Sweet Potato good for the body, good for your pocket

My sweet Potato humble experience all started when a pandemic disturbed a busy and developing world. Almost all countries suffered, some put into lockdowns, lose jobs to the point of economic suffrage and financial difficulties experienced.

My country was one who suffered the devastating effect of the virus, which is known as the coronavirus. Said to have originated from China. At first, there was a mild shock to all aspects of life. Physical, mental, emotional, and social. Good thing our spiritual aspect was more boost because we know only God knows on how our lives will change from all of these.

I decided I can be sorry for myself, or I can do something productive and find a way to earn Pesos to support my family. I decided to make Sweet Potato Compote to sell because it will help build and boost immune systems as well as earn funds. 

Speaking of boosting, in this time, we need to boost our immune system to fight against the virus. Eating healthy foods will help us get protected. Now came this idea in my mind of including sweet Potato in our meal plan. Aside from having many carbohydrates, it also makes a more robust immune system.

When I got the chance to help also through a friend’s help, I shared my Sweet potato roll to some of our front liners here. There I’ve got an idea when they commended me on how nutritious it is and how I can make an earning from it. I decided since I had to be home, I would work here and make money we need to support my family.

And now without further ado, Here’s the idea on how to make it.

Sweet Potato Roll ingredients:

  1. Sweet Potato, I prefer the yellow one (1kilo/ 6 pcs medium size)
  2. Lumpia wrapper (Filipino term), Spring roll or thin pasta like a sheet (English or another word)
  3. Two cans of evaporated milk (whatever brand lol)

Steps on how to make it:

  1. Wash the sweet potato peel then boil.
  2. Mashed and mix the evaporated milk.
  3. Put a small amount or a tablespoon size mashed sweet Potato into the spring roll wrapper or pasta sheet.
  4. Roll and lock it by dipping your finger in a cup of water and moisten the spring roll wrapper slightly.
  5. Ready to serve. You can make a lot depending on the size. 
  6. And consumer wise, it does a service where you can make them happy at the same time you earned.

Through this, I was able to gain or earn 20$(PHP100-150) a day. Now, I am in the province it means a lot to me because food values here are at a lower price than in the city. I can buy and still provide well for the family.

Don’t let this pandemic stop you from living and dreaming. Don’t just live in your dream; Make it to fulfil your dream!!!

I learned from being a part of Compumatrix never give up; keep pushing forward, and you will succeed!!

About the author

Ivy's youth and enthusiasm, along with her bright mind, light up the room, and speaks well of her. Ivy is a teacher by profession and a leader in her actions. Ivy stands ready and willing to help her members!


  1. I have never had these Sweet Potato Lumpia, Ivy, but they look delicious! Kudos to you for finding a way to work from home and earn for your family! I believe it shows good character to want to help yourself and to take care of your family. That is what being an Entrepreneur is all about!! Seeing a need, finding a way, and making it happen!!

  2. What a wonderful idea and a great mom you are! There is always a way to earn funds when the mindset and needs are present. Over the last few months, I have watched those who just did nothing but complain and those who got off their royal behinds and did something constructive to change their situation.

    Ivy, you have always impressed me by your tenacity, integrity, and willingness to go the extra mile to care for your family and your members at Compumatrix. You have shown how to take the “lemons” you and your family were dished out and turned them into lemonade. Congratulations on finding your silver lining during these hard times that many are facing worldwide.

    It is such a pleasure to have you as a Regional Representative and part of our Compumatrix family. Your recipe will be on our menu this week. Hugs

  3. Way to go, Ivy, congrats to you for being willing and ready to work and take care of your own. That is a mark of good character and I think we can all learn from your lead. If there is a will, there is a way I have always heard and I believe you have found a way to take a bad situation and make something good come from it!!

  4. Here is Brasil sweet potatoe is very common and you find it on the menu (cardapio) of every restaurant. I am a vegetarian and I eat it often because it very healthy. Springrolls of sweet potatoe I never had on my dish but for sure I’ll try it one day. It must be delicious.

  5. That is awesome Ivy! Sweet potato is something I always wanted to use in my cooking, but it never occured to me that you can dish it into a spring roll shape. I am looking forward to trying your recipe out and experimenting with the crepes I often make for my family and friends. And congratulations on making an income of it!

  6. I was never a fan of sweet potato, but as a sweet spring roll certainly sounds apetising! I am a great fan of ordinary potato and can’t get enough of it in our household, but sweet potato would be a good alternative… will aim to inroduce the idea to the cooks in my family.

  7. We all love eating potatoes, in any form and in all seasons. Ivy has been creative and deserves credit in earing from this opportunity. Sweet potato is healthy and gaining popularity. Well-done Ivy and great going!

  8. Ivy, you did a very nice job of blending a recipe into a business-related blog post. I am most impressed though, by your entrepreneurial spirit! It is great how you took an extremely difficult situation and turned it into an earning opportunity that simultaneously boosts people’s immune systems. It sounds like it is a delicious treat too, which is a bonus!

  9. After covid 19 I have seen people in the world  do lot of different things.Thank you for sharing very good recipe and very good idea sweet potato spring roll.Sweet Potatoes contain many nutrients and  I am very fond of food and look forward to cooking more than that. Sweet potatoes are widely grown in our country. I love to eat sweet potato and I will try this awesome recipe.

  10. Awesome Ivy!I have never thought of that?All I do is boil/bake them and serve them,we love them here in Africa.I like your entrepreneur skills.The milk makes the sweet potato even more nutritious,a power hub(loaded with several vitamins like Vit A the vitamin for our eyes,minerals like Potassium,the high blood pressure lowering mineral,fiber for our colon etc).
    Calamity they say is the mother inventions, thank you for opening my mind to this great idea.

  11. Thank you Ivy for a great read and wonderful idea into business enterprises — and truly if anyone has allowed the virus to take their life away then they really need to dig deep down and pull the old bootstraps up and go at it again — there are so many ways to keep pushing forward and not let the bad part win — love your read —

  12. Absolutely love Sweet Potatoes Ivy; and thanks for the Sweet Potato Lumpia recipe. We will try it, and did you know sweet potatoes can be used like squash and put into almost anything. Although you going out and earning during these trying times with this fine idea; I too am enthused at the prospects. We must go forward not back, and seek new things to help eahc other and you have done your job today!! Thanks once again!

  13. This article was very sweet and encouraging to the other parents out there who were hit hard by the pandemic. Some people do not realize even if their jobs are suffering, you can still be creative and find ways to support your family. Not only did this help your family, it also helped other people to build their immune systems during this hard time.

  14. Ivy, I have contemplated finding something I could do for extra income. I could not get confidence to proceed. Sweet potatoes were never an idea. Thumbs up to you for exploring the concept of marketing your Sweeet Potato Compote and implementing it. It will be interesting to watch your business grow, using other methods to dress the mighty sweet potato. I love your idea. From necessity is the mother of invention. Your initiative shows your desire to make a situation better, to take charge, and move forward in the face of adversity. I applaud you.

  15. I have to admit I didn’t write down the sweet potato recipe and I had to come back and read it again because it is a good food part not just business side — but the healthy part it is a good way to eat filling and good for the insides — so I wanted to say thank you again but also borrow a good recipe procedure —

  16. Sweet potatoes are not so common in The Netherlands but “normal”potatoes are. No so long ago a typical Dutch dish was made of potatoes, vegatables and meat. But the country is changing and as a consequence also the food people eat. Maybe one day I’ll try to find sweet potatoes and try them.

  17. Kudos for you, Ivy, for putting on your “thinking cap” and coming up with a way to earn some money to help your family. Plus to use a method aka sweet potato rolls to achieve this. Also to think of others beyond your family to help them discover a delicious way to build their immune systems so needed to protect ourselves which is so much cleverer to be proactive in our health. You knocked it out of the park as they say in coming up with a creative idea to benefit in so many ways. (Bet your recipe was written down by many to try)!

  18. First I want to congratulate you on stepping up to write a blog. It shows me that you don’t need to use sophisticated terms or ideas, just a simple one, and what you want to be said is enough.
    Second, the fact that in a difficult time that brought you down, you didn’t stay there but stood on your feet and look for a solution.
    Food is always good business because of its necessity.
    Third, you provided for your family.
    Fact: Both Potatoes and Sweet potatoes origins from South America. Sweet potatoes (Camote in Costa Rica) are not potatoes, sweet potato is Convolvulaceae and Potatoes are Solanaceae.

  19. Sounds yummy, I love anything done with Sweet Potato or Kumara as it is called in New Zealand. Mum makes thin chips out of them, and they are so much nicer than plain chips, she also mashes them with plan potatoes as a different veggie. I don’t care how she makes them from boiled to roasted, they taste great and I know they are very good for me.

    Kumara has a long history, having been bought to and cultivated in New Zealand by the early Maori settlers,from the Pacific Islands, over a thousand years ago . They were widely grown but very much smaller than the varieties we buy today. Being especially grown in the semi-tropical regions of the North Island making up a stable part of the Maori diet.

    I am going to see if I can get mum to make these for me, Ivy, and I will let you know how we go. Thank you for the great recipe.

  20. I am just smiling from a great spot as i read this blog again and the replies and how this blog posting has taken on its’ own meaning — the different names for what i know as Sweet potatoes and the different makings of throughout the world and honestly just fascinating to a guy who has been in some kitchen some where for over 30 years — it is fun to read and just enjoy —

  21. Ivy I am glad to know that you turned a negative event that you nor I could control into a positive opportunity to make a little money and to improve the immunity of your neighbours. Healthful eating is so important especially in a time of pandemic as all should seek to boost their immune system. This pandemic has caused many people to think outside of the box and to come up with creative ways to survive and to earn a living. God blesses our efforts when we try to do our best with the things that we have.

  22. Thank you for this recipe – I will have to try to make it soon! I think it is great that you were able to generate a profit from your sweet potato rolls, especially considering the time we are in – after all, everyone needs to eat! Also, thank you for inspiring me to continue on my journey in developing multiple streams of income for myself – what a creative idea!

  23. you keep going mrn and yeppers this is a good opp to establish a legit stream in income — also keep learning — doesn’t mean it is always in a classroom that you learn — i remember 35+ years ago I worked with talented Chef and he taught me to be a legit Souz Chef — in over a year of working with him in a bonafide restaurant — I still create sauces and still look back at those early years — keep pushing forward and also another part of learning was to do it Correct way not short cutting or shortchanging in your quest for success — awesome read and blog n replies —

  24. Very well done Irvi , its the Entrepreneur spirit in you that helped you during a already difficult situation . It helped not only your own family , but also the one who was going to enjoy your special recipe . Personally i am not a friend of sweet potatoes , but even that i try everything once and maybe i change my mind something about taste. But back to you , having found a way to survive with your family while everything was on hold is showing your wiliness to adapt instead to complain.

  25. Congratulations Ivy for moving forward and finding a way! The word reinvent is very strong in this situation of Pandemic, and it is very good to see young people like you practicing. As for the sweet potato … Ah! Here in Brazil we use it a lot and I love it !!!

  26. Great blog, Ivy! Sweet potato is the better alternative to rice for those with blood sugar issue; more filling and more healthy. I usually have boiled potato for breakfast sometimes with butter. We followed a recipe on baked potato before and it was good. Will see if I can convince my daughter to do yours. Another rootcrop that I like is boiled cassava dipped in latik. Latik is brown or raw sugar (mascovado) cooked in coconut cream, yummy!

    I am impressed by your entrepreneural spirit. And I am happy to have you as my RR!

  27. still come back and read these blog postings and some of the recipes thru the replies are definitely fun to add to my memory banks — it is similar to reading around this blog area and see the help and simplistic ways so many of the great people here at compu help each other out and seem to always have each others back — it is simple and Nice — great stuff — really —

  28. Good post, Ivy! I just recently started making spring rolls within the last six months and absolutely love them – never thought to fill them with sweet potatoes, another favorite of mine. And what a great Idea that making them has brought some financial support for the family as well. Thanks for the motivation and the good read!

  29. Ivy Thank you so much, I love sweet potatoes now I have a way to eat them I never would have thought of. What a wonderful idea to help the family bring in income. I’m so happy to have all you younger generation in here it makes me feel good that Compumatrix has such amazing members and leadership! I’m definitely going to try these. One of the things I love best, they boost the immune system.

  30. I really enjoy sweet potatoes (especially pie) but these I have not had before. I feel this is a food I must try. Thanks for the recipe. I must share it with my daughter as she does not mind cooking and she will be happy to prepare it for dad

  31. I really enjoy sweet potatoes (especially pie) but these I have not had before. I feel this is a food I must try. Thanks for the recipe. I must share it with my daughter as she does not mind cooking and she will be happy to prepare it for dad. I feel for a dad, a daughters love is priceless. She is the best!!

  32. Ivy I love your blog for many reasons. This recipe is something I have never tried to make but might go out on a limb and try! It sounds great. You took a very scary and negative situation and created such a positive situation. You also made many people happy with your great creation. Thanks for spreading such positivity!!

  33. Congrats Ivy, it seems like you did something successful out of a very difficult situation. Sweet potatoes are not one of my favorites, but your rolls really look tasty. I make boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, mashed potatoes, and something we call potato buns. Fried Grated potatoes are served with fried pork

  34. creating in the kitchen and sharing those efficient ways of making our means stretch as best they can is also something worth saving — there is so much in this blog that mixes in so well with so many other blogs and I keep learning from so many and it is making all of this so much more comprehensible and simple —

  35. My, but your recipe for sweet potatoes sounds very good! I’m not much of a baker, or even a cook, but I know someone who is! My wife could probably make these pretty well. I plan to pass this recipe on to her. Thank you so much for sharing.

  36. I love sweet potatoes what a great ideal to help people and earn at the same time. I know I have been watching out and eating healthier and taking more vitamins and minerals to build my immune system up I can not take any chances with getting sick. I really feel bad for all the ones that are getting infected it is a nasty virus and hard to get over.

  37. I only know two ways to cook sweet potatoes and one is served as dessert sweetened with brown sugar and cinnamon. I will try your eyepiece, it’s is excellent for vegetarians and full of nutrients. Your innovation to generate income and helping people with such nutritious foods during the pandemic is an amazing way to make the best of a bad thing.

  38. i love reading this blog and playing in my kitchen later and creating something new and tasty — thank you IC for inspiration and as we do at Compu on daily basis here and discord we are creating a whole new concept and whole new recipe in the biz world crypto world — great stuff here —

  39. as I keep reading this great read and putting so much of this Recipe and adding that to others I do in my own apartment kitchen — it really is a healthy food and when you get creative with other food groups involved — just a bunch of Appreciation for the inspiration n keep sharing —

  40. That looks like a very good appetizer created from sweet potatoes. It is good to see that you have been able to use sweet potatoes in a way that has been profitable. My best experiences with sweet potatoes have been from eating sweet potato pie. My mother used to bake a very good one and I suppose she could have made money from it had she been inclined to.

  41. I think I would be more of a supplier of the sweet potato in that I would take great joy in having a garden to grow them in. My profit would be in the sell of the potatoes and in the savings from not having to buy them from the grocery store.

  42. Sweet Potato good for the body, good for your pocket …. Interesting title and out come. you really did something to make a living and yet enjoy your fruits of your labour. Sounds delishious . Wish I could cook , I would make that. I also am a lazy cook .. give me a hamburger ,I am redy for the world.

  43. Ivy , I forgot to tell you , your sweet patato , looks so good I showed it to my wife and she is going to give it a try. you inspired me to inspire my wife to get cooking. She likes to cook and I like to eat.. Love trying new things.

  44. This recipe looks really cool, thanks for the tip and guidance. I’ll try to do! It is important that we always have ways of fighting this pandemic that is plaguing the world. Eating healthily and drinking plenty of water are the main ways of fighting to stay well and have an immune defense.

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