So Much We Have Learned

So much we have learned over the years with Compumatrix. Before I signed up as a member of Compumatrix, I had never heard the word cryptocurrency..

Currency in the form of money was what I used to pay for the groceries in the grocery store. I also used the money to pay for clothes in the clothing boutique or for shopping in any of all the small stores in my city. I used the money to pay for petrol when I did travel around our country.

The currency was also something I had in my wallet, as well as credit or debit cards linked to my bank.


The first time I heard about cryptocurrency was when I read an article about Bitcoin. At the time, Bitcoin was relatively unknown. Now cryptocurrency has been described in countless articles in newspapers, and by several bloggers here in the blog area.

When I look in my DEX, I see many cryptocurrencies, including our Compumatrix cryptocurrency.


We have learned a lot about cryptocurrency at the online meetings too, where members are invited.

At first, I had a hard time keeping up during the meetings because of my limited English skills. And the moderators talked too fast for me to follow.

At first, I had a hard time keeping up during the meetings because of my limited English skills. And the moderators talked too fast for me to follow.


Another thing we have learned during the years with Compumatrix – is patience! Usually, you want the work you do to pay off immediately, and it does in some areas. But the work we have put in and still do within Compumatrix has paid off.

If we look at our DEX, we have a large number of cryptocurrencies. We would not have if the Compumatrix’s founders dream of making Compumatrix a household brand worldwide were not real.


Members have often complained that it is too complicated, and the management team has listened! Thus, we are now anxiously awaiting the opening of the “new” revised CDAP.

As I see it, the Management team does everything in its power to make it easier for members, if it is within the regulations.


We have learned that we have friends all over the world. It may seem that the state of the world does not provide the opportunity to make friends as many unpleasant and horrible things happen in many places.

But thanks to Compumatrix, we can see that there are members also in places where both terrorism and war violence ravage. Those members are worthy of all respect! I hope and believe that Compumatrix will create the conditions for them to move on and succeed.


Are we grateful for the work our management team, developers, and our founder put in? Would we even have something like Compumatrix if we did not find and sign up as members here? I do not think so.

Therefore, we should thank God for our daily bread, Management, Staff, Developers for their work, and show our joy for Compumatrix!

No more complaints, it does not benefit us, nor new members, and indeed not our enduring staff.

About the author

BrittMari is a founding member since 2006. She has many skills and baking and cooking are only two of them. She also likes driving and to travel around the country


  1. Thank you for your blog BrittMari, it definitely has been a learning journey for many of us, certainly for me and I also felt the added responsibility of trying to help my close family members with their accounts, but found it hard when asked for more details about the cryptocurrency. In the UK, most shoppers now are using cards and buying online because of their current fears. However, I see this also as a wonderful way of preparing folks for using our VPC cards and our cryptocurrency.

    1. I think most of us will do business online now – at least while the pandemic is going on.
      But as you say, Inspired Insights, the waiting time will give people time to prepare themselves för the StableCards and Compumatrix cryptocurrency.

  2. When I heard about Compumatrix, it was intriguing, and rather difficult to catch on to. But, as time goes by – cryptocurrency is becoming important and interesting. Digital currency is being used worldwide and many people find use Bitcoins for their online purchases.This trend is catching on everywhere and also opens up many possibilities of making good income as well.

    1. That is very true, Raju Mahtani. Let us continue to promote the Compumatrix Company which will be a wonderful way for people to help others, and themselves.

  3. Thank you for your blog BrittMari, I think it is a great blessing from God to enter the compumatrix. compumatrix will become friends all over the world. I’ve learned a lot about cryptocurrencies from blogs and so much  knowledge. Cryptocurrencies are now increasingly being used throughout the world. Thank you compumatrix for letting us know about so many cryptocurrencies.

    1. Thank you, Zahra Zulfiqar, for reading my little blog. Yes, Compumatrix is a blessing and will be a blessing for many.

  4. I also learned about Cryptocurrencies from the time I joined Compumatrix. I did not understand what one could do with them and to me, they were not ‘real’ money. Somebody once asked me if I had “Greenbacks” (Nedbank rewards) or EBucks (very big in South Africa) and I said “Yes”. “Well, they said, they are like Cryptocurrencies” and the penny dropped! Even when I was selling some gold coins, a friend offered to trade me his 4 Bitcoin…and I refused, saying “but that’s not real, it’s Virtual”. My how things have changed. And I owe it all to the great teachings of Henry Banayat and the BOD and staff of Compumatrix!

    1. I fully agree with you, Vee Dell. It is because of Henry, the BOD, and the staff I have been able to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain, and the difference between centralized and decentralized. Much of what is talked about is still a mystery to me, although I don’t need to understand everything technically.

  5. it is a fun journey to and after the other blog the memory banks are open and remembering thru all trials and changes and waitings and almost and then almost agains — it has been one heck of a journey and to me the journey has just begun to start — with patience always I believe the smiles with be without Limit — thank you for a great read and great start to my Sunday —

  6. I’ve actually heard about cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoin back then, but it all sounded like a ponzi scheme or something so I was very reserved in the beginning when Compumatrix laid its direction that way..
    But we got educated, and we learned…And sure, we made mistakes as well 😉
    I hope that WE will see the power of cryptocurrencies in a near future.

    1. I think we have all been there and done that, Bjorn. Thanks to Henry’s, and the management’s teaching and patience, we now know better what Compumatrix is all about.

  7. Beautifully stated, simple basic outline of what’s important in our company, BrittMari. I can hardly wait to meet our people “face to face” someday, and hear our individual stories. We are living in powerfully changing times, and I believe we will come out on top because of everything you’ve mentioned…and because Compumatrix is designed to help people thrive. This is such a HUGE endeavor & offering, and we are definitely in the right place. Thank You!

  8. BrittMari…your words state the problem and the solution so simply and caringly. I have a great appreciation for that. I understand how you have endured having to learn about cryptocurrency with limited language skills and the patience you have shown over the last 10 years in order to learn and share with others. You have a special way of letting everyone know they should not complain so much, but learn to appreciate what we have here at Compumatrix. And, I especially love how you say that baking and cooking are only two of your many skills. Thank you for the wonderful message!

    1. Complaining does not help anything but being positive can help you solve some problems.
      Thank you for reading my blog, William Farris.

      1. i agree it does no good to complain. I was told as a young adult you can’t worry about the things you can not change but change the things you can.

  9. Thank you for sharing your gratitude and insight on Compumatrix. It has been a journey with cryptocurrency and it has become my passion. I can not thank Compumatrix enough for the gift of learning about the crypto space. I have come to appreciate the journey more than the destination. I look forward to meeting you all and giving great big hugs.

    1. I like your saying “I have come to appreciate the journey more than the destination”, Kristin Pichler! I think that is what happens when you are enthusiastic to learn.

  10. Thank you BrittMari! Who says we cannot join a company that works with cryptocurrency and which we may know absolutely nothing about 🙂 That was my situation, and I felt the love of Henry, staff and the regional reps shine through for our company. That was a huge draw for me. Plus I always like to learn and participate in activities that support and push my brain, and this company also didn’t skimp on providing that! I so agree with your words “no complaints”, instead focus on all the benefits that we are privileged to receive!

    1. Thank you, Janis Reese, for reading my blog – and congrats to you, me, and everyone else for joining Compumatrix! 🙂

  11. Yes, so many lessons learned along the way. I think one of the biggest things for me has been all the different methods of security and ways of keeping cryptos safe and in general, just keeping ourselves safe from scammers and hackers and phishers. We have gained so much knowledge in this area, and we are all better for it.

    1. I fully agree, Jeffrey Phelps. We really have learned how to avoid scammers, hackers, and phishers, although their methods become more and more sophisticated.

  12. Reminds me of the days of Egold and Ebullion, yes and I’m agreement with you, the journey for us to learn never stops, the coins were the 1st for me to interact with, since then a lot has changed, improved, the language, the communication, wow!! It warms my heart when I think of many areas that will be covered.

    1. You gave me some flashes of memory, Vincent Muema. Egold and Ebullion – I had almost forgotten them… 🙂

  13. BrittMari very good your article! In fact, during all these years we have learned many things, and it seems to me that we are now reaching the peak, when everything will be presented to us and we will have much prosperity in our lives and in the lives of those we want to help.

  14. Thank you Brittmari for the great blog, same here I didn’t know any of this information. But I wish I would have bought Bitcoin when my son told me to buy Bitcoin when it was 3 cents and Ryan was 14 years old and I laughed at him. I told him that was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard of and who in the world was ever going to use bitcoins. Now it still makes me sick. I could be helping people and enjoying life but no I didn’t listen to him. Can you tell I’m still not over it lol. But at least here we have a chance to make those changes and like they say when a plane is having problems. First help yourself then others. You can’t put everyone’s mask on them until yours is firmly in place, then we can change the world, for the better.

  15. BrittMari, thanks much for your most interesting blog. My experience with Compumatrix has been a very interesting experience, and out of necessity required much learning. Like many in my age group, I did not grow up using the net.With that said, I must say that any success that I have had, I give much thanks to my fellow members and staff including my RR. They have all gone the extra mile to assist me when needed. Thanks for this learning experience, as it has led me into other opportunities, so I am very thankful for Compumatrix.

    1. Thank you, Robert Hutchinson, and I agree with you that the Compumatrix staff, including RRs, have been a fantastic help. Many times I have asked – and been given – help from my RR because things were hard to understand.

  16. I would not of known what cryptocurrency was if it was not for compumatrix. When I first mentioned it years ago to my co-workers they never heard of it and some of them got offended and told me it should be outlawed and it was on the dark net I immediately explained what I was doing and it was not like that at all but it was difficult to make them understand. Now they do since there is so much out there it just took a while. What makes compumatrix so great is we have VPC and points besides cryptocurrency!

    1. Yes, Timothy Rice, it is strange how people who mocked me a few years ago – now telling me that there is something called cryptocurrency? 😂

  17. I did not even understand what cryptocurrency was when I was first introduced to Compumatrix. As I was explained by my son-in-law and slowly read up on the forum and the internet, I got to learn more and more and have now become intrigued with the idea of cryptocurrencies. And even the VPCs is a great concept and I can’t wait for the day when our VPCs and our cryptocurrencies are launched. So much more to learn!

  18. Thank you very much for your interesting blog post Brittmari. I am a member of Compumatrix since the day Henry opened very carefully his doors. Many things have happened since that day and many things I have learned. Things that also reach much further that only the interest of Compumatrix. The whole crypto world is a challenge, a world that is constantly in motion. Exciting times.

  19. Britt your words ring true, and I am blessed to see you as a sister, no matter where you live in this world. Your blog is just as I feel. We are blessed beyond words to be part of this company. It is an educating journey as we watch them grow and implement the newest technology associated with the cryptocurrency arena. Like you, I thank them and appreciate what we have learned and will continue to learn in our journey. Technology can change in the blink of an eye, and Compumatrix Networks International is leading the way with the best cutting edge products.

    1. What a lovely thing to say, Carmen Prevatte! I am honored to be seen as a sister by you, and I feel the very same about you. Yes, I bet we still have much learning to do.

  20. Yes, Brit, You are so correct . The time factor of us finding out about crypto currency is really a time factor with plenty odf patience to study, and practice the information about it because it takes time for research and study. Its not an overnite exposure at all. We are so fortunate to be here with the training and knowledge that has been shared. This cryptocurrency phenomenon is what it is. Those that are not on board will need a lot of traing in the future.

    1. Yes, Agnes Bey, those that are not on board will need a lot of training when they join. But the training will be a responsibility laid on the person who is enrolling them, with help of the very informative and educative documents presented by our VP.

  21. Just reading your blog brings surges of excitement. I became a believer in Henry’s vision 3 years before l heard of bitcoin. At the time l was contemplating on buying some bitcoin at $.17. As l contemplated, it went to $.50. I remember thinking that l missed it and I was too late. I came back after awhile and saw it at $30!! I “knew” I had missed it as l watched it climb to $1200. It was then, l also knew, I had something great with Henry and Compumatrix. l determined l was not “missing it” again. I am hanging on like a pit bull, because l believe!!!

    1. Paul Emery, I think I’ll start doing like you – I’ll hang on like a pit bull because I too believe!! 😂

  22. Yes, Compumatrix has been an experience not only as a business but in teaching us many aspects we thru the years have learned. Not only about crypto but about socializing with one another, learning to be patient and grateful as you mentioned.
    All this wait will be rewarded when the new CDAP opens.

  23. Thank you for your great message, BrittMarie. I agree with you. Being a member of Compumatrix has been an exciting experience and I have learned a lot along the way. Not every element of the crypto world is completely clear to me but what I learned while being a member of this company and what I read in this blog section really helped me to understand.

    1. Thank you, Heloisa Rodrigues Nogueira, for reading my little blog. Yes, you can find lots of informative blogs in this blog area – many of them written by our management.

  24. This is a great blog post BrittMari! During all these years we have learned a lot indeed and I’m sure we will still learn a lot in the next months and years. And in this whole learning process, the “patience” part was perhaps the hardest one, but when all the pieces fit together, we will see that everything was worth it!

    1. Thank you, Jeimes de Almeida Uchoa, yes the great opening of Compumatrix.will show us that all the waiting time was worth it.

  25. Compumatrix has been quite a ride over the years yet I never felt it was time wasted as I was always learning new things along the way. That in itself has made it all worth it. I appreciate every phase we’ve gone through because it has pushed me step by step to learn more and more about cryptocurrencies, business and tax implications, trading, even organization skills. Can’t wait to put everything into practice. The best is yet to come.

  26. as time has moved ahead and my life had its moments –i have had to back away at points but over the years the ride this Compu Biz has been — is nothing short of a wow — and this blog post by Brit — so many great parts and the replies add even more to thought process — much appreciation to all and hold the hope as we grow and succeed —

  27. I believe that patience has been essential to the success of Compumatrix members and I believe that the patience will be rewarded. The patience has helped us to stay calm, think clearly, and be confident in what the future has to offer.

  28. as we enter this new year and we still have much to accomplish not just in our Compu Biz but for me in Life in general — time will show and tell how great a story we are a part of here but also how True the Hearts of so many are here — much appreciation to this blog and Compumatrix — rj

  29. Thank you for your blog BrittMari, it definitely has been a learning journey for many of us, certainly for me and I also felt the added responsibility of trying to help my close family members with their accounts, but found it hard when asked for more details about the cryptocurrency. Compumatrix has been quite a ride over the years. I appreciate every phase we’ve gone through because it has pushed me step by step to learn more and more about cryptocurrencies.

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