Stress and Peptic Ulcer Disease

Peptic Ulcer is quite a common ailment the world over. Under its umbrella, there are two different ulcers: gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

It frequently presents with dyspepsia, abdominal discomfort, and nausea. Complications include perforation, hemorrhage, and gastric outlet obstruction—unexplained weight loss, indigestion, vomiting, and at times chest pain.

Erosion vs Ulcer

Erosion– A superficial break within the epithelium or mucosal surface

Ulcer– A deep break through the full thickness of the epithelium or mucosal surface.

Aetiology (Etiology) is the study of causation or origination

  • The most common factor is H Pylori infection.
  • NSAIDs used by patients, including Ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin, and others. Also, Steroids, Anticoagulants, Actonel, etc.
  • Many other rare diseases like Zollinger-Ellison syndrome are also implicated.

Upper endoscopy is used to diagnose condition along with other tests including E.G, breath and stool test etc.


Gastric ulcers – increase with age, and the percentage is higher in males than females, though it seems to be equalizing over the last few decades.

Duodenal ulcer: develop in the upper part of the small intestine called the Duodenum. 70-90% are due to H Pylori infection.

In the USA, 4.6 million people are affected each year.

Addition causes may be:

  • Smoking
  • Excess Alcohol Intake
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Stomach Cancer

Treatment depends on the underlying cause.

  • For H Pylori, a combination of medicines include Antibiotics and Proton pump inhibitors to help reduce stomach acid.
  • In the absence of H Pylori over the counter PPI (like Prilosec) or (Prevacid) can help reduce stomach acid. There are many other remedies available these days to help treat ulcers.

Complications of Peptic ulcer

Left untreated it can get worse and lead to complications!

  • Perforation of the stomach lining.
  • Internal bleeding causing Anemia
  • Black stool etc.
  • Scar tissue from the ulcer can make it difficult for food to pass through.
  • Also may be associated with vomiting and weight loss.

Outlook for peptic ulcer

Most ulcers will heal if properly treated. It helps to stop using alcohol, stop smoking, reduce the use of nonsteroidal pain relievers during the course of treatment.


  • Moderation in drinking-Men two drinks and Women one drink.
  • Limited use of pain relievers
  • Maintaining good personal hygiene
  • Quitting smoking and use of tobacco
  • Eating a well-balanced diet

Now about the Stress factor – There is no uncontroversial proof that stress in itself causes ulcers. Several good studies claim stress and the mental health of a person do play a role in its causation: psychological stress, the stress of severe injury, burns, admission to ICU.

Stress increases stomach acid. It can make ulcer symptoms worse and Psychological stress can trigger an ulcer.

Myth or Fact: The question of stress as a cause of ulcers is is not resolved. Major work is ongoing in the USA, Korea, and several other medical centers worldwide, and a final and definitive verdict is still awaited.

The reason I chose to blog on this subject:

I sincerely hope members have a strong mindset and not let glitches cause them to have issues and problems such as ulcers.

I read Discord posts every day of many people going through several different kinds of hardships, medical issues, family bereavement, etc. There seems to be a great deal of hope in the Compumatrix world. And I understand it is very stressful for all the members. On the other hand, I realize that all the admin and Devs are working 24/7 to bring everything to fruition. Without a doubt, I have complete trust in the leadership bringing this dream to a reality.

Let’s Engage, Enrich, and Enhance the lives of our fellow man the world over!!

About the author

Sarathi(Bharat Sarathi Kapoor) can be counted as a founding member of Compumatrix and a top shareholder. A retired physician that specialized in kidney ailments (Nephrology), and now devoting full attention to Compumatrix. Dr. Kapoor is very pleased to be a part of Compumatrix, and it’s constantly evolving, and Morphing into an ever-improving entity whose success is being recognized across the cyber world.


  1. Interesting and informative subject, Sarathi. I have been fortunate never to have been inflicted with either kind of ulcer, but have known others who suffered with this issue. Leading a healthy lifestyle has many benefits, but too many find this out the hard way after abusing their body for years.
    Thank you for bringing this topic for us to consider.

  2. Thank you for this article Doctor Sarathi,
    I have dyspepsia, and got medicines to take first thing in the morning, so not to aggravate gastritis. I am worried that in the long run I may get peptic ulcer disease. I will study your article and see what I can do to avoid getting it. Maybe change diet to start with.

    1. Hi Inga,sorry to hear about your dyspepsia. Not a very uncommon malady.Definite attempts should be made for life style modification and diet regimens that help relive symptoms.One of the things is to lie with head raised 6 inches above the level of feet.Avoiding acidic foods like Citrus fruits ,tomato etc. Also avoid caffein drinks, Lovely informative easy to follow diets are available on the internet and one should look into them and take advantage of them.Sorry long post

  3. Thank you Gloria to let me know that you liked the blog.I shall be well rewarded in my efforts if only a few people take a few suggestions and amend their life style and make behavioral changes to improve their health and wellbeing without taking offense from my post.It actually is quite worry some disease affecting more than 4.6 million in USA alone any many many more world wide.

  4. Thanks for the article. It is certainly timely to have this discussion. I have GERD which is a gastric esophageal reflux disease. I started taking Tums in my 20s as I had some reflux caused by stress and anxiety. Later in life I was prescribed Prilosec which seemed to work until recently. I was talking to an RNNP who told me not to take NSADs with GERD. I was prescribed a daily aspirin because it was thought that it prevented further heart disease and stroke. Now most medical people believe that it can increase the risk of bleeding therefore it has fallen into disfavor. I, for one, have stopped all NSADS due to her recommendation as the aspirin I was taking was interfering with the Prilosec. I have always questioned the wisdom of the aspirin regime so am happy that I have an excuse not to take it. I think if anyone has GERD or Dyspepsia caused by work it would be the Compumatrix staff trying to make us all happy.

  5. Maxine thanks for your comment.As you well know that GERD is a very common problem and life style modification and avoidance of certain trigger elements should be aimed at.Some of the things I suggested above should help too.
    The latest guideline from American Heart Association regards use of low dose Aspirin are :that if you have no heart problems then there in so need to take it for prevention of heart attack or stroke.It does not pertain to people with established Cardiovascular disease,use of aspirini them out weighs the risk

  6. Interesting and informative info on this subject of ulcers I know .of so many people that have ulcers. I also seem at time to be worse than other times. I use Honey , Cranberries fruits and veggies and adding these foods to my diet.. I like the natural home remedies to helpin managing the ulcer. I just bought us a air fryer to use instead of frying in greese. So far so good. I found myself a new toy to a healthier life style

  7. Indeed, the nervous system directly affects the health of the digestive system. Stress contributes to the increase in cases of gastritis and if it is not treated it becomes an ulcer, which is very dangerous. I already had discomfort related to digestion and when I went to the doctor I found that I have chronic gastritis but in a mild way, thanks to God. Now I have to deal with and take care of the food.

  8. Great info Doc…. I never had an ulcer but do know of people that did and also someone that had GERD. Those conditions are not fun and makes their diet very difficult….I did hear that pain relievers such as aleve and ibuprofen can contribute to those conditions in fact I was told by a doctor those pain relievers are not good for your heart either…

  9. such good info in the spectrum of life and putting this and other pieces into perspective on good health — much appreciation to Dr. Sarathi for sharing great medical info and usable info for me and hope many others — I hope he keeps sharing —

  10. Thank you Doctor Bharat Sarathi Kapoor, great  information about Ulcer,If we pay attention to our daily diet, we can avoid many diseases,but unfortunately, when people place these diseases in their own bodies,then they think of changing their diet but it is too late,If a person stays diet conscious in his youth, he can have a healthy life till old age,our health is in our hands.

  11. What a very informative post. I feel extremely lucky to be as fit and well as I am. I take absolutely no tablets for anything and at 76 I reckon that is pretty good given that many people I know who are 20 years younger than me taking stacks of tablets every day for one ailment or another.
    I eat plenty of fruit, vegies and fish and never have ever had any suggestion of an ulcer.

  12. Personally, I believe stress is a very big factor not only in aggravating ulcers but in many other diseases also. As for Compumatrix we are very fortunate for an encouraging word, prayers, blessings, hugs, love – all of which help us relieve the stress. When we know there is someone cheering for us, stressors are eased, and we can carry on. I’m very, very grateful for all our “stress relievers” in our Compumatrix family!

  13. Great article on what stress can cause. We get stressed and have another drink or take a pin pill because it helps to alleviate that stress. No real surprise that the instances in ladies are rising because of the stresses now imposed on a single mom and ensuring the family is looked out for. Even a solid relationship has more stress involved because of higher costs of living and two incomes not being able to keep up with bills these days.

    One bonus when Compumatrix goes live. The alleviation of this stress for those that decide they will take part. Earning being simple and always in the plus. The world is so ready for this business. Let’s all go nuts sharing it when the time comes.

  14. Very interesting reading and I do sympathize with those suffering from ulcers and other stomach ailments. I myself had gastritis, the worst case they had ever seen in the hospital with multiple ulcerations.. very painful. Not caused by stress but by a duodenal obstruction which resulted in by-pass surgery caused by … long story and still causing problems but not causing me to not enjoy life 🙂

  15. I was very interested in reading your Blog Mr. Bharat Kapoor. I am hoping many people do read it for it is full of info and tips on what causes ulcers and also important what to do to help to heal the ulcer.
    strss is a big cause of ulcers and poor diet. Now that I am retired ,I am not suffering form an pesky ulcer. I was sucking down tums like they were potato chips. ( Bet you can not just eat one )

  16. Sarathi thanks for the information on stress and ulcers. I do realize that life has it’s share of stress; but then stress is just another name for things we feel we can not handle, and let it drive us crazy with fear. Fear of the unknown comes in many ways, and packages, and so we must face our fears and ask ourselves why is this bothering me so much.

    Next, health problems face us in this world everyday with poor eating choices, and it takes years to damage the human body and all damage can be cured with life style changes and devoting time to study and proper eating habits; but in todays world of fast foods we are just killing ourselves.

    As for ulcers; I have been blessed, and a few members of my family have had H Pylori, and it has caused many problems; but with anti-biotocs and regulated eating habits they now live fairly normal lives, except they think they deserve their fast foods and that is an absolute No, no!

    So thanks so much for thinking of us, members and family for the fine blog Sarathi !

  17. Very informative blog, Bharat, and much appreciated. I pray all will take heed to your graciously shared knowledge. From my personal experience I feel that stress does play a great part in the bringing forth excess stomachs acid.
    It is possible we all have a certain amount of all bacteria but the Helicobactor Pylori when in excess could lead to more critical issues. All my boys have tackled this bacteria at one time or the other. They mistakenly thought it was only indigestion. Macho guys say ahh its nothing. Sometimes nothing if ignored turns into what you do not want. Again thank you for this blog.

  18. Stress can indeed have quite the impact on our bodies, it has been found to set off many autoimmune diseases as well. I have GERD too. It is a viscous circle, you take meds for other illnesses which cause things like GERD then you have to take other things to try and deal with that. Trying to keep stress down in life is a very hard thing to do, finding out what is most important to you and letting the small things wash over you is key.

    We are all waiting for our lives to run smoothly but I don’t think that ever happens so we just have to prioritise what we stress about. Thanks for your article. Take care of you and yours.

  19. I came down with H. Pylori about 7 years ago and it was not a pleasant experience at all. I had to see an endoscopist to get a tissue sample out of my stomach lining and after it was positively diagnosed, I had to go on a course of antibiotics and histamines. Definitely not a good feeling during this episode and am glad it has never come back (fingers crossed).

  20. Stress is become a part and parcel of practically everyone’s life, it’s how you deal with it is important.I was diagnosed with ulcers a couple of years back coz I love to eat very hot food like raw green peppers with my meal along with a very stressful period in my life, but I got a handle on it and changed my diet and to think positively which has helped me a lot Thanks for the blog Doc it made me focus back on my health which I was letting it go

  21. The first I ever heard of Ulcers was in a sitcom TV Doctor whom describe the disease as
    something I thought I might be looking forward to. He described it as “A Rich Man Disease” !
    It was said rich food, expensive and excessive alcohol consumption , and Stress that came along with being wealthy was what caused most ulcers and that poor people didn’t develop
    ulcers for the same reason,they didn’t eat the “rich foods” they could not afford. Poor people did not drink expensive Liquor nor supposedly do poor people stress the likes of the Rich (smh)
    *The sitcom was “The Jeffersons :The Rich Man Disease March 22, 1975”

  22. Thank you for writing about this ailment that is very common in all parts of the world. I’ve always been interested in the issues related to digestion and the complexity of how all is interconnected. I found out a few years ago, the gut is like our second brain and it has more nerve cells than the brain and your gut can influence the chemistry of your mood, emotions, immune system, and long-term health.
    I have had digestive issues on and off since my late 30s, and have been in search of diets, exercises and different life styles to fix my problems. I know diet and stress have a lot to do with your digestive health, therefore I try to take care of those two as much as I can. Thank you doctor for bringing this problem to light, most of the Compumatrix members are in their senior years, and many can identify with this issue.

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