The Term Whale

The Term Whale When It comes to Finance:
In Particular, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

The term whale refers to an individual who holds a massive amount of Bitcoin or other currency. Whales hold enough of any particular currency that they can cause changes in the valuation of that currency. Some whales even manipulate markets to cause a market to soar or to fall.

Very early use of the word Whale was in the gambling industry, where people who would wager thousands or even millions of dollars in a single night were called Whales. One would win untold wealth while the rest lost all they had for that evening of pleasure.

There are whales in all markets, whether it be Bitcoin or fiat money markets, but centralized markets have rules and guidelines to stabilize them and make them less volatile. This centralization allows these whales to hold on to many markets with a death grip, so no one else can make much of a profit.

An example of the richest whale on the planet, the one who influences even the United States Federal Reserve Board, is the Rothschild family. The Rothschild family does not measure their wealth in billions but trillions in finance and assets. This family, like the Medici before them, controls countries.

So what about whales in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Since Bitcoin is relatively new to the world of finance and there are both centralized and decentralized platforms, one should ask the question; Does the whale make a difference in that particular coin’s volatility? The answer is still yes. The whale can influence that coin if he or she holds a big enough share.

Suppose a whale decided for whatever reason to sell all of his holdings of Bitcoin all at once? What would happen? Bitcoin would go down in price in a big way because this one person just flooded the market with many available coins. Just like rare fiat coins go up in value because there are very few of them, so does any currency market if few are available. The same goes for those who hold their coins; the value goes up because very few are available.

The largest whales in Bitcoin are Satoshi Nakamoto, the Winklevoss twins, Tim Draper and Barry Silbert.

Who Satoshi Nakamoto has not been satisfactorily solved to date, but is it currently thought that Craig Wright might be Satoshi Nakamoto. An Australian businessman who claims to have created? Bitcoin, with the help of Dave Kleiman. Wright is said to hold 1.1 million Bitcoin, which puts him as the biggest whale.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss hold approximately 115,000 bitcoins, which puts them up there as whales.

Tim Draper, a venture capitalist, bought into Bitcoin early and bought 42,000 at just $6.00 each. Then much later, they went to a U.S. Marshals Service auction and bought 30,000 more coins. With all of his many ties to tech and crypto, he is a serious influence.

Barry Silbert went to the same Marshals Service auction Draper went to and took home 48,000 coins. That is not it for this man, for he is invested in 75 cryptocurrency-type companies. Barry is also the owner of CoinDesk.

The important thing is that whales have a great influence on the market’s volatility. They can cause it to fluctuate wildly up and down, just according to what they need it to be at any given time.

A rule says 20 percent of bitcoin holders have more than 80 percent of bitcoin value in U.S. Dollars. BitInfoCharts says, just three bitcoin wallets hold 7.39 percent of all the bitcoin in circulation. In 2020 the top 100 wallets held 31 percent of all bitcoin, with a value of $1.7 billion.

So do you now understand the term; Whales? They are the biggest fish in any particular pond!

About the author

Sam and Jody live in Mena Arkansas and love Compumatrix. Life is simpler when sharing life with others, and being a Christian I see how being there with and for others enhances their lives. How can Compumatrix make your life better?


  1. Great read about Whales. Thanks Sam.We are watching the markets being manipulated every day in stock markets and in crypto currency world. They can cause a sharp drop in the price of a certain asset and then buy back at rock bottom price. there is not any one average investor can do to prevent it.

  2. very good information on “Whales” and how they influence and manipulate markets of all kinds — it is fascinating when you research different areas and not just in financials the amount of activity created and orchestrated by these types —

  3. Cryptocurrencies  is well compared to a whales,It has always been the case in the world that big whales control the financial situation,whether it’s paper currency or crypto,these Wales market fluctuations go their own way.Thank you Sam for sharing.

  4. Interesting read about the whales Sam and Jody. whale refers to an individual who holds a massive amount of Bitcoin or other currenc

    1. It a shame I hit the wrong button and posted before I could gather my thoughts and put here and no way that I can see to correct or expand my thoughts … But with what Sam and Jody blogging about the whales … is so true .. Good info .As I watch the rise and fall of Bitcoin reaching over 60 K then falling I can see where the Whales make their lively hood ..better than forex. Buy low , sell high and do it all over again the name of the game. Need money to make money …

      1. Yes, Avery, the name of the game in any market is to make money, and thansk so much for your input.

  5. Whales , Whales , Whales … Interesting red .. Now Cryptocurrency is also their cash cow. I see all the crypto currency now taking a dive again .. We all expected a crypto currency correction .. and here we blow .. Whales having their fun.. All part of the game .. I remember when Bitcoin was only a few hundred dollars and then a few thousand ..and here we are now 56,2575.00 last I looked.. Can’t complain .. these values are awesome.

  6. Wow, those whales are really gathering up any financial assets they can get, and are controlling the financial world. In comparison, I guess I am a minnow!
    I am happy to have the amount of bitcoin I have and know that I have the opportunity to make my life and others more enjoyable.

  7. Sam, this is a cause you to think blog. I was thinking about the whales today and what they can do. The little guy, let me rephrase that, the wales at heart sacrifice to build their crypto portfolio and are excited to do so. Then you think about the wales, buying millions of dollars of Bitcoin etc. We can hope it is for holding and securing their savings. Praying they all keep their cool and allow everyone else to enjoy the fruit of their labors.

  8. Interesting blog on whales being the big fish in the financial world too. I hope they don’t get too greedy and let the small fish get some to eat as well, coz we are real small compared to what they hold

  9. My friend thank you for putting this info so simple and to the point, this brings understanding among our community, easy to read, and enlightening many of the whale’s position in the crypto world.

  10. A fascinating piece which certainly explains the ups and downs we have seen but we can all be thankful that our share of bitcoin is coming. All we want is enough to enrich our lives and help those less fortunate who could do with a helping hand.

  11. We are all whales in our own right. Not necessarily in a financial sense, but in an influential sense. What we do personally can influence an entire generation. When Compumatrix goes live, I pray all of us become whales in the influence side of things and do change peoples lives for the better.

  12. It’s both interesting and educational to learn more about the big persons behind the scenes..
    Who makes our bitcoins go up, up and up 🙂
    I also heard the rumour about Wright being Satoshi Nakamoto, but those rumours have been regarded as false by much of the media and the cryptocurrency community.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this research on the Whales. Hopefully they will use their wealth consciously, in support of ALL humanity thriving. That is the perspective I consistently support and hold for others. Our thoughts are powerful as they create the world around us.

  14. Thanks, Sam….that was an interesting read and it helps to have a better understanding of these terms and phrases that we more frequently now.

  15. There are several well known celebrities who gambling Whales in Las Vegas. The minimum bet to be considered a Whales is $100,000 or more. Example would some well known sport figure bet $200,000 on a Super Bowl and won $2,000,000. There are many high stakes gamblers in Las Vegas. Larry Flint lost $10,000.000 in one weekend trip to Vegas. The next Vegas trip he won his $10,000,000 back and left town.

  16. If you’re on Twitter and want to know the movement of “whale crypto movements within the blockchain, you might want to follow Whale Alert
    The most advanced #blockchain tracker and analytics system reporting large and interesting transactions as they happen.
    https:// whale-alert. io/
    As an example 10,254,328,815 #BTT (31,505,828 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Binance

  17. Another great Blog Sam this is a fascinating piece which certainly explains the ups and downs we have seen. All I want is enough to enrich my life and help those less fortunate. We are all whales in our own right, not necessarily in a financial sense, but in an influential sense. What we do personally can influence an entire generation. When Compumatrix goes live, I pray all of us become whales in the influence side of things and do change peoples lives for the better.

  18. Whales are everywhere! They are indeed a powerful influence on the value that is attained and prescribed throughout the world.I would love to see COMPUMATRIX become a whale that could have a positive influence upon the financial market and a charitable mentality towards the people of this world.

  19. Good blog Sam. While whales may be the king and queens of the sea, there are still many other fish in the waters. The same is true in the crypto world. Some may desire to be a whale, but that costs more than you may want to take on. Your security form the bad guys, all eyes on you all the time, managing assets with much more care and the list goes on. Most of us will be content holding small amounts that are increasing in value.

  20. Whales. Love them or hate them, they are part of our lives and we have to put up with them.
    Coming up on 4 years in Compumatrix and have watched the growth transition from $4k to over $58k. While that is great, I agree with Hendrik, there is a lot on the table these days in regard to Cryptos that are showing signs of serious profit. Our own CompU assets are a great example of assets that are bought right and are now waking up and in a big way. Considering that we have not opened the gate yet, that growth speaks well for those of us who have been steadily been acquiring those small “crumbs.”
    Whales are much like the stock market crowd. Put in an option and grow their portfolio’s. Institutional buying is another issue that could collapse the system at some point if there is a “margin call.”
    So, we keep our heads up and move along grabbing those “crumbs” that the Whales consider too small to bother with. That’s okay!! More for us. Thanks Sam

  21. Thank you for your interesting blog. I think that when whales would know that they are associated with some greedy people in the financial world they would not be happy. Whales in the crypto universe are synonyms for power and greed but in nature, the synonyms are beauty and elegance. Two different worlds of which I would choose the latter.

  22. Thank you, Samuel, for opening my mind up to the term “whales” as it applies to finance and particularly to bitcoin. I was totally unaware of this term and all its implications of power and influence the “whales” have on the market. Power always has the components of good or evil use! Such a small number of people can totally destroy the financial world!

  23. Interesting blog Sam! Yes, whales can have a big impact in emerging markets, especially very new markets like cryptocurrencies. Of course, even if bitcoin is the biggest crypto among all others at the moment, its market is still small in relation to the big established ones thus it is easier to manipulate. As time goes by and the crypto market becomes more mature and enlarges, it also becomes more stable because it is harder to manipulate, including bitcoin prices.

  24. Thanks Sam for the blog. I don’t know if we could be the Remora, the little fish that follow the whale. They follow and live on these large Whales and pick up the crumbs. They live pretty good lives I think. If we just go about our business and keep picking up the smaller amounts of Bitcoin the whales are not interested in, and following Henry, we will be very successful and happy. ( I’m not implying Henry is a whale. LOL)

  25. A whale by any other name is still a whale. One feeds on small aquatic food such as krill, the other feeds on “bits and bytes” on the block chain. One food chain is small, living, in the ocean. The other has no subsidence, body or moving parts, just a graphic number of value created from trust with no tangible or physical form we can touch see or smell. The blockchain it lives in is not physical and created from code using “0’s” and “1’s” to express it’s value and transfer that value place to place in a blockchain created just for that Whale exist and feed on the bits and bytes it needs to survive and populate.

  26. Sam, Whale is a very good word to use in this sea of financial expression. I wish I had had that insight when Bitcoin came into play as Henry had in the beginning. Henry had the insight that these geniuses had and I’m sure he bought into what he could do as well as he did to get Compumatrix off the ground. I wish I had followed suit, I would have been sitting very pretty right now if I had. It’s certainly amazing to watch what is happening in the Crypto world for sure. Thank you, Sam, for this great article and for using the perfect gigantic mammal “Whale”, for it fits perfectly in this financial Giant. I’m excited that our world is about to open up for us.

  27. This was a fascinating read, I know very little about the crypto world and had no idea who were those “whales”. There’s a pretty scary possibility these whales who hold huge amounts of Bitcoin, could make the value drop in a matter of hours. When I was trading in the stock market many years ago, I had just started to buy into stocks that had a relatively small float, or not as many shares as the big companies, the money market manipulators, would sell off big amounts and the price drop like a rock, just to buy it back at lower price. When this happened it was some of the most dreadful feelings, your capital goes down and can’t do little to stop it. I can’t even imagine what would happen if there’s a big sell off in Bitcoin and the value comes crashing down.

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