The Power Of Virgin FootPrints!

Definition of a virgin as an adjective: Not yet used, exploited, or processed.

Footprints as noun/ business application: The amount of space on a surface that something needs.

Having defined the above, what does it relate to us as a business?

Compumatrix is a giant with big footprints that will be in existence and reputable, it has taken time, and I consider it’s necessary,

The motivation I have is to lay down a few points to deliberate, which I’m sure, most of you already acknowledged, congratulations even before the doors are open.

 To walk on a virgin path, you need to do the following

 1. Calculate the risk.

Bare land is unfamiliar. In 2006, I took the first steps of this journey. We are still on it, trying moments are with us, giving up is not the option, have known the nature of men is to duplicate what is already working, Henry has a vision, he has proven this is not the dream he has, lets empress it.

Greatness is when you pioneer something. Traveling on an unfamiliar path is a risk, but only those who take risks can develop virgin footprints. Imitation is a limitation

 2. Ignore men opinion

A man is full of opinions, their experiences to some tend to be the driving force, another person’s experience, is not automatically your experience, where others failed, that’s the same place, where others are succeeding, we have families who see us as failures, hope this will keep you focused.

 3. Take the first step

A thousand miles journey needs to be launched by the first step. Its better baby steps in the right direction, than long strides, in the wrong direction. I will say, and with a lot of caution, much of the insides we know not yet, but I have faith unshaken, again congratulations, you are here reading this.

 4. Face your fears

The fact that it’s not yet complete, doesn’t mean it cannot be done, the greatest enemy of progress is you, if only you can get out of your way, you will go very far, I know we have lost valuable members, who contributed a lot to where we are, but, it won’t be long, before what they have worked for, falls to the right people, this is why we have that wall of heroes, that Erline organized, I know my children will stand on a better platform, and that makes me happy.

 5. be persistent

 Persistent breaks resistance, it is a universal law of physics.

Water is not powerful than the rock but, because of persistence, with the time you see crevices on the rock where water flows persistently. Business concepts and life models develop from intensive studies of men who launched on virgin paths.  Some men are living specimens and, they are models that intellectuals are trying to analyze, we are here members of compumatrix.

May you be a living specimen. The grace to pioneer and begin things in Greek is called a “proton” may the proton anointing be upon you in Jesus name, that’s my declaration over you reading this.

About the author

Vincent holds a key position as the gatekeeper of the African Region, representing Compumatrix to the wider community. He holds the belief that learning never ends, in this arena being one of the Loyal member and staff, much knowledge, skills is expected to give the right direction.


  1. A great post, Vincent. Step-by-step as they say. Anything new at first , sparks our curiosity. In unknown territory we are and then gradually we learn and feel more identified. We we move on, as we learn and do. New people and new systems but it will all pay off in not to far off from now. Persistence is the key.

  2. The true basics of success always involves directional footprints. Totally agree that the correct forward movement of the company is taking “baby” steps and in a forward direction. Thanks Vincent.

    Many in our group have faced the non believers, they think we are wasting our energies and funds on a fairy tale. “The get rich quick scheme.” To them I say “stay tuned.”

    We march on toward our goal, Henry’s vision, carrying the faith of reality to the finish line. As the explorers in the frozen north crossed vast distances in the snow, “follow in the footsteps of those in the lead!”

    1. There is nothing that comes easy, it requires a change of mindset, your emotions, and energy will be tested, but the fruits will be plenty. Thank you, sir

  3. you make me smile Vincent especially with your ending Declaration — it is called life and each of us have been put here for a reason in His Name — compu Biz is a work in progress and may be very close to starting another chapter in its history — however if we do or we don’t only time will define that answer — but I do know in the Name of Yeshua — this is a blessing as you are my Friend — rj

    1. Thank you, my friend, I’m glad it lights some of us and chase away the darkness, be more knowledgable to take care of our business.

  4. Very well written Vincent, no matter our age, learning something new is important. I hear so often that I am too old and can’t learn, but that is not true, Your statement; ‘ the greatest enemy of progress is you, if only you can get out of your way, you will go very far,’ you are so correct the only reason we can’t learn or work this business is because we have convinced ourselves we can’t.

  5. So true Vincent. Although we have been following in the foot prints of Henry for some time now, there will still be a lot of new challenges and business principles to learn. I think most members look forward to some training that would help us as a team to keep our core values up and working for us.

  6. I love your illustration Vincent about “water is not powerful than the rock but, because of persistence”. Perseverance is just consistency over the long long haul. And that is what we have had here at Compumatrix. Running track in high school I found it a lot easier to just give an all out effort for 100 yards in a sprint rather than run a pace for miles and miles in the long distance races. This has sure been a marathon, but we are coming out on top.

  7. Every time we choose a new destination in our life, we have to go through many stages to reach it. There are some difficulties in it but we know that we have to go through all these difficult paths. After passing through and when the destination is approaching, the curiosity grows even more and finally we reach. compumatrix  is also a destination of our choice in which many requirements are required to reach the destination as we will get the destination on our own by completing it. we will get to our destination. Thank you Vincent for nice post.

  8. A great blog, Vincent! One of the points that was highlighted in my mind was that you have to be very careful of other peoples opinions around you. We all see things from different perspectives, and it is quite the personal matter, when we are on our own path toward success. It’s OK to listen to others, but always come back to your own views.

  9. Your five points, Vincent give us a great overview of what is required to walk on a virgin path. Love the picture, and I noted how large that footprint was. I’m thinking many times Henry must have felt that footprint too large to fill, but that never stopped him from moving forward.
    The comparison to a rock is very apt….we see many pictures and places where from a rock, a tree or a plant starts to grow. Also overtime, the rocks start to reform into different shapes, changed with water. Compumatrix is definitely like a rock!

  10. I am personally a fan of pioneering, and have found myself in that position multiple times throughout my life. With a “different” way of looking at things, I often found I needed to find my own path – and this went from unusual ways of learning in school, to finding ways of surviving via jobs, business opportunities and even relationships. Your advice about “taking baby steps” is en pointe…it’s a necessity for ensuring every uncharted path is solid underneath; will withstand the footsteps of those following, and will lead to somewhere satisfying and valuable!

  11. Thanks for the interesting blog Vincent. It can take years to become “successful”, with persistence playing a vital role in the process of building a new business. By consistently you improve your business even when you hit insurmountable challenges. Besides drive and passion, one of the most important things building a company is team work and loyalty from them. The commitment and everybody pulling together is what Compumatrix has shown through the years, I can’t think of any more loyal people as those behind Compumatrix and the founding members.

  12. Wow!! I refuse to be the enemy of myself, thank you for rebuking me, yes I agree the learning is key, our social capital and loyalty has helped compumatrix to be where we are today, the footprints to fill in for sure no one can fill Henry’s foot, and vision, we are running on this track till the finish line.

  13. Vincent, I just love you & this post!!! Can I come to meet you in Africa someday? You have described each of our lives, as the persistent members of Compumatrix. We will see this phoenix rise, and we will do what we are here to do. All we have to do is follow in Henry’s footsteps. Thank you, Vincent.

    1. Liza, you are welcome, I’m ready to host you in our land, thank you for taking your precious time to read and comment, we are all learning, our fruit of labor will definitely show up soon.

  14. Vincent this is a good blog. When I started with Compumatrix, I kept it my private adventure. I listened to no negativity, I knew this was the right course for me, and it made me happy. I put my blinders on and focused on the learning and gaining knowledge I needed. Breaking virgin land is hard work, but once cleared is an open slate. Compumatrix’s vision has undoubtedly utilized the virginal clearing in the building of their company. I am grateful that Compumatrix is and has taken the time to implement and keep a stainable foundation for our company. The future generations will be able to build on it as the technology changes.

  15. I like the way you titled your blog virgin footprint when I explain compumatrix I use the term unique business because there is nothing else out there like it that I know of. I have always had a gut feeling about compumatrix and I never quit and I keep up many have not but I think they will when they see what we have.

  16. Thank you sir, this blog is speaking to me, many are the times, I have found not doing your spot on points, I’m learning a lot from you, not only as my leader but as a friend, you have called me, encouraged me and most of the time is when you yourself is dealing with a lot of challenges, I wonder where you get the strength sometimes. I beginning to understand more by your blogs lol.

  17. As a retired Oregon minister, I have had many friends who have chosen to go to Africa as missionaries. Surely they felt that they were about to step into big footprints. Though they felt “called” to go, it doesn’t happen overnight, they go through may steps you’ve outlined. I remember meeting David Morris’s parents who were missionaries, although I can’t remember to what country. Missionaries are a special breed of people, and I respect them highly. God surely has a special place prepared for those people who’ve sacrificed so much.

  18. So go ahead and get out of your way. Stop stepping on your own feet. When conspiring with others to take in their opinions, don’t forget your own. Sometimes you run so hard toward someone else’s ideas that you leave your own ideas behind. Don’t rush so fast that you lose focus of where you are. If you are going to move quickly, you have to do it with care and make sure you are headed in the right direction. Once you pull it all together and get your momentum going in the right direction, using the right ideas, and working with the right people, then you can’t go wrong. Or at least if you do go wrong, you will find yourself in a familiar place.

  19. Vincent as usual, I enjoyed the point: An man named Mark Lawrence said; “Though I might walk where angels fear to tread, I try not to rush in like a fool.”
    This is where I seen the understanding in where you wrote about others opinions verse your own opinion. I too could learn from this, and do more than I do!

  20. Where to? Always have a goal to reach, move forward march. Follow the footprints? Not seen, try walking by faith. Baby steps first then Big steps. Being positive gives you the go, negativity holds you back.
    With Compumatrix, we co-founders and pioneers to this new adventurous journey will be the one to teach and guide all those who follow our footsteps behind.

  21. Thank you Vincent, I believe when you have a big group like this we are here for a reason. We are all connected so working together should be easy. We are going through changes where negativity can creep in. You just have to be strong. Being a single mom has caused me to grow in many areas. I miss the time I’ve lost with my son due to working all the time but I pray we will be making that all up to our families soon.

  22. the five points are so very true and real as you or any of us move forward in this Biz or any biz and life — this ties in so well with so many other blog postings and it is a very simple and graspable read — it is deep n thought provoking but Simple — and it truly does make it understandable and very much appreciative —

  23. You have written a powerful blogs based on the evolution of footprints in the sand. For those that are inspired by faith, I believe the the footprints prayer poem provides a strong example of how a set of footprints in the sand helped complete an inspirational journey through troubled times.

    1. Thank you, yes, the inspiration is purely based on faith, it brings the vision clearly, and sees beyond today, thank you for taking your precious time to go through the blog.

  24. The photo in the example brings to mind two sets of footprints, one a larger set, and then a smaller set alongside it. This is an example of how the baby steps are being guided by larger set of steps to move forward in the right direction.

  25. So True Vincent; all things begins with that 1st step, that hope, and thrilling experience of the unknown! We can have many virgin steps in our lives, but the thing is men will say all matter of things, but until you prove it to yourself, it is never quite full filled in your mine… you yourself has to prove it to believe is completely! had to read it a second time, just because of the good thoughts.

  26. We who have been with Compumatrix from the beginning are, indeed, walking a virgin path along with Henry, our leader. I have seldom been one to take the road least traveled, but opted instead for what was already discovered by others. This is a first for me, but I am thrilled that I have taken the first step and will complete the journey along this exciting and virgin path called Compumatrix.

  27. this is such a comforting read along with the truth that we are on a Virgin Path — some of us have been longer than others –however the Path is still True and I believe that as a Company –Compumatrix is at that point — of looking always forward and Our Journey is only at its First Step (( Virgin Step )) thank you HJB for the opportunity here — keep writing VM —

  28. Hi Vincent I love your illustration about “water is not powerful than the rock but, because of persistence”. Perseverance is just consistency over the long long haul. And that is what we have had here at Compumatrix. Running track in high school I found it a lot easier to just give an all out effort for 100 yards in a sprint rather than run a pace for miles and miles in the long distance races. This has sure been a marathon, but we are coming out on top.the five points are so very true and real as you or any of us move forward in this business or any business and our lives.

  29. Vincent, you painted a good picture of this adventure we are on as we venture into the unknown world to mark a path into this mystic land. We all move ahead one step at a time, some with confidence leaving tracks for others to follow. Hazards along the way that could trip us are shoved to the side and visible for the ones keeping eyes on the trail. Others, not so focused, look for shortcuts not seeing the hazards and meandering, will trip, possibly falling into the tangled web of the brush and vines losing precious time and energy deterring their path or getting totally lost missing their destination.

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