The Frog and the Prince

You may need to kiss many frogs before finding a prince.
Or the first frog becomes your prince.

If you realize that you made a mistake, and kissed the wrong frog, then you can become like the princess on the pea. (a story by the Danish author H.C. Andersen)

The princess on the pea could not sleep as a pea was placed under her bed, and no matter how many mattresses were placed on top of the pea, she felt it and complained.

Why am I talking about frogs and princes?

No, I am not looking for a prince! And I am really not going to kiss any frogs!

I am talking about not letting mistakes you made ruin your good mood but using the experience of mistakes made to get better results next time.

Some people get caught up in disappointment over mistakes they have made and dwell on the mistakes so that they cannot move on in life. Others may admit that they have made mistakes, and do not care to learn anything from them but continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Of course, we all make mistakes; sometimes, it is a part of life.
I have made many mistakes earlier in life. But it is important to realize what you did wrong and avoid making the same mistake again.

What does this have to do with Compumatrix and business?

I would say it has everything to do with Compumatrix.

Some people deem joining Compumatrix as a mistake made.
They are acting like the princess on the pea. Whatever is suggested by the management, they complain.

But they do not want to do what management suggests, such as commenting on blogs and getting points. The ridiculous game, they say.

All of us should be helpful and do what we can to support our company by participating in suggested activities. That helps us all in our own businesses too.

Joining Compumatrix was for me โ€œkissing the best frogโ€, and turned out to be a Real PRINCE!

No matter what mistakes I made after joining Compumatrix, I have received help to correct them.
In addition, I have been richly rewarded for the small efforts I have made for the company.

I will get a CDAP that will be a one-stop-shop, where I can easily go on to my DEX where my assets are listed on a blockchain.

Our founder and his management team have given us a lot of cryptocurrencies that we will learn how to use (I hope).

In addition to all the rewards we have already received, we have a huge family of Compumatrix members all over the world!

We will all work from the Compumatrix platform with our own business.

What do you think of Compumatrix? Is it just a Frog – or is it also your Prince? To all of you who have not yet found your prince, I say – keep kissing frogs! Who knows when the right one will show up?

About the author

BrittMari is a founding member since 2006. She has many skills and baking and cooking are only two of them. She also likes driving and to travel around the country


  1. Yes I agree with you BrittMari about kissing the Frog to find the Prince.We have certainly found our Prince in Compumatrix,and we do not need to kiss any frogs any more. Compumatrix is and will be our one stop Business module,where we will not need to go searching for other businesses for sustenance.

    1. Thank you, Ali. Yes, I will not search for anything else; I have found the best place online where I can use the Compumatrix platform and work my business from there.

  2. BrittMari,fantastic blog!ย I have been associated with compumatrix for years and this is my first and last prince,we have to move forward with it,because it is taking us to the right destination,there are some difficulties in every task, learn to solve them and reach the destination,the name of this magnificent destination is compumatrix.

  3. Beautiful Write up on the Frog and Prince. Its amazing how you’ve brought out to light about how mistakes made in life by individuals affect us in our day to day life. Not letting mistakes made ruin ones good mood but using the experience of mistakes made to get better results the next time. It’s key to know admit that the mistake was done and move on knowing that you’ll not repeat the same mistake again. In relation to compumatrix being the frog, its a great analogy as to how kissing the frog [ compumatrix ] will Elevate, Enhance, Enrich and Engage ones life in all aspects especially in business. Thanks BrittMari for this enlightenment.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Joy! I may perhaps make more mistakes in life but I will never let them stop me from going forward.

  4. what an interesting way of putting Compu biz into a tale or story — i have been kissed a few times so guess I’m still a frog ?? lol in all my business thoughts never put this story with Compu — but after reading this slowly the light came on — truly good stuff BrittMari — n thank you — n do agree 4E’s —

  5. You are funny, rjh59.๐Ÿ˜‚ I am not sure what you mean by “n do agree 4E’s”. Perhaps a princess will kiss you someday – then you won’t be a frog anymore. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. You have a super positive outlook, BrittMari. You are obviously a very positive thinking person. I can only agree that if you are going to be a part of something, in this case, Compumatrix, you should give it your all or not participate. If you choose to complain, then why bring everyone else down with you when we obviously have so much to look forward to in our new crypto world. It is members like you that will help bring and keep us all together as we work together to make Compumatrix the great company it will obviously become.

    1. Thank you, William Farris! I think most Compumatrix members are positive and strongly believe that it will be successful!

  7. Thank you BrittMari, I would hope the masses will join in. For me, it was the same way kissed that symbolic frog and out popped Compumatrix. I loved the blog. We should all be joining in and having fun. I work full time, and I’m still here. Everyone has 10 min to read and post. Plus, it helps us learn and earn.

    1. I fully agree, Tracy Wight! Most people can dedicate at least 10 minutes to read and to comment. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. Yes BrittMari. I never thought of Compumatrix as being any kind of mistake, that’s for sure. What I see was a mistake was my sponsor who brought me into Compumatrix and then after that left and never came back. He will be at the greatest loss for sure when this all eventually kicks in. Thank God we didn’t make the mistake that he made.

    1. Sorry to hear about your sponsor, Jeffrey Phelps. He most certainly will regret it after the grand opening of our Compumatrix.

  9. Well said Brittmari. It make no sense carrying a load of mistakes which were only indications that we on the wrong track. I found my Princess in Compumatrix, and no more kissing frogs.
    Thanks for reminding me.

  10. Yes, I do believe I’ve found my Prince several times:) I certainly don’t want to become the definition of insanity “doing the same thing over and over that never works”. What a wonderful opportunity mankind has been given; that being, able to learn from all our mistakes. Without this, our sense of accomplishment would surely diminish and that would be terrible as that is such a good feeling!

    1. Congratulations, Janis Reese, on finding your Prince!๐Ÿ‘I agree with you – it is a great opportunity to be able to learn from our mistakes.

  11. Unfortunately I am one of those who find myself dwelling on past mistakes. After the fact, each mistake I made did give me the knowledge to make the right decision. It is like kissing many frogs until the right one comes along. That is how Compumatrix came along. I kissed many frogs ( scams) prior to finally finding what I was looking for. I have never looked back and if I have a question it has always been answered in a way that I could understand and carry on. Long live Compumatrix.

    1. I am so happy for you Maxine Huggings! You are not alone – we are several who have “kissed those deceivable frogs” but then we found Compumatrix! ๐Ÿ™ŒYes – Long live Compumatrix.

  12. Very good story BrittMari, personally Iโ€™ll say โ€œ I found my prince โ€œ.
    With having MS, I knew would not be able to work or even have income. Joining Compumatrix is the best for me as many different ways for income. Get to meet so many different people from all over the world. Always so much to learn from the blogs. Compumatrix is the place where we all come together for the future and beyond.

    1. Yes, Donna Oliver, Compumatrix really is something that almost anyone can join and work their businesses from! I am happy for you – and for all our Compumatrix members – to have a founder and management that has thought of everyone when creating the Compumatrix platform.

  13. I am sure that many of us here have kissed many frogs ( ponzi schemes, get rich quick, work from home, MLMs, etc.). I myself have invested many hundreds of dollars over the years, hoping to find that legitimate tool to make my life easier. I made a living being a school teacher for 32 years, but it was always a struggle to get ahead enough to enjoy many things I would have liked to have had or done. Once I was introduced to Compumatrix I never looked for frogs again. I have found my prince.

    1. You, me, and several others Gloria Gilmore! There have been so many scam-frogs out there,
      but no more of them! From now on – Compumatrix is what matters!

  14. I have kissed several flogs that turned out not to be the prince hahaha, MLM, HYIPS etc, the lessons learned not from any class. Thank you for reminding me that we shouldn’t repeat the same mistakes but look forward to apply what we have learned.

    1. Thank you, Thaddeus Mwanzia, and I fully agree with you about not repeating our mistakes.
      There are so many informative blogs in this area – which members can read and learn from.

  15. BrittMari, I too have kissed a few frogs, but my joining Compumatrix has not been one of them; and yes I have made a lot of mistakes while here; but others have been so gracious as to help and straighten me out and I love them for it; all part of Henry’s dream, people ehlping others. I do believe this time I got a prince.

    1. Thank you, Samuel Crees! We have all made mistakes – because we are human. Yes – helping each other is a part of Henryยดs dream!

  16. Thank you, BrittMari
    That was a lovely blog and reminded that for many years i tried many things that promised much, I enjoyed some that was about helping others to help themselves, but often found that my sponsor would disappear and often the company too. With compumatrix, it has never gone away, it has strengthened and grown but the same people, pretty much, are still at there at the top giving directions and encouragement. But if I hadn’t been open to trying different things that came along, I would never have heard about compumatrix.

  17. Definitely not a mistake I went through a lot to get here and learned the hard way I can say this will be the best golden years of my life when all is accomplished, I know some have left or should I say fell behind but they can still come back another positive about compumatrix.

  18. I look so forward to the CDAP opening where we will have everything under one roof … won’t that make life a lot easier. YES it will ! I have been visiting the Blog for points sense it reopened to do so and posting a reply when I can … I do what I can to be ready for anything when Compumatrix is ready.

    1. You, me, and most everyone else, Lorna Nickerson, are eagerly awaiting the opening of our new CDAP! Kudos to you for doing what you can to be ready for the grand opening!๐Ÿ™Œ

  19. What and interesting way to blog about Compumatrix. I quote:
    “To all of you who have not yet found your prince, I say โ€“ keep kissing frogs! Who knows when the right one will show up? ”
    I think we all go through life kissing frogs – in no matter what we do in life. finding Compumatrix came to me through my princess . My wife. Glad I now belong to both .

  20. BrittMari….I am taking another shot at responding to this blog. I think it is because I feel that my first try was just inadequate. This one may turn out to be the same but still, I am not pleased. First of all, although I realize that we represent many different countries and cultures from around the world. However, I always took the view that we now all lived in the United States. Isn’t that strange? Maybe it is just me that is strange. I think that begins to clear things up, at least for now. However, I know that I have a long way to go!!!!!

    1. You are welcome to comment as many times as you want William Farris. Henry’s dream is to help people all over the world to help themselves, thus Compumatrix has members from many different countries.

  21. I think I found a prince my husband introduced compumatrix to me and I have stuck with him and think it will be well worth it. Looking forward to the CDAP opening and working many years online for a steady income and help for others as well.

    1. Congratulations piscesdeb, both for your husband and for joining Compumatrix!๐Ÿ‘ We are all eagerly awaiting our new CDAP!

  22. In any business opportunity, there is always room for deceit and misguidance. Generally, I know at a gut level whether my choice is right or wrong from the start. If I go against my inner knowing, I will pay the price. I have always felt positive about making the choice to involve myself with this company. Compumatrix is cut from a multidimensional cloth rarely sewn. It is a creation in tune with a divine plan. We rarely understand when we are in the midst of something great until we turn around and look back at our history!

  23. Thank you BrittMari for your blog, I really appreciate your quote “I am talking about not letting mistakes you made ruin your good mood but using the experience of mistakes made to get better results next time” its really true, we should always learn from our mistakes, but Compumatrix was and will be the best thing happened to all of us.

  24. Some people just can’t live without complaining and if there is nothing, they will pinch themselves in order to complain.
    Failure is the other side of the same coin as a success. You can’t have one without the other.
    To make mistakes and to fail are part of our everyday learning.
    With Compumatrix, well we have a leader, Henry who goes ahead leading the way.

  25. great reading and the replies also here and so much good info and looking back at the last dozen + years here at Compu — it is where the 4E’s come from — Engage Enhance Enrich Life and for me the 4th E — Encourage — keep writing BrittMari —

  26. What a fascinating insight. I certainly kissed the Prince when I was introduced to Compumatrix. What fascinates me is there are still those who choose to complain. It seems they want to have it each way but may well have to eat humble pie when our dreams are realised. Can’t wait for CDAP and the financial possibilities that will open up for all of us.

  27. I agree with you, Britt. Although I do my best not to be negative, thoughts will slip in to render me useless. We are none perfect and are products of our lives. We, therefore, do not always make correct decisions. We can, however, forgive ourselves and focus on the now and make the changes necessary. We are still blessed forgiven people, and so we forgive and move on. We don’t dwell on the past, even when it was only 5 minutes ago. Compumatrix has and is the best decision I made in a long time. So grateful to be here and sharing our hearts, giving support and encouragement.

  28. Great story BrittMari. I still remember the day my sponsor brought me into Compumatrix which was around 2006 I believe. He is no longer around now but I sure appreciate what
    he has done as far as getting me set up here way back when and look forward to reaping the rewards…

  29. BrittMari, I have also kissed a few frogs, but joining Compumatrix was not one of them others. I believe this time I got a Prince. For many years i tried many things that promised much, I enjoyed some that were about helping others to help themselves, but often found that my sponsor would disappear and often the so called company as well. Compumatrix has never gone away, it has strengthened and grown but the same people, pretty much, are still at there at the top giving directions and encouragement and for that I’m truly grateful.

  30. “Mistakes” are one of the most powerful learning tools we have. Why? First, we tend to remember our mistakes because we have emotion attached to them. Second, if we pay attention, we learn not to repeat those same mistakes. Years ago, a famous business consultant said U.S. industry needs to learn to “fail faster”. What he meant was, in order to innovate fast enough to keep ahead of competition we had to take more risks on new ideas. Based on my experience of kissing a number of frogs, I believe Compumatrix is a prince.

  31. Thank you for your nice blog BrittMari. The metaphor is spot on. I have kissed many frogs in the years since the beginning of the internet but not one kissed me back. It cost me a lot of money. But I feel that with Compumatrix the frog will change into a handsome prince that will make my life happier than it already is.

  32. You are right that mistakes should be something that we all can learn from. But sometimes, as it is well known in Compumatrix, we should try to avoid making mistakes that although we may learn from the mistake, we cannot recover from the mistake. An example is not following instructions properly and taking an action that results in the loss of an asset. I get that know one is perfect, but some mistakes can be avoided by taking the time to learn and follow instructions.

  33. This is why I try to read things very carefully and ask questions. I can at least try to maintain some kind of control over my fate and fortune and not be at the mercy of a misguided princess.

  34. This analogy of kissing many frogs before you find your prince and making a lot of mistakes until you receive the correct outcome is very accurate. Usually the first pathway you use to try to do something is not always the best or most efficient or productive. And this is ok because it encourages people to be innovative and grow their ideas.

  35. Thank you for this beautiful story. The metaphor is well chosen. So many things went wrong when I started my endeavor to have an online business but this time, with Compumatrix, I am certain to have found the right frog that will turn into a beautiful prince.

  36. BrittMari, I just reread you story about the prince and kissing the frog. What a different way to put and include Compumatrix . Sence I don’t kiss many frog in a life time LOL ..I still believe in Compumatrix . Compumatrix is just about ready to open CDAP, a long awaited time to see our long awaited business flourish … It will be so worth our wait.

  37. I believe that our mistakes define us more than our successes. To make mistakes is important, to learn from the same. I think it’s okay to kiss some frogs before we meet the prince. I even think it is important that this occurs, in order to value the prince even more, when he is found.
    That’s how I feel because I found Compumatrix.

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