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The Compumatrix Ripple

Somewhere along the lines of year two as a member of Compumatrix, I was listening to Henry sharing his vision for the World in one of our meetings.

That is the moment I knew I was in the right place.

In my words, not his, he explained that our company is about bringing people together. He said something like, “go share this in your communities!” and the light went off. I have always been passionate about groups of people coming together to make a difference. I believe the community is the future, and it’s already happening. Look at us!

We are moving from a “me” World into a “we” World.

There are four communities specifically that I will support and teach how to thrive through our company:


-Small groups of creatives whose focus is to help businesses find their spark & thrive (writers, photographers, anything web design).

-Individuals who create the art we love to have in our homes; create the organic foods we want on our table, or make jewelry & clothes we love to wear on our bodies.

-Healing artists who use their gifts to empower health & healing from the inside out (coaches, massage therapists, counselors, etc).

Having been one myself, I know what it’s like to be a solo artist, to work hard to get the bills paid, yet so often it’s not enough. With a “side business” like Compumatrix, where everyone exchanges our Stable Cards & assets P2P on the super-fast Portal & DEX highway, what’s possible in our communities?

Who needs a bank? 🙂

We know our financial institutions are changing, and that you & I are a part of that shift. Can you imagine the creativity that will come about when one doesn’t have to think about survival? 

Think of the time & inspiration humanity will have to spend on creative endeavors! Rather than doing any gig or painfully low wage job, just because they need the cash to survive?

There’s one more group I want to target: Existing or new Non-Profits that serve those in need. What will it be like if these small businesses have an income stream, created by their team effort, and no longer have to rely on donations as their only means to help people? 

I don’t know about you, but this is what keeps me awake at night: the endless sea of possibility our ecosystem offers.

How lucky are we?

As I’ve learned & grown over the years with Compumatrix, I’ve had the feeling this company will rock humanity to its potential. Because it’s the only one I know of that is FOR THE PEOPLE. We are ready for that. The time is finally ripe for Compumatrix to make its debut. It will take time…and when we hit the momentum I feel is inevitable, I see freedom.

What ideas do you have for sharing Compumatrix?

If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be here. WE DID IT..together. The time is nearing to pass the crypto baton and teach others to BE ALIVE & THRIVE.

What World do you want to co-create together?

About the author

Liza is very positive and a "turned on" advocate of Compumatrix. She is a healing artist by nature, and now a self-proclaimed Decentralized Diva. Liza believes we are living in time of great change where the power of humanity will rise, and we are co-creating the World we dream of. The power of Compumatrix will help get us there.


  1. How true! How true! How true! Liza your words speak with mine. Your visions and knowing are running with mine. The potential we have with compumatrix is boundless. I so look forward to implementing my projects. The sharing with others when we open our doors it will be a tremendous influx to Compumatrix. I can hardly wait for blessings for all.

    1. We’re going to have a great time, Carmen! When we all meet up, I look forward to listening to your ideas. I love ideas, the excitement around them, and implementing them.

      1. Oh my gosh, I love your attitude and positive outlook on your business. As you said, the word “we” is key to our success. No company can be successful with the “I” mentality. Just being a small part of this enormous company takes my breath away. Compumatrix is blessed with people, like yourself, who have never given up on their dreams and missions. Thank you for sharing such a breath of fresh air. Hugs

      2. Great post Liza B Love, you are right, we can’t wait untill we meet after all these years, Henry had a vision, and finally is coming through for sharing and caring.

  2. Well-said Liza! New doors are being opened for us and new possibilities as well. It is truly a blessing. Henry has indeed given us something we all will be grateful for. We learn as we wait for ripple effect to unfold itself , before us.

    1. Thank you, Raju! Indeed…we have been given a gift that comes with a lot of unlearning & learning. And we get to pay it forward! I can honestly say, coming from the healing arts world, I never would have guessed I would be so passionate about decentralization. And to be part of a unique, game changing company to boot! Henry is my hero.

  3. Liza you are so right!!! So many amazing ideas and opportunities to help the masses right here through Compumatrix. It’s so exciting, rewarding and overwhelming all at once. To hear the words “when we no longer need banks”, can you even imagine that day. It just seems so crazy but then realistic. A very bright future is near at hand. We should all have our list of ideas ready to go.

    1. I know, right? So many ideas! I also believe that people are going to be coming to us as their eyes are opened and they realize, “I can take my power back.” I know a lot of solo business owners in Portland who will bite at the Compumatrix bit when we are smoothly moving along in our New Portal. We are living in very exciting times!!! I look forward to hearing your stories someday, Jennifer.

  4. what a nice overview and so true in the overall aspect of Compu biz — it is and was formed for the People and the ideas and dreams have grown over time and with each passing week and year compu has changed accordingly to keep up with the fast pace of technology and it is breath-taking when you look back and I smile from my Heart — great read —

    1. Thank You, RJ! Possibilities, change, and making the world a better place for everyone is what this company is all about, to me. It is crazy how quickly things change, too! To have the brilliant developers we have behind Henry is, well…makes me speechless. We are blessed.

  5. Liza, what a bright, shining light you are! To say that you are a very positive and “turned on” advocate of Compumatrix & Decentralized Ecosystems hardly scratches the surface. If everyone thought like you, we would be well on our way and then some. Henry should put you in charge of promoting every aspect of his vision, which will definitely keep you busy. We are in the right place at the right time with the right leader in Henry. I have never been in a place where so many people are collectively waiting to share with others.

  6. Thank you, William! You’re very kind. I’m just being me. I’d be happy to work with Henry, but I don’t know if I can keep up with him 🙂 In the meantime, I will share my enthusiasm wherever there are listening ears. As our CDAP opens up and my friends & family decide they need a crypto profile, I’m sure I’ll be flying high on “you finally get it” fumes 🙂 I really do think people will be coming to us members as we grow, so I have a “cryptoshop” in the works, too! Waiting to see what we have in the new Portal so I can design a simple format for it. We’ll see what happens, but my sense is that our business will be easy to share & teach!

  7. I applaud your choices of people and groups to help and share Compumatrix with, Liza. Having had to constantly fundraise to keep a non-profit organic food cooperative alive because we were a bit ahead of our time with this project, I can’t say what a relief that would have been not to focus on that, but more on educating, communicating and supporting the people who shopped there!

    1. Thank you, Janis! I have friends with so many gifts & ideas that often get “blocked” by survival mode. I’m SO excited, and so are they (they are waiting in the bleachers), to be the change and do things differently. Our company is a powerhouse that opens doors where there once were none.

  8. Liza, I have always loved that so many of our Compumatrix members have a vision beyond just themselves for philanthropy and giving to others from their Compumatrix earnings. People really do see this business as a way to help not only themselves, but help many others. Yes the love of money is a root of all evil, but money can do so much good in the world too. The “WE” principle is first and foremost of so many here. I love it.

    1. I love the WE part of our Company too, Jeffrey! That’s why I’m here. As the world shifts and changes, we will be on the cutting edge of redefining what an “excellent” company is all about. Thank you so much for holding the space for all those years as a founding member, so that Henry could make his dream come true.

  9. Liza, I’m grateful to have people like you around us, every word matters, and the dreams are surely valid, we are standing in gates of prosperity, the richness of our relationships will matter going forward, by your words and attitude you gonna affect so much in our communities, share more and more!!

    1. Thank you so much, Vincent 🥰 Where would we be without dreams? That is what my life is all about, and inspire that in others. I most definitely will share more and more…and thank you again for your wisdom & kind words.

  10. The ‘we’ aspect of this company, Liza, was not lost on me either. From when I joined PSX 14 years ago, I could see that Henry had set up the company so that we all help each other win.

    I notice that it’s the selfish ones who currently delay things and hurt the company (e.g. raising the BTS price via short-sighted trades, an activity that hurts the company and the rest of its members). There is no ‘me’ in Compumatrix, it is definitely a ‘we’ company.

    1. It is sad, but true, that as a friend of mine once told me “Sometimes, ya gotta take the B’s with the G’s” or “the bad with the good.” I believe everything happens for a reason, and although I certainly don’t support those few bad eggs, they cannot stop us. WE are that powerful, if we make it so.

  11. Liza, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and knowing you are also an artist. I love to paint oils, I have waited for the time to finally concentrate and have the time for painting, but family, home, kids, work, haven’t allowed me the time to fully dedicate myself to it. I have painted on and off when time permits, but I am hoping with Compumatrix getting ready to open up, I may have the extra income to not worry about working. I am a long time member and I can’t wait for Compumatrix make her big entrance to the world.

    1. Oh, I am SO excited for you, Aida! I love artists & creatives and look forward to more and more of them coming out of the survival closet 😍 It’s only a matter of time. Thank you for your kind words. I think enthusiasm in my nature.

  12. Thank you for your blog, Liza. I have an ever-growing list of clients and friends that I want to help set free financially by teaching them the compumatrix business. I have one son who is a singer/songwriter, and another who wishes to follow his dream of helping animals. I also know that many folks will be helped to overcome fears and anxiety by doing inspirational things like painting or jewellery making etc. Again, I have them on my list to be shown the compumatrix business. We will be blessed.

    1. You’re welcome, Inspired Insights! It seems we have the same vision for people we know as we see what our Company can do. Your kids sound fabulous! Imagine a world where we inspire creativity in kids, rather than having them think about making money, first? Won’t that be something? Yes, we certainly are blessed.

  13. Thank you, Liza, I agree with your blog that Compumatrix is giving us the opportunity to ripple love into the world. It is a true gift for artists and healers to thrive with their passions, yet be financially free with a successful Compumatrix business. Your blog reminds me of the ‘Thrive’ movies. They explain the banking system and new systems to ‘Thrive’. I feel we are on top of the rollercoaster and our hands are up and ready to scream Woohoo.

    1. You’re welcome, Kristin! I believe we are here to thrive and that our company gets that already. We’ve had enough of survival, don’t you think? 😇 I remember the movie Thrive, but it’s been a while. I will meet you on top of that rollercoaster and WOOHOO with you!!! We are going to have so much fun.

  14. Let us hope that the ripple becomes a flood so that we can all be rewarded for our years of patience and start to do many of the things we have been planning on for years Open Sesame or CDAP

    1. I have no doubt that over time, our Ripple will be a common household name. And that when it’s ready to go…we will know what the end of patience feels like, Jeffery: RELIEF 😀

  15. Liza’s positivism encourages us even more to wait for the big day that everything will happen and we will be able to walk in new directions!
    I really want to help institutions that promote education and instruction for children and adolescents, as I believe that it is the best we have to give to these young people, because with education and instruction, the future of these people may have a transformation!

    1. That is so wonderful, Maria, that you will help children & adolescents LEARN. As we know very well in the crypto-space, education is KEY to learning how to navigate anything new. And the kids growing up today are definitely living in a NEW World.

  16. It is with delight I read your blog Liza. Be Alive and Thrive; taking a deep breath into those words. The wonderment is over. It is time to celebrate, invigorate and postulate greatness! I feel a firework display of excitement going off inside me just thinking on kissing the old ideology away! I too, have worked physically hard all my life and am so excited to have and to share a new paradigm which is available at our fingertips! Go Compumatrix!

    1. Oh, I love it Alicia! “Kissing the old ideology away!” Yes, it’s time to wave the old ways off with a kiss of gratitude, and celebrate what we know is coming. I feel your excitement and now I’m seeing fireworks, too ✨

  17. So well put Liza. I love the fact we will be able to help so many people, organizations, churches, non profits etc.. build their income stream without having to constantly beg for donations. Living in a developing nation, I see the need everywhere. Trying to get a new clinic built in Belize or Honduras.. So much slower because of the need for fundraising (begging). Compumatrix will add to this global helping community so much when the CDAP is live.

    1. Thank you, John! Doesn’t it fill you with such joy knowing what you’ll be sharing & shifting in the World? Belize is lucky to have you. You’re still on my “peeps to visit” list when I travel the States and Central America. I’m a sucker for a sailboat and the beach 🌊

  18. Thank you for your inspiring words Liza. You show the positive attitude that is missing in the world these days. When the promises of Compumatrix really come true it will start giving me the opportunity to help others. For me, that is almost a mission. Not only people but also animals. I even think that the desire to help others is bigger than to use the profits for myself.

    1. You’re welcome, Edwin…and thank you! I feel the same. Although we must take care of ourselves, first…and really enjoy that, I am more excited about being a part of the change we want to see in the World. I believe we’ve had enough of the shenanigans from the powers that be. It’s our turn to take our power back and shine!!! We will do great things for all sentient beings.

  19. Lisa, how very inspirational l find your blog. I have watched the evolution of Compumatrix grow into something l never dreamed l could be a part of. I, too, am so grateful to the creativity genius that has built our great company. Time and effort spent building CNI is one of the greatest investments l have made. Even though my part is such a small part, it is still my legacy l get to hand down to my family!

  20. Good one Liza. You are always a positive thinking member of the community, wanting to bring good to all. Compumatrix is not an I company but a We company where we engage, enhance, and enrich with one another.
    I know you will take the company vision, our business, and share the good news to many here and there.

  21. I like your vision Lisa on the future for new groups you are planning to help. To be honest, I have not decided yet, it all depends on the person who is willing to learn. Had too many bad experiences in the past, when people were completely dependent on me for every step and I will not repeat this again. Needless to say, none of them is here anymore, because most of them wanted instant earnings and not spending much time on learning anything. So with that said, I will choose very carefully when presenting this opportunity to any new potential member, but I also realize once we are opened and fully functioning it will be easier to get people excited in being able to join our company and set them free.

    1. Great point, Gitta. I was going to mention that in this blog, but I deleted it. It could be a whole blog post on its own, don’t you think? I’m pretty sure current members will not waste their time on teaching anyone this business if they are not willing to put the education time in, and take their business to the moon! Thanks for pointing that out. It’s going to be so exciting to see it all unfold!!!

  22. Loved your way of saying this is a WE company and not an I company together we can push mountains to succeed. I am looking so forward to this launch where we can help in so many ways Just imagine each one of us taking up just one project individually we can change the world for the better

  23. What a great article Liza.Yes we all believe and are looking forward to the gates of Compumatrix opening soon for all members to flourish and help others succeed.
    I believe our Compumatrix is a Blessing from God Almighty,and pray it helps us and our families live a comfortable life,and goes on for years to come,forever.

  24. Liza,Greetings to your positive thoughts! What Henry put into compumatrix with his best theory is truly admirable,which will shape the future of all of us,by helping each other, we are now moving forward with our positive thoughts.This is the path to success that will take compumatrix and  us a long way by the grace of God.

  25. Liza , you encourage a positive attitude with our business , Compumatrix
    I believe in our compumatrix business or I would not still be here . We seen growing pains , that most business do . in an all changing day to day world. Compumatrix being no different. The timing is right ,cryptocurrency is starting to be main stream .PayPal just came on board. Digital currency … it is our time and our future.

  26. Thank you, Avery! Yes, indeed…it is our time at last. Thanks to our visionary leader Henry, as well as the long-standing members like yourself, we’re going to be at the top of the crypto game someday. We are living in challenging yet very exciting times!

  27. The idea of spreading the knowledge in Compumatrix as in a ripple effect is ideal. But we have to make sure that it is good and accurate knowledge that is being spread.

  28. Great blog Liza, you are so right, there are so many amazing ideas and opportunities to help the masses right here through Compumatrix. It’s so exciting, rewarding and overwhelming all at the same time and to hear the words “when we no longer need banks”, can you even imagine that day. It just seems so crazy but then realistic. I feel that a very bright future is near at hand

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