True Meaning of Diversification


We would rather give ourselves into chance rather than plan for the possibility of failure. I say this with the thought in front of my mind regarding our dependence on what we have been led to as “safety”. Are we truly safe?

My reference is to Financial Diversification of Income. We have been so ingrained to thinking we have to fully focus on the job (or career) that we are engaged in. Keep that tunnel vision and some day, you will make it (or will you)?

I was involved with a Network Marketing company that taught income diversification “their way”. They laid out their compensation plan and described the “7 ways you get paid” and they called that income diversification!!!!

If this is your plan, ask yourself this question to test the strength of your diversification:
If your product or company goes away, do you lose all 7 of those income streams?

If all of these income streams are tied to one product, service or company, then you do not have a solid plan for Income Diversification.


In the article, Income Diversification With Virtual Currency, I wrote the following:

This brings me back around to the program that I am associated with and that is Compumatrix. Recently, we have embarked on a journey that involves working with Bitcoin. Since we have been on a parallel course, it only makes sense to work together.

I mention this because the Virtual Currency associated with Compumatrix is called Compuceeds. So, why are we talking about Bitcoin? Have you heard of the Forex Market? Just as in the trade between various Governmental currencies in the Forex Market, there is also trade among the Virtual Currencies. It just so happens that currently, Bitcoin is the most recognized of this market.

Beyond this fact, we have to look beyond this. Founder of Compumatrix, Henry James Banayat has often commented his desire for the membership of Compumatrix to use this business as a stepping stone to funding and starting other business ventures.

What plans do you have to diversify your income? Maybe you have done the same thing all your working life. Remember this:
If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results!

If the results you are getting sufficient for your needs, then this is a great plan for you. However, as the economy changes, will you even be able to hold onto this plan?

How far from Compuceeds to Bitcoins?

My friends and so called acquaintances told me that I am wasting my time. Many of my associates have practically written me off saying that I am a mad guy. When I tried to tell them that I am into a REAL PROGRAM which will give me dividends in the long run, most of my acquaintances have looked at me as if I am joking. That didn’t deter me or my confidence in Compumatrix, the brain child of our most beloved and respected founder Henry James.

I joined many programs which are not found any where now. I joined Compumatrix 10 years back and today Compumatrix has achieved the impossible. It’s not that it’s a cake walk. It is by the sheer hard work and unstinting determination our most beloved and respected founder Henry James has shown in bringing the ship of Compumatrix to the shore of a wonderful world, where all members, irrespective of whether they are founding members or members who joined in recent times, will be getting the fruits of their patience and trust on the company Compumatrix.

Henry picked up a wonderful and dedicated team to accomplish his dream of achieving the impossible. David, the CEO, Alan the Advisory, Jane, Chairperson of BOD, Erline, COO, Dr. Liz the most dedicated Director, Gail, VP of the company and a lot more are the core group of Henry, who lent their helping hand to Henry.

No doubt Compumatrix has to change its course quite a few times to suit to the demands of people at the helm. Today we the founding members at Compumatrix can very confidently say that we are just at arm’s distance from the pinnacle of success. The demand for Compuceeds, the crypto-currency of Compumatrix has grown beyond anyone’s imagination.

Honestly I am short of words to congratulate and thank Henry and his most dedicated team for achieving the pinnacle of success.

For those who have still not opened their accounts with Compumatrix, my sincere advice is Join Compumatrix immediately, buy Compuceeds and start increasing your Compuceeds by doing simple things.

Getting interested in Compumatrix and Compuceeds? Contact any of the Henry’s team or any founding member of Compumatrix, including me.

Tomorrow may be too late.

“Check cashing” was…

Friday, what can I say? It is a day of pressure or anticipation for most. Last day of the week with goals yet unfinished, a day of earning’s report or paycheck deposits in the bank, do they still get called ” paycheck” because it is not a ” check” but a transfer of virtual currency numbers into a virtual bank? Still spendable, and visible, and efficient we are told, but without a”paper soul.”

In my youth “Friday” night was ” banking and shopping night” in the town I spent a lot of life in.
Dad and Mom worked hard, often to tired to be a parent to us kids, struggling to keep us fed, clothed,and supplying other necessities of life at that time.

But Friday was kind of a mini holiday for us kids. We would get to hang with Dad on main street that bustled with traffic and other people taking a ” Payday” mini-vacation on Friday Night.
The ritual was simple, Dad would find a parking spot on “the main” as close to the bank as possible. We had only had one bank and often the owner/president would be out in front greeting people, making lite cheerful chat as the citizens strode past often making remarks about a getting a new car or a loan was slid into the chat so easy people did not notice the marketing behind his kind words; so he thought. He was a master of deception.
Reaching for his wallet holding the paycheck, Dad entered the bank with a look of determination on his face. This piece of paper dictated the lifestyle of next week. He made a effort to hang on to this proof of purpose until the last minute, picking up a pen and with a flourish, signed his name taking one last glance at the face of the ” Check” earned with ” sweat on the brow” labor. He was a proud man, and this was his hour, his day, to strut a little, claim the reward for a job well-done.

With the check cashed, stepping out of the Granite Temple of the town, Dad would always hesitate at the edge of the sidewalk, ponder things, letting the feeling of a fat wallet warm his perception of life he did not have on Thursday.

Holding on to the little pleasure derived from ” cashing” the check, he would step of the curb with a spring in his step stating, the phrase we waited for because we knew some of the money would trickle down to us big eyed kids; “let’s go shopping” was music to our ears. Like my Dads passing many years ago, so has the ritual of “Friday check cashing” and all the ritual of rewards passed into history. I am lucky if I step into a bank once a month, some do not even have a building, just “O’s and “1’s” on a phone. Virtual currency is here to stay, pushing out the ritual of check cashing. Our society has, for the most part, eliminated that ritual, but the ritual of “earning” is still very much in the forefront of  financial survival. Earning a living is the foundation, but that definition is changing also as the paradigm shift ripples  the present and meanders  into the future. Virtual currency is causing the ripples.

Bytes and Bits ago

A life experience of Ron Murray

Chapter one: The paradigm

Beyond Human series. Collage of human geometric and natural forms on the subject of inner reality mental health imagination mysticism thinking and dreaming.

We are in a paradigm shift of communication and reality 

Many years ago I started a site called “The Bean Farm” on the web. I was involved with a couple of other people that had talents to help with the daily routine of “Virtual farming.” We did not have a tractor, a barn, or any of the trappings a real farm has. We planted a unique crop; seeds for dreams, hopes, visions, and all the “dressing” we see ourselves. Some of our dreams are huge , a few poor souls have none, most of us are in between. All are attainable.

During the past 35+ years I have been involved with web (now it’s “the internet”), I have grown with the web, traveled many places, observing the many different avenues, detours, successes, failures, scams, lost dreams, and mountains conquered on the web; I came to realize that we are now at a paradigm with technology and human behavior. This paradigm started thirty five years ago for me. What a trip it has been and will continue for many years. This is the year of the virtual world, it is open, free, and ready for everyone.

To live in and be part of this dynamic change in our social structure that has benefited so many people, is one of the most exciting things to happen in my lifetime. Each day is better than the one before. Information floods in from all over the world the instant it happens. Streaming video, radio, chatting, texting, cell-phone, and talking cars, pictures from space, along with 3D printing, all are communication at the click of a key. Virtual worlds are common place along with virtual people and artificial intelligence. We can grow body parts, build houses in space, work from home, and monitor our lives turning lights on and off with our cell phones while enjoying a vacation; track our kids and find lost pets with a locater.

Dramatic as this seems to us now, it is common place for the youth of the day. As the radio was to us, now the web is as common with our youth, and all the bytes and bits created to supply the dreams of those that dare to tread on it’s path. Transformed from a novelty, to a daily necessity, we all are pulled, some kicking and screaming, onto this trail of thorns and roses. We curse, complain at its complexity, but are excited to hear of the advancements made in science, medicine, social structures, to the benefit of all.

(Continued with Chapter two)

Compumatrix, Are You Building it for Yourself


I was watching a video with Steve Wozniak. Steve made a comment that you must first build it for yourself. If you don’t, you are building it for someone else and not for yourself. You must first build it for fun. Steve Wozniak, “I spent a long time in my life building little devices for fun. For fun is one of the key things because it drives you to think….”

I spent years in the mlm industry not really getting it! Initially, it was fun then the fun wore off. I found myself asking homeless people if they wanted to be “financially independent”! It wasn’t really that bad but I thought I might get better results with people that did actually hit bottom.

Do you see bank executives walking into the grocery store asking cashiers if they want to become a teller in their bank? (Actually, one of our tellers worked in the grocery store for years then all of a sudden, she is a teller!) Most people see a job they want and go after it. It’s not the other way around.


Have you wondered what it takes to be successful with an online business?

I am glad you have an inquisitive mind.

Like watching Evan Carmichael’s video featuring Steve Wozniak, I spend a little time each day researching this business of ours. What does Evan Carmichael have to do with Compumatrix? He probably hasn’t even heard of Compumatrix, yet!

You Tube is a great place to do research. Who do you subscribe to? Evan is one of the people I subscribe to and occasionally, I will pop into a video or 2 of his to glean a little insight. When you understand how someone else thinks, you can copy some of their success patterns. There are people that put out a ton of You Tube Videos that provide a lot of free training. (Of course they want to sell you something but even if you wanted to buy, don’t you want to know more about them?)

Who are you? After all, this is about You and Your Compumatrix Business!

You can’t hide behind that company banner forever! At sometime, you will want to buy something with your Compuceeds. It will not matter if you walk into a store or you are purchasing online. Someone will ask you about your business.

How you answer will determine if you are in business or not. This Is about YOU AND YOUR COMPUMATRIX BUSINESS.



The Advantages of Compumatrix


The World is constantly changing. People are moving into the Information Age and slowly out of the Industrial Age. As each New Age is defined, the remnants of the previous ages do not disappear but they diminish in prominence.

We have entered into a World of E-commerce that is guided by electronic conveyance of information, value and monetary transferability. With this, we see digital currency as a means of funding our purchases and activity. Providing the location of our information can be by means of digital marketing. By location, I am referring to where someone can access the information that they are in “Search” of. With various techniques of digital marketing, one can match their information with someone that is willing to cause the information to become “monetized”.


Take into account the information above and come to the realization that there is value in everybody. Over the years, this value may or may not be realized dependent on the motivation of the one that holds the value and their willingness and desire to share. When I speak of sharing and particularly thru the Internet, the subject of Social Media often comes to mind. Compumatrix utilizes social media channels (ie Face Book, Blogging, Forums, Twitter, etc) to convey the values of its membership.

I have almost completed an Information Report that I will market thru the Compumatrix store. The intent is to market this information outside of Compumatrix but the product can only be purchased with Compuceeds. The goal was a 3,000 word report conveying information regarding The Advantages of Compumatrix. It is almost complete however, it is already beyond the goal.

There are similar platforms on the Internet (and I will not name them). We could talk about the value of this platform vs that platform but there is no comparison between them and Compumatrix. Among these differences, one in particular stands above the crowd and that difference is in the ability for your productivity to be monetized thru the compensation of Compuceeds.