The Future Is Bright

David Cry

Our son is 13 and, loves money. After receiving his first pair of expensive tennis shoes when he was 6, he began collecting them, if you will, storing a dozen pair, many did not fit, on a bookcase in his bedroom. Because his mother and I are fiscally responsible, we have ensured he knows quite well, the value of the things he has. This has led to imminent desires. Law School, followed by an MBA, and then a life well spent. He is well aware of Cryptocurrency and now, Compumatrix because, he can feel the future. The other day he quipped, ” I appreciate the fact that if someone I know in Tokyo has something that I want, all I must do is push a button, and a few days later, what I want arrives. It is comforting to know, our boy can see the realistic and easier path for what lies ahead. Well aware that cash will likely allow him to have the grass cut, or a quick bite to eat purchased, his full expectation is that bitcoin will be an every day aspect of his life, and that all of his peers will be completely immersed as well. This has made me better aware that in an ever changing world, we never truly know how impactful anything can be in terms of ease of use. Whether people like it or not, all involved here are aware of how important a platform Compumatrix is.

Since Brennan was 3, it feels as though we have been raising an adult. Highly intelligent, with language comprehension off the charts, he understands well what each person working for Compumatrix does. Sacrifice. When he was 5, his older brother passed away from the condition the international medical foundation i have run since 2000 represents. While sadness obviously gripped him, even more, the awareness that he would be without who he loved, and in many ways relied on, would no longer be, placed him in quite an ambitous position. He has rendered the ultimate in terms of loss. A sibling is a life long relationship. A natural goal setter, once Brennan sees the intended, his focus narrows. Although we are new within Compumatrix, and hopefully gaining and growing, I have already recognized more than once with Compumatrix, that it appears highly similar in function. While my initial hope was that our son would follow many of the exceptional physicians I work with, in his opinion, the law helps everyone, while medicine is highly specific. He will succeed. Teacher after teacher predicts excellent things. One even went so far as to say, ” I have anticipated outcomes for students for thirty-eight years. I know well who will and will not and, your son is in my top five, overall. His future is unlimited for one reason. He has decided it would be.” The similarities between he and many involved with this company are uncanny. It is extremely uplifting.

My hopeful expectation is that if our son intends to purchase a home, car, or engagement ring for his intended bride, that by then, using cryptocurrency creates a true ease in doing so. Our son, seeing the price of bitcoin, on a significant rise, also commented that his true hope is, that regulations are not forthcoming. His grandfather, my Dad, who also passed, shortly after our son, made sure to tell him what I heard a million times. “If you wish to make things more ambitous and complicated, just involve the government.” Dad ran The National Weather Service for the government forty years so he knew. Institutional investment is completely counter the intent. The thoroughness of every person involved with this uniquely individualized institution creates safeguards so the unregulated intent remains. Involving yourself to add to what you have not created, which some governments have tried, offers no benefit. One country is poised to create their very own exchange, however, failure is likely imminent. Cash poor, they rely too heavily on loans of fiat currency to sustain themselves within the realm of bitcoin. Also, a primary motivation is the control and tracking of what their citizens spend money on. This does not fit within cryptocurrency as far as I can see. Financial freedom can be made available to all. Should that pose risk, evolve The efforts made within the realm of Cryptocurrency should by now, indicate that adhering to the initial intent is what matters most. I became aware that in essence, every person involved here is their very own financial institution. In light of the difficulty that many have with lending institutions, and accompanying rules, my hope grows that our son will be allowed to live more abundantly. If he earns it, where it goes and how it is utilized is his choice. Having just turned 13, his future will be within Compumatrix. Already knowing this, he is learning and, already offering advice to me and his Mom. As a father, it makes me proud to know he gets it.
While many conduct themselves today, with little foresight towards the future, I sincerely hope that each person working, sacrificing, and ensuring, is aware, you are not just creating best practices for all of those involved but, setting the stage for a legacy, which is hopefully fully intact for many generations to come. While our son could pay exorbitant fees, and still send money overseas, easing his ability appears to be the priority. When I deal with a family who has a dying son, if I focus on the here and now, it offers little to no solace to any of the desperately sad. I discuss tomorrows. What life will contain. How they will be required to adjust in the loss of their child, and provide best practices for the surviving children and themselves to still live a fulfilling life. It is an enormous challenge. In some ways, I see parallels between my vocation and Compumatrix. Each person who has poured over, and worked to improve, is not just considering themselves. Instead, they see future generations with full access to a better way of managing assets and conducting life. I sincerely hope that each involved is fully aware of how important steps taken today affect all of the futures to come. Exceptional vision yields better things and all work being done today makes the opportunity for better tomorrow’s much better and hopefully brighter. When a pebble is dropped into a body of water, the ripples moving out, symbolize the actions of each person here, and how far reaching their actions may be. In my opinion, based on maintaining the professional privileges I do, I have concluded that the most important element of life is family. To that end, I see it alive and well here. Being a part of this with all of you is joyful. Thank you.

About the author

Jaymee and David Cry live in Slidell and have been married sixteen years. Jaymee works in the energy sector and David maintains an international non-profit. The parents of Brennan, they are pleased to be a part of Compumatrix.


  1. Wow. An incredible story and thanks for sharing. Sorry for your loss and am glad some positive had come out of it.

    So glad your son has the grasp of everything crypto. And that he sees it as the future. I also agree that there is nothing a government can’t do 1/2 as well for 3 times the money. 🙂 We all have a bright future because of the disruption of centralized banking with crypto allowing all to be our own bank. I gave up using banks a couple of years ago and am as crypto as I can possible be.

    Best thing someone can do for it’s future is when looking to purchase something – ask. “Do you accept Crypto?” If they say no, what a perfect opportunity to show them the benefits of peer to peer transaction over using all the 3’rd party processors that are popping up. All of which are useful, but still a card processing company after yet another fee.

    All the best in your foundations endeavours.

  2. I pray that ALL of our membership have taught our kids the value of things including compumatrix! Hopefully your words and actions on our platforms and you soon to be realized profits will draw them to our platforms and their value

  3. Thank you David for the very uplifting blog. Wasn’t the movie Lorenzo’s Oil about the condition of ALD? I just can’t say enough how proud I am to know you and how you have turned this disease into a program to help others. I am looking forward to the day when we can all have the Compumatrix get together so I can meet you.

  4. I am so glad you wrote this blog, David. I have never heard of this disease before, and am so thankful that you chose to enlighten Compumatrix members. You and your family are a bright light in this sometimes dark world. Love and blessings to you and your family.

  5. Excellent blog David. It’s good to have you and your family on the team. I happy that you son GOT it and will be able to help many others. Henry and the team has made it in a way that anyone can
    make it if the desire is there. Thanks to them, the future of Compumatrix is Bright for all involved. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The value of money..Very important to learn to our kids, especially in those early years..
    My son is 11 and am fighting with him all the time when it comes to the value of money.
    I’m also seeking a bright future for him here at Compumatrix, but still a bit too soon to introduce him to it.

  7. Thank you David for sharing your story.It’s very touching about your son who is very positive in his attitude towards life and the credit goes to you and your wife.I am so glad he has such a grasp and knowledge about crypto and Compumatrix,kids like him are the future of this company.I have been trying to get my grandkids involved and hoping they will take over from me

  8. What a wonderful story..So glad your son see the wonderful future in Compumatrix. The sky will be the limit for him. We have a real future here with Compumarix as cryptocurrencies are the future many young people are seeing the value of what it will become down the road…

  9. Your story is amazing, David. To me, the sad component is that as intelligent as Brennan obviously is, it is just so difficult to see a young child basically forced to be an adult during a time of such grief. And, to handle the situation with such a deep understanding and control of all that is happening in his life. These kids are the ones that grow up to be our finest leaders and we never have enough of those. It is so good to know that your family will be members and leaders of the Compumatrix team. How proud you must be of Brennan. I know that I am proud of him without even knowing him. Good luck and best wishes to you and your family !

  10. OPPORTUNITY!!! That’s what Compumatrix has given and is giving me and my future generation to come. As a young bachelor, Compumatrix has created a platform of ease for one to attain financial freedom and yet purse ones dreams goals and desires to not only help oneself but mainly those around you. Key point,” Financial freedom can be made available to all.” The ripple effect shows just how powerful one action can cause change [growth or deterioration] thus leading one to create your Legacy for your future generations which in turn shapes a whole generation.

  11. Thank you Jaymee and  David cry, sharing is a very impressive story,glad to know about your son, he is very aware of the world of crypto,we all want a better future, future is bright for all members of compumatrix, we are all looking forward to progress in the cryptocurrencies.

  12. A beautiful story David and Jaymee….it profoundly speaks to my heart, and I too am extremely proud of the journey your son, Brennan has set his sight on. I feel his success will be a shining example to all! He has picked up very quickly the value of our Compumatrix company and can relate it to working so well in his future. All the best to your wonderful family on earth and in heaven!

  13. such a very heart warming story of working through Pain and personal loss and yet as people who do not stop — we keep striving for success or not as much success as just not stopping — Life has so many twists and turns and Failures and Losses but we must or can not stop pushing Forward — and this wondrous company Compumatrix may just fit that description also ?? great read n great info —

  14. Ms Jaymee and David Cry, you both are such a blessing to me on this blog. I can relate with you on the basis of Compumatrix being the next big thing for our young generation. When I joined Compumatrix, I saw an opportunity for my son to pursue his dreams, career, passions and whatever it is he’d want in life but yet still give him a platform where he can work from the comfort of his home. It’s quite sad as to how people lost their jobs during the pandemic but this company changes all that for all!

  15. Thank you all for the warm comments. When my legs stopped working twenty-five years ago, I faced challenge. Upon encountering boys with the fatal childhood form of the condition I deal with, a disorder I very well could have acquired, I was compelled into action. I have often realized that life is less those things which occur, and more about how we manage all that we face. Offering our experiences here is a priviledge. I truly hope to do so even more. Again, thank you!

  16. Your story is very interesting, I am sorry for the loss of your eldest son and your father, on the other hand, life has presented you with a visionary son. This intelligence and ability to learn will lead him to success. Today’s young people need to get used to using technology to their advantage, not only playing video games or using social networks, but working and seeking knowledge and improving themselves. Operating at Compumatrix requires knowledge of medium to advanced complexity, the success of the business depends on dedication and ability.

  17. It is endearing to read about the educating and nurturing of your son, David and Jaymee. He has a beautiful outlook and a stable mentality for one so young. You have a right to be proud of him.
    We agree with you concerning Compumatrix. The heart of this company is to empower and bless many people. We have been watching the moral and financial corruption of our country for years. We see the morality of spiritual, physical, and economic growth in the people associated with Compumatrix. This crypto company is like none other, and we are glad you and your family have joined ours.

  18. Thank you for sharing your story, it is inspiring to see that some life challenges gave you the opportunity to help others. Most of the members here in Compumatrix are seeking financial freedom and it’s my hope that after Compumatrix is launched it will give me the opportunity to help others in many ways.

  19. Thank you, David for sharing your journey of sadness and joy. It would seem that your son has chosen to bring great wisdom into this incarnation and has chosen the right parents who will encourage him and support him. He is wise beyond his years and I am grateful to see so many young people coming into this world and teaching us to be kind, compassionate but also showing us how to embrace new ways of living and thinking.

  20. Out of your sadness can come joy and immense hope for the future. As new technology advances at such a rapid pace it is our younger generation who will embrace it with enthusiasm. That leaves us older members to watch and be amazed.

  21. It is nice to know are younger generation is understanding the concepts of cryptocurrency and how it works. Brennan sounds like a very bright child I think he will be successful in his future I am sorry to hear about the loss of his brother I lost my older brother last month but I have many memories to cherish.

  22. Yes I agree with you Jamie and Cry that our future is surely very bright and looking wonderful with our company Compumatrix. I believe everyone and members of all age groups will certainly benefit in Compumatrix. We are all waiting to be Blessed. God Bless Compumatrix and all it’s members.

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