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The heart of a teacher

It’s amazing how often Jesus Christ spoke about money and the managing of finances in the Gospels. Many passages can be practically applied directly to our businesses today. Consider the parable of The Sower, from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 13, verses 1 -9 (New International Version):

“That same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the lake. Such large crowds gathered around him that he got into a boat and sat in it, while all the people stood on the shore. Then, Jesus told them many things in parables, saying: “A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. And yet, other seed fell on good soil, producing a crop—a hundred, sixty, or thirty times than sown. Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

From a secondary analogy’s sake, the seed that fell along the traveled path could speak of a person starting a business with a very shallow knowledge of what it takes to run and succeed in business. Many outside influences and forces quickly and easily devour this person. It takes much more than just a heart dream or desire to succeed in launching a viable business. There must first be some real know-how and solid research.

The seed on the rocky soil can speak of a person who attempts to start a business and tries to grow it too quickly without first having some anchoring roots in the ground. It doesn’t take long before they are overwhelmed when met with unexpected resistance, or unforeseen personal setbacks. Long-lasting businesses are rarely established overnight. An excellent strong tap-root builds the strength and drive for the grounding of more root-networks. They are growing something that will potentially last.

The seeds that fell among the thorns might speak of a person who starts a business in the wrong environment, whether that be the wrong location, the wrong team, the wrong timing of the idea, etc. Their business gasps, being choked out by an environment or market that is not favorable to their product. 

Then there are those businessmen who start their business in rich, fertile soil. This soil has the right properties, readiness, and posturing of mind and lifestyle to succeed. Every seed planted in such soil has only one forecast. It will increase, profit, and multiply, securing a sure future harvest! 

Jesus Christ is a trustworthy teacher. It is my persuasion that I should aim to develop the heart of a teacher. When it comes to instructing new, uninitiated (but interested) candidates as to how to take those first steps into our crypto world, it can be intimidating to them. Still, if they are fertile and good soil, they are worth the painstaking tutoring involved in this life-changing enterprise. All of us know family members or people that are stuck in jobs that engulf too much of their lives and precious time. We know that their job is a parasitic host on their personal lives. If they had some way of relieving the stress, or some way out of it all, they most likely would take it. 

Imagine if we had the key to setting them free from their plight? What would we tell them, and would we have the heart of a teacher to guide them through baby steps, into their bright, liberated future? 

In Jerimiah 29:11, God said, ” I will give you a future and a hope. ” We are sharing in God’s heart of love when we are instrumental in giving others a new and good financial future and hope.

I asked myself recently, “How would you begin to teach someone about the ins-and-outs of the digital asset business? What would be the first things they need to know to get started?”

I would not share these things with just anyone. I would only share them with someone I truly trust. My brother-in-law is such a person, and this is how I would approach it with him. He has a computer and knows how to use it, but he is not savvy when it comes to technical things.

First, I would send him the PDF file found the forum in Gail’s corner entitled: “Welcome to Compumatrix (Steps to getting started).” This document takes him to create his CDAP account, get verified, join the members’ forum, sign the needed disclosure forms, and set up a DEX account and a Discord chat room account.

Next, I would send him to the Compumatrix “how to channel” on youtube:  

Then, I would have him open a or account (whichever you prefer). I would encourage him to buy a small amount of BTC to get familiar with how that process works.

I then would have him send a small amount of BTC to his DEX account to buy a little BTS (He is going to need it for any trading they do there, he will need it for claiming funds from his CDAP.) Also, I would have him send at least the minimal amount of BTC to his newly opened CDAP, to activate his BTC address. 

I would teach him about the different kinds of wallets (hot and cold storage). Then instruct him about cell phone wallet apps, online wallets, hardware wallets, and paper wallets. I would also familiarize him with the security measures that he should be taking on his computer/devices, to keep his cryptos as safe as possible.

I would then send him the file found in Gail’s corner entitled; ” How to earn points on the blog site.” This document will take him through joining the blog site and get him started there, earning some points.

Lastly, I would find out who his Regional Representative would be; introduce him to his RR, and let him know how to contact his RR. 

Of course, there is so much more to learn and become acquainted with the vast scope of the Compumatrix ecosystem. Still, these simple beginner’s steps above will get them started in the right direction.

Looking back, I wish I could have had a mentor to patiently teach me these simple things that I had stated here when I was first starting. I am thankful for all the tools now available to us today, tools that will allow us to mentor someone special to us and lead them on to a successful future with Compumatrix! With a clear, concise, and well-thought-out introduction of a step-by-step playbook, we can swing open the windows to a promising harvest of unimaginable financial freedom for someone very dear to us!

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Enjoyed this blog, Jeffery. I believe you will be a very good teacher! Sounds like you have the right events of how to become a member and will stay with them teaching them each step of the way! I can’t imagine it would be difficult at all with you showing the way!

    1. Jeff, I really enjoyed, reading your, blog. And yes, I agree with Gail. You would make a great teacher. I remember a few years back when everyone in the chat was talking about bitcoin. I read every comment. They offered so many opportunities to attain them, but they could not explain what it was and what I could do with it once I had them. Talk about confusion. Now newly interested investors are so lucky because they have us to hold their hand and show them a journey of opportunity for a prosperous financial future.

  2. Jesus was the best teacher and, as you say, taught in parables. This made it easier for people to understand and relate to what he was teaching. I believe the tools we have with Compumatrix make it easy too for us to understand and share our business model with the world!!

  3. I like your reference to the Great Teacher. The Bible is full of great business advice. Channeling that advice into our Compuymatrix businesses will surely produce abundance. In a previous business, one of our leaders always made a statement that I could embrace. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I look so forward to sharing what we have held in our hands for all this time.

  4. Being a teacher myself, I appreciate and understand how a student of any age loves for the teacher to take time and explain a lesson in simple terms. I believe the training documents that ma’am Gail provides are clear and very easy to use and understand. I think your plan for bringing in new members is a very good one, Jeff!!

  5. Very good step by step Jeff, its so simple and not overcrowding the new member, Its very important to explain how its simple to take it step by step, specially that Compumatrix doesn’t require a big investment as start up. I have printed your blog and I will keep it on my file for future reference whenever I need to introduce Compumatrix to a new member.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Compumatrix is made to be easy that even a young child could manage it, but it needs a teacher, someone to explain the steps needed to achieve its goal.
    And thanks to that we have great leaders that have taken the time to write out step by step to follow and how-to videos to watch and Regional Representative to guide new members as they join.

  7. Hi Jeffery, very well thought of and easily followed your instructions on how to open Compumatrix account and proceed from thereon to open accounts in CDAP and CDEX. Especially your suggested ideas to go to Gail’s How to’s. Mention of obligated investment requirements for Cashouts in the future was a good idea and hope your Brother-in-law follows your easy instructions and is an active member thereafter. I am very lucky to have members helping me with my accounts and am thankful to all of them.

  8. Fully agree with Jeff and the basis for a successful company. Having been born “street smart” instead of rich, I learned how to get out an earn money. Good with my hands not with my brain, that came later on.
    There is so much that you need to know about building a solid foundation for a business. I could write a book here but will save that for another day. Having put several companies together and rebuilt others. I like to get down deep into demographics and in the case of a restaurant or hotel, right down to how much does each condiment cost. Loved doing it.

    Our group is unique that we cover the entire world and every aspect from getting by to moving forward when stuck. This blog (ours) helps to remind everyone whether they write or just read everything in here, that they are involved with a program with a lot of potential. It’s a complicated process.

    “The Lord is always testing us,” the priests I grew up around were always telling us to remember that when you find yourself in a spot you likely shouldn’t be in. (It was a “growing up in New York City thing”).

    As to teachers, we are all teaching ourselves or someone else what we have learned. I have been teaching since High School. My total recall came in handy growing up so I used it for everything. A bump on the head racing at Daytona wiped out most of that ability but I’m still alive and happy with what I still have.

    We have a couple of teachers here in our group that are very good at digging down for information and then passing it along. If the advisor I had when I joined told me to trade or buy to hodl I would not hesitate as he knows what he is talking about. That’s a great teacher who always wants to share his/her knowledge. You learn from others so you can teach those that may be struggling. You don’t have to be an expert, but knowledge of the product and how it works are huge assets that point to success!

  9. great read Jeff P — the great teacher is that simple to glean information on how to move forward and also when I look at compu today as opposed to many years back there have been great strides in the simple teaching aspect of our business — and i just have to go back and read some of those wonderful parables in the good book and know both places are great teachings and honestly very simple to comprehend if we give it time and take time to read thru thoroughly — simple is good — thanks jp

  10. Enjoyed the lesson using a parable of Jesus to teach about business, and about Compumatrix. The Bible is the instruction manual for all things, and especially for those who want to live a life for others. A good business must have deep roots, and especially in the community it serves, and if it is Online it must hold to a tight criteria of consistent and honest behavior dedicated to it’s audience. Compumatrix has done this!

  11. Being recently retired from teaching give me a perspective that I share with you, Jeff. Our business is only going to be the success we make it. Compumatrix has given us an opportunity that others can only marvel at. The beginners will have no idea the struggles that were endured for them to have this wonderful opportunity.

  12. Yes Joe. What a unique group we have here of people that are always willing to teach and pass along any valuable information that will help us all. I love it when people post relevant things in the news room and all of the how to’s that Gail comes up with, with all the charts and screenshots. It all plays into most all of us truly being successful at this.

  13. Excellent analogy. Jesus was the best and greatest teacher of all time. Bringing the teachings of Jesus’ parables into our Compumatrix business really gives us a good direction to be able to develop our business on fertile soil. And we have all the tools necessary to prepare this soil for planting and a large harvest.

  14. Thank you, Jeff, for an easy to understand, “How To Teach Compumatrix” guideline. Rest assured, I will be using it for a long time.
    Over the years, I have found that teaching is both an art and a science. It may be many things, but easy isn’t one of them. Most people can give knowledge; in fact, they do it all the time. However, it is quite another to give it in such a way as to create understanding in the receiver. That’s where we discover the awesome teachers among us.
    I love to teach and thought I was retired, but now I’m back homeschooling my grandchildren 4 and 7. It’s a blessing in disguise. The same principles I use for the kids, I use for my friends who are just discovering cryptocurrency.

  15. You can never go wrong when things are explained in a very simple language and wording as you have done it, I like the relationship that you have put across. this will go along away for the newbies. kudos for a good blog, thank you, Jeff. this will help others who want to bring in new members.

  16. Wow, Jeff, you have done justice to the teaching fraternity, you have broken it to simple manageable portions, this takes the message and the intention is so clear, this will be adopted by so many who think it’s hard to explain the business concept and this new age we are in. Thank you for sharing.

  17. One of the things I love is to relate my business with the scriptures, this is great teachings which brings results without a doubt, the simplicity expressed here tells it all, This is easy for everyone to each, have enjoyed reading it, it makes all workload lighter and manageable, the new converts will surely enjoy these teachings.

  18. Thank you again, Jeff – your instructions are as valuable as gold! The one key point that struck me is to be able to be taught by someone you trust – someone who has become successful, someone who has researched the facts and someone who can teach at the student’s present level and not over their heads – again those abilities are as valuable as gold! More blog post suggestions to go deeper in the future: different kinds of wallets and how to set them up, security measures to set up, and how – you are a great teacher!

  19. I, too, am a former (retired) teacher. I agree with your plan to bring someone into Compumatrix. The steps are clearly outlined and doable. The one thing I most agree with is that above all, to teach requires patience. If one is short of patience when teaching, it is unlikely that the student will be motivated to learn.

  20. Jeff thanks for your inspiration and guidance. We can all learn from the teachings of Jesus. Have you ever heard the saying “WWJD, What Would Jesus Do”? Your blog reminds me of this with helping others. I like your very clear instructions of how to introduce others to our world. It can really seem overwhelming but you made it clear. Thanks!

  21. Jeff, I loved this article you posted. The parable of the seeds, as you know is referring to us as the fertile ground that is prepared, and ready to receive God’s word, His truth, to be accepting and believe in Him.
    I appreciate how you applied the analogy of the seeds to someone ready to hear about Compumatrix. Those who are prepared to receive the knowledge and learn step by step will ultimately be blessed. I see you as an exceptional teacher and mentoring those who have the courage to apply and use what you teach them long term. Having a mentor is a blessing. My mentor was and still is Kevin Bowser. I thank God every day for him and his patience. We have a community of supporters in our company chat room, and they keep us learning and up to date.

  22. I agree Jesus is the best teacher I like the way you put all the steps in to join and get started with Compumatrix what a great idea, now you can fall back on this blog to show them or newbies will read it and join just by following this blog outlined for them.

  23. A good teacher sets his or her students on the right path, always. Irrespective of what subject is being taught. Compumatrix is a big opportunity for us and we need to stay connected all the time . By taking the right steps, we learn each day. We need to be on top of all new developments. Learning from others is a privilidge, especially when so many good people are willing to teach us how to be successful in Compumatrix.

  24. Great article Jeff and food for thought for sure.
    It’s not the same to be an expert as to be a great teacher, it’s in the way how we are able to share the information, make it understandable and interesting. In fact it is one of those professions you almost have to be born into, to be your mission rather than just work.

  25. I liked this article because every topic was very clear and explained very thoroughly. Every business begins in different “soil”. For example, some businesses start with people who are already very successful and have everything already lined up for them. Other businesses start from the ground up and have to begin at the very bottom to get to where they need to be. It is up to the people working very hard in these companies such as Compumatrix to make the seed flourish.

  26. This blog reminds of the fable, “Lead a horse to water and he/she shall drink”! But will he or she, really? This is a technical field. If one has no drive, desire or ability, it will be a hard pressed industry to take part in. The ones that take to this industry and apply themselves will be successful. They ones who do not, may not drink. Now is the time to not only lead, but to take the time to drink what you have been led to. Drinking with a positive attitude. Soaking up as much as you can drink mentally and physically is up to the individual. Or not, and you will remain thirsty.
    Cheers and drink up!

  27. Wonderful way of bringing biblical wisdom to sharing Compumatrix to newbies, Jeff. And thank you for outlining the steps for the reader to follow. I will certainly print a copy of it.

    When I pause to think of who to share the business to, names begin to float on my mind, but I still ask the Lord to impress in me strongly and to just allow circumstances to take place for the meeting of minds; for I would not know the motivations of their heart. Besides, when it is His choice mentoring will not be so much an issue for they would have already been receptive..

  28. Great read on teaching the basics of Compumatrix. Those of us who have been here from the start, this has been a big learning experience, the program has evolved so much through the years, it has been a learning experience, that is worthy of a degree or a prize. I hope we get ours soon.
    I like Jesus’s Parables, they are simple, but full of wisdom, the Parable of the seeds is well applied to those who profit from the seeds, the ones that fall on fertile ground and learn and grow.

  29. Thank you for your comment Jennifer. Interesting thought. What would Jesus do. I guess if Jesus were still walking the earth today (as a Jewish man of course) and He was in Compumatrix, I know that he would not only be giving away, the fishes and the loaves, but He would also be teaching people how to fish and make bread. That is his heart. What would Jesus do ? Who would he first give to after he received so much ? Good questions.

  30. Thank you for keeping it simple. It is the heart of Compumatrix, teaching the unthinkable, yet then becoming a master and showing others how to learn with ease. It gives us a reminder of the role model to unconditional love and giving. It becomes embodied after serving others before yourself, as Compumatrix has done for us.

  31. The teachings about money that Jesus told the world in the form of parables are very important lessons and advises that everybody should follow. The world would be a better place. It are universal values and norms and can be found in every religion and filosophical movement throughout history. That emphasizes the importance of it.

  32. what a great combination of learning and giving the credit to where the credit is deserved — so many thoughts we go thru everyday here are based off a parable or story told in the good book — and each moment is taught — take that Truth and practice each day in correct thoughts — it is so simple but absolutely so fascinating — as we put the practices into everyday life —

  33. I am so glad there are people in the company who are willing to be teachers to newer members. I think it is cool to think about how one day I could be a teacher if I stuck with this long enough. It is funny because when you think about it, you can’t be a teacher until someone else passes on their wisdom to you. It is like a cycle – I love it!

  34. so absolutely true mary rose — we only grow when others are active in our circle and help us learn and also become more rounded in everything we look at — Christ spent His Life teaching but the 12 Apostles took that and became Teachers and here it is 2000 years later and becoming Teacher of finances or the Word — is honestly a Choice we will personally make — like both numbers and also Truth —

  35. Mary. You too will for sure be a teacher. I think you know a lot more than you think you know ! As you are around Compumatrix you are getting to know the ins and outs of how it all works. Once we truly launch, I’m sure there will be many wanting to know how it’s done. You will be right here to tell them.

  36. the teacher is at work again — it is so nice to come back and read the blog by JP and then reread the replies and just get the creative juices flowing and knowing full well there Compu is a business that I have had many great teachers and still do is such a blessing — thank you to All — rjh

  37. Jeff, great article, really you are a very good teacher,you have a very true guiding heart,I have read many of your blogs and have always learned a lot,there is so much more to learn from you,there are so many good minded members in the company,

  38. This is such a good read and I am so very much appreciative that i can keep coming back and learning n putting that learn into my daily Biz here at Compumatrix — and honestly with the meeting set for tomorrow and us so close — this read here is a wow moment for me —

  39. Being a teacher requires a lot of patience. Just as in business, there are teachers that do not succeed in the profession because they lack patience. Learning involves patience and time. By definition this principle reflects the awareness that knowledge and understanding is built over time, often requiring a recursive approach to teaching and learning.

  40. I can remember having a junior high teacher that always use to say “I’ll snatch you bald-headed.” But these were in the days where students were taken out in the hall and paddled, with a witness of course. My dad recalled that when he was in grade school, one of his classmates would routinely be beat with a belt in front of the other students because he was not able to grasp the concept of his math lessons. In those days, problems in learning such as dyslexia were not focused on. So teaching and teachers have evolved over the years, which is a good thing.

  41. this is one of those Blogs that does not get old — I read here and see so many great points not just here at Compu but also in Life and reading listening to John right now it is special to know and putting that teaching into biz also it is good and also to know that I can send any one new or old to this blog and the directions can get them started right — and honestly from personal point so much Appreciation for the Guidance and Help thru my many years here also !!!! rjh

  42. Thank you for this very informative blog. In my wanting to share, I have any number of times picked people that I thought would appreciate and join our group. I had a few that expressed interest but when we got to the idea that it took understanding and work to actually make this program work for them they immediately lost interest. I have pretty much stopped talking about it. But thanks to your article I now have a better understanding of how to help them get started.

  43. The example of a good teacher is that he enriches his students with the light of knowledge,there are many easy ways to choose the right path under their guidance,there are many good teachers, who can guide and help in compumatrix business step by step without any difficulties.Thank you appreciate your blog.

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