The Basics; Change Scares People, Why?

Everyone has an opinion, but how is that opinion formed? That is one reason why there are so many trust issues within our own company.

I would say a lack of involvement for one, a lack of understanding for another, and listening to the Nay-Sayers as a big part of why people fear the next age of economics and finance. If you study the Internet on the subject, then cryptocurrencies would make a lot more sense, with nothing more than an old definition to explain it.

But we will get to that.

How many countries are there? The number of total independent countries is more than 195, along with dozens of dependent territories. The number of currencies is lesser because some countries use the foreign Currency of others, as they do not have their own money.

How many actual currencies are there in the world? The United Nations recognizes about 180 monetary systems circulating the globe. Most money used to have some form of asset or standard (such as gold) behind their money or considered worthless. Most nations’ possible worth, such as the GDP (Gross domestic product ) and world standing, value their money system. Another reason why every country doesn’t have its Currency is the cost of maintaining this constant stable money supply.

Have you ever asked yourself why the English Pound is currently the oldest form of money? The Pound’s value compared against other funds like the U.S. Dollar, Canadian, or Australian rather than backed by something of value? So speculation is a big part of what values your money and allows you to buy more or less with it from time to time.

How many cryptocurrencies are there in the world? By CoinMarketCap, the total number of cryptocurrencies is 6,955, with a total market cap of $325 billion, as of September 9, 2020. But, Coinlore says it is a total of 4,621 cryptocurrencies.

Satoshi’s blockchain has been around for over 11 years now, and there are 6,954 alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) of the BTC (Bitcoin). Yes, anything that is not a Bitcoin is an alternate coin.

Why does the sheer number of cryptocurrencies worry you, yet 189 different currencies in the world for at least the last 40 years do not bother you? There is nothing to worry about in this new finance system, for it is safer by far. So far, the primary power players can not find a way to take control like they did the world’s banking systems.

So what is Currency exactly.”

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary explains:


1. Literally, flowing, running, or passing; a continued or uninterrupted course, like that of a stream; as the Currency of time.

2. A continued course in public opinion, belief, or reception; a passing from person to person, or from age to age; a report has had a long or general currency.

3. A continual passing from hand to hand, as coin or bills of credit; circulation; as the Currency of cents, or English crowns; the currency of bank bills or treasury notes.

4. Fluency; readiness of utterance; but in this sense, we generally use fluency.

5. General estimation; the rate at which any thing is generally valued.

He takes the greatness of kingdoms according to their bulk and Currency, and not after intrinsic value.

6. That which is current or in circulation, as a medium of trade. The word may be applied to coins or bills issued by the authority. It is often applied to banknotes, and notes issued by the government.”

Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary — Ellen G. White Writings.

I find it interesting that all Currency is just a measure of value for time, work, or even opinion. Definition #5 of Webster’s definition shows us money is nothing more than a way to put an amount on anything else, so others can understand it’s intrinsic value. Everything has some value, and all one has to do is realize if someone else has that same opinion or not and is willing to pay for it.

While we are at it, a short definition for ‘Fiat’ as well. “By definition, fiat money is a currency that does not have any intrinsic value as it is not backed by a physical commodity and is usually made of a worthless or low-value material (such as a small piece of paper). … Even so, fiat money is widely accepted as a means of payment.”

Fiat | Binance Academy.

For those who are following or partners with Compumatrix, Independent Business Owners, what is the objective? To produce avenues of spendable revenues, with a group that is willing to help and to guide.

Henry James Banayat had a vision and a heart with great compassion for others and their plight in life to make a living. Henry envisioned people using their various talents online to make more than they could at their regular jobs. His article gives an excellent insight into why cryptocurrency will work. They meet the same definition of what work and reward systems are all about in what many call the real world. Do you not get paid for work, for thoughts such as a newspaper article or magazine article?

I found Henry’s blog very informative; “From Virtual Currency to Cryptocurrency.” But, I still had to search and ask questions above my head, so I asked basic questions like we are doing here.

As for our business here at Compumatrix, time is also a valued margin, as indicated in Webster’s definition. And being patient to get a reward may not always be easy, but it makes the result so much sweeter and long term. Long term goals are the product of a wise society and why the English Pound is still working.

Ever heard the story of Job? A wealthy man who had worked his life to gain much wealth, he had seven sons and three daughters and lived rightly every day of his life. The devil was allowed to try Job and took all that Job had, starting with his kids, then all of his wealth, and left him sick and ailing. Job never gave up and stayed close to God and what is right by others, such as his friends. After a time, Job earned all that he had lost, seven sons and three daughters, and even gained more than before. But, Job believed in God and had the patience to stay with the plan and do what is right. Which folks are known as: ‘The Patience of Job.”

Based on the value of all other currencies in the world, we will grow; we will be seen as any other vital system. Compumatrix will keep moving forward using the BTC and Bitshares platform to compete, allowing members to earn according to the amount of work they wish to put into their business.

This change in your life could be your greatest life boost ever! So why fret?

About the author

Sam and Jody live in Mena Arkansas and love Compumatrix. Life is simpler when sharing life with others, and being a Christian I see how being there with and for others enhances their lives. How can Compumatrix make your life better?


  1. Great read Sam, only those who have not yet tried to understand are afraid to use cryptocurrencies,as we all know, cryptocurrencies have a very bright future,I learned a lot about crypto from the compumatrix business, compumatrix business is our lifetime  business and life time business takes time,yes i heard the story of Job and I’m a big believer, Job patience is very famous,we must learn patience from him,I would say that if we are in the compumatrix business for a lifetime,so show patience and learn and understand it. Thank you for sharing an informative article.

  2. Thanks Zahra, all good points! Compumatrix takes patience but will make us rich for life, in more ways than just financial, again thanks!

  3. I think each person has their own reasons for their trust issues. Especially in Compumatrix it is easy to fix all of your worries and trust issues because you can educate yourself on whatever you are nervous about. Writing and reading these articles can help people feel better and more confident about compumatrix.

  4. What a great read Sam — not sure on some parts so will read again — but Trust is just so important in everyday Life not just biz — or Compu biz — and the Patience of Job — go back and look how much he went thru and still his Faith didnt stop — it is awesome when you put all of this in Perspective n in our own Life — thanks for some Heart music for me today — rj

  5. Change happens every minute and we can’t get away from it. The education system did not allow the vast majority to really think for themselves, we just had to follow a one size fit all program. The only
    way we probably can overcome this challenge of CHANGE, is by
    asking proper questions like: How come so many people want
    peace and yet there is so much War? Why this, Why that etc.
    Great eye opener. Thanks for sharing.

  6. as we grow here in our compu biz — looking back and also reading great blogs here and replies also make for the Understanding part to be just part of the Success — patience goes so far in everyday and realizing that failures and loss are also part of Life and how we work with those parts along with success and effort — such a great read and for me a Heart Win —

  7. Change does scare people and I certainly fit into that category, especially in the year 2020 vs what the concept of change meant back in 1970. The scariest part of change is how quickly it happens and our ability to keep up, much less understand what is changing and what it means to the world. Warp speed fits nicely about now, as more change has occurred in that 50-year span than all of the preceding years back to the beginning of time.
    And more has changed in the span from 2015-2020 than the 45-year span before that back to 1970. Yes, I am scared. I have little idea as to all that has changed and how it might affect my everyday life, with the exception of cryptocurrency, which is certainly one of the most positive and useful changes that has happened since God created the universe.

  8. Thanks Sam. I am so excited about Compumatrix, but it has taken time, to learn and understand. And that is a journey I am still on. Your article contributes to that journey of learning about cryptocurrency and currency systems in general. It is that understanding that brings us all together, working together for that common good. Thank you for your understanding and sharing your insights.

  9. here in February –this is such an awesome read and ponderance vehicle — not sure of all –which that is just Life — however knowing in who to trust makes this life mostly a Joy — and reading this great spot is a help n Joy for this day — much appreciation —

  10. Interesting to re-read this article again. I’ve always thought of money, not currency. So I am shifting. With money, I think energy. Is it the same with currency. An exchange of energy? Does the energy impact the exchange? It becomes philosophical. And in Compumatrix, the energy of the founder seems to be compassion, innovation and connection. When we each embrace that energy — as a part of this, it seems that that energy expands and impacts not only us, but the world. Very exciting.

  11. Great Blog Sam. I feel that change does scare people, myself included. The scariest part of change is how quickly it happens and our ability to keep up, much less understand what is changing and what it means to the world. I’m so excited about Compumatrix, but it has taken time, to learn and understand, your article contributes to that journey of learning about cryptocurrency and currency systems in general. It is that understanding that brings us all together, working together for that common good.

    1. Paula, I agree with your comment above, technology is changing too fast and all aspects or our lives are being affected in one way or another. One of the most amazing things I have seen is how the new kids have such an easy way figuring out how technology works.

  12. Very nice blog and made for people like myself who still can’t understand fully the crypto currency world and blockchain and so forth. As a long time Compumatrix member, I never thought I would be standing with a cutting edge company thriving along many others in this new field. From the beginning of this century we have seen some of the most radical changes in technology; the computer came with a vengeance to change the world as we know it and has entered all aspects of our life. Now we have the crypto currencies exploding everywhere and it’s a bit scary with thousands of crypto coins coming out…how can someone keep track of all and new ones.
    I must admit, changes like what we have now intimidates me, technology is for the developed countries, modernized cultures and specially younger generations. There are millions of remote small town that don’t even have electricity, water and not to mention food. These new technologies depend on electricity, extremely sophisticated satellite communication and so forth. If one of those fails, the consequences are incalculable. Definitely, if you are not in sync with technology, you are left behind and practically out. I think this creates an even bigger gap between the rich and poor countries.

  13. There’s an old saying – ” change is as good as a holiday “. Change is nothing to be frightened of and we should all be prepared to embrace it. Within a very short space of time Henry’s vision of change for all of us is about to come to fruition. For many that change will be unbelievable but nothing to frighten you if you take all the necessary precautions to protect your assets. But do seek advice of the highest order to protect not only you but your kids, grandkids and great grandkids so that everyone can share the riches to come.

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