though both teams would have put in the effort, in the end I can agree that luck had everything to do with it.

  30. In thinking of horseracing, I have gone to the arena and betted on live horse racing before, but it has been a while. One time, in a separate setting, I thought about placing a bet on the horse that was least likely to win the race, and as it turns out, the least likely horse won. So the idea behind any given day, any given thing could happen would have been the case but mixed in with a little luck.

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