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There are millions of people around the world looking for a means to make a livable income. COVID 19 has brought devastation to our communities. This pandemic is not the only disaster we have faced. Natural disasters by the huge hurricanes and storms that have recently reaped havoc for thousands of people who have lost their homes and all their possessions are heartbreaking. So many have to start over and feel hopeless.

We live in a country and continent where we don’t experience such ferocious weather. We look on as the other parts of the world brace themselves each year. Media warnings go out to evacuate homes and flee the onslaught of approaching weather. We see how earthquakes bring down buildings and cause tsunamis that kill and mane so many loved ones of unsuspecting families.

Our disasters may be small compared to other nations, yet we also have to deal with other unique hardships. During lock-down, I got a call to say that a couple who were from another country had their rented home burnt out within 15 minutes. The husband had left the house for 4 minutes. He turned around once he was at his friend’s house to see his belongings go up in flames. He ran to the house and pulled out his dining room suite, which was about to catch alight, then pulled out the small fridge that was blistering from the heat. He was able to rescue his hose pipe which he connected to an outside tap, then started to hose down the charred remains of all their possessions.

There were a limited number of shops open, but finances were tight for many of us. They did not have the luxury of insurance cover. We needed to act as fast as we could. We started phoning friends. Our church and other churches came to assist with food, clothes and, soon, most of the requirements on our list, were supplied.

With six of us working together, we scrubbed down the charred walls, applied a thin coat of plaster, painted the house out on the inside. My friend and I repaired the roof that had warped badly. Our electrician friend redid all the electrics, and now all the power points were back in good working order. People brought the furniture, a new bed, and more supplies. Our friend’s clothes and wedding suit burned to ashes, but by the end of the week, he had two suits which fitted him perfectly. So many items of clothing came in for his wife. We had to say “Please stop! They have enough.”

Looking back, we stand amazed at how the hearts of ordinary people were moved to assist some needy neighbours. In one week, the couple moved back into their revamped home, which brings me back to the title of this blog, The Bigger Picture. I have seen the heart of Compumatrix members, and we have some of the best of humanity. I believe that our members will not only think of themselves but also have open hearts to help others financially. “People helping people”, by giving a percentage out of our abundance to assist others with a start in life which they may never have had. I believe the unselfish team we have here will be a force to be reckoned with once we are earning and start helping our fellow man.

“The Bigger Picture. People helping people”.

About the author

Hennie is a leader in his circle of influence. Self motivated and craftsman in his trade. He also serves as AR for Compumatrix Southern Africa.


  1. What a wonderful, inspiring blog Hennie, and great timing considering the ‘callous comment towards Erline yesterday saying “no one cares about you”. This is just another example of what ‘caring’ means, To feel compassion, and support in whatever way we can to help someone’s life to be a bit lighter and brighter.
    What we give out to others comes back tenfold…it also brings fulfillment and upliftment to help someone feel better.
    Thank you

  2. very nice blog read and very enlightening when you actually put the posting into context and know world wide there are always some who are just not who i would want to be around — but most are legit peeps and actually care and if can help one way or another they will — it is a Heart thing imho — a Good Heart goes the Distance —

  3. Thank you for your comment. We have very caring members who will assist needy folk who understand our business. We will not be derailed by anyone who can not see how the company has progressed. The new CDAP will be our way to help others succeed.

  4. Very great blog Hennie! People who have a passion for helping others have a very tender heart,this is a reward from God.There is a similar spirit in the compumatrix family.May God keep them safe forever.

  5. I loved your blog Hennie, Working together as a team we can do anything. We as a working group can change this world and I believe we will. Henry’s dream is slowing coming into the light. We will soon all all be shining our brightest. I use to volunteer for a group that took care of Autistic children while the parents went out for a date night. It’s hard to have time together when your baby needs you 24/7 I enjoyed all the kids. While I held them I would do Rieki so the babies would scream when I put them down. They loved helping them relax.

    1. Tracy, I agree with your comment about changing the world, and we do it one-on-one, one person at a time. Your comment about Autistic children reminds me that a friend of mine has a dream of creating an environment with animals and gardens where special needs children can come and spend a Saturday or even a weekend engaging with nature and the animals. Part of her intention is to give the parents of those children some time for themselves.

  6. What a beautiful story, Hennie. To me, this is what life is all about…serving each other. Especially in these crazy covid days! We have grown a very solid community here at Compumatrix. I am so proud to be a part of the foundation we grow from, and to share it with the World. Thank you for the reminder that a strong community is where we find our fulfillment.

  7. Yes, Hennie, there is always so much more than what we see on the surface especially in these very unique and difficult times. We must always attempt to see the bigger picture that is part of the equation. People are anxiously waiting in the wings for the chance to have a larger income with which they can start to do projects to help their fellow man. I know many people have some very impressive humanitarian projects mapped out that will make a huge impact on those in need. As you say, People Helping People – a truly wonderful motto!

  8. Thank you for that inspiring blog Hennie. Helping others through any tragedy or peril, large or small, I believe is the soul of humanity. Many times we are not able to help others financially, but can help in small ways like sharing possessions or offering encouragement , or just believing in them.

  9. Great blog Hennie, I do believe in karma, your friend must have been a good person from the beginning. Its not only Covid-19 that was affected everyone, very much all over the world, but as you mentioned above all the earthquakes, floods and fires. How many people lost their lives and their homes. I’m so glad being here at Compumatrix to come across all these nice blogs. Thanks again.

  10. There are disasters all over the world every year this is why I like to give large donations to organizations that will help the poor get back on their feet. Some of these are corrupt so you have to be careful who you give to and make sure your money goes to what you are giving to. In a way when these disasters happen God moves in bringing people back together in Love to help one another. Holy be thy name thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. This is what God wants and if we all would follow his principles it could happen.

    1. Amen, I agree if people pull together we can do anything. You always have to watch who you give money to. Some organizations only see 20% while the rest goes to corruption. So do research.

  11. Very nice heart felt story Hennie. It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they get together and apply themselves. That family was very lucky to be around such caring souls that took care of their needs in such a difficult time of their lives. This is the real reason why we’re here on this planet, and that’s to help each other in our hour of need. I salute you Hennie and your friends for stepping up and helping this family in their hour of need.

  12. A very touching blog Hennie.It shows that humanity is still around.I do believe that there is a good balance of good and bad in this world. Yes times are very hard and different now but I feel if you cannot say something nice don’t say anything, because words once said cannot be taken back.I love the way everybody came and helped in whatever way they could to get your friends back on their feetThat is what should be the purpose of life -How can I help should be on everyone’s mind. I know once our business Compumatrix is launched I have plans to help people and I know a lot of the members will be in the forefront of many charities.

  13. What a lovely way to help when needed Hennie. I am sure we have many members here if not even most who are looking forward to helping others in need, once we are in that position. It is just a matter of time and hopefully sooner than later since even more now than ever so many need help. With the overreaction of our rulers, many have lost their jobs, business and will have a hard time to recover. More damage has been done economically to the majority of people around the world then it was the very low percentage of lives that we lost.

  14. Thank you all for your kind comments. While this is really not about me, I trust that everyone will experience the excitement of helping another person in need. The best part of our experience is that the recipients know that there are no strings attached. If they thanked us, (which they did) that would be great, but nothing is expected in return. Needless to say we have made awesome new friends for life.

  15. The biggest problem I consider is the trade off between a reasonable income and a sustainable planet. There are many many greedy people who only really consider themselves and think that environmental issues are someone elses problem, Unles governments in all countries can find a balance between planet and a good standard of living i see little hope. The largest countries by population are either unwilling or cannot take decisions that would be a massive step forward or are politically unpopular. Banning emmision busting energy producers like coal and making renewables an absolute priority. Stopping destruction of rain forests and more The list is endless. Less greed and more action please from all not just those that can afford it but some that cannot.

  16. This will be contentious but needs consideration. Our religious leaders need to play their part in the welfare of the planet. The world as it is can only sustain a limited number of people but certain aspects of human behaviour are a taboo subject in some religions. Cotrolling the expansion of the number of children being born is a prime example, There are means available but not acceptable to those in high places in the church. Many of the poorest countries are vastly overpopulated.Because of edicts taught they are forbidden to address the problem. A predominately male dominated clergy with the rules of celebacy apears to have little will to accept there is a problem. A lower population growth would go someway in helping the situation.

  17. Wonderful story Hennie! It shows that we can work as a team when needed, and money is not always needed to help others. There will always be a need for help in different parts of the world. I look forward to reading many similar stories when Compumatrix is launched and the members are working on their projects!

  18. My motivation in all this has always been that we will all have a unique possibility to be able to help others who might not be so lucky in this world.
    I was very inspired by your blog Hennie. A great way of helping people who are in big need!

    Many of us will be able to contribute to helping others as soon as Compumatrix launches.

  19. Yes Hennie. I see our company as having a heart of gold when it comes to assisting others and looking our for others. We have already seen it so much, even without the payouts we have been anticipating all these years. When people with hearts like that finally have means to be able to really do something to relieve suffering, then watch out. Here we come !

  20. This was a beautiful blog, Hennie. It brings me to tears to hear of the tragedies. More tears of joy abound when I hear the remedy that comes from the generous hearts of humans helping humans. Thankfully, the pandemic has not stopped Compumatrix from working to remedy many of our financial and social needs, globally.

  21. A beautiful story Hennie. With the multiple hurricanes that have hit the Gulf Coast recently it is always great to hear the stories of ones that have been able to help others in their time of disaster. Team work is so important to accomplish what needs to be done with so much need that’s overwhelming.
    Hopefully with Compumatrix behind us we can also assist more in the near future.

  22. I grew up in a religious family, or sect might be a better word for it. Even as a child their rules made no sense to me. Instead of helping those who needed help they castigated the needy for having the problem in the first place. As Jefferey states, the religious leaders needed to play a bigger part in our welfare. As a sixth grader I read an article about children as small as 18 months old who were turned out on the streets to find their own way because the families just couldn’t afford them. Kids lived in the underground in the sewer system in gangs just trying to eke out some kind of living. Although they had few choices but to develop into lives of crime. This is just an example of how the rich and powerful keep the majority of people without resources down. That was 70 years ago and not much has changed since then in many countries. I know that there will be many in Compumatrix who will not only help people financially, but will help them set up their own memberships in Compumatrix. This will help others to become free and then be able to help others. It reminds me what one of my mentors used to say; “JOB is an acronym for Just Over Broke.”

  23. I have found out after living many, many years in the US and also in several countries, this country has some of the most generous and giving people on earth. I have seen people reaching out with food, clothes, money, time and anything that can help mere strangers. I know this goes beyond the social scale; for rich people it’s easy to give, but for middle class and even lower income people to be so generous and helping his neighbor, family member or stranger is very inspiring.

  24. You shared this story with me and was amazed at how God raised this family thru the help of Christian brotherhood.
    We all have our consuming fires that burn us to ashes, but there is always someone there to give a helping hand.
    We here at Compumatrix are not just members but a Family of strangers from all parts of the world. When someone rejoices, we all rejoice, when someone cries we all cry, and when someone needs help, we help or Pray.

  25. Thank you all for your input. We all know that there are many selfish reasons why some religious institutions, governments, even charity organisations fail miserably in helping people in need. Many insurance companies will fight not to pay out legitimate claims. If we are honest, the blame can be spread between us all. How many times have we walked past someone in need begging for help?
    I trust that this story was to inspire us as individuals to adopt a consciousness that I can help. Take what you have got, do what you can.
    With that said, You will never be able to help everyone. We need to also tune in to know who we need to help. Not everyone is a candidate.

  26. Great blog Hennie. It is amazing what so many people have come through and survived. Thank God for others who are willing to help their neighbors. In an era where we often see that our government or insurance companies or whoever we may be counting on to help us in times of crisis do not come through for us, it is the individuals with big hearts that are so often the answer to our survival. It keeps me committed and focused on Compumatrix. When we open our doors again, it will be such a blessing to be able to survive in difficult times. It is not only the company and what it brings to us as a means of survival but even more so the members that are always so willing to help and give with all of their hearts.

  27. A wonderful story of ubuntu Hennie. It is amazing how we forget just how loving and giving some people can be. Especially during a lockdown where we lose touch with humanity. I thank God every day that I do not see anyone who needs help. Right now all I could offer would be my time and that would be devastating for me. However, things are about to change! And when they do, I will not have to turn away from someone in need ever again!

  28. This was a great time of being able to help someone else. We have also been on the receiving end of people’s help to us in our need, so it was a privilege to be able to give of our time and abilities back to others. The emotional satisfaction when normal people work in harmony as a team is inspiring.

  29. Hennie, your blog is an inspiration. It is more the older generation that jumps in first to help others. The young do if they have been shown at an early age. Yes, there are various natural disasters come upon different parts of the world at any given time, and this is when the real heart of man shows.

  30. This is a very warm and inspiring blog. It is always good to see people helping other people in their time of need. I believe that there are many within Compumatrix that tend to use parts of their good fortunate in a mission to help others and this will benefit society as a whole.

  31. Thank you Sherri. We have great members here in Comupmarirx and I believe that we will witness many amazing events and stories of people and institutions being served with good deeds.

  32. such a wonderful read and so deep when you look at the replies also and just imagine knowing many here thru the business –I do look forward to the new stories of giving and sharing from the many here who just have Good Hearts — appreciate the effort everyday — —

  33. Peaople are awesome, if we let them be. I hear many say that the number one instinct of individuals is survival. I believe it is love. Too many hardships as the one described being remedied by people who love.

  34. Mr. Willms you are correct, love for our fellow man is a driving force for many when they see how many influential and power hungry people are so caught up in their own luxury, that they don’t even consider that many are worse off and in desperate need. It takes love to deal with our own selfishness and help to others.
    Thank you for your comment.

  35. Another great blog Hennie. It is amazing what so many people have come through and survived. Thank God for others who are willing to help their neighbors. In an era where we often see that our government or insurance companies or whoever we may be counting on to help us in times of crisis do not come through for us, it is the individuals with big hearts that are so often the answer to our survival. It keeps me committed and focused on Compumatrix. When we open our doors, it will be such a blessing to be able to survive in difficult times. It is not only the company and what it brings to us as a means of survival but even more so the members that are always so willing to help others and its truly appreciated.

  36. Thank you Paula. I have every confidence in our amazing members. Reading some of the plans to help others there is so much vision and heart out there. Many people in dire straights will be helped to get out of their dilemma and back on their feet. They in turn will assist someone else in the process of giving and blessing will continue.

    1. Yes Hendrik that is the key help others and then teach them to do the same and as you said blessings with continue.

  37. There is little doubt that caring about others is part of the mantra of this company. So many of us know people who are worse off than us and in so many cases are unable to help. When the action comes I know that we will be able to step in and help many others.

  38. True Patrick. We went to help a 66 year old family member this afternoon. They were behind in paying lights and water bills. The municipality cut the wires out of their Distribution board and closed their water off to the dwelling. It was a very sad and hard reality to see. They have been helped by a neighbor across the street with water on a garden hose when they need it. They have a quick bath and eat before the sun goes down, then spend each night on their couch talking till they turn in. Now our challenge is how to help.

  39. I am sure when the time comes you will be able to help significantly. Sadly this is not an isolated case but if we can all help people we know that will be a major step forward. Caring and sharing is a trait that I am sure many of us adhere to and given what we know is to come that is something we can really look forward to.

  40. A brilliant insight there, Hennie.
    I was reading through another blog earlier and both make you want to think more about others.
    People can be wrapped up in their own head sometimes, and do not think what others are going through.
    Caring for others, especially during this pandemic, is one of the most (if not the most) important thing we should be doing right now.

  41. So glad you enjoyed it. It is important to discern the difference between pity and compassion. Many choose poverty and don’t want to change. I pity them. Compassion moves me to help change their lives and is a pleasure with no strings attached.

  42. So glad you enjoyed it. It is important to discern the difference between pity and compassion. Many choose poverty and don’t want to change. I pity them. Compassion will change the situation.

  43. What a wonderful and uplifting post, thank you Hennie. And what a beautiful example of what is possible when people come together to help someone in that way. For many of us, hearing about terrible events or situations in the world can leave us feeling filled with great sense of sadness and powerlessness, for some even anger. My own way of resolving this, apart from sponsoring children in third world countries, has been to channel my desire to help into things I can change, not the things I can’t. For me, that means being unconditionally kind, loving and non-judgemental with people, no matter who they are, how they look, what their lifestyle or what they believe. If we all did this, there would be far less pain and suffering in the world.

  44. Hennie, that you for sharing this heart-warming, inspiring story about human compassion. What this story reinforces for me is that all people have love in their hearts, it is their natural way of being. When we look beyond all the differences between us and others, what we see is Love. The more people recognize this and treat others with kindness and respect, the more beautiful our experience of the world becomes.

  45. There is no doubt that there are many people who show wonderful compassion and this blog is an extraordinary example of that. When you see disasters around the world and we have had our share in Australia it is truly amazing that people pop out of nowhere to help help and offer assistance and not just financially but are prepared to work hard to help. We have seen Compumatrix members help other members and that binds us together as a family. We are all very lucky and rewards are on the way.

  46. Thank you for your kind words. We know that our members are all ready to assist when the need is in front of them. Each country have large numbers of helping hands and organizations who roll up their sleeves to help others in desperate need. It takes a community and a bit of service.

  47. Thank you Hennie, Very inspiring blog! Compassionate people are always there to help,these God-given people are only there to help humanity,people with such passion have a great spirit,I have seen many members in the compumatrix business, who have only a passion for humanity in their hearts and have come a long way to help, which is bigger than our thoughts, May God have mercy on those who have sincere hearts.

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