Some words and phrases you might want to change.

Your vocabulary requires some active attention to the words and phrases you use to be an above-average business success.

How you speak and write affects how others perceive you and how you think, operate, and view the world. You will make a more favorable impression by using empowering and abundant language versus disempowering and lack terminology.

This article will give you some terms, wordings, and responses for you to ponder.

  • Problem-Whenever you are about to use the word problem, use challenge or small challenge instead.
  • Failure-Substitute: “learning experience “ Note: Using failure in sales copy will get results, but do you want people who decide on loss as a client, teammate, or customer? I think not.
  • Hope- use “I am committed to” in place of hope. Some examples: I hope my health gets better. – I am committed to my health getting better. I wish I lose 20 lbs. by the class reunion. -I am committed to losing 20 lbs. by the class reunion.
  • I need-use I deserve, much more empowering and less likely to repel someone because you are not coming across as a victim.
  • Someone asks, “How is your day going?” If you are having a bad day, instead of saying “ I’m having a bad day,” say “I’m having a character-building day.”
  • Someone asks, “How’re you doing?” do not answer with any of these: Okay, Hanging in there, I’ve been worse, Not bad, Pretty good, etc. If you are doing great, say so. If you are not doing so well, say some along the line of “I doing unbelievable ” and leave it at that, no need to tell them that it is unbelievable in an unpleasant way.
  • Easy- use simple instead. The word easy can be misleading. I do not believe that anything related to building your own business is easy.
  • Bad or Wrong- “use not effective, a more effective way of doing or approaching it might be” Telling someone they are nasty or wrong is nonproductive and disempowering.
  • Do not say you have the best whatever- think about saying something like, “We have a system (or whatever you are talking about) that works very effectively for the right people.”
  • Probably- use I can and will!
  • Hard- instead, use challenging.
  • Help- use the word assistance or assist: when you assist someone, it implies they are participating in the action and not a helpless victim, plus when you ask for assistance, you are letting the person you are inviting know that you will be doing it with them, not them doing it for you. 

The list above is just a sample of a few of the choices you can make to stay at a higher level of positivity in your thoughts and speech.

I know I need to work on this every day and, I am going to invest in a book or two dealing with improving my “success” vocabulary; I am sure this will also improve my overall attitude, and in turn, it will help draw positive members to join us here at Compumatrix to be part of such an awesome business!!

Feel free to comment with some more words and phrases you think of that would be more empowering and lead to a more abundant mindset.

It is my sincere desire that this blog post will be of service to you while you are engaged in building your Compumatrix business.

Bye for now

Rich G.

About the author

Rich grew up in a small town in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts with 2 sisters and 4 brothers. His main occupation has been as a tile contractor, things he has done in addition, around and sometimes full time throughout the years also include: 4 years the United States Marine Corps, made a good part time and then full time income in the Network Marketing industry and several other adventures and misadventures in the business arena.


  1. Rich a very positive and informative blog .I am going to read this a couple of times and yes start using the right phrases you have given examples of.It is the same intention but put across in a very positive and inclusive way which will never offend the other person if you are even correcting them.And also it gives you confidence

  2. Thank you Rich grew,very good post,It is true that the choice of words alone changes a person’s whole personality and mind,there is a lot of power in words,good words are very important to impress someone,positive words can change our relationship and our business,positive words can change our mindset.

  3. My fathers last words to me was ” I could do anything I wanted to in life ” I had the power to fail or succeed .. Those were the most powerful few words that was ever said to me. It is where I decided to take those words that formed who I am and who the people around me was.. Yes I felt the power of those few words all my life and yes words have Power.

    1. I’m visually impaired but my mother told me something similar that I can do anything I put my mind to and to always try and not to give up without trying, and to this day at age 51 I still apply those words to my everyday life and have also instilled the same positive words to my son.

      1. Hi Paula , It is true how words stick with you for the rest of your life as a child . How those words affect you life long into adulthood . You are strong Paula and you are right , never just say , I can not do that with out even trying. Give it all you got before you say well let me get someone to help me. I feel the same way. There is nothing I won’t at least give it a try.

  4. Each one of us uses the power of words in a different way. Some words have energy , Some have power to help those who need encouragement . Words can help to make someone feel hurt and alone . Others words can brighten up some ones day who is alone in the world. I like to keep positive words , Happy words and I enjoy making someone smile or laugh.. That helps me make my day as well.

  5. what a great start to my Saturday –thank you very much so — had not honestly thought that much along those words — however as I read through this builder of positive and creative ways to become better internally and look more accomplished on the outside — just a great read and very much thought improving —

  6. I, as an adept of the power of quantum physics, not only believe in the power of words but in the power of everything, because everything generates energy and this energy returns to us in the same proportion. Words, thoughts, attitudes, all of these vibrate in a positive or negative frequency, according to your intention. We must consider how often we want to vibrate, and therefore keep an eye on the words and thoughts we have in our routine. It is a matter of quality of life.

    1. The divine energy of the universe Danimatrix. Excellent point. Every thought moves an electron, which moves another one or two in order to allow for the first one to occupy a different space. And so on and so on. Provable and scientific. This is the energy we use to create anything and everything we desire and deserve for ourselves and others in life.

  7. There are days that are difficult to wake up or get out of bed without forcing the thought to be positive. Even though you already know that that day may not be a good day, just if you can change the shape of your behavior, it improves.
    Thanks for the message of this text, it is important to have the necessary tools to face our own thoughts.

  8. “An above-average business success “is the key words here which are all as a result of the words one speaks and writes consciously or unconsciously. It came to my attention how a higher level of positivity in your thoughts and speech are key in ones everyday life. There’s a computer world word: G.I.G.O- Garbage in Garbage Out, shows that the words one speaks or writes are as a result of the kind of association one has, the kind of material one listens to, thus eventually speaking out. Watch what you let into your mind!

  9. I totally agree with your blog about the power of words, Richard. I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist 20 years ago and began to really understand how words impact our lives. It made me aware of how I spoke to my children growing up when I managed a soccer team for 9 to 10-year-olds…..I would get them to encourage each other rather than be annoyed if things didn’t go well…as a result, I could see how they came together as a team rather than fall apart.

  10. This is the best list ever, Rich. Thank you so much for bringing this forth for us to become more aware of the power of language. This is something I totally agree with and work at becoming more cognizant of what I say. The word I particularly seem to focus on is “hope”….for me I change this to “trust”. The universe doesn’t know what you say isn’t really what you mean so it is very important that we say the right words!

  11. Always use the most empowering words you have at your disposal. Keep it simple as well. Some very good suggestions Rich. We can all be more effective through a kinder vocabulary. Reading positive self empowering books every day is a great way to change our thought processes as well as the method of communication.

  12. Rich, I totally believe that using positive words and phrases can help when addressing a person or an issue. I found that when correcting someone or pointing out an error one made, NEVER to use a sentence beginning with the word YOU, such as; ” You put that invoice in the wrong file!”, as that immediately puts them on the defensive.
    Instead, I would say something like; “I cannot find that invoice. Do you know where it might be? This has always worked well for me.

  13. Ah, What a Fantastic read !
    I never allowed my children to use the words “but” or “ I am sorry” instead we substitute them with “However” and “ I Apologize”.
    Words have power so we must be mindful of the words we speak into existence!
    I plan on using the some of suggested substitutes above as well, Thanks for sharing.

  14. Totally agree and what a wonderful boost, just what I needed. I am frequently guilty of using negative words, especially directed at myself. Being a perfectionist is a never ending challenge. I love the fact that even your knowledge of all that you have shared, you still work at it daily! That gives me the courage to make the change and keep working on it. Thank you!!

  15. Ohhh…are you every on the mark with this one! I am constantly re-wording myself, in a conscious effort to get myself FEELING just right! Long ago, when I was learning to be a journalist, I discovered that every single word and it’s placement carried a resonance, and the way they were chosen, placed and even INTENDED, made all the difference as to how they were received! Shortly thereafter, I began to realize that it’s way more important in how I personally felt as I chose the words I spoke to others; and most important of all, the words I spoke to MYSELF mean so much to how things in my life turn out. Great article!

  16. The pen is mightier than the sword!
    Words have a lot of power. When used properly they can do wonders.
    At school, I would have difficulty in writing essays . My parents and teachers always advised me to read a lot. Reading increases one’s vocabulary substantially and makes it easier to express oneself and communicate better with people, worldwide.

  17. Another very nice,informative post Richard Graves. Thank you. English is very complex language and the way we put across our thoughts or intentions in words can mean a lot of different things or meanings as you have shown in your examples .Rewording or paraphrasing a sentence can and does impart a whole different meaning by merely changing a word or replacing it with an equivalent synonym.

  18. Nicely put Rich. You have provided some useful options to the usual responses people often make. Convert the negative/ bland replies into something positive. Words charged with negative emotions often convey a message that is opposite to the one you want to convey. Just as importantly they typically have a negative impact on you and your perspective.

  19. Great reading Rich! Trying to be more positive in what we say in our daily interactions with our fellow homo-sapiens is very important. It will help everyone individually and collectively. It will be a catalyst to stimulate positive thinking and speech in those we interact with daily.

  20. Hi Richard, kudos to you for seeking impeccability in your wording when it comes to self and business. This is very important in a workplace culture at Compumatrix where we are tasked to be professional at all times on our Discord forum, in our interpersonal relationships with other members and staff, and how we interface with VA’s and our potential clients and business partners. Great skill to learn, practice and master.

  21. Good post Richard. Thinking about the words that are communicating, the Bible says that what is in your heart comes out of your mouth. The mouth is only a tool, but the heart is the center of your thought and who you are. If your heart is pure and without vile thoughts and asperations your words will be also be warm and pleasant. Without a pure heart, you can try all you want to soften your words, but your mouth will betray you for who you really are. Only a changed heart can accomplish a changed mouth.

  22. Thank you Rich. Thinking about how we speak is so important as we too often, without thinking, speak in a negative way when faced with challenges. I have recently started taking note of my speech and how it can be encouraging to others, to speak in a more positive way.

  23. Thank you for the article. I fully agree that many of the words from our vocabulary, which we used in childhood, remain with us for life. They have a profound effect on our behavior. If you constantly repeat to yourself that you cannot do something, then you will not do it. The word has tremendous power.

  24. Indeed! I concur with you Sir Richard 100% on the basis of our words needing attention more than ever. Our words bend and shape our future either positively or negatively. What you surround yourself with really determines the words you’ll eventually speak. There’s a saying that goes, ”as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” So my advice in concurrence would be speak words that mould and direct you to the life you as an individual desires to see and live.

  25. Words do have power, enormous power. Words have meaning, too. It is the meaning of the word that generates its power. As our society has evolved, words have taken on different meanings to different people in different contexts. Unfortunately, the power in a word’s power has been watered down with its diversity in meaning. Additionally, new words have been created to substitute existing words just so add “color” and just being different. This particular phenomenon took center stage in the ’60’s and ’70’s during the Hippie Movement. Consider me old school, but it was more simple in the old days when a word had a specific meaning and there were fewer words that would be used in its place. “Tell it like it is.” is an old phrase that embodies that philosophy. There is less of a chance the reader or listener will miss the real meaning of what is being said. It seems to me the world is trying to be too nice instead of being real and honest. There is little or no doubt the meaning of the situation or your intent will be misunderstood.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t see an “edit” button to correct my errors. Most are obvious but I apologize for being so careless and hope the meaning of what I had to say was taken other than as I intended.

  26. Rich. This subject is very important and Thanks for bringing it forward. Everything is energy. Words, thoughts, etc..etc.. It is
    also very important HOW you say it. Emotions play a roll in
    how people receive and understand information. As Ikimotho said, “gigo” Garbage in Garbage out. It is a fact in the 1960’s
    the meaning of words have been deliberately changed to
    change our actions and thoughts. Their is also a saying that
    say “Thoughts become things.” so, be careful of what you think
    you might receive it: Thanks for sharing.

  27. Richard, this is an excellent blog. What you say is something I have been applying to my self-renewal program. People may not mean to use negativity, but we do. I desire for our world and attitudes to change for the good, thus so must I. The power of life and death is in the tongue. We would benefit much if we remembered to watch what we say and how we say it.

  28. Thank you Richard for the information on the power of our words. What one says or speaks speaks volumes, as it it brings good or negative energy to oneself. Plus the words spoken are a link to what is in our hearts and a link to God. When we speak negative , negative things can happen , and when we speak positive, then positive things happen. Yes we most all learn to speak positive to keep things moving forward and to enjoy the labor of the positive energy that one can pass on. With that being said I feel with all the positive vibes and prayers being answered, compumatrix will bless many.

  29. Rich….very well written and informative, especially for someone who has been guilty of using the wrong words more often than I want to admit. I agree with almost all of your thoughts except the one where you suggest using words that can make someone sound like a politician. Example: someone asks you how you are doing and you answer with “it’s been an unbelievable day”, which does not answer the question because unbelievable can have different interpretations and just sounds like you are avoiding answering the question. The funny thing is that I may have misinterpreted your suggestion and that may not be what you meant. Other than that, your blog was very helpful.

  30. Fascinating. How complex is the English language. I must say I have always believed there is no such thing as a problem just a solution.

  31. Wow! Enriching and Empowering. Just reading this blog put a smile on my face today. I will begin changing my vocabulary immediately! Using the word “unbelievable” to describe my bad days will help me overcome the temptation to growl out an unpleasant response when an unusually chipper human being enthusiastically calls out, “Hey, Felicia! How’s your day going?” On a serious note though, I am learning that my words and thoughts seriously affect my future. Thank you, Rich.

  32. I was inspired by your article Richard Graves, to reflect on some words that have not produced a favorable outcome in previous business ventures I encountered. Now I know! I like what you said, that instead of saying, I have a problem, use the word challenge or small challenge instead. That’s neat! Perhaps, with your permission, I can add a phrase. When someone wants you to lend them money, and you are not inspired to do so, instead of a harsh, NO, simply say, I am not in a position to do so at the moment!

  33. Great article on use of words! I have this tendency of saying exactly what is on my mind without considering first, the impact of my words on others. I definite need to work on this both in person and when writing an article! Especially with the “bad or wrong” comments. Your are exactly right in pointing out how different words can make our comments way more receptive and acceptable.

  34. Thanks, Rich, this is an important blog and a reminder to us all.
    About twenty years ago I qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist and the training we had, it truly opened my mind to the power of words and not only how we use them when talking to others but also in our own ‘self-talk’. It changed the way I talked to my young children at the time and also enabled me to be aware of the phrases that my wife and I used with our children which made them doubt themselves or made them feel full of confidence.

  35. Thank you Rich,Very informative blog,words and phrases are a reflection of your personality,you can change anyone with it,using your words in a positive way can give us success in our business or in our daily lives,I think words have so much power that they can change your whole world,using the right words at the right time is a sign of wisdom and success.

  36. I totally agree, Richard. The words or phrases a person uses will completely affect how the person perceives a situation. Saying “small challenge” instead of “problem” automatically gives the mind a subconscious message that whatever is currently being faced is something that has a solution. This triggers the brain into creating that solution. “Learning experience” instead of “failure” promotes the feeling of increased wisdom and encouragement to try another project. Changing your vocabulary truly is an action step towards achieving success in all areas of life.

  37. Thanks, Rich. The point that stood out for me most clearly is that positive words produce a positive attitude. Positive and like-minded people are naturally attracted to one another and are equally repelled by those who grumble and complain. How can this be anything but good since life only gets better and more productive when a group of people are spurring on each other towards a worthy goal? Likewise, people who are openly positive and grateful will only attract a life filled with good things to be grateful for. Our words are our seeds for the future.

  38. Thanks Rich, interesting blog. I believe, how you say things is just as important as whar you say. Sometimes things come out or sound really bad by the way we talk or how we expressed them. Educating our expressions and emotions is very important as many times can be interpreted the wrong way.
    One thing I have notice in chat rooms is many times, words can be interpreted the wrong way also. Voice and gestures are also important and many times something you merely write with nothing bad or intention is sourly assumed and it can be very damaging. I think it’s important to ask for clarification when we assume or are in doubt.

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