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Stepping into Life

On a hot summer day on August 07, 1966, a young couple stood before their families and pledged their love for each other.  She had just turned nineteen, and he was about to celebrate his twentieth birthday. 

Being so young many felt it was too early for them to start a life together.  There was a war going on in Vietnam, and the young man had enlisted in the army.  He had just finished his basic training and was heading to Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, where he was to train in communications for his first assignment. 

It was a time that all the cards were stacked against them, actually making it through their first year together would be a challenge.  The young woman had no idea how even to cook or anything else for that matter.  The young man was taking on the responsibility of serving his country and his unprepared bride being 1400 miles away from her beloved family, friends, and home. 

The struggles that the first year was not as bad as they thought it might have been.  There were adjustments to be made on a daily basis.  They adjusted.  Decisions had to be made on everything from where they would live, eat, seek entertainment, make friends, and find side jobs to help them live the life they wanted for each other, just to name a few.  They made those necessary decisions together. 

After the first year, more decisions had to be faced.  The young man was informed through his orders that he was heading to Germany, which meant he would be out of the country for two years.   Having been away from her family for almost a year had been less painful than she imagined. She was extremely close to her family, so the separation was difficult in many ways.  She missed them so much at times it hurt.  The love for her husband would, in the end,  override all other emotions.  Now leaving her beloved family for yet another two years didn’t change her feeling, but the feelings were raw. 

The two years in Germany allowed this couple to grow up together.  Being away from family allowed them to concentrate on each other and what they needed to build their own lives. 

The first lesson was about how to enrich their lives.  They wanted to make their lives meaningful and as happy as it could be.  They did this by making new friends and exploring all of Europe every chance they got. 

The second lesson was figuring a way to enrich their lives.  They faced that hurdle by both worked extra jobs so they could have the funds needed to fulfill their desires of traveling.  Being in a country so far away from home and having the history that they learned in school right in front of them was enchanting.  All they had to do was to go out and see Europe instead of just reading about it. 

The third lesson was taking everything they saw and learned in those first three years and use those lessons to enhance their future together.  These lessons would add valuable assets that would carry them through the life they carved out together.

Guess by now you are wondering what this has to do with business.  Well, everything in life is a business of some sort.  The challenges that this young couple endured is pretty much what happens to a young company just beginning on its journey.  The partnerships are the same between a husband and wife and a company boss and his team. 

A young man from the Philippines fell in love with the idea of helping everyday people.  He wanted to bring independence to the young and old. He planned to teach people how to engaged, enriched and enhanced their own lives as a community.

That young man from the Philippines is Henry James Banayat, and that young couple is Roy and me. 

Congratulations, Henry, on a job well done by you and your fantastic team. 

Happy Anniversary, Roy. What a beautiful life we have built together these last fifty-four years.   I love you. Hugs

About the author

Erline is an experienced and efficient leader who oversees ongoing operations and procedures of Compumatrix and Networks International. As a key member of the senior management team, she maintains control of diverse business operations. She has excellent people skills, business acumen and exemplary work ethics.


  1. Erline, I bet those were some of the best years of your lives. Young, in love, and ready to take on the world together. There was no doubt you would make it. Day by day, sharing, arguing, making up, life was, and is excellent. It did not matter how little or what you had. Just being together was the best. I was thinking last night about family and marriage being a business. You invest all you have into it and work every day to keep it sound and growing. The income and wealth come from how much love and nurturing you are willing to expend in making it the best business you ever built. There is also the monetary gain from working, the bookkeeping, taxes, savings, and all the things we do in our homes to look after the family and keep the marriage business secure. Just like a brick and mortar company does to keep their business running.

    1. Yes, Carmen, those were some of the best years of our lives. It was a make it or break it time for us. We were far away from home, so we leaned on each other for support. Like any business, be it a marriage or company, each has to help the other to be reliable. The hard times will cement the characters according to their reaction in all situations.

  2. Sometimes the best way to get to know each is is to live away from your family. Finding your own way is to me very important. You either get on or you split. The most important thing is that you do not give up at the first sign of a problem. To this end we should be thankful that Henry did not give up but kept going through all the hard times he had and was given by some of our membership. Thank you HJ for continuing.

    1. Yes, you hit the nail right on the head in your comment. Being away from home is one of the reasons we have made it through the last 54 years. As I said in my blog, I knew nothing when we got married. I was spoiled by my mother, who did everything for me, so I was not prepared to be a wife in any sense. Roy and I learned together. I was too far away to go home.

      My relationship with Compumatrix has been sort of a marriage that started rocky. I had no desire to be joining yet another company at sixty years old. An old friend by the name of Winston Hoffman pulled me in kicking and screaming. It took a learning curve of three years to even look into Compumatrix then another two years to grasp it all. Once I “got it,” I never looked back. Giving it all I have to make this work for all those who are wanting a better life has been a mission carried out with love.

  3. Erline…what a beautiful love story! I have sometimes wondered and marvelled at how you can remain so optimistic about our situation ( delays, etc) here; and the answers are never far away. As you’ve often said, you have the behind-the -scenes perspective, and it keeps you uplifted and motivated to carry in. But I see from your story that you had some early training as well – determined to build the best life possible in spite of those crazy odds! Congratulations to you and Roy – happy anniversary! 💗

  4. What a beautiful testimony of love and commitment! Thank you Erline, for sharing your story with all of us. Yes, marriage and business are very similar. There are challenges to overcome, decisions to be made, compromises from each individual along the path to succeeding in a long term lasting relationship. As we continue down the path with Compumatrix and following Henry James’ dream to allow parents to work from home and be with their children, we’ve had quite the journey. This journey has had it’s twists and turns but we are seeing that light at the end of the tunnel grow bigger and brighter each day.

    1. Thank you, Jane. It amazes me that more don’t relate these two more often. Like any marriage worth saving, so is a business whose heart has its focus on the family. It takes a lot of work to make either of them work like a fine-tuned fiddle. Being here at Compumatrix, my eyes have opened to all the possibilities set before us. The sky is the limit to the lives that can change because of what Compumatrix brings to the table.

  5. Every step that we take into our lives, creates a new experience for us. The people we meet are responsible in some or many ways, in shaping our future. Erline and Roy have set a perfect example of holding together their marriage, based on a rock-solid relationship. May they always be together in harmony. Mr Henry James Banayat has also come a long way by providing us a golden opportunity – Compumatrix leads us all towards a better tommorrow.

  6. Great blog Erline. In today’s world only us older folks get the message. When someone is right for you, stick with the program. Best friends make it all work. Like you and Roy, I was fortunate enough to find someone after two previous marriages. Became good friends and went from there.

    Henry’s dream is like a marriage, you have to stick with the program thru thick and thin. It’s very complicated and made even more so at times. Global involvement is very complex with all the rules, licenses, etc. Add the major changes that are constant and it all becomes a test of patience and fortitude.

    As we understand more about the process, it becomes clear to us, now as we try to explain it to a “newbie,” well that’s another story. We are fast becoming a pretty tight group as well as friends. Keep the ball rolling at home and on the job here Compumatrix.

  7. know you do not have physically time to blog more but sure wish you could — what a great testament to how life should be and yes we all have our history to look back on however your story is now 50+ years later a testament of Joy even though you walked thru many unknowns — and Henry has also walked thru many unknowns and to see both You standing Tall is a true Benefit for All us here — thank you Always from the Heart —

  8. Thank you Erline for sharing your story. The greatest thing you shared was the love of your family. Friends come and go, but family is always there to support you. A lot of the young people are not aware of the support they have. To busy with cell phones and games, and everyday life. It is sad to see this happening, they are missing out on the best things in life. Family. Some day they will wake up and an important part of life is gone. I know from my personal experience. To busy to go see grandma, the next month she was gone. Keep your friends close, but keep your family closer.

  9. Erline, the last time we talked I said I can’t wait to meet you and Roy. I would cherish the time sitting with you guys and talking about Germany. Of course, it would be hard to spend the time talking about Germany when there would be so much to discuss about Compumatrix.

  10. It is said that there is only one soulmate for each of us in our lives. And the majority of us never find him or her. Erline, you and Roy are so blessed to have found each other. To have lasted 54 years and still going strong is so amazing. I am in a similar situation. I was fortunate to have met my soulmate 42 years ago and we are still planning future events. We have so much to do once Compumatrix helps us in Engaging, Enriching and Enhancing our lives as well as the lives of our family and friends. That is going to be another exciting chapter in our life story.

  11. From you very first sentence Erline I knew you were talking about Roy and yourself . Love always has it’s trials and tribulations but true love last on forever.Seems we get to know a little something of each of us being involved in compumatrix . I am looking so forward to the future with Compumatrix and hoping it will be a long and loving partner ship.

  12. Well you two are definitely soul mates and that deep love connection gets you through SO much and you both have been through SO much.
    I bet Roy is glad that you learnt to cook as your meals sound amazing and now he eats like a horse.
    But in a way, you are also soul mates with Henry and Compumatrix…that deep love and faith has helped to carry everyone through challenging times.
    It not about that need to justify yourself every time someone questions you as you know those that love you…never question…but just encourage and support.
    Thank you for all that you and Roy do.

  13. Thank you Erline, and Happy Anniversary!!… Congrats on fifty four years that’s so wonderful to hear.
    I love to hear of couples who have pushed through and stuck it out together and made it work out so nicely, what a great story.
    Thank you Henry for never giving up on your Dream, working through all of the set backs and distractions. Its a joy to be here with you guys and to be able to share our lives and all the joy!! Have a wonderful blessed day on your special day Erline!

  14. What a beautiful Love story Erline between you and Roy .. All the way through each year after year kept getting better and better . I know because my wife and I have the same type of relationship. I had Quadruple Bypass Heart Surgery in 2012 and my wife run the trucking Company while I was recovering . Was not easy for her , but she did it. She is not a quitter .
    We to have been married almost 54 years .
    Happy anniversary Erline and Roy .

    1. Anything is possible when done as a team. Roy has been my rock and strong supporter through all our trials and tribulations. We could have quit when the going got tough, but that is not in our nature.

      Here at Compumatrix, there were times when I got to the point of walking away. Roy always encouraged me to do what I thought was right for everyone. Working the hours this job commands could quickly destroy a marriage. Many have to deal with a hostile spouse. I am blessed not to have to deal with that problem.

      Compumatrix is the “husband” or “wife” here. Some of the “spouses” support, some don’t. It is just the way it is. We all need that extra support.

  15. The adventure of two young love birds facing newness with every fresh day magically matches Henry’s ride into the void of a new ecosystem. Both party’s had a passion to move forward into the abys knowing something wonderful would emerge. I really enjoyed the connection you made Erline. Anything is possible.

  16. Thanks for the post Erline. How touching about yours and Roy’s first days together. God has had a perfect plan for your life and ordered your every step until you have come unto this place. And he will give you a future and a hope for all that is ahead. It’s amazing to look back and see His hand in our small beginnings and our endings too. Yes, a big thanks to Henry. He truly is a hero.

  17. Erline, you brought me to tears! Happy tears, of course. I’m so happy for you & Roy, and for your consistent faith & leadership as our COO. We are blessed to have you and of course, without Henry, where would we be? I dare not think of it!!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your early beginnings of a couple in love.

  18. Great story of courage and love, Erline. It would be very hard to leave the known safe world of family and step into a world of unknown. But you and Roy did it like champs. That is a testament to your grit! My wife was a military brat and traveled all over with her Dad to live. She actually misses that life. Happy Anniversary!!

  19. Before I sent my second post for posting Erline, my title was ‘ The Stepping Stones Of Life’ and Kevin had my perfect picture for that so I felt it fair to change my title so as not to conflict with yours or Kevin’s. lol.
    Upon reading yours and yes, I like to wait for a few comments first to see what people are getting from it from their perspective as the blog plus the comments just give it a more rounded take on the subject.
    That’s the first time I have had the pleasure of knowing a little of your story and I must say without Yourself, Gail and others too many to mention but for the sake of this comment on your blog, You and Roy especially, I think you both are the perfect cement to hold this community together as without you there would not be the constant direction sharing the way forward. Yes, you have put your heart and soul into this at the expense of taking away from your Marriage but because yourself and Roy are the perfect match instead of it creating conflict Roy has been your strength during the times when you were needing a shoulder.
    That is why I just can’t understand why the naysayers want to pull you down when you are giving of your time and your life to so many.
    Congratulations on all 54 years of growing together as without the team of Erline and Roy I don’t think we would have as many engaging members. You both in my humble opinion are the perfect couple for the title you hold with Compumatrix.

  20. Oh what a wonderful story Erline. I can totally relate as I was married to someone in the Air Force during Vietnam. He was always traveling and sometimes gone for a few weeks at a time. I remember my first birthday together he was in Japan and he bought me a set of pearls including the earrings an a pin. He wrapped it in a Japanese cloth with a Japanese scene on it and tied it with a purple ribbon…I still to this day have that beautiful cloth. Since he has passed I cherish that cloth and those pearls more than ever..

  21. When there are love and commitment between two all things are possible. Both have each other to walk in the good and in the hard way of life to reach family and business goals set.
    I admire your life and commitment not only to Roy but to this company called Compumatrix to which you have dedicated many years to bring engagement, enrichment, and enhancement to all.

  22. Erline what a lovely story of the beginning of your marriage with Roy. You both have stuck together for 54 years I think. Now a days, people take the easy way out when things get hard and don’t put the time and effort into their marriage. Marriage indeed is like a business, if you don’t put the time and passion into it, it invariably fails.

  23. Being together for 54 years actually says it all. Roy and Erline you are the rad as they said it almost in our time. I can’t imagine you not being in Compumatrix and Henry being without you. You are and have been the backbone of this company. You and Gail have always held us together through thick and thin. The love and commitment you have shown us have made us unstoppable. Thank you for keeping us hanging in there and keeping us together. We are all chomping at the bit to get it on. I’m so looking forward to our future with Compumatrix.

  24. What a beautiful story to tell.
    i do not go back to those years Erline you and so many have spent in getting Compumatrix to where it is today. We as a team can only now move on to our future and make it brighter as best we can.
    A new start is born everyday.

    As for marriage, my soul mate was here for 37 beautiful years..
    Yes I miss the sense of humou,r the love and help and the joy he gave to my son and myself..
    I have to move on like everyone else.


  25. Erline, thanks for giving us a glimpse into the history of your early years with Roy. What a sweet love story you two share and to have been married at such a young age, weathering many storms together (I’m sure), and still going strong after 54 years is a beautiful example to your Compumatrix family of what dedication and commitment is all about. Thanks for the share.

  26. Great love story, Erline. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We have been married for 41 years here in a couple of weeks. Marriage takes commitment and a determination to understand and to overlook what we think is unfair sometimes and to focus on how beautiful the future will be. That is what Henry has done with Compumatrix and his Compumatrix family. He has been understanding when we did not see what he saw and he just kept on working for a wonderful future for us all.

  27. Erline thank you for sharing your beautiful story of your life with your husband Roy with us. I imagine that they really had to have a lot of strength, a lot of union and a lot of love to overcome all the situations that you narrated. I also imagine that Henry has to have a lot of strength, resilience and faith to take care of Compumatrix as he has been taking care of all these years, to provide us with a promising future! Hugs!

  28. Like in most things in life, longevity many times is a reservoir that we draw from to continue through times that are not so pleasant. If we have a history with a loved one that we can rely on for strength, in the times that are tough, we can weather most challenges that come our way. But when things are too convoluted and unable to ever make right, no matter the effort, that is when the longevity and history must kick in and replace the current circumstances that one faces. No matter how “strong” one is, there are things in life that sometimes are not reconcilable to “fix”, so you must rely on your creator to help you weather the challenges. Easy???? never, possible, always.

  29. Erline what an interesting start of the young love life you had. Being together with the right partner was a recipe for a long life success love story. You both were destined to be together and you made it true all the ups and downs life is having at one point or another. Fifty-four years been together is impressive and you both did your best to make it work the way you want it.
    Yes, Henry, our founder of this company Compumatrix is doing what he dreamed to do and that is engaged, enriched, and enhanced the lives of people around the world. The best has still to come and we are ready to start this together as a company.

  30. I can feel the emotion you must have had when writing this blog. To take your own life’s journey and apply it to a business you have built could not get any more personal. It certainly answers a lot of questions in relation to how you are able to keep such a great and positive attitude no matter what challenges Compumatrix along with its members and leaders face each day. My first thought is that you are a great leader and role model for all of this company’s members because you have decided that you have no choice. This is your life. Fifty-four years is a long time from where I sit, and I appreciate all that you do and have done along the way. Happy Anniversary to you and Roy. Hugs back

  31. Erline that was a beautiful story. You two were such young kids getting married. I’m sure you would agree that you both grew up together during those first few years. You also mentioned not being able to cook. I know you have such a passion for cooking, Where in the world did you learn your incredible cooking skills? Just like the journey with Compumatrix, I’m sure getting married during Roy serving our country had its challenges. Maybe that early journey helped you be ready to fight and stay strong for this journey.

  32. it is always wonderful to come back and read your story Miss Erline — it is just so Real and of course I think back of my own Mom n Dad and how they were — just keep giving and giving some more young Lady — You are a Dream and Roy also — just so much Appreciation from me to You — rjh

  33. This article was very touching and showed me even more how through struggled there is growth. For example, these people learned how to further improve and better their lives while being apart. Although when going through hard times it can seem like no good is coming out of it, but usually whatever happened makes you stronger.

  34. as we progress forward in this biz venture known as compumatrix now — it is still so beautiful to take a moment and see the reality of each and every part of the business at hand — when you put 54 years into the pie how much crust do you really need ??? just awesome as I read here and then just admire the Success of Roy and Erline — dadgum just smile and be gracious and respectful — God bless to this Family and Compu family too —

  35. Erline, is a very good true love story,the true love of you and Roy has moved you both forward in life,today you have a wonderful place in life with your family.
    Greetings to Henry for this great thought,due to which the members of compumatrix  have a wonderful opportunity to choose the right path.Thank you for such an encouraging story.

  36. this is such a joy to read this great story of Patience Persistence and the real definition of Love n Peace — great People with great Hearts — Give n Give some more and when needed Share — it is such an encouragement to read this especially at those moments when Hope is not always at my forefront — Thank You Ma’am —

  37. I had to come back and read this great Blog and the replies — so much Peace and Joy in the words and so much Love in The Effort and Time put forth in enjoying this wonderful Story of Biz and Life and how the 2 go hand in hand and Success comes thru being True — awesome read still EM !!

  38. I can understand your story as I had also been married at a young age, still a teenager. I also had enlisted in the military and spent time in Germany. Life comes at you very fast at a very young age and it does require sacrifices to make it through.

  39. This is a great story of how Roy and Erline began their lives together as two very young people. It was good to see how flexible and determined they had been to make adjustments to life’s challenges.

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