The “New Normal”

This last winter and into springtime has brought about for the world seemingly a great upheaval of relationships. These range through the social, the business, the financial, the educational, the religious and other modes of how we are to operate in an ongoing forward movement of adjustments and methods. One individual observed, “how long will we be a masked community?” Some even ascribe it as entering the “new normal” to which I do not fully ascribe. My analysis is that we as a society need to “reset” ourselves to what is really of value for our lives. A type of rebirth.

Years ago my parents said to me “stuff and having things are not going to make you happy or satisfy you in the long term”. So if the pursuit of things, “toys”, money, and possessing them are not the keys to satisfy one then in what way do I need to rethink things in my life, or do a reset. I very wise man once said, that all mankind were like “sheep gone astray” with no “shepherd” seeking to find their own way. So today we might say “finding” their own way has been mostly unsuccessful.

It appears that the challenge for most today is twofold:

1. Maintaining the pace of change. The word “change” can extrapolate into several meanings or definitions mainly because it is somewhat of a subjective word. For example, if I say you are going to have to change the time on the clock, that is pretty specific. But if I say you are going to have the change your eating habits or the way you dress or even the way you work these changes can be of several less specific modes.

Thus we all are faced with a varied number of things that need changing for each of us, demanded no less because of world conditions in the Health world systems, the financial world system, the social world system, even those at school and home. And then of course, we have the inundation of Hi-tech modus operandi changes that are part of every day.

The main thing here is to realize that it is a personal challenge and it can not be passed on to be someone else’s responsibility to take care of me to adapt to all these changes.

2. After Covid-19 it is said we will have to go to a “New Normal”.

Now let me ask you this question:

What has been normal for the last 40 years or so? It seems to me that everything has been changing through several “normals” of lifestyle. As one considers all the factors in the hi-tech implementation unfolding in all these gadgets or tools to supposedly help make everyday life easier and simpler one might ask where is all the normal. All these handheld devices and toys that will do all the work for you. You just have to speak into it directions or just tap on a key and voila it is all done, “fait accompli”.

So what we express as normal half a century or more past looked forward to things as nothing but a dream. People were thinking this is like a dream world or a science fiction story.

So what we think as being normal for the last several decades was never normal 5 or 6 decades ago.

Thus what we define as normal is only that part of life that we were used to and not really challenged by nor attributed to stress and strain on our lifestyle or mindsets.

So what is the conclusion then that we must draw upon in our thinking so that we can adapt to everyday life as it in itself rolls along doing its own thing. Is it that we have grown comfortable and static in our ways and become not ready to take up the challenge of life because we want it simple without any challenge.

A very famous man said this with respect to the changes happening in his world at that time. “Take up your cross and follow me” Yes each one of us has a cross and we are to stand erect and proceed with the life placed in front of us. We can not expect someone else to do that for us. We can not “rest and sit on our laurels”

Rest/sit on one’s laurels definition is – to be satisfied with past success and do nothing to achieve further success. Merriam Webster

To ‘rest on your laurels’ means that you get lazy or complacent about what you could achieve because you’re too busy basking in the memories of former glories. It’s a phrase that continues to have significant relevance in the world History Extra

The real challenge to get to the new normal is going to be how we as people and individuals reset to the true priorities and value of things pertaining to life. We are going to have to redefine the parameters of what truly is valuable in life and what is valuable to integrate and relate with family, friends and even those that may not be so close but still are important, such as Pastors, Educators, or role models for the future challenges. The idea of ‘I need this and that” or how am I going to fund this toy to pacify my cravings is now going to be challenged by what must I do to create a strong community of faith, family, friends, and associates, without any of the allure of what is in it for me. Now today, it is going to be how can I serve, help and strengthen my community that for years I moved round in as a stranger or even not caring about. For some, it will be answering the question, in whom and in what do I believe? What is the best way to build a very solid foundation for my life and faith?

The reality is that there should be no one allowing themselves to despair. One must remind oneself that there are a lot of clues and a lot of answers out there and it is just a matter of finding them. The search, however, must start within. I must search my heart, use faith, and fight off all fear because the reality is for each of us there are only two forces to succeed or fail in life: Faith or Fear. So yes it will take some, or should I say a lot, of commitment, persistence, patience, meditative introspection, and a strong belief system of faith action from you.

While I could say happy hunting until you find the answers; I will rather say become strong in your inner being, your heart core and build trust in your abilities to reach the goal you set for yourself. This can become the “new normal” for you.

That is why “Compumatrix” is here for you.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. David, are you telling me that the motto I chose years ago from a bumper sticker just might NOT fit the “New Normal”? That motto is HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS!

    Of course, I have matured “much” since then and realize those “TOYS” are not going to get me what I want. I love the quote that Robert Kiyosaki borrows from “Bucky” Fuller: “What does God want you to do?”

  2. Faith and fear can not cohabitate. Those two are like opposite magnets repelling each other and can’t share even close to the same space. Both equally strong in force, but one is constructive and, the other is destructive. I’m sure we all have had experiences on both sides of the two. Therefore, we can say that we’d much rather live in faith than fear. The challenge for us to find our ‘New Normal’ would be first to search inside, as David says, and figure out which of these forces have been dominating our life thus far. If you live totally by faith, then God Bless you. If, though, fear has been your “old normal,” then why not decide from now on your “new normal” will be a more positive and constructive force, start living in faith. Practice faith; it could change your life!!

  3. I have lived through this change, so the older generation has seen it happen before there eyes, the two party phones with dials and the first fax machine. I remember some of the older folks wondering how that piece of paper could travel through the cable I just got my first smartphone a month ago. I had the same flip phone for 12 years, and it still works, but I graduated to the new normal. lol We have come a long way, baby as they say. My first computer was an HP pavilion desktop with 250 MB of ram in the year 2000 I am on a laptop now with eight GB of ram. So the new normal is happening and much more then we know.
    I plan to help as many people, and charity’s as I can with my Compumatrix business, my parents always told me don’t be greedy you came in this world with nothing and you will go back with nothing so no need to worry about material items God will provide for you if you follow him and have faith.

  4. This is a very well-written article, David.
    As a rule, people find it hard to change their living systems.
    Most of us are comfortable in our lifestyles.
    When something strong like the Covid-19 suddenly hits us, we wake up to a new reality,
    We ask ourselves – Now, what?
    The answers lies within us.
    When the lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.
    It is a matter of having faith in oneself and realize that a new company and a group of dedicated people, are working so hard to train, educate and prepare us to become the “new normal”.

  5. Change is very necessary to move forward in life.Without change life becomes stagnant,boring and useless.
    With the rapid growth and changes in the new technology we can see our world moving even faster.Specially with the Covid19 virus affecting us globally,we need to see a change in the working lives of people,where most people are finding to work online from their home.
    Compumatrix has helped us mainly in this regard,as we look forward to earning an income working from our homes.

  6. awesome reading here and great blog posting David — as a person over 60 and having lived thru what i consider is many changes over my life — I don’t see change not happening as I grow older and with the virus that just expedites new changes different changes and honestly the internet of the last 20+ years has caused So Much change but maybe it is so subtle we don’t realize but LOOK back over the last 20 years ask yourself and see the many changes we have experienced — jmho rj

  7. Yes, David, the changes in the past few months have been nothing less than biblical. Change is always more difficult for some more than others, but this particular change encompasses our very fiber of being. Never before have we had the entire world brought to its knees by a virus. Nor has our jobs and the economy ever been hit so hard; our food supply shortened, and our elderly mortally sickened. Yes, it is indeed a “new normal,” but I believe humanity will rise to the occasion, and this “new normal” will become just another page in history.

  8. As I see it, we can embrace this “new normal” and learn and grow from it as we apply it to our everyday lives, or we can let it cripple us and break us down until we simply give up. I am a Filipino, and we have seen many hardships come out way. However, we have never given up hope, and we have learned to take what life gives us and keep pressing on.

  9. 2020 demands that we do not live our lives as individuals or as collectives like we have done before. It is essential that we look at life mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually like we have never done before. We need to set new goals with a new way of thinking, We cannot take things for granted, or just let things happen. 2020 offers us a NEW START, and we need to make sure that we do it right!

  10. Oh, my gosh! I was just speaking of this very thing with my Mother today. This “new normal” thing going around the World is based in fear and it’s not what I see at all. We are living in times of opportunity, which means old worn out systems must crumble and/or reset. Challenging to go through, for certain.

    To persist, surrender, not give up on love or buy into fear, and to remember the power of humanity’s golden heart, is the core of what Compumatrix has taught me. We are living in very exciting times! Thank you for writing about this, David. Much gratitude for your leadership ♥

  11. As I get older and having to life on a very tight budget, I’m not as happy as I was when my exotic toys were sitting in the garage or at the dock behind our lake house.

    The New Normal has no real effect on me other than trying to take care of the things that are important, like taking care of my wife. Just hit 74 and watching everyone around me drop like flies tends to lead me into a sense of despair. Being a very social person this is tough to deal with, but I manage.

    Health is the most important aspect of living in today’s world and staying clear of the “bug” is a priority. We can’t afford to get sick right now!

    Staying positive about our current Compumatrix program is likely one of the key factors in our lives and 20 times a day we watch for the Whoooohooooo. Knowing we are close it can come at any time.

    I realize there is a mountain of stuff to climb over for your DEV team and the folks from TradeCeeds and their not giving up.

    For us the Now Normal is us and we will see that happen with the opening of the CDAP. Be positive, stay positive and know that it will happen!

  12. As I get older and having to live on a very tight budget, I’m not as happy as I was when my exotic toys were sitting in the garage or at the dock behind our lake house.

    The New Normal has no real effect on me other than trying to take care of the things that are important, like taking care of my wife. Just hit 74 and watching everyone around me drop like flies tends to lead me into a sense of despair. Being a very social person this is tough to deal with, but I manage.

    Health is the most important aspect of living in today’s world and staying clear of the “bug” is a priority. We can’t afford to get sick right now!

    Staying positive about our current Compumatrix program is likely one of the key factors in our lives and 20 times a day we watch for the Whoooohooooo. Knowing we are close it can come at any time.

    I realize there is a mountain of stuff to climb over for your DEV team and the folks from TradeCeeds and their not giving up.

    For us the New Normal is us and we will see that happen with the opening of the CDAP. Be positive, stay positive and know that it will happen!

  13. It is said that there is never two days exactly the same. What was yesterday is not today nor will it be tomorrow. But we tend to think it is the same because we do the same routines day after day.
    It becomes normal in the way we behave, the way we speak, the way we eat, the way we walk, the way we… whatever
    Just a small change in the way we do things, will reflect in our lives. #Compumatrix to me will bring that change

  14. Well said, David. I absolutely concur with the values you have stipulated as the most important for each of us, whether we actually are awake to them or not. Even I, who have held my faith through so many tests, trials and tribulations in this life so far, felt like I was catapulted into a higher level of trust. I am happy to say that I’ve managed to maintain my core values and standards – much of my last decade have been spent in self-isolation and social distancing. Yet even I feel like I’ve been given a golden opportunity during these times, to REALLY refine my true heart-and-soul desires…and I am committed to them more than ever!

  15. Good read David, I was just talking about this new normal. I really don’t like hearing the term, we won’t be stuck in This situation forever, it’s an event that is happening to us now, like other events in the past, Spanish flu for example. We are adjusting to handle the situation, doing what we need to do for now, being flexible and having Faith in this life will get you far. We have come far in technology in the last 20 years, always something new to adjust to and learn which has actually been the new normal, constant change! Compumatrix has also been changing and evolving and will be into its own very soon.

  16. My goal is to discover my New Normal and in my search for what that means, I am reminded of a very appropriate quote. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the knowledge that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all. From now on you will be traveling the road between who you think you are and who you can become. The secret is to allow yourself to make the journey”. (From the film Princess Diaries)

  17. New Normal or returning to basics? After reading this blog I was reminded of the steps that our family went through to prepare both physically and mentally. Yes, this challenged every person on the planet to reassess their lives and interactions with others. For myself it was one of going back in time, doing things I had previously done to stretch every dollar, every ingredient on hand to keep things to the rest of the family seem normal. Since I already work from home it was carving out more quiet time to work instead of being interrupted constantly. Balancing work with basic duties and babysitting because of essential jobs was never even thought of as an option; it was pick up and do. Helping the transition to home school when I homeschooled my own boys for a time was simple for me. This proved to help others when we shared our knowledge sometimes from 15 feet away and the raised voices to be heard from driveway to driveway made us laugh as the dogs would bark over it. In ways I cannot explain I saw communities come together and rally to support their residents and neighborhoods became once again what we cherished when we first bought our home, community. I believe each of us needs to do a personal assessment and decide what our own New Normal will look like going forward. As for me, more family time, less processed foods, more homemade bread (a neighborhood and family demand/request) and connecting with neighbors to help when needed but not intrude is on my list. Showing and living my faith to all who are willing to see.

  18. Navigating the changes in the world has been part of each of our new normals. We are home more, with more people and less to do in many ways. We have built new gardens, that are flourishing. We have more raspberries this year than ever. We have created a new blueberry patch with just four small bushes with hopes for a future harvest of many berries. We all participated in the building of our raised bed gardens, digging the soil from other parts of the property, watering the seedlings, planting and now harvesting. Weeding has been minimal. But as time goes forward, the novelty has worn thinner. We each work to stay positive, to stay engaged with friends and family, from afar and to be here in our house in a loving way. With teens and young adults in the house, it becomes harder. And yet they are each committed to keeping the elder in the house as safe as possible. They give up get togethers that they see others doing. They read, watch their screens, talk via facetime and engage in new ways. The challenge is staying positive, staying healthy in mind, body and spirit. Walking, cycling, kayaking become the go to things we can do. Sometimes with others with distance, and sometimes just us. Optimism is key. See the future as bright, as positive keeps me going.

  19. very well written David thanks. Don’t need rewards. Just to say thanks. Change is the Spice of life and our lives have changed there is no doubt. We all have to rethink the way we do everything, taking precautions we never gave a whole lot of thought. Some say it’s a change for the good, and I suppose a lot of it is, however, what concerns me is what are we giving up in exchange? How long can humanity go without hugging and close interaction with friends? Are we to become an emotionless society? Do we lose compassion as well? I certainly hope not, but that remains to be seen.

  20. Life is a constant change and we have to adapt to while we are in this earth. The changes that I question the most are social changes regarding our children, family, friends and male-female relationships. Children nowadays act as if they are entitled, many are disrespectful and lack good social manners. Family was a unit a few decades ago and kids were raised mostly in a two-parent family or at least a big majority of them. Kids today are raised mostly in a one parent family and lack the basic upbringing to grow confident and with some morals. Because the family network is sometimes missing they lack good role models like uncles, cousins and grandparents, the kids eventually look for outside support which many times is bad for them.
    Men and women relationships are very complicated now more than ever as most women join the work force and many are professionals in their own right and are obviously dedicated to their careers and don’t have time to engage in lasting relationships. The lack of commitment and living together our of wedlock leave many unstable men and women jumping from one relationship to another. The “me” generation doesn’t leave too much room for compromising, not to mention, small sacrifices to maintain an enduring commitment, or raise a family.

  21. in going to new normal, we will still be faced with challenges and new life changes. And we must be prepared to face that change. But we as people who have the power of faith should not be afraid to face it all. I am sure that behind our efforts and hard work, God will always help us. Along with we have a big dream to change our destiny for the better by hoping that this compumatrix business can grow and provide results and benefits for everyone. And most importantly we are still given health after covid 19 spread throughout the world. I hope in this new normal there will be a better change.

    1. Hello Haryo! I agree, yes, we will face many more challenges in this “new normal” life as we go forward. My mother in law used to have a saying “what don’t kill will fatten” and I’m sure she had no idea how important that statement would be to me in years to come. What doesn’t kill us will indeed make us stronger and more knowledgable. Let’s hope we all have learned to love each other more, extend a hand when needed, and lift our brothers and sisters always. I truly believe the motto of Compumatrix, “Engage, Enrich, and Enhance” goes hand in hand!!

  22. I like you you said David about all the changes we have seen and been through just in the past 40 years. So many times these changes have been like the frog in the water pot that is slowly simmering to a boil. He can’t feel much of the change in the environment but his body temp is certainly getting higher. I think this new normal of Covid 19 protocols has hit us in a much bigger and deeper way because it came to us all of a sudden and so rapidly. One day it was just upon us, and now we deal with it every day.

  23. Great article David! 2020 is a reset. It is giving us a reset into a ‘new normal’ of faith, and love. Also allowing us to observe neutrality with others perspectives. I believe from ‘adversity comes greatness’, there is no going back. For many of us, that will us the opportunity to forgive, accept, and allow ‘new normal’ into our lives.

  24. what a great study reading thru this blog post a 4th time and then the replies from the people here — just good stuff — i do believe that there will be some forced part of a new normal because of the virus just like in America things got changed quickly after 9/11 — and so many global parts cause “new Normals” so as a person who has made changes and acceptances of that the next 6 months will also serve as how much change will take place to be accepted as the “new Normal” at that point — acceptance and perseverance a couple great “ances” to adopt–

  25. we seriously do have to adapt to the changes that have been thrust upon us by the virus — however we also have to realize that even when major changes occur in each of our lives — please realize that all those changes that are forced on us perse’ does not mean those changes are the right changes — so keep in thought process to study the changes and work at keeping your life good just not well just another day who cares ?? stay strong and True — rj

  26. What you wrote in this post is what I have been contemplating for some time David. When I would hear or read about the new normal, I would ask what is normal? I don’t want the negative, hatred, and hopelessness that seems to be overtaking this world. Its time to rise from the dust and be renewed. Your post is right on David. It is we, humanity that was given the care of this earth. What are we as individuals going to do about it? We change our outlooks first, with thoughts of positiveness, and greater love toward humanity. We stand strong for right and truth. I feel we are changing for good as we let ourselves grow with our company. So much can be made better with Compumatrix. So many circumstances can be changed, lives can be made better, now and in the future.

    1. Wow, David you are so right. What will the new norm really look like. That seems like an eternity for us to consider. The possible outcomes in the next one to two years seem endless. However in the grand scheme of things, that duration in time is such a small blip. As things have been changing for the for decades upon decades. For the short-term, if we remain positive and open-minded, these will be the key to finding some degree of success. Whatever success may look like in the time to come.

  27. I often ask my parents if I will have to wear a mask in public for the rest of my life and my parents say they don’t know. They also respond that in Asian countries people wore masks before covid-19 started because of pollution, so they technically still didn’t answer my question. I think right now the world is living in uncertainty, which evokes fear in many people. Living in fear often makes people stagnant, but I think we as a society need to deal with what is being thrown at us. I think in this tragic situation there are opportunities for light – I think new technologies (new fortunes) are waiting to be made in order to make the quality of life better in this “New Normal” world.

  28. The world is constantly changing. If we cannot adapt to the new normal, someone else will and beat us to whatever we were trying to achieve. Standing still in fear will not do anything for us. We must push forward and push ourselves to uncomfortable levels in order to beat this “new normal” circumstance. There are always going to be new challenges; we must rise above!

  29. The thought of change and new normals seems to be a hot topic. Many that I know are making decisions for their families based on fear. Making decisions out of fear is not healthy for us and personally my best decisions are not made under stress. I try to enjoy whatever I’m going through and make the most of it. Many of the comments asked if wearing mask is our new normal. I have to say no for myself. The vast majority of 24hrs in a day I’m luckily not wearing a mask when I’m home or outside. Its only a fraction of my day that I have to wear it at grocery or running into a store or something. I choose to not focus on that aggravation of the day. Life is short, focus on the good moments.

  30. Just a quick comment on the value of a friend, I recently lost my wife of 29 years to cancer and I can honestly say that I would not have made it through if not for the support of a few very close friends. So you tell me how much is a friend worth?

  31. It seems like the world is being brought back to the basics when all that is needed is food, water, and shelter…..and most importantly, God. I believe it is a message for the world to shape up and put our houses in order where many may have been amiss for so long a time. This could be a call for intimacy with our Creator so that we can be aligned to His purposes in this season and will have the wisdom to do the needful. For we have been told that we are around the corner of Isaiah 60:1-2 in which deep darkness and light from God’s glory are occurring at the same time. It is therefore important for the believers in God to prepare and be equipped for more radical changes that might come.

    I believe we in Compumatrix have been somehow molded in our character as we learned to patiently wait in faith. We certainly have an importantly role to play when the time comes.

  32. Over the decades what was the norm for families has changed dramatically, it is now normal for both parents to work and for children to become what was considered 20-30 years ago a dreadful thing, ‘latch key kids’. The breakdown of families and family values became the norm. I would like to think that Covid-19 stopped society long enough to make us realise the importance of the family and the place of each generation within the family structure.

    I believe that the break down in family bought about the breakdown in morals. We need to return to a moral society that is based around the family structure. We have become so involved in ‘wanting, needing and must having’ things, items that are not important, that can be destroyed or taken away with the drop of a hat, that we have lost sight of the real important item, family.

  33. Good read David,As we have seen, many changes have taken place in the world since covid19,change is very important in life,people have changed their mental and physical development according to time and condition,people are forced to live alone,in all these situations, if the thinking is strong and constructive and there is complete faith in God, then the goal can be achieved easily,there is definitely a morning after every night,our faith is strong in compumatrix,which is a bright star in the dark.

  34. The only thing that is “normal” is changte. And the only normal people I know are the ones I havenen’t met yet. Always strive to be better that you were yesterday. also don’t put up with any nastiness either.

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