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I may be crazy but if the saying fits, use it! 

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste!” -Arthur Fletcher

The above phrase should be burned into your mind. Over the years, everyone of us comes up with a $Million Dollar idea. However, we do not act on it! There may be several reasons (starting with FEAR).

I already wrote a fair amount without even getting into the subject matter of this blog!  I am NOT referring to the YouTube video when I refer to the saying: THE ONE WITH THE HIGHER EARNING POTENTIAL

YouTube video: Hilarious Southwest Flight Attendant (minute 2:25)

I AM talking about Opportunity. I have had this idea in my head now for about a year. I thought, what would I say to potential graduates from my University if I was a speaker for a dinner function. At that time, My words would have been centered on this: “DO what you ARE passionate about AND DO something else to BUILD WEALTH”. 

I have worked in some careers that I had a passion for but when the passion moved on, it was also time for me to move on. I wasn’t changing jobs or careers due to the idea of finding: THE ONE WITH THE HIGHER EARNING POTENTIAL. I wasn’t making a change to Earn more but because the job lost it’s satisfaction. 

My audience (YOU) is the Internet crowd. You are either reading this post because you are “Already” a member of COMPUMATRIX or you fell on this page looking for something better for yourself. Either way, you are looking for a new passion or a new opportunity to Build Wealth. This coupled with the concept of finding:


In a previous blog post, I referred to a memory from more than 43 years ago. I had recently moved to Colorado and was looking to own a horse. I had the vet out to give this horse a clean slate of health. The horse had a possible problem with his Stifle Joints. This could have been an issue so I passed on the horse. You can see that post here:  


Over the years, I have honed my thoughts on just what I wanted to do (my passion) and I found the means to do it (COMPUMATRIX). The beauty of the entirety is I can now have both in one opportunity. 

I started this post with this concept: “The mind is a terrible thing to waste!” -Arthur Fletcher

COMPUMATRIX has been long in the making but it is a DREAM that was followed to what it has become today. It’s reality came about because the Founder (Henry James Banayat) never left the door open to FEAR.

F- False

E- Evidence

A- Appearing  

R- Real

Late one night several years ago now, my phone rang. When I answered, Henry was on the line. He was inquiring if I had 2 addresses. I told him the other address was a rental. As the conversation continued, he placed a thought in my mind. I have been acting on it ever since.

One late night conversation turned an opportunity into a BURNING DESIRE. (ref: Napoleon Hill) Not only did I have the vehicle to Build Wealth (COMPUMATRIX) but now, I had a PASSION that split into 2 WEALTH BUILDING AND PASSIONATE OPPORTUNITIES.

About the author

Catherine Martin-Sampson is a founding member of the Compumatrix. She has recently retired from Teaching (Special Education) She has a variety of experiences that she incorporates into her live and let's them flow from mind to pen.


  1. Catherine this is a great blog and hits deep in my heart. I firmly believe that “The mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Personally, based on my passions I try to learn as much as I can on any given topic. The most convenient mode of squeezing in “bits of information ” for me is listening to focused topics on YouTube while I drive to my various accounts during the work day. In the course of a week I can listen to hours of information.
    Passion will help you utilize every waking moment effectively so you can make your dreams come true!

  2. Speaking about being passionate, it works for me. When I was introduce to Pointsharextreme , it wasn’t about bitcoin for the year was 2006 , two years before Satoshi white paper. What caught my attention were prepaid cards called adpacs. Buying advertizing space on social medias was the best idea I had heard
    When we changed to Compumatrix and Compucceds was introduced and we could earn by being active on site . I became passionate on how easy it was to earn and buy Compuceeds , which later lead to obtaining bitcoins.
    So, I thank Henry for not letting his mind go to waste

  3. oh my gosh catherine you are special in your writing don’t take wrong way but darn it is enjoyable beyond belief to read your your thoughts and opinions and it is obvious You and Stephen have been through parts of life that are interesting to voice opinions and also to learn thru experience to do what i say is Right thing — stay strong in all you do ms. Catherine and enjoy each moment of each day — and always give hugs to all in Family– rjh

  4. This article reminds me of a book I am reading called, “Live Fearless: A Call to Power, Passion, and Purpose”. The book has a similar definition to fear as described in this article, but it adds on by explaining fear is like hopping onto a “crazy train”. One bad thought leads to another bad thought leads to another bad thought, and all these thoughts become one’s reality, evoking fear into that person. For one to truly have a passion for something is special. Do not let fear get in the way of your hopes, goals, dreams, wealth, and life as a whole. My takeaway from this article is if one wants to have a higher earning potential, they must face their fears and follow their passions. This article was a great read!

  5. The mind IS a a terrible thing to waste. So why do we? If I am passionate about something but can’t get it to the place where it makes me money, why do I then retreat to sitting in front of the TV for hours drowning in thoughts of “why won’t it work for me? It worked for him”. The overriding thought that I always seem to have is “I AIN’T CRAZY, I’M JUST BROKE!” It really is difficult to live life, follow your passion and enjoy whatever it is you are doing if you don’t have money. So frustrating !!

  6. I like the quote, “the only thing you have to fear, is fear itself,” because it is true. Many people in the world have the potential to be very successful and wealthy with ideas they have, but will never act on it because of fear. A little bit of fear is always good to keep you grounded and realistic, but if fear is causing you to not act or pursue something that is when it becomes a problem.

  7. People cannot let fear stop them from doing what they love and living their dreams. When I was young, I was a model who moved out to Los Angeles from the small town of Lafayette, Louisiana. I’m not going to lie and say there wasn’t fear in me, but I had a passion for modeling so I had to not let fear get in the way of my passions. This blog post was a nice reminder to never give up or not pursue something because of fear.

  8. i am still learning and i actually forgot the mention of napoleon hill what a great read that was back in my younger days — think and grow rich what a great book — and it also helped me as do most of the blogs around here do — stay positive and map out your day and take the action to make that a day a success — and then from there make it a a great week then month and so on — just again thanks for a great read and inspiration —

  9. Life is one big challenge. I guess all the Compumatrix members are in that category. One thing we have so much in common is the strong will of hope. I can say that is what Henry instilled in us. We were able to see the possibility of being successful with a home business. I really enjoyed reading your blog because it bought back so many memories. I never wanted to give up so when I heard that negativity it made me want to hang in there even more, and I am glad that I did. I learned so much and continue to do so.

  10. great reading this blog again — so much inspiration from so many of the partners here at Compu — it is such a blessing to have this kind of camaraderie and sharing — the lack of selfishness and true compassion to help is so much the Biggest part of being here — Henry has done well and so many others have joined him in our success — thank you very much for a great ride and a great read —

  11. Another quote (words from a song actually) is “Love is a terrible thing to waste”. Passion and love can be two different things but can also be interchangeable. Our top man Henry James, not only has a passion to fulfil his dream and ambition to create a system whereby everyone can benefit and pull themselves up to whatever heights they choose to reach, he also has a love for people. There must have been so many times he has been laid low by health or outside influences, yet he doesn’t falter or moan, he just works on the problem to find a solution. Love and passion help overcome fear and doubt, strength of character plays no small part either, put these together and you have a winning combination! Henry, your winning line is in sight!

  12. oh this is a great synopsis and so much good info as we look past just the monetary parts of our business here — there is so many different ways to put this or that into everyday affairs and make each individual business a success — and then we join together and become a network of Success — sounds good to me —

  13. Stepping into a new world of finding a means of higher financial earnings was necessary for me. I was looking and had tried several options, but none worked. I looked at my reason for failure; there was no enthusiasm in me to proceed with other possibilities. I was so disheartened about everything. I had lost hope in my abilities. I was floundering until a friend told me about Compumatrix. As I have learned about Compumatrix and the cryptocurrencies, my enthusiasm and confidence have grown. I am intrigued by this new world, learning and increasing in every way to partake of this higher earning potential.

  14. when i read this again i had missed the Napoleon Hill feature in the end of the blog — think and grow rich — what a great book at least in my opinion — oh so much good business practice here in this blog n postings and then putting outside business philosophy into the mix dadgum it just works and then i smile a bit —

  15. Catherine, good to read your blog!God has endowed every human mind with full potential. The mind should move forward without fear. We should choose right and wrong by using our intellect.Life is about fulfilling one’s purpose by overcoming frustration and fear.What a great potential we have to earn from compumatrix, the path to success is the one we all choose to achieve in our lives.

  16. I was in over 150 programs when I found compumatrix it was 151. I bought my first desktop to earn money online and hopefully work online at home full time, at that time it was not called compumatrix but I started earning immediately and I was amazed because I lost on everything else or made very little eventually I spoke with the owner of the business Henry and had a real heart to heart on his vision I could feel his sincerity and knew this was the one.

  17. this is such a good read and so much to ponder on as you read this posting and then as i go back and read parts a few times over and then there is info that comes to the forefront and then I look at a couple other blogs and it is so much fun to put the pieces together and learn — thank you very much for great stuff here —

  18. Thank you, Catherine. What a great blog. I know people will find us looking for something better, plus we’ll be helping others build their lives by working the CDAP.

  19. In speaking of lasting memories, that phrase, “the mind is a terrible thing to waste,” reminds me of the tv commercial back in the day of the image of the two eggs cooking in the skillet, also representing the waste of the human mind. Back in the day on a television commercial, I heard the saying as “a mind is a terrible thing to waste,” referring to a wasted opportunity for educational opportunities. The opportunity to provide or assist with educational opportunities would always seem to be a good investment or use of funds.

  20. The author reminds us to, “do what you are passionate about.” I believe that whenever someone is able to do what they are passionate about, particularly if it provides a living for them, then every work day would be more like an adenture instead of an uninspired task. A person may be more inspired to work from dusk till dawn, and wonder where the time went, instead of watching the clock each hour anxiously awaiting for the workday to end.

  21. I was handed a copy of Think and Grow Rich way back in 1988. I still read that book to this day and every time I do, I get something new out of it. One of the best Self Help Tomes that is out there. I recommend it to everyone, if they haven’t read it yet. If you have… Read it Again, for the first time 🙂

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