The Most Important Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin

Everybody has known about Bitcoin, regardless of whether they don’t completely get it. There are various digital forms of money other than Bitcoin. As per Wikipedia, there are 19 dynamic digital currencies, and the greater parts of these were released over the most recent few years. records 100 cryptographic forms of money. Numerous specialists who accept the numbers will keep on climbing.

Bitcoin has an impressive head start on different contributions. A few cryptographic forms of money are slight minor departures from the Bitcoin stage and might be increasingly appealing to ordinary budgetary organizations.

The first digital currency to be invited by the financial business will probably rule the market. Which one will it be? Just the future will uncover the one that beats the competition.

Right now, these are the best five cryptographic forms of money after Bitcoin:

1.         Ripple. Wave has a market capitalisation of almost $150 million. For examination purposes, Bitcoin is nearly $5 billion. This cryptographic money was discharged in 2012 and was making strong advances in the financial business and instalment systems.

•           A “Bitcoin Bridge” grants Ripple cash holders to make instalments to Bitcoin clients while never holding Bitcoins themselves.

•           Some monetary specialists accept that Ripple will, in the long run, overwhelm Bitcoin and turn into the prevailing computerised money.

2.         Litecoin. Litecoin is the third biggest digital money with a market top of $137 million. Charles Lee, a previous Google representative, discharged Litecoin in 2011. This digital money is fundamentally the same as Bitcoin.

•           Litecoin offers a few upgrades when contrasted with Bitcoin, remembering a higher breaking point for the most extreme number of coins, improved UI, and quicker exchange endorsements.

•           Several trades grant exchanges of Litecoin with Bitcoin clients and different customary monetary standards, including US dollars, Euros, and Chinese Yuan.

3.         Ethereum. The Ethereum showcase is a large portion of the size of Litecoin. Ethereum is trying to see, in any event, for the specialists. Ethereum consolidates the blockchain innovation of Bitcoin with a programming language. This stage allows the development of new applications to be created.

4.         Dash. Run was begun in 2014 as XCoin. You may have known about XCoin or Darkcoin before they were rebranded to the name Dash. Run is about one-tenth of the size of Litecoin at $14 million. There are as of now 6 million Dash coins available for use.

•           Dash transactions are more private than those of the previously mentioned currencies. Inputs from multiple users are needed to complete a transaction. Multiple identical outputs are also generated. These identical inputs and outputs shield the location and identity of the true parties.

5.         Dogecoin. Dogecoin has roughly a similar market capitalization as Dash. In any case, Dash as of now has 6 million coins available for use contrasted with the 102 billion coins of Dogecoin! This digital currency began as a joke, however immediately built up a reliable after.

•           Coins are delivered rapidly and have next to no esteem, generally $0.0001 per coin.

•          The Dogecoin users have been actively involved in raising money for specific causes, including the Jamaican Bobsled Team, a NASCAR driver, and building a well in Kenya.

•           Several online trades exist to support those that desire to utilize Dogecoin.

•           The cryptography innovation utilized is like that of Bitcoin and Litecoin and uses a private and open key framework.

•           There is no restriction on the quantity of Dogecoins that can be delivered. In excess of 5 billion coins are relied upon to be delivered every year.

There’s more going on in the digital money world than just Bitcoin. Be that as it may, Bitcoin is the most seasoned and most notable cryptographic money in presence. The current Bitcoins available for use are worth more than the entirety of the different cryptographic forms of money joined. It will be fascinating to perceive what’s on the horizon.

About the author

Santosh Kumar Linga, is young and dynamic person. He learnt writing and blogging from his uncle Krish (Murali Krishna Akilla), who is a very active member of Compumatrix.


  1. Good points Santosh. However, I don’t quite agree on those coins necessarily for being the most important ones after Bitcoin. I do get your point! We should have a variety in our wallets to expand our holdings and grow our portfolios. I do like some of those but also like Grin and Beam and a coin called Divi too.

  2. I started with Bitcoin. I bought every month a little. I started when the bitcoin price was around $ 350,- . Never sold any of it and my wallet looks very nice. A hardware wallet of course. But I also started to buy other coins that looked promising and in that way I diversified the wallet. I added: ethereum, digibyte, enjin, cmo and Cardano. The last one is very promising in my view.

  3. Hi Joop. I have been looking at Cardano too. I agree it does look like it would be something worth owning and hodling. I also like Ethereum, Divi, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ChainLink, Binance Coin, EOS and of course Grin and Beam. I guess Santosh’s blog is more about an opinion of what he prefers and that’s fine. It is all about choice and preference.

  4. Santosh, I respect your opinion and think it is a good use of our time to learn about cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. As the adage goes; The more we learn, the more we earn. However, I don’t agree with “ records 100 cryptographic forms of money.” CoinMarketCap shows more than 5700 cryptocurrencies listed and a Top 100 List, ranked by their market caps. Thank you for posting this informative Altcoins overview.

  5. Nice to see what others in our group are looking at. For me, I go after whatever we have in our assets and add to my wallet. I noticed early on that if you have some of the coins preferred by Henry and the team, the value can fatten your wallet up considerably. I feel comfortable with what we have for now.

    I do look forward to adding new coins that have the potential to increase in value down the road but for now will stick with our asset program until we have more value. I hope to see someone from our group hold a Zoom or two about which coins we should look at (as a suggestion of course) and why hold them.

    I realize there are hundreds of presentations online however, I’m more interested in our program and seeing it grow. Thanks Santosh and fellow travelers.

  6. I like this article because main when I think of cryptocurrencies usually only Bitcoin comes to mind. If Bitcoin has changed the world so much and has the power to innovate the monetary system everywhere, maybe these other coins could also. Educating ourselves on the different types of coins can only benefit us in the case that some of them start to take off.

  7. I have wondered where all the different crypto coins will be in the next few years. There must be criteria that sustains them on the market. Some may be used in certain areas for specific purposes, while others may rise to the top to give a beneficial dependable currency for the world. Bitcoin, which I know and understand, is still #1, how does it stay thus? I know other companies are coming to the fro and may surpass Bitcoin. Thank you for your article.

  8. Bitcoin is my number 2 cryptocurrency right now. My number one is CBTC. I am just beginning to see what Bitcoin can do for me but I am of a better understanding regarding the value of CBTC in my life and my family’s future. As Gail mentions above, I like what the Cardano community is doing. I plan to invest in XRP for the short term because this is one coin that I do not trust. Too Centralized for me!

  9. All coins and tokens serve a purpose, from doing a favor to humanity to selfish purposes.
    It is the community that follows that determines its success or failure.
    I follow two coins that are developed by Costarrican devs. Nimiq (NIM) which developed The browser-first blockchain approach and has its own ecosystem of apps. The second one is DIVI (DIVI) with its slogan “Crypto Made Easy” bringing cryptocurrency to ordinary users by making it more user-friendly and reducing user error.

  10. it is very interesting to read this blog and replies — so much to monitor and research and take action if you find a comfort level in any of these crypto currencies — I know from personal standpoint I have much more research in any of these alternatives to fiat — taking action in research is my first action learning as I study –thanks for the expert analysis around here — rj

  11. When you use the brave browser there are ads in the lower right hand corner you can click on and earn BAT crypto, in some of these ads it will take you into the world of crypto…. there are some I have never heard of and exchanges as well makes me curious as I click through them and some look very good I may experiment a little when funds come through. What is good about it you can always start small or just hodl and see what happens but my main focus will always be Compumatrix

  12. it is an ever expanding arena in this crypto world and if you can be fortunate enough to find that next Bitcoin and make that find a permanent success then you will be in that select few of over succeeders ?? but I also am a bit hesitant also in that how many over the last 15 years have thought they were BTC but are no where to be found ?? just hope most will look deep and start small — and not put all eggs in that 1 basket ??

  13. I’m amazed at how many cryptocurrencies have been created in the short time that Bitcoin has been around. Which ones will turn out to be the most important remains to be seen, but the list in this article is arguably a good start.

    I look forward to the day in the future when some of our Compumatrix, Tradeceeds, and BitsharesLabs Inc. assets are on the list. Even though they are not there yet, to me, COMPUMATRIX.BTC, COMPUMATRIX.USD, EURCX, and BLINC are the most important cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

    1. Good Day Kevin , reading your posting here , I fully agree ,there are so very many cryptocurrencies out there. So many I just don’t know what to choose to invest in out there on the market ,Except the top 4 or 5 . I do like our own cryptocurrency in Compumatrix , Bitsharelabs and also Tradeceeds as well … I got some BLINC ..Looking forward to CSC to start up … CDAP to open soon , Crypto currency has never looked so good to me.

  14. Even though there are many altcoins and more still be released, bitcoin still leads the pack. It is however wise to research the other coins because some them may present the opportunity to scale ones wealth if one owns them. Bitcoin and the altcoins are more a wealth storage vehicle than money as of now. This may change as more people learn of and use these coins. They also may be opportunities to invest a little and gain a lot. At one time bitcoin was 10 cent a coin. now one bitcoin is over USD$8000.00.

  15. I appreciate your blog. I had joined crypto trading clubs and researched the top 5 upcoming coins from newsletters. All of the exchangers have phone apps that feature top gainers or 24 rankings, however, my heart still remains to my Compumatrix cryptocurrencies and Compumatrix bundles. I feel the Compumatrix bundles are a blessing for any newbie investor or an experienced trader.

  16. What happened to Ripple for instance?
    They were very promising when they came and backed up because of the way they operate, but they haven’t gotten anywhere?
    I noticed that it spiked to $3,5 in 2018 and most “experts” thought this currency would explode like it did for bitcoin..
    Many cryptocurrencies are undervalued and there’s a lot of money to make there!

  17. It is always good to know what is going on as a whole in the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin was the start of it all, but other altcoins are moving into the cryptocurrency space and making waves. I equate this to how Yahoo was the start of web browsers and then Google came in and took over the space.

  18. What a great overview of the big players in the crypto currency world. What really interests me is how you mentioned Litecoin (LITE). Litecoin is now up significantly since the time this blog post was written! This shows what big strides are being made in the crypto currency world – exciting stuff!

  19. It is good to know that from this article we are able to draw more information and importantly, opinions from leaders in the Compumatrix community who are more knowedgeable on the subject. Their thoughts about certain coins help us to develop our own perspective and choice. When the light goes green, with some discerning I will know what coins to add in addition to what is already available in my dex.

  20. Thankfully, it was Compumatrix that brought my attention to cryptocurrency and its possibilities. I remember the early days with Kevin giving me instruction. It felt like learning braille. I believe the cryptocurrency coins’ longevity will be determined by their scalability. Regardless of which coin is on top at the moment, we are pioneers on this cryptocurrency journey and diversification may indeed be the key.

  21. This is a very interesting article and useful for me. I only possess some bitcoin but I want to diversify with other coins and tokens. This article is a good start to learn more about them. For sure I’ll buy some more cryptos in the future. Maybe already very soon because I want to invest some of the revenues of Compumatrix (after it has opened the doors) in other cryptocurrencies.

  22. good information here and thanks Santosh — this info is important to me as I grow in business understanding also have to have a plan for future as we become successful here at Compu and definitely want to expand the different avenues to expand and grow — and having access to other forms will be good in my opinion —

  23. You seem to know what you are talking about Santosh. I did not know any crypto currency before I joined Compumatrix. Subsequently, we have been introduced to new cryptocurrencies as we go along. I thank Compumatrix’s management and staff for not having to know everything about how these cryptocurrencies were created, and I’m completely happy to know that they are in my DEX.

  24. this is good info in this blog and replies and also as you look to the future you must always see where you have traveled and hope the lessons learned will be a help in the Success for you in the coming time — Life is so fun when you put more than just one or two things into — never stop looking for Truth very much in the Crypto world — a new look almost every day —

  25. Thank you,Santosh, Very informative article about different cryptocurrencies,the deeper you understand the world of crypto, the more you sink into it,because we are all connected to the world of crypto now, it is very important to understand it,I think it’s important to know all the cryptocurrencies you’ve mentioned,Bitcoin is still the center of attention.

  26. It is good to see how bitcoin has currently been rising in value. My regret is that I did not have the knowledge to stock up on it when it was very low in price to get. The blog provided very useful information about Litecoin and how at the time written, it is the third biggest digital money. The article also provides useful information about Dash and Dogecoin to gain familiarity with it.

  27. Although the price of bitcoin has significantly risen, it could still possibly be purchased in low amounts. Even purchased in low amounts the possibility exist that a profit could be gained from it if it continues to rise or rises higher than it was purchased for.

  28. Santosh , Thank you for your very interesting blog on Crypto currencies . I have a very little of those and no XRP … not sure on that one for what I have been hearing. but everyone has their favorite cryptocurrency . I also have not dabbled in any others . The little I have has grown and it is exciting to watch it grow ,, for my tiny little investing I did do.

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