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The Brain Power for Tomorrow-lands Business Enterprise

Be mindful that we are in a new age of technology and that home base is becoming a prominent part of its operations. So I want to again remind everyone that this IS NOT BUSINESS as usual. We are a revolutionary company and nothing is going to be comparable to the usual methodology or maybe even have the familiarity of some other methods or even something you might be used to by being members of other online types of businesses. So do not expect it, but do expect to be challenged to grow and learn for the success of tomorrow-lands business methods and applications. And furthermore, remember that this is your business opportunity that you must be willing to work.

At no time was there ever a promise that we had concluded our growing and had successfully finished on our road to success. There were many beams of light that broke through yet there were more challenges and changes that had to be made.

It has been ever since I joined this business (circa 2006), one of a venture of improvements, revolutionary steps, and growth; even a type of digital currency (EonPay) introduced at a time no one else was aware of cryptocurrency. This was to achieve something no others had done. And yes there have been multiple changes and adjustments mostly because of the need to maintain our autonomy as a company outside strict regulations that sink and have sunk many other companies.

This company has to grow “Engage” many others and we can not be slowed by those that seem to need their hands held. The spread of responsibility must increase to help others but the bottom line is they have to pick up their own baton and run in the race. To be a winner you can not have others run for you or carry your burden. That would be too much like babysitting or even as others would say a regressive “entitlement mentality”

For some, the past is catching up to them in terms of the advances this Company has made in the last half dozen or so years. My assessment is this, simply early on TOO many joined for just a quick easy scheme to add money to their coffers but really, with no intention to really work. Yes, many were and are just plain lazy, waiting for everything to be done for them by others. Yes, I do understand that there are a few but very few exceptions in this. The case is that some just DO NOT want to work.

I have said all of this to make each of us aware that we are the ones that are going to grow this company. It is our working it, it is our communicating it, it is our enthusiasm and positivity. And it is our understanding that a revolution does encompass time. Of course, I fully know that there are the detractors, the grumblers, the complainers, those that one might call neggies in every revolution effort in our history. Of course, you all know who you are (and in some way so do I), BUT for those of us enthused, patient, understanding, and full-faith supportive, we will carry the light for our future.

A great part of the excitement for me is the innovations that are being developed in this business.

Including the great corp of young, smart, future thinking developer we have on hand for the company.

They are the core of developing the work but over and above that is the Distinguished Intensity, Intellectual Acumen, and the Determination to bring into Existence this Company, The Founder and Driving force, Henry J Banayat.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. I am very eager for Compumatrix to reach the point when we are ready to Engage the masses! Although eager, I am patient and full of faith that we will be at that point sooner than many may think. I am not waiting for this to happen, because I am preparing for it to happen by continuing to educate myself and others. This blog has become an excellent source of information that feeds my need to learn more about all things Compumatrix and cryptocurrency related. Thank you for bringing it to the forefront of our daily activities, once again because it is good for all members and prospective members as well.

  2. Being in Compumatrix is a privilidge for me.
    It is an education in itself and brings forth to all of us, many possibilties of doing well in this new technology – cryptocurrency.
    The waiting period gives us more time to learn about new systems that are being set.
    Where else could we get such an opportunity?
    Thankful to the founder, the President , BOD and the full team of people working together as one. Waiting patiently for the great day to dawn!

  3. The circle of light in the picture is an awesome reminder of a ripple of hope that springs eternal from the hearts and minds of those innovators, Earth shakers and DOERS who will take this company into the future with a BLAST of energetic enthusiasm unlike never before seen!! I hope the present membership have even a clue of the potential of Compumatrix. Plans DO come together and our time is here!! The light circles also remind me of Compumatrix being a centrifugal force, pulling in ideas, innovations, creative development and expanding those to the universe.

  4. Watching this company evolve over the last 15 years has taken me on an unbelievable journey. Being where we are now in a place that none of us (Except for Henry) could have ever envisioned in our wildest dreams is upon us. This steadfast platform being built is going to take the world to another level in the crypto world. As a founding member, saying I am proud to be a small part in its development, is an understatement. Each founding member at Compumatrix, these pioneers, has helped bring forth the reality of one man’s dreams which in turn is fulfilling their own dreams. There is always a right time and a wrong time to open any business. Our time is coming to fruition at a fast pace as the company starts its final steps to her big reveal at the RIGHT time.

  5. Thank you David. Your message is uplifting and hits me as being from someone who loves their job and company. Many of us are hearing you loud and clear and are chomping at the bit to do the hard work in terms of both understanding the company better each day from a technical aspect, as well as putting in the long hours to work this business. I have brought in many new young people and they are not only very excited about learning everything, but also are keen to be future leaders and supporters of the this company as a long term part of their lives.

  6. David your right about each of us needing to step up and lead ourselves to be successful in Compumatrix. Your example of the first few years of the company having many people wanting to sit back and collect the rewards reminds me of the Pareto Principle.
    It states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort. That concept will not continue to work with this dynamic company. I know personally I’m ready to learn as much as I can and be very successful! Thanks for that opportunity.

  7. If it wasn’t for Compumatrix I would be like everyone else I work around they do not have a clue what is going on I am educating to some of them but others want no change to the system, I have noticed the younger generation is taking notice more so then the older generation and some own cryptocurrency I plan to strike up a conversation with the interested ones.

    1. Tim you are never like anyone else, you have a very good mind and you set yourself apart from mundane asleep people. You never let the environment you work in drag you down and keep your “can do” attitude alive and well all the time! People will listen to you because they know you stay the course in what you believe in and that makes you very special!!

      1. Well thank-you for that ((((HUG) )))))) I have stayed the course I believe in this business very much.

    2. Engaging others and growing our business seems like the most exciting part of our business. The hurdle of education and understanding this environment is the second hurdle. The safety and security of protecting ones assets the third. Then the rationale for which assets and percentage of assets the individual has the risk tolerance for a possible fourth. Steering newbies to the professional services seems like a strong suit for our Compumatrix team. In every blog we here a diversity of suggestions. Navigating these suggestions and accurately deciphering which tips and professional services are applicable to my countries laws is the last hurdle. But here nor there, no one can do this for you. You will need to be the steward of safe and accurate navigation on your own!! Happy Crypto Sailing!

  8. Satoshi brought changes to the concept of money . Taking it away from centralized Banks and giving it to the unbank decentralized,
    Compumatrix comes to change the concept of doing business “Not Business as Usual ” .
    Henry is about to give us the baton and we are to run and engage with the world.
    I like to say “Compumatrix does not give you a JOB , it gives you a Business “

  9. Great article David about our Compumatrix business,and how we should handle it for our benefit.Yes I agree we should all participate and contribute towards making our company stronger,and to reach greater heights mainly in the evolving world of Information Technology, Financial Technology,Blockchain,Crypto currency,and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  10. Excellent post David. Thank you for the reminders of what has been the driving force for Compumatrix. This company and its wonderful Management, Staff and Members have kept me sane waiting for the day that we open our doors. I am looking forward to being able to shout out Erline’s big WoooHooo to all the people I invited to join us over the years. I will work 24/7 when that happens. Thats one think I love doing…working my Compumatrix business.

  11. what a great post by david and the replies are just as impressive — and I agree with Erline that these last 15+ years of Compumatrix or — has been one heck of a ride and we are just Starting honestly — thats my own opinion but as we grow and learn and if we keep Great people at the helm then I do believe that most if not all will succeed beyond their wildest thoughts or dreams —

  12. Last year I was looking forward to retiring. I was a Special Education Teacher for quite some time and you have to realize “you are not as young as you use to be”. Now, I’m looking forward to working again! I don’t have to leave the house because I don’t have a JOB to go to! The timing couldn’t be better! The timing that is for the World to meet COMPUMATRIX!

  13. I haven’t been here nearly as long as many, but what the pieces that I see being put together are the solution that the cryptocurrency community has been seeking since the beginning. A good UI, a decentralized onramp, decentralized exchanges, etc. It’s all opening up to be the solution that has been sought for so long. Very excited to see it all coming together. Those that don’t want to work at it will be left behind.

    1. “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do!”
      Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

      Is what we should all be inspired to take upon us, as the next task at hand. Not only is this company and industry a trailblazer, but it will help change the face of the economy as we know it. I for one am extremely motivated to be willing to know and to do, as the poet so elegantly reminds us. Stay the course and trust that we will all come together to get the job done.

      Thanks for the uplifting blog.

      Happy Friday Everyone!


  14. This post from David is very encouraging. I have been anxious for some time so that everything starts soon. In fact, I, at 56, and my husband, at 78, would like to be able to, in addition to working senselessly at Compumatrix, also being able to take advantage of our income that has been promised to us for a while, to enjoy it a little more life, with more financial freedom. I really hope that the right time is coming for all of us!

  15. Wonderful words, David! I often ask myself…”how did I get here?” because I feel so fortunate to be a part of Henry’s Dream. I so very much look forward to bringing this business to my community and inspire growing a thriving one, not a surviving one. We are going to change so many lives AND have so much fun!!!

    1. Wow so many positive comments regarding this company and article. I for one am proud to be a part of the future. Not only to be part of the future but learning so much about so many new advancements in this financial sector that will make a mark on the world. Lastly, The positivity and forward thinking is very welcoming and appreciated!!

  16. yeppers forward thinking and always seems to have the common folk at the forefront of thought for all of us common people to actually succeed also and that is a great feeling knowing that You are a part of something special and ultimately will turn out to be alot of dreams coming true — thanks again

  17. Being on this journey with Compumatrix from the onset has been both an adventure and sometimes frustrating. The frustrating part has been the lack of understanding some have that they do not understand we have been a ‘work in progress’ from our onset. We have had no choice but to change to accommodate rules and regulations thrown our way. This has been from so many fronts that some may not understand that we have to juggle them from all corners of the globe, not just two places.
    Further, the amount of programming that has had to be done to create what we have has been monumental. The full plug ‘n play approach to our programming with it’s facets and ways of earning does not materialize in a blink of an eye. All of this has taken time to create and perfect. We will continue to move forward and see the fruition of what was conceived so many years ago.

  18. Thank you Sir David for being a steadfast leader and for showing us the path to greatness. I appreciate this blog and the guidance therein. So many ideas for creating more and more blogs to further help us understand what who and what we are going into the future!!

  19. This post. is very encouraging in the sense that I feel motivated to learn as much about compumatrix as I can. Compared to the other people here I am fairly young and sometimes get discouraged because I do not understand the material my parents are trying to explain to me about this company and cryptocurrencies in general. But, now I understand this will not be an easy topic to learn about or an easy path to follow. I think it is so cool to be part of something that is revolutionary and not part of the basic social norms that we see everyday.

  20. Though I am new in this company compared to most, I am so fortunate to gain insight from current members about the company and learn more about how a business is run. Being part of this company has already taught me so much about hard work and determination. I think that staying positive and passionate is very important to running a successful business. Thank you for bringing me your positive spirit through this blog post!

  21. got to admit i keep coming in here and reading and learning from so many wonderful people with so much talent and then I see some folks from the beginning and to know they are still working with us is just incredible and a great feeling inside and with all the stuff going globally it is nice to come here and feel some Peace —

  22. Being nimble in the corporate world is a must. Being nimble in the new crypto world is a must. Being nice staying positive staying focused not being a negative influence is also a must. Growing this revolutionary business and keeping up with the pace of new times and new technologies is a must. helping others to get what they want out of life by utilizing our new technologies is a must. Do you see the pattern.

  23. Great blog David and thank you for being the great president to this company that you are. Compumatrix is a dream come true for many and will be for many years down the road. Not only for ourselves but for our families as well. Looking forward to all Compumatrix had to offer.

  24. i am once again reading thru great Blog Postings and learning more and more and am so very much appreciative of the time being spent by those posting and helping the rest of us learn and become more comfortable with the Crypto world and also our own business world of Compumatrix online and worldwide it is a wow factor–

  25. 211 degrees- I was just reading how worthless water is when it is at 211 degrees. It’s too hot to put your hands in. Just one more degree of energy added to that water and it now becomes a powerful force. Add that one degree and shift an entire reality associated with that water. Compumatrix is that one degree. The developers are adding what is necessary for us to make a paradigm shift in the way people earn on the internet.

  26. Over the years, people have called me a dreamer. Since I am convinced that I am a dreamer, I took this as positive recognition. They didn’t mean it that way and I think they were actually making fun of me. Oh, well. I can always forgive them! Someone years ago that put me down for being in this program had a saying on her sight. “Don’t look down on someone unless you are reaching down to give them a hand up.” Looking back, I hope she reads that every day.

  27. I believe the younger minds grasp the concept of cryptocurrency much faster than us older chaps, but that doesn’t mean we like it less. I guess it means different things to each of us but to me, it means freedom from so much government control. I like my government, don’t get me wrong, but I like them at a distance. lol

  28. agree so much that younger folks seem to grasp the crypto world and cyber world so much quicker than many of us older generations — but i will add that even though i may not be as fast or even close to that speed — I believe many of us older generation work with a tenacity and a passion to learn it just may take us a bit longer with few more trials and tribulations along the way —

  29. I believe there is no “get rich quick” strategy that has longevity. Someone can get “lucky” a few times in life, but in order to really create wealth that will last a lifetime; one must be willing to put in the work. Study something that not many other people can do, engage with people that are smarter than yourself (mentors), and put in the time and effort that no other person is willing to give. The brain is a powerful tool that can be used to amass huge fortunes: don’t let it go to waste.

  30. Now I can’t sleep at night! This is the Compumatrix ‘Perfect Storm’, because of Covid, the masses are looking for ways to earn and engage from online work. Compumatrix is a disruptive platform that has evolved for the highest good of all if they are willing to take the time to learn and engage in the eco-system. It reminds me of teaching my daughter to drive, she was fearful at first, now it is second nature.

  31. David all of this is so true, and if it were not for many of Compumatrix, I would have never ventured into another new venture, people like Hilda White, and then Gail who gave me such encouragement. Without great people, I would have done something else; but the view of cryptocurrencies and making money online just made sense to me, I could see it was the future.
    As for most companies around 20%. 34% of startups close within their first two years. Just over 50% of businesses make it to their fifth year. And the odds don’t improve much, and the internet has put many ancient companies out of business.
    So we, Compumatrix, are the Future!! Our Future!

  32. it is so fun to keep learning here and putting so much of this information in perspective and when you read multiple blogs and replies and put them together over a couple days so many of those blogs meld together and put so much more into plain view and understandable — it is just so good to put together — thank you all — truly —

  33. Wow David, no one can take the title President and CEO away from you, You certainly know how to steer this Ship and layout the role of your Shipmates.
    For someone coming from ‘old school’ to this paradigm shift of a new revolution in doing business you have certainly taken this on better than some of the younger generation would have. Your experience with the old way and your learned knowledge of the new way of doing things, I don’t think anyone realizes what that takes.
    I feel privileged and fortunate to have you at the helm.

  34. when you put business principles into business thoughts and then look at numbers — it is very fascinating to look past what is on the walls or even in the biz plan — but as we grow in the entrepreneurial fields — have a grasp of truth and literally have the honesty of answering the legit question ?? what is 2 +2 ? to me it is 4 ?? but what is the solution to You ??

  35. David, having read your blog today, I am in complete agreement with you. There is a knowing in me that this is a unique company. Yes, it is a different type of business, dealing in the digital world, a new concept for me. Being with Compumatrix has brought about a new learning curve for me. The learning was hard at first because the old brain has been dormant for so long. I have to say there has been a real awakening in me and not just in the monetary aspect.

  36. here I go again and putting Davids’ wisdom to practical use here at Compu and in the other world we call life — lol — it just is so promising put all the effort and time in an overall look at where we are and where we have traveled over the last 15+ years and wow it is just amazing actually — i am so thankful and it is just fun at times when I read these posts and how they fit into so many other blog posting throughout — great stuff —

  37. Clear path being created is not always smooth at the beginning, there are so many turns simply because no one ever walked that root, yes dreams are there but many struggles just to step out to implement them, any businessman, an entrepreneur can attest that a lot goes on behind the scenes and even when faced with challenges they don’t dare surrender, we have grown and still continue until this baby walks properly without support.

  38. agree so much with you Vincent — as life has played out there have been many not so smooth paths i have traveled — however as time has moved forward there have been many successes at the end of that particular path –if had stopped or given up –just can’t do that even today hence why still here == 15+ years and Hope springs eternal Fact —

  39. Compumatrix  is a shining star of a bright future because we are learning daily through the blog. Due to the pandemic this is the right time for our company to launch this home based business,as people are becoming jobless and the world financial system is being affected severally. we are very lucky to to be member of compumatrix. Thank you David for wonderful blog.

  40. David, thank you for the perspective. I haven’t always “enjoyed’ the hoops we members have had to jump through, but the sense of accomplishment after engaging and following through has made each hoop worthwhile. And I always have known, in the end, that each hoop has been necessary, and for our own good. This company is like no other, and I am thankful every day that we are still alive and viable.

  41. As we should have all learned by now, Compumatrix is an opportunity that does not come along every day. We all have the opportunity to be as involved as we want to be and I believe it is the degree of our involvement that will determine how successful this company will be. Being a part of this company has created new learning opportunities for me that I would never have dreamed. Yes, it is difficult to have patience as we wait for everything to be put into place and tweaked so that we can open our doors for business. In the meantime, there is plenty to keep us busy.

  42. as each day comes and goes — Compu biz stays the test — Henry has made so many adjustments thru time to keep Us here in the realm of Biz Success — patience is definitely a virtue — but not only here but in Life period — i keep learning with each read and so much more is in front of me — Tech advances are fast n faster — but will not stop reading and appreciating all the effort and wisdom here —

  43. Thank you, David. Being part of this company has always been a blessing. Everyone here seems to be on the same page. It’s the folks not paying attention we have to think about. Did everyone who invited someone to compumatrix notify them all of the new announcement needed to be done. It’s all communication.

  44. i am seeing more and more information good info as i come back and read great blogs and replies — there is so much interaction between international biz peeps and so much sharing — this Biz is and has been a blessing and with each day we get closer and become so dynamic — we are just a moment away from that Wow Moment —

  45. What stood out most to me in the blog was the “to be a winner you can not have others run for you or carry your burden.” I think about a Presidential Cabinet. The Presidential Cabinet is described as being made up of an advisory body made up of the heads of the 15 executive departments appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, the members of the Cabinet are often the President’s closest confidants. Every day, the President calls on the Cabinet to provide him with advice on pressing national and international issues. But when it comes down to it, the final decisions are made by the President and while there may be good decisions, of the bad decisions made, the President is left to carry the burden.

  46. Kemmons Wilson of Holiday Inn asserted, “I learned a long time ago that you don’t have to be smart to run a business, but you do have to be smart enough to surround yourself with good people– people with vision, imagination, and determination.” I personally believe there should be a focus on having good managers. According to Michael Dell of Dell Computers, “one of the biggest challenges we face today is finding managers who can sense and respond to rapid shifts, people who can process new information very quickly and make decisions in real time.”

  47. this is such a great thought read and thru the replies so much learnable info and usable info — I have read this a number of times and keep putting this or that into use and life is part of that also –thats beauty of here in blog area so much used in both Biz n Life — much appreciation —

  48. Being almost there is a very exciting time. And yes, not because of the funds that will begin to flow, but for the people who’s lives will be changed because of it. COmpumatrix will be the king of on line earning. As long a people add value by doing a little bit of work as well.

  49. I feel fortunate to belong to Compumatrix all these years and I stuck with it for this long. The CDAP is about to open and I so look forward working the business at home. I am in the old age security and really that is not enough to live on less take a little trip for a day or so once a year.This NEW age of technology have given us a new lease in life , even at our age.

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