Screen Sharing Technology Is A Big Deal

Today I decided to take a break from blogging about Online Security Practices, lighten the mood, and talk about Screen Sharing Technology. The thought popped into my head about how commonplace the practice of screen sharing has become in the year 2020. It has effectively become part of the so-called New Normal during the Covid-19 pandemic. It allows people to visit people safely from home and for some to work from home safely.  Screen sharing has become vital to education, from Elementary schools up to the College level.  

Screen Sharing Technology had its’ start in the late 1990s and has come a long way. There was a time when it was exclusive to visionary tech wizards and the Customer Support departments of a few tech companies. I remember participating in my first Webinar, with screen sharing, over 20 years ago. Some of you will be surprised to hear who was also in that meeting. Believe it or not, it was Erline Martin! We were both very excited about the future of business and technology then, just as we continue to be today.  

We were positioning ourselves ahead of the edge with a vision that included screen sharing, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol audio), and automatic text translation technologies simultaneously. The execution was crude, with people on a mix of dial-up and DSL Internet connections globally. Lol. Some could see the screen and hear while some could only hear audio. As you can imagine, some participants could not see or hear anything through their computers and had to listen only to a telephone conference line. FDLOL!

That story sets the stage for appreciating how good we have it today with blazing fast Internet connections and powerful computers being standard. Now, all of that is in the palm of our hand, with Smart Phones and mobile device technologies! We also have a wide range of software and apps to choose from to complete the package that results in screen sharing being no big deal to execute today.  

However, the now popular applications and use of screen sharing technology is a Very Big Deal! I reiterate, “It allows people to visit people safely from home and for some to work from home safely.  Screen sharing has become vital to education, from Elementary schools up to the College level.”

Screen sharing technology is
having an enormous impact on society!

It is debuting on All of our screens by way of these programs and apps:  Instagram, Facebook Live, FaceTime, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, TeamViewer, FCC (Free Conference Calling), Discord and more.

I want to clarify that sharing a screen doesn’t always mean a live broadcasting video of your face! You can choose only to share what is showing on your computer screen or mobile device screen. My point is that you don’t always have to be camera ready to participate in a screen sharing session. I suspect that may be a relief to some. The older we get, the more video cameras betray us. Lol.

Welcome to the future because it has arrived!    

This blog post would not be complete without a reference to the 1962 Hanna-Barbera’s visionary animated TV show, The Jetsons! I can imagine how the kid in many of you just woke up, as memories flood your mind at the very mention of The Jetsons. It provided the first time most of us got exposed to seeing a simultaneous video of the person we are talking to in real-time! What was then science fiction is now our reality. Many other futuristic gadgets we got exposed to on that show have also entered our reality! Almost everything, except for the flying cars. Lol. (That’s okay because the insurance would have been astronomically high.)

For a fascinating look at fourteen correct predictions from 
The Jetsons, copy and paste this URL into your browser.

Here is an excerpt from a blog I wrote six years ago, which inspired me to write this article. It discusses TeamViewer uses for business and fun: 
“…For Business
1. You can go on to your home computer from your laptop, across town or across the country, to get files or information that you need.
2. You can hold a meeting and invite participants to join. They will see your desktop and whatever you decide to show them. The meeting also supports audio.
3. You can help people in your business by getting them to download TeamViewer and then logging on to their computer. You will be able to see their screen and control it, just like you were sitting at their desk. 

For Fun
1. You can connect your laptop to your TV set with an HDMI or other appropriate cable. Then use TeamViewer on your iPhone or Android device to control the computer on your TV monitor.  
2. Controlling what you see on the TV monitor or big screen means that you can easily enjoy YouTube videos or movies. You can enjoy them FULL SIZE from the comfort of your couch, lounge chair, or bed, using your mobile device or laptop as a Remote Control.
3. It is more fun to watch business training or motivational videos on a larger screen too.
There you have it – desktop screen sharing, taken to a new level, both for business and fun.”
Kevin Bowser – 2014

Some of the things in the above excerpt are now options offered on Smart TVs, but I included them since everyone doesn’t own a Smart TV. I have one in my bedroom, but I have a Dumb TV in my living room. Lol. That one stays connected to a computer with an HDMI cable. 

In general, I enjoy technology immensely, including Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency! But in particular, I’m thankful to be up to date with much of the current screen sharing technology, and I use it almost daily. That positions me to take the lead on helping members in my group to operate their Compumatrix business successfully. Who is ready to Synch AND Swim?

Oh, wait a minute. Oops! I meant to say Screen SAVER Technology! Nevermind everything I mentioned above. Let me start over again. (JUST KIDDING! FDLOL.) Thank you for your time and attention to my blog and my zany ramblings today.    

About the author

Kevin Bowser is a student of life and an entrepreneur. He enjoys helping and teaching others how to successfully participate in the cryptocurrency revolution, with a focus on them developing strong security practices. Kevin is fascinated by decentralized systems and the potential for positive change that they represent for humanity.


  1. Gosh Kevin, Screen Sharing Technology , never knew one could do so much with that Technology. quite interesting Kevin .. I will have to read it again ,to get the jest of it all. I am not very technol when it comes to computers. I do not have any kids around me to show me these things or even know what they are for. Kids are so very smart and getting smarter.
    4 year old’s can do things on computers and smart phones , to me it is all magic …. LOL
    I do know that my computer is so very old , I can not screen share .. I will be looking forward one of these days in getting a new computer , so I can really get into the modern era .Then I can really find out what Screen Sharing Technology really can do to improve my life.

    1. WoW!, Kevin, you woke me up for sue. Its amazing that a lot of us that own, computers, cell phones don’t even realize how far we have come.

      a few years ago I purchased a new monitor for my computor. was so happy about it because it was a flat screen. A little while after that I purchase a flat screen TVbut when I moved to a larger placed I was told I did not need my monitor and I could not understand that nor was I happy about it. A lat screen monitor? Well when they hooked up my TV, I was told to click a few buttons on my controller and there it was HDMI and I was able to sign into the internet. all I can say that technology is just too deep for me.

      Enjoyed your blog Kevin, llok forward to more..

  2. Now I will have the Jetsons lingo in my head the rest of the day! Thanks, Kevin.

    I have always had my fear of screen sharing. The last time I had to have someone help me with a computer issue I couldn’t bring myself to letting them have control of my computer remotely. I know this is different and I do look forward to learning more about this technology especially as we get organized and push this train up the track.

  3. Thanks for sharing THIS one too Kevin. lol Really I like Team Viewer cos it lets you explain while you share and it sure helps with understanding. WE have so many useful tools nowadays that it really takes away all excuses! Good job!!

  4. Great blog, Kevin. I do appreciate this type of technology, as I am a recipient of your knowledge and have been blessed by your screen sharing. It is a beautiful tool for our business. I do not have a technical mind, so I stand agog at when things are written and spoken by those who do.
    Our family has had family sharing every month sometimes twice a month since the COVID virus has disrupted everyone’s lives.
    Thank you again for all you do.

    1. A very good post, Kevin, gives a much better and clear understanding, of how to participate in cryptocurrency. This a must for anyone who wants to make it in today’s crypto world. The future is here “Now” along with a strong need for security in place to make it safer for everyone. Yes, more technology is forthcoming, for the betterment of “Humanity” Are You Ready?

  5. Here I go again have new and more stuff to add to my list of learning — also as reading thru these blogs and replies with info — seriously zany is the farthest thought process I have — as time permits and fingers and eyes so much great stuff right here each day and very much so appreciative — keep writing and teaching KB —

  6. That is really valuable information Kevin! I’ve only participated in just a few of all those choices. But one line stood out for me about not always having to be “camera ready to participate in screen sharing” You are right that can be a big issue 🙂 That’s why you sometimes see a lot of women particularly wearing hats or hair tied back! Other times I think oh to heck with it, I really want to learn this information through screen sharing so I won’t sit so close to the camera 🙂 Jokes aside, this is great info and very helpful to someone like me who likes to learn by seeing!

  7. Great blog Kevin. Imagine the difficulties without screen sharing for the staff within compumatrix showcasing the latest developments via meetings! It’s been a blessing for getting everyone on board and going through instructions where required.

    I’m excited to see how it develops in the future, especially seeing the importance it has had for Zoom meetings through Covid.

  8. I do most of my work with the help of screen sharing. Whenever someone has an issue with his/hers computer I can connect to that computer with the help of Team Viewer.
    You can also gain control over that user’s computer that way.
    It’s very similar to Remote Desktop.

  9. Yes Kevin, screen sharing technology is really fantastic. I use Team Viewer to help a blind find friend of mine with his direct sales business. Because of Team Viewer and the software that he has for blind people to use a PC, he has been able to build a nice recurring residual monthly income using just his phone in PC.
    Screen sharing technology has really allowed me to get the help I need and to give the help that others need.

  10. I was one of those people who received your first instructions on screen sharing. I will always be thankful for your tutorials, Kevin. You are a master at teaching and helped me immensely with my Compumatrix business through screen sharing. I am a visual learner and once someone shows me the procedure, generally I can easily carry on. Screen sharing has tremendous value!

  11. Thank you Kevin, Loved the post. Online sharing has saved me more times than I want to count. Usually by you. So Thank you. Who would have thought today we’d use this technology as much as we do. I’ve hated being home so much but I love face timing my mom. Zoom job interviews. Zoom learning online. its all become so normal to me now. But a year ago I wouldn’t have felt this way. But the times are changing and fast. Screen sharing is here to stay just like Compumatrix.

  12. Thanks Kevin, I love your posts and blogs as they are always insightful and informative. I think it has only been in the recent months I actually realised what screen sharing was..I initially thought it was when my wife sat looking at my laptop with me..ha ha.

    I have had to adapt to ‘online teaching’ via zoom in my work and the share screen option is used a lot for me….normally so folks can look at a picture or some instructions whilst I talk about what I wish them to do.
    It works very well…and I would be lost without it to be fair.

    However the old team viewer we used when asking for computer help…used to freak me out…seeing someone else controlling my mouse and screen.

  13. I was pretty shocked when screen sharing first came out I remember giving control over to a support manager for hp to fix my laptop I watched everything he did and took notes like a madman I learned a lot that day and could go back in and fix it myself next time. It is great technology and a great tool for business.

  14. So true, Kevin! I am self taught on the computer and learning all this has taken time and concentration – lol. My computer camera has paper taped over it – lol….don’t want anyone accidentally being able to see all my wrinkles – he-he. I have not figured out how to connect my computer to my TV yet….and we just use an antenna for the TV….so not sure I could connect.

    1. Andrea, I had to laugh when I read the part of your camera being covered with paper tape. There is a piece of black electrical tape over my camera also. LOL Over the last few years technology has been phenomenal but also a little invasive if we are not careful. Having witnessed some embarrassing moments for those who “forget” their camera is on. As a business tool, it is priceless.

  15. Cheers Kevin, thank you for your blog. Since the pandemic I have been using zoom and screen sharing quite a lot corporately. Meeting with client’s vendors and teammates across the country has been more efficient then I actually thought it would be. So, I guess one question we can ask ourselves is this the new norm or the norm that we can be accustomed to in the future? I just hope that we don’t get too used to it and lose the personal touch of a customer meeting in our normal business ventures.

  16. Great blog, Kevin. Screen – sharing technology is definitely helpful, if used prudently. It is another way to learn about something new or to clear any doubt, almost instantly. It is very handy and people are quite used to ZOOMS nowadays. So they are quite comfortable while sharing screens with someone else – for mutual benefit.

  17. Thank you Kevin for your insight! I find myself answering calls from my parents asking for help with Zoom for their book club meetings, birthday parties and I FaceTime daily my mom and daughter for the human connection. I even FaceTime my dad so I can help him with his Ipad or computer. It takes screen sharing to a new level of helping others.

  18. this is so much intrigue actually to look at how far the computer age — perse’ — has come and how far individuals have pursued the answers in each group of new parts or what ever the term is ?? just know at this point me personally has a boatload of new terms and business principles to incorporate into my everyday thought process — not simple but can be doable with effort n persistence

  19. Gosh, Kevin. Has it been that long ago since we put our toes in the water when it came to this “new” technology? This is a great blog outlining what has transpired over the last twenty years. Many are still so timid when it comes to screen sharing. It is unnerving to give control of your computer to anyone. The only time that should be done is with someone you have total trust in their abilities and character.

    Thanks, Kevin for the walk down memory lane!

  20. Kevin, I really appreciate your article. I actually even took notes, lol. This information came just at the time when I needed a list and details on the type of screen-sharing apps available. I hear about Zoom all the time, but I haven’t used it yet. I will also look into the other ones that you mentioned. Thanks!

  21. Kevin….since you and I have screen-shared many times, I think you know how big a fan I am of this technology. This has probably been the tool most responsible for my being able to see and understand most of what we do with all aspects of cryptocurrency. If I could just remember what you teach me each time we share screens, I would be a genius like you. When you run into a computer-illiterate person like me, it is the only way to possibly have a chance at understanding the world in which Compumatrix members are living. The absolute coolest part of screen sharing is that you can actually give control of your screen to the person with whom you are screen sharing. Since you both actually have control, the learning process is just so much easier than it would be otherwise. And there are several screen sharing apps you can use, from Zoom to Skype and several others. Heck, I almost feel smart except that you know better than that.

  22. In today’s situation screensharing in a must because a lot of people have to work online. This technology is quite relevant for teachers who must conduct lessons from home. So, they share their screens with students. Without this technology it wouldn’t have been possible to have a good lesson online.

  23. Olá Kevin! Eu acho fantástico podermos compartilhar a tela dos nossos computadores e vermos as pessoas, principalmente aquelas que amamos, já que devido à Pandemia não estamos podendo nos encontrar pessoalmente. Essa é uma forma que tenho utilizado bastante ultimamente para matar as saudades das minhas filhas, familiares e amigos! Mas também tem sido muito útil para fazer reuniões de trabalho com meus clientes e parceiros, além de cursos online que tenho participado. Mas… nada substitui o presencial, o abraço, o beijo, o aperto de mãos! E, embora eu saiba que o compartilhamento de tela veio para ficar, não vejo a hora de “sair da tela” e poder estar presencialmente com as pessoas!!!

  24. Thanks, Kevin for the lesson on screen sharing. Yes, I’ve participated in several webinars as an observer.
    But with mic and video muted. Why you may ask?. Here comes my confession, I’m a self-conscious person. I always think I will be miss understood, don’t like the sound of my voice and words don’t come easy.
    But I have other ways of sharing and getting the message across.

  25. Sharing screens is not for everybody. Most people use it for family and friends, but if you use it for business, you have to be properly groom or at least cleaned up and look decent. When I am at home I tend to relax and not worry how my hair looks and if I don’t feel like shaving, then I just don’t. This can give the wrong impression on someone, but I think it’s a good tool to have in addition all the others available, I would prefer a short video or voice messages.

    1. I know exactly what you mean Steven! But there is a difference between screen sharing and video conferencing. I do plenty of Zoom sessions with people and I rarely broadcast video, for the same reasons you mentioned. All you need to do is turn the camera off.

      I go the extra step of placing a small piece of the sticky part of a “Post It Note” over my camera, for security purposes anyway. So if I accidentally broadcast video, nobody sees anything. The main purpose of screen sharing is to see someone else’s computer screen or for them to see yours.

  26. Screen sharing is an important business tool in this new modern world. Especially now that more and more people are working remotely due to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements. It makes it so much easier to still collaborate with a team, conduct meetings, trainings, and even have IT look at your equipment if an issue arises. I guess I can understand some people’s fears around this, but it can be a great tool and is extremely efficient.

  27. Nice article Kevin. It’s funny how something new and exciting becomes common place. I remember in the early nineties I was carrying on a conversation on my computer keyboard with someone clear across the country. I thought that was truly amazing. Now today how often do you go to a web site and find an icon that says, “Lets chat”. We use screen saver technology today in different ways. It hasn’t been around that long and it too has become common place. I’m looking forward to what’s next.

  28. Hi Kevin, I’m new here but I like the idea of doing screen sharing and will sure do that with Gail, as she got me involved here and I know very little about this world but I am sure willing to learn and I believe I am teachable! I love all these blogs too!!

  29. Your article hit home on so many levels. Prior to working with you, I had never heard of screen sharing, now it’s a normal part of life. The kids use it all the time for school related activities and now that we are going to be “Home Schooling” we will be using it every single day. I spent a good part of today teaching our other grandmother about screen sharing so she could teach Spanish to the children. I too used to be “apprehensive” of sharing my screen; now it’s no problem at all. My friends and family use it all the time. I am so thankful when Kevin or Apple Support says, “do you mind if we screen share?” I too remember the Jetson’s; I loved that show. I also remember Disneyland’s House of the future. Some of you may remember it and how it went around in a circle. All of those features came true. Wow!

  30. Thank you Kevin. As usual, I am always Leary at first with the possible privacy breaches and issues with someone being able to see and know all that you are doing, but as your post points out, it looks like it is pretty safe. All of the ZOOM stuff has been the real craze during this epidemic and it is continuing on for sure. I have not tried any of it yet, but I know at some point I probably will.

  31. Interesting subject Kevin .. My thoughts on the screen sharing technology … It is a Very Big Deal! .. Wish I could indulge in the now and future of this technology.
    My computer I have now is so very old it is just slowly jogging along with the things I am doing now, pampering this dinosaur of a computer is a all day job ,until I can step into the hear and now with Screen Sharing .. I can hardly wait !

    1. I agree Lorna. You may be interested to learn that you don’t have to have a computer to participate in screen sharing. It also works on smartphones, so if you have one of those you can install either Zoom, TeamViewer, or some other app and get started sooner than later. Both of those that I mentioned have free versions, so the price is right!

  32. love reading your info blogs KB — just good stuff and lasting stuff and info that is worth learning about or furthering the info curve — just amazes me as i read thru so many here how the intellect and computer abilities of so many are so prevalent — great stuff much appreciative —

    1. Thanks for saying that rjh59. I’m pleased to know that you enjoy my blog posts. I try hard to write something worth reading, that I think can benefit readers now and into the future. I plan to remain active with writing more and posting articles very soon.

  33. I related to this article because with COVID-19 pretty much all classes, meetings, and activities are done through Zoom, so I have used the screen share option many times. At first it was a little confusing, but with a little help from others it becomes pretty self explanatory. All of our technology that we are able to use make working from home so much easier.

  34. KB do not stop seriously — it is so very beneficial — and here i am reading you again — lol but the older i get the more repetition I seem to to need to get the process entered into the ole thought process — also I am back to writing stuff down because this whole crypto financial world is like going back to school and learning algebra –and that was not fun — keep writing KB

  35. Thanks, Kevin for the lesson on screen sharing. Yes, I’ve participated in several webinars as an observer.
    But with mic and video muted. Why you may ask?. Here comes my confession, I’m a self-conscious person. I always think I will be miss understood, don’t like the sound of my voice and words don’t come easy.
    But I have other ways of sharing and getting the message across.
    Note: For missed points

  36. reading this post is such a good part of my learning — there is bunch more to put into perspective as I try and learn the ins and outs of this online biz and how to keep everything in an order that I can keep functioning properly and in a very Biz Like manner — this is just good reading —

  37. Thank you Kevin,very informative article,In this age of modern technology, we have come a long way and are undergoing rapid development,the reason for the covid 19 is that education is being given in schools nowadays through screen sharing,a lot of work is being done by screen sharing,looks like the world is shrink now.

  38. this is such a great info read and at least for me just like Gails latest blog gets my mind looking back in depth which in all honesty gets me moving Forward in my learning and comprehending and we already know with the speed of technology grasping n retaining is not simple task — but doable I hope anyways —

  39. I find screen sharing useful as teaching tool in that it can help to assist with remote learning. A technology department can be able to assist with problems that may be going on within a computer application so that a job can be continued or lesson can move forward.

  40. Screen sharing has to be done carefully as there are hackers pretending to be legitimate business associates acting on behalf of the company that could gain access to personal computers and try to steal information.

  41. it is so amazing to me to see the technology and the stark contrasts in the time spans of different decades — and so many changes from when I had my first business to now and the one touch parts of everyday biz today compared to the the weeks or months of prep and hand work — it is just — and why I myself enjoy reading these great blogs — get the mind to open and explore !! thanks muchly —

  42. Thanks Kevin. I like and have used Team Viewer because it allows you explain while you share and if you need to you can take control of the persons computer and help them. We have so many useful tools nowadays that it really takes away all excuse. I find screen sharing useful as teaching tool in that it can help to assist with remote learning. A technology department can be able to assist with problems that may be going on within a computer application so that a job can be continued or lesson can move forward.

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