The Backstretch




We are only at the beginning. I grew up not 5 miles from this World Famous Racetrack. I never saw a race there. (My mother did though!) For many of the horses that run the Belmont Stakes, it is only the beginning for them. These horses are only 3 year olds and basically just starting their lives.



Likewise, COMPUMATRIX is just starting it life as a company although it has been in the “making” for many years. Just as the horses running their race are on THE BACKSTRETCH of the track, they are making their FINAL DRIVE to the Finish Line.

We are on that “final drive” in the long effort to establish our business. Over the years, I have been told everything that is wrong with my business. Now, it is time to:
“Let them eat Crow!”




A year ago, a good friend told me: “how many businesses have you and I joined since we started this one and how many of them are still around?” The answer as to how many were still around at the time of this question is “0” (zero)! I’m too embarrassed to answer the other question!


We were told by the management some time ago that this will change our lives forever. We didn’t realize just what they meant at the time. When we signed up, stayed the course and committed ourselves, we entered the Race of a Lifetime.


As in horse racing, we are on the backstretch running for the final drive in the effort to finish the race on top. We have many competitors that have come to the track once they realized what the prize is. However, the sad part is too many of them have placed their bets on the wrong horse!




Horse Racing is such a small industry that most of the players know each other. They study their competition. The only way to win is to be prepared. Not only do you need to know what your industry is but you have to know where it is going.


In the industry of Cryptocurrency, we have already seen some of the competition, to use horse terminology, “pull up lame”! Referencing this, the owners have had to go out on the race track and haul their horse off because they were not prepared to finish the race.


I was watching my company for some time before I realized we were in the Cryptocurrency Industry!


I am stating this because our Founders were developing our business before most of the World was waking up! For many people, I will phrase it like this: “it would be like being in a farming family, getting up at 9am, going downstairs for breakfast and finding everyone has already eaten”!

Do you want to be the horse that the owner has to send his trailer out on the track to pick you up after the race, or do you want to be the horse in the Winner’s Circle? COMPUMATRIX


This was almost 3 years ago. We have come a long way (and on a different road) since this was first published. No matter what the difficulty. Our Founders, BOD, Admin and Staff never would admit defeat! If you don’t admit it, then the door is still open to ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

About the author

Stephen Sampson is among the founding members of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network and writes various topics about life and business.


  1. I have always been interested in being part of a business, but I have always heard that most businesses fail within a year. To stay positive though, I have always told myself that if I were to create twenty businesses and only one business became successful, it would still be a win. Most people go their whole lives always wanting to do something, but then never actually doing it. Life will try to knock people down, but it is that extra 1% (the backstretch or final drive) that the really successful people give that puts them ahead of everyone else. Compumatrix gives that extra 1% to make sure everything is right before preceding. When other companies start to fizzle out, Compumatrix will still be grinding to provide the best platform for its customers to thrive on.

  2. I have enjoyed and learned very much from the blogs posted by Stephen and I am enjoying this post a ton as I go back in my history and where we are here at Compumatrix and how being stubborn like a donkey and holding hope and continuing to learn and research for truth and keep on keeping on is awesome —

  3. mrn520, as “they” say, “it’s not how many times you get knocked down but how many times you get up that counts”

    I’d love to say I’ve been here since the beginning but I was about 7 months late! (better to be late than sorry) Although, I was here before it became Compumatrix. We have been through some history and with that history, a lot of change and challenges. We couldn’t have made it if it weren’t for all of us pulling in the same direction. This is also what it will take for us to be here a long time to come.

  4. Compumatrix is the ONLY online business that is still around since I started my journey to create a living online. None of the over 40 home business programs I joined (yes, I have a folder on my PC for each of them, so I know how many there are) are around today. That is just so amazing – watch my lips -N O N E! All these folders are housed in the main folder called DEAD AND GONE, appropriately. I had a website that proudly boasted that it was all about ‘Online Businesses that Work.’ I was so embarrassed eventually that I shut it down. I am about to revive it. Very excited that I was on the right track, I just had the wrong horses.

  5. well Vee you may have just found the correct horse here — I hope so anyways — I honestly do not remember how many quote unquotes I have joined out in the effort and watched them do the drain thing lol not sure if I have been here since actual start but think i have been over 15 years ?? guess time as always does tell the whole story — just hoping this is the story we are hoping for finally —

  6. “The Final Drive” is an excellent article and hits a home run with me. I can relate to so many comments, I have joined many businesses and a couple are still around but they had to change their business plans dramatically. I too was watching my company for some time before I realized we were in the Cryptocurrency Industry! So one day several years ago, I looked up cryptocurrency in the dictionary (alright on line) to see what it was! I have learned so much, yet there is so much more to learn. The article is correct, you must know your competition and you must understand your product. I will carry on and continue to learn. As Tim Allen said, “Never Give Up, Never Surrender”.

  7. As founding member of Compumatrix I too have asked myself , why so many years. Why does David , CEO of our company keeps saying we are a startup company.
    This blog gave me answers,We are not here for the race of who gets in first . Our is who remains in it. We keep track of every step, hurdle, loop, obstacle. WE learned when to run, when to slow down and when to pause.
    so when the starting doors opens , we will not rush , but advance in a steady trot towards goal the of success

  8. Thanks for this uplifting blog. I for one WANT to be the horse in the Winner’s Circle along side our COMPUMATRIX team.

    Many props for holding the course and to the pioneers of this team. The communication, time and patience that we see day in and day out is amazing. This is what it takes to be successful in business.

    Let’s hold the course and give up lifting support to everyone holding the course and remaining positive as we continue life hopefully in the WINNERS CIRCLE at the conclusion of this RACE!

  9. so great to come back again and read thru this great post and the replies of some great people and the information available throughout here is very impressive and I definitely have high hopes of being one of those fortunate to be in the winners circle in a business again — it is a nice feeling and like reading this it is a feel good feeling — thank you — rj

  10. Knowing most of the people here who are commenting makes it so easy to see those who have fought alongside Compumatrix through her roughest years. After years of watching business after business fold, I was at the point of retiring for good. As you stated Stephen we are at the winner’s circle level. Never giving up is the only rule of the day.

  11. Miss Erline it is so nice to see you around here and sharing your thoughts and memories — I am very thankful for you n Gail n Jane — so many who have helped thru the years and Stephens blogs here are just worthy of the time and believe that the winners’ circle is a location that many will be enjoying as time moves forward with the persistence and fortitude–

  12. We have to keep moving, as the jockeys do when they are riding their horses—focused on getting to the end of the race, in good standing. Those who hold firm on their horses and get to the end of the race – WIN.
    All of us in Compumatrix is moving steadily, knowing that we will get there and sooner than we can imagine. For a better life and a promising future awaiting us.
    Thank you!

  13. I like the analogy made in this article comparing the overall horse racing sport to the journey of Compumatrix. It is true in horse racing people are judging each horse and guessing how they will preform, but no one really knows. This is kind of like the outside world with Bitcoin. There are some people who doubt it and some people who believe in it, but sometimes we do not know what road it will go down. Just like in horse racing it is important to always think positive, train your horse, and give all your effort into this horse but at the end of the day it is the horse’s decision how it preforms.

  14. We are in the final steps of getting everything up and ready for the “cash-out”. This is sometimes the most difficult part because everyone within the company can see the end of the tunnel is so close to them, which makes them get antsy and want to get to the end of the tunnel quickly. This backstretch that Compumatrix is in right now is difficult, but we must not give up or lose hope. Compumatrix and its members need to fight harder than ever to push through to the end of the tunnel and win the race!

  15. I like the thought process of the being in the final or home stretch perse’ but also we as business entrepreneurs still should be working as much as we can mapping out future of the next ” race ” or what you gonna do after the finish line of this first race ?? just hope we looking forward and taking correct action and keep on keeping on — I believe future endeavors are very promising courtesy of our Compu time well spent —

  16. as entrepreneurs and small biz owners — we should always be grateful to having the answers we need to be finishing each moment correctly and successfully — still enjoy going around the blog area read thru the blogs and replies and put that great info into a learning moment — so much great business info and putting that into everyday thoughts — it is as i would call it a WOW Moment — thank you seriously to all that contribute here — rj

  17. do believe more than ever before that we are truly in the backstretch of this great biz ride and believe truly that we are breaking out front and sooner than later — it is just been eventful and interesting thru the years as we learn and progress properly in a business model that Succeeds — great read Stephen —

  18. Young with strength and incredible abilities, Compumatrix can carry us to finish line. This company, as you say, has been preparing for years, growing in its knowledge and implementation of the newest and top of the line technology, and building a strong constitution. They have been strengthening their legs and muscles to support all the weight on their back. What an accomplishment this company is. How amazing for us to see it come across the finish line. Winner!! So glad to be apart, for indeed it has already changed our lives with more remarkable changes to come.

  19. after learning so much thru reading these postings thru-out this area and re-reading so many of the blogs and the replies –this one is a great synopsis of what this incredible journey has been and where we could be at in this original race to success and then the beauty of this biz Compu is there will be many more laps to finish as we grow and mature as a Biz —

  20. I like your title the backstretch we have just begun it is going to be so great when everything is moving like a well-oiled machine. I went to a horse track a few times my wife picked out the horses with the coolest names and I studied the charts and picked mine well she won $120.00 that night I lost everything I bet so you just never know.

  21. Stephen,Great blog! I believe that compumatrix have been developing slowly over the years and that the work that takes time to move forward gradually leads to its success,why is it that all technical work is regularly reviewed? Where there is a mistake, it is corrected over time,when every deed is done right, it is successfully presented to all, and there is no room for error,we have chosen the right horse,which is moving forward very skillfully.

  22. That race horse Compumatrix is on must be named Secretariat because we hope to be headed for a triple crown, record-breaking victory. I have confidence and hope to meet everyone at the finish line.

  23. In the movie True Grit, a horse is used to rush a young girl in the old west days, through the countryside and to a country town so that she can survive a medical emergency. The horse is such a fierce competitor that it literally runs itself to death, shortly before reaching the town. The young girl is then physically carried the rest of the way to the country town doctor by her hired handler. But the jest of the story was the sort of triangular culmination of the young girl’s stubborness along with the grit and determination of the horse and the horse’s handler to make sure she made it to her desination by any means necessary. These are excellent traits and characteristics for accomplishing most goals.

  24. as this newest new year starts to take shape — it is once again nice to see the Determination by the forces that keep pushing Compumatrix in this great race — and believe me it is only the beginning race that we are in right now and so many more to run as time marches forward — great stuff —

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