The Joy of Creating and Building a Business and Ourselves

Recently I wrote a blog about Pencils and Pens/Pens and Pencils. Some of the comments I received from this blog triggered how much I liked physically writing letters. I wrote with my fountain pen most of the time, and with my calligraphy pen, I still have both today. Thinking about these things reminded me of other things I did that brought me joy. When I was six years old, I learned and fell in love with embroidery.

Mother would iron-on images from a paper onto a pillowcase (image transfers), table scarf, or dish towel that I would embroider. I liked the feel of the hoop in my hand and the flowers to bloom, but I was not too fond of the needle pricks. I was working with Mother’s supply of embroidery threads at that time.

Wedding Doves

As I got older, around ten years of age, I went with my sisters to assist the neighbors in putting in their tobacco. With my earnings at the end of the week, I bought the necessary items for the embroidery projects. I stashed the rest away to purchase school clothes and supplies. By this time, I had graduated from simple images to images with more content. Through the years, I created some beautifully embroidered items, many from drawing my patterns. I also loved to paint, and the pleasure of these creative ways ceased when MrArthur began to abide within my joints.

There is something therapeutic in doing the things you love. No matter how minute you may think your gift, it is not. Your talents are unique to you and will bring joy when you exercise yourself in there use. When you open up and take steps, you may be surprised to see what you accomplish in this life. Be it in business or savoring life and sharing with others.

Getting back to my embroidery and painting, the love of beautiful colors that I created on cloth, and then the canvases brought a lift to me. I love to see the different shades and colors that complement each other come together to render a painting, whether on cloth or the canvases, with threads and needles or with paints and brushes.

As with the pencil and pen, We go to the store when we use up what we have, and purchase new ones. We rarely think about how an idea for the items we use came about, how they were made and brought to market. When we run out of the art supplies, we do as we do with the pencil, go to the store, purchase the embroidery thread, needles, and hoop. Likewise, with the painting, we buy canvases, paintbrushes, paint, paint knife, etc.

Abstract Painting Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
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From a vision and dream, men built companies with a determination to bring their ideas to market. These businesses produce items that would fill a need or purpose in our lives and make that purpose easier. Thus necessity is the mother of invention. We rarely think about how an idea for the items we use came about, how they were made and brought to market. We do not give credit to the various companies who have blessed us with fulfilling our needs. We, in turn, have also blessed these companies and made them prosperous from our purchases. Grumblings are made from time to time about the increase in said items’ prices, but in fairness to them, the economy sometimes requires they raise prices to stay in business. I am aware that some companies would take advantage, but overall I feel most have integrity and want what is right for the consumer.

More and more, I am made aware of what it takes to build great companies from the inception and what it takes for them to operate and produce the products they manufacture. My awareness has come about since I partnered with Compumatrix Networks International and have seen first hand what it takes to bring a company from an idea and a dream to fruition. The owner and associates spent months and many long hard hours to render the proposed concept and vision from one courageous man, into reality.

From the heart of Henry Banayat came a desire to assist peoples from all over the world. His passion was and is to bring them into a virtual community where they can build their businesses from home to fulfil and secure their financial futures. Henry’s brilliant mind, his heart of caring, and determination to see it done, has brought forth a new concept open to all that choose to better their lives may do so. We salute you Henry and thank you for your desire to make way for us and your fortitude to bring it to pass.

Compumatrix Networks International is an innovative company that is employing the newest and best digital and cryptocurrency technology to form a dynamic company of the twenty-first century. Compumatrix offers several avenues of creating an income that we may utilize again and again. This company provides our trade tools to create beautiful works of hope and financial freedom.

About the author

Carmen is a wife of 59 yrs., mother of five children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great grandmother to 6 great-grandchildren. She embraced the world of technology and became a member and a committed advocate of Compumatrix International.


  1. Another great blog Carmen,

    I agree with you 100% that what happened on the last 15 years to our company, Compumatrix took very long hours of hard work and persistent to overcome all the difficulty and opposition to take us to the end of the tunnel, and to bring henry’s dream to reality.
    We are really so lucky to be a part of Compumatrix.

    1. Yes Ragai, we are a very blessed group of people with the same hopes and dreams that have come together to build a business for ourselves under the auspices of Henery and Compumatrix Networks International. Thank you for your comment my frien.

  2. True that we do things without thinking about how we got there to do those things to begin with. And doing those things lead to other things as well as improvement and innovation involving the the things we are currently doing. Whatever you do, you will need the tools necessary to complete the tasks or activities that you are doing. As I learn more and more about Compumatrix, I find that the things I need a more mental than physical. While writing requires a pen, Compumatrix requires a computer or a smart phone. But beyond that, it requires knowledge and the growth of that knowledge. I am feeling smarter every day.

    1. I think we are all getting smarter, William, I know I am. The honour and respect I feel for all here, especially the leaders of this company is hard for me to express. We are truly blessed to be educated by them and given every tool we need with sincerity that we may succeed.

  3. Carmen, interesting blog! I really like to play with different colors,bore is never used in life, I never let time go to waste.Like these various beautiful colors, innovation is coming to compumatrix,where we are learning about the new cryptocurrencies and new technology, compumatrix is nothing short of a blessing for all of us.

  4. Carmen, thanks for sharing your life with us. Like any painting or embroidering what the artist puts into there work is the feeling of his day. Whether is happy, sad, angry, their emotions are the end results of what they do. How are you approaching each day? What emotion is driving you?

    1. Ronald what you say is true and as the bible says life and death are in the power of the tongue what we say matters. Also, how we react to the power of the tongue and our thoughts comes through and shows in what we attempt each day. You are a blessing, thank you.

  5. another great info blog on time and how as we grow older and look at different parts of our existence –time always plays the role — whether it is embroidering and arts or like myself and creating food dishes — you just have to be patient and stay on it and at Compumatrix believe we are — just nice read — thanks Carmen–

  6. Nice blog Carmen. The creativity in people is amazing. Some embroider, others paint or build sky-scrapers. Each experiences great pleasure in what they create. Our small grandchildren show us what they drew for us with great delight and then explain what they had in mind when creating the picture. Then others create an incredible business with 0s and 1s and letters not many understand. Go ahead and create.

  7. Carmen your blogs are always very interesting! Thank you for sharing your story !!! We really use a lot of things and in almost 100% of the cases we don’t stop to think about how it was invented … But I imagine how much it must have been and is being hard work for Henry and his team to develop Compumatrix to the point of becoming a great company for all of us! The time is coming for us to enjoy all of this, with great gratitude to everyone involved!

  8. Stunning pictures, Carmen….your skills are amazing and the results are beautiful! It is wonderful how people can release and express their creative skills whether it is in the craft area, music, etc. or rather it is in creating a business. Not just any business but a cutting edge business than spans the world which is what Henry along with his partners and staff has accomplished! Thanks to all for making our world a better place for humanity!

  9. You said, Carmen, “There is something therapeutic in doing the things you love.” I couldn’t agree with you more. How much joy, satisfaction, and pleasure we get from just doing the things that we enjoy doing. I know that so many people hate their jobs, but from time to time we do find those folks who absolutely just love what they are doing. The Bible says that there is nothing better than for a person to enjoy their work and find satisfaction in their toil. This is the gift of God.

  10. This beautiful blog reminds me of my growing up, the seedling I loved planting, watching them grow, preparing the soil, watering them, the daily care, and dedication were never in vain, doing what you love brings lots of satisfaction, the results are amazing, Its true, company developing to giant takes time, the result s are freedom, financially.

  11. Hard to believe that it’s been 15 years already. From the old PSX days to something as huge as Compumatrix will be in a very short time. Dreams come with obstacles and there were so many. Faith has seen us through and not quitting. I work with others on a separate project and show people how to build with that as well. From start to finish, taking the long way, it will be 13 months before the “cap is put on the top” so to speak. When people say – Wow – 13 months – That’s a long time… I simply ask them if the time is going to pass anyway. Always the answer is yes.
    The secret is in the not quitting. The time is going to pass anyway, so dreams and businesses like Compumatrix will always come out on top. Just takes perseverance and action. I haven’t seen a development team work as hard as the combined efforts of our team, right here.

    Keep the faith and do what we love to do

  12. My mom taught me how to crochet while I was watching tv she said why don’t you crochet while you watch tv I thought what a great idea and before I knew it I had crocheted 5-bed spreads and then I learned how to knit and also macrame hanging basket I even did weaving. So being creative does pay off, one of the things I like about compumatrix is all the avenues you can take, trading,, blogging, and there will probably be even more.

  13. Thanks for sharing that story, Carmen. I agree that we all have talents that we can use not only for our own enrichment and entertainment, but we also have ideas and talents that we can contribute for the good of others. Henry is and has been ahead of his time. He has been creating a business that is so new and innovative that it has taken some of us long to fully understand it. We continue to learn about Henry’s creation and are lucky to be a part of it.

  14. I must say: your story on how you learned the intricacies of embroidery is the perfect description of what a cryptocurrency-based business pioneer and innovator undoubtedly faces as he/they endeavour to sew all the myriad pieces together into a whole, working platform. Part of it is plain science, part mathematics, part engineering and part creativity and art. And let us not forget to add, much of it is TIME and FORTITUDE….all of it stitched together to form an exquisite tapestry of which we are even now, eagerly anticipating the unveiling and revelation.

  15. Thank you, Carmen, for the blog. It makes me think of growing up and spending all the time with my Grandma and Grandpa. I use to fidget all the time as a kid, so my grandma taught me to knit. I loved it then, and now I laugh at how she tricked me. Have love that

  16. Carmen what a talent you have. It takes some passion to do that and it looks so lovely.
    Yes also in our business the long road seems to be finally come to fruition after all those years of changing and improving things to be ready to open the gates and share it with others.

  17. Thank you Carmen, I love colour and the impact it has on us. I often see colours in the aura of people and it tells me much about their passion, emotions and thoughts. Recently I have taken to painting pictures by numbers in acrylic paints, It takes me to a relaxed space in my mind and helps me to recharge my batteries.

  18. Very nice blog Carmen. I loved how you told about your love for embroidery, writing, and painting, and incorporated it into building a business, and how all of that coincides with Compumatrix and how one man, Henry has been able to bring it into fruition with his vision. Indeed, we all who are on this journey with Henry are forever grateful.

  19. That was a great article about inspiration on the art of creating. My mother, I know, had to pull her hair out in frustration as the ability to knit or crochet was lacking in my genes. I would try hard so I could make her happy but my creations were just awful. She finally gave up and realized that I loved her creations but it was not for me. I was a better idea person. I came up with many good ideas that were laughed at by others, but then were created by other people many years later, like the idea of a retirement village that included retirement homes, assisted living homes and long term care. Many more of my ideas that were just before their time. At the time I had the idea but no money and the people I talked to just laughed or scoffed at my idea.
    So, I can appreciate Henry’s idea of making it possible for women with families to be able to work from home and make a decent living. To me it is the idea of freedom. Freedom to be home and be independent, to make your hours work for you and give you the ability to meet your and your family’s needs and then to be able to introduce it to others who are interested.

  20. Yes I agree with you Carmen Compumatrix is employing the best digital and crypto currency technology to help members earn a decent income working online from the comfort of their home.And mainly as many have lost their jobs due to the prevailing virus,Compumatrix is a saviour in this regard.

  21. Yes Carmen, the key is doing something you’re great at and feel passionately about, to channel your unique abilities to create a product and eventually launch a business that lets us become financially independent.
    And today we’ve got tools that make it easier then in the past.
    Recently I read somewhere that it’s not only originality but actually it is simplicity that is the most powerful idea in business.

  22. My daughter loves to knit. Actually, I am wearing a hat that she knitted for me last Christmas. She knitted a colorful mosaic square blanket. It is absolutely beautiful. And it reminds me of Compumatrix. Each square was a labor of love and methodically stitched together. There was no rush to get it done, as it was done correctly. I watched her undo an entire square and start over, just like Compumatrix. It was a lesson in patience to perfection. Thank you, Carmen, for another delightful blog.

  23. Thanks Carmen. Wonderful article. I agree, building a business and witnessing that process from idea and dream into reality is really an amazing process. The passion that drives people and that vision, become contagious and inspiring to all that join in. When you can see the possibilities, the vision and BELIEVE, just like the founder, you are in the flow of that passionate energy. It is exciting to see!!

  24. Carmen, thank you for your beautiful blog and small insight to your young life.Some times the simplest things in life can be most rewarding. For me as a preteen is was marbles, and baseball, but with you a life time hobby was created. In my opinion a hobby as you described can be very healthy in many ways, especially hobbies that help you relax and allow you to continue with in adult hood. A great blog as usual.

  25. When I was about 8 years old, I loved to pick al rose from my Mother’s rose garden and make her a corsage to wear the next Sunday. My love for beautiful flowers has never left me. After high school graduation I trained to become a florist and opened my own “wedding” business from my home. I was very busy for a few years and I loved every minute of it. I have albums of bride and brides maids bouquets that I created. I gave it up to marry and have a family, but I still can’t resist working with flowers. In fact my father is building me an octagon shaped greenhouse and I can hardly wait to get in it and begin to plant seeds and create bouquets to enjoy.

  26. Thank you Carmen for your inspiring words. I had a business of my own that I built from scratch to a very successful. It has given me a lot of satisfaction to shape the whole process to success and indeed I am convinced that it made me a better person.

  27. Carmen I believe you just re-inspired me to start calligraphy. 20 years ago I wanted to learn how to do calligraphy good enough to address my wedding envelopes. Well 20 years have gone by and I still have not taken up this hobby! You and the entire Compumatrix team continue to inspire me everyday. Its such a hard working team.

  28. When I think of embroidery, I think of all the many different kinds of colors and pieces that come together to make a beautiful final product. Comparatively, Compumatrix is made of multi-cultural members that come together in places such as the discord. Various people come together and establish bonds and connections that help to form a strong membership foundation for the organization.

  29. I am very appreciative virtual community that is available here at Compumatrix. I am glad that Henry has been so determined through the years to make sure the Compumatrix dream becomes a reality.

  30. this is so informative of a great blog and the replies are so fun to read thru and just in a sense look back a bit and see the road traveled and so much for HJB and Crew to stick to this Dream and get us so close to Fruition and so much success already — just awesome for All us — and this read is so nice —

  31. Another great blog Carmen and the pictures are stunning, your skills are amazing and the results are beautiful! It is wonderful how people can release and express their creative skills whether it is in the craft area, music, or rather it is in creating a business. I am glad that Henry has been so determined through the years to make sure the Compumatrix dream becomes a reality.

  32. The Joy of Creating and Building a Business and Ourselves .. Nice blog Carmen .. I myself have loved and grew my business over time ..I liked and enjoyed watching my business grow and develop. Now I feel I will have the same feeling watching Compumatrix grow and develop in frot of my eyes ..

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