The Thrive List

Every single active founding member of Compumatrix knows what it’s like to stick to a dream or a vision. As we sit on the precipice of our New Compumatrix Decentralized Asset Portal (CDAP) opening to the World, I consider this question: 

“What type of person will I share this incredible opportunity with?”

We have worked hard for what we have grown together (inside & out!) To me, this means being particular about who I introduce Compumatrix to. I am not going to waste my time with anyone who is not interested in grasping these 11 things on what I call:

The Thrive List

I will use this guide, along with my intuition, to make sure someone understands what is happening in our unprecedented company, seeing if they know how lucky they are.

  1. Do they see how Henry’s vision serves humanity?
  2. Are they willing to commit & do the work it takes to thrive?
  3. Do they understand the power of decentralization & P2P?
  4. Do they KNOW the value of our assets & being a team player? 
  5. Are they willing to keep up in the crypto sphere on their own?
  6. Do they know the value of education, education, education?
  7. Will they respectfully listen to those who came before them?
  8. Are they willing to change?
  9. Will they commit to taking control of their business?
  10. Do they truly grasp the power of being a part of a strong community?
  11. Do they know how powerful their contribution is?

I believe that Compumatrix is leading the way that will take so many of us out of survival mode and into thrive mode. The discrepancy between the poor & the wealthy is nothing new in society. We are living in unprecedented times where we can change that. This is no small feat. It will take time. The resistance from centralized systems is strong, and we must be diligent. A new member must understand what we are doing in the long run.

The more one’s eyes are open to possibility, the more pride I have for them, us, and Compumatrix. 

I am not aware of any other business like what we are co-creating. When someone sees what I see, I know they are right for our company. My ability to mentor & inspire and the simple format & ease of use that our developers work so hard on is what will make the difference.

What I want to know is…do they believe?

There may always be a gap between those who “have” and those who “have not.” With decentralization, we get the power to choose where we want to be. The people I will share Compumatrix with GET that.

We don’t know how long this financial shift will take, yet we do know it’s happening. IF we sincerely commit to making P2P choices in our lives and inspire others by being the example, we can get there faster. This is my mission.

Is there anything else you would add to the Thrive List?

About the author

Liza is very positive and a "turned on" advocate of Compumatrix. She is a healing artist by nature, and now a self-proclaimed Decentralized Diva. Liza believes we are living in time of great change where the power of humanity will rise, and we are co-creating the World we dream of. The power of Compumatrix will help get us there.


  1. Great Blog Liz. Nothing can change or be achieved without people believing in it their ability to build, create or develop changes. Henry had enough faith for all of us, he encouraged everyone to work alongside him to make this company what it is about to be. Yes, many people struggled to find their faith but they stayed the distance! Therefore, their hearts knew that Henry was going to change the world, the question was always and still is a time issue. I believe we will end this year on an amazing high note, Go Henry.

    1. Absolutely! Henry is the powerful, visionary leader driving this movement. AND, while he has indeed lit the spark, it’s up to all of us in Compumatrix to help spread the word. To quote Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” In the world community, we are certainly a “small group” but that’s what it takes.

  2. As a young member, possibly one of the youngest, I understood Henry’s vision, I also knew the work that was involved in getting us to the finishing post. I never lost faith, I often wondered if Henry had any idea how much he had bitten off when he first decided to develop this company. I am just grateful that his vision has included myself and my family and I look forward to us all but especially Henry seeing this come to fruition.

    1. I have often wondered the same thing about Henry, Joshua! Did he know what he was getting himself into? He’s pretty smart, so I’m guessing he had some idea. Lucky for us, and the World, he just keeps going. The respect & admiration I think we all have for him, and his team is undeniable. Thank you for sharing.

    2. Joshua, it is the young who will lead the world. It has been a pleasure watching you grasp the future with the right tools in hand. You were given a gift. That gift gave you a glimpse of what hard work can provide. Your generation will provide the energy to propel us into a world we all have dreamed of for years. Keep your focus on learning as that is the keys needed to take you to your destiny. Hugs

    3. Joshua, thank you for your commitment to the vision. Regarding your statement, “I am just grateful that his vision has included myself and my family …”, I want to offer you this perspective for your consideration. Consider that perhaps you, and everyone else who supports Compumatrix, is here because they ATTRACTED this opportunity to into their lives AND were conscious enough to recognize the gift. 😉

  3. A nicely written blog, Liza and an eye-opener.
    The Thrive List is a must for all of us.I do believe in the system and what it has in store, for us. This learning process will definitely also teach us how to use and benefit from Cryptocurrency.
    However , we need to be focused and committed. A lot of progress is being made and it wont be long before we can actually experiment this financial change in our lives.

  4. Well Liza, I love your list…..The Thrive List…… for any new potential member. I agree with you not wanting to waste my time anymore with people unwilling to learn or not understanding what we all worked for over the years. Have done that before and not going to repeat it again. There is no handholding anymore, but only a strong desire to learn.
    I think you mentioned all the needed points already. Thanks for your input or The Thrive List should I say.

    1. Well, Gitta…this blog’s for you!!! It’s so important to mentor those who want to be mentored and take control of their business. It’s kind of like hiring an employee. Who do we want to work with? Someone we have to watch over, or someone who takes the bull by the horns? I think I know your answer… :))) Thank you, Gitta.

    2. Gitta, I agree with you. My belief is that it is never optimal to try to “get” people to do something or to support an idea. Either they are aligned with it or they are not. Those who “get it” will show up, those who don’t, won’t. I find it much easier to live life by “allowing” it to unfold, naturally, rather than trying it force it to be the way I prefer it. And, I find that the outcomes are often better than I had anticipated.

  5. Great article Liza, I believe that it has been a lot of work for so many years and it is not easy,we all know that the work that is being done is clearly visible,we are also convinced that the company is developing rapidly,I consider it a great blessing from God to join the compumatrix and to follow Henry’s vision.

  6. Well, I agree with Gitta Pohl`s reply, what I would have to add is all the accolades so well deserved and earned by Compumatrix Staff.
    DEFI PULSE:Seeing the Defy List,is just mind blowing when you think of all the information and learning power one can absorb from delving into all this information for ones own benefit and advancement in the Crypto World

    1. Indeed, Peter. We would not be where we are without the powerful support of our BOD. I am blown away by their commitment which truly, keeps me going, too. We are all so very blessed, and WE did it together. Yes, new ideas just keep coming and Henry makes sure we’re on top of them. Once you see what we have, you can’t unsee it 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  7. what a great read n blog posting — thrive list — so very into that thought process — there has and will be so much more to add to that list as time and business goes ahead — it is a never ending writing and often it is very fast in the adapting of and learning process — keep writing and sharing thank you —

    1. You hit the nail on the head, RJ! We must keep on top of things in this business if we’re going to succeed individually, and together. A thriving mindset is powerful and necessary in this business, and in these times of huge change. Thank you for your input.

  8. Thank you LizaBLove for the thriving list! It becomes useful when I must explain what my business idea is about. Your list will separate the chaff from the wheat so to speak. Those who do not show a desire to learn, to work, to stay up to date and who do not see what a fantastic opportunity Compumatrix provides to start their own business, I can put aside and devote myself to those who have the potential to make Compumatrix bigger in their areas.

    1. Thank you, Inga! Yes, it helps to have an intention when sharing our business. Someday, people will be lining up to be a part of what we have. But for now, I feel it’s important to grow a strong foundation and set a precedent.

  9. The “Thrive List” – check – going into my folder of “keeper” information – thank you Liza! I consider myself one of the people who came into Compumatrix green and thrive to keep my head above water learning very unfamiliar information. But being a stubborn Taurus I never give up easily, and I can see the potential of one awesome company, Compumatrix. So yes, we do need to “Believe”, but also it is great to have people to “Believe” in us also!

  10. Nice post Liza, interesting and innovative! I have learned long ago that you cannot help those who do not want to help themselves. Many have shown a passive interest when I have mentioned compumatrix and cryptocurrency, but when informed of the work and commitment to be put forth, they lose interest fast, instead they want you to hand the benefits to them without any commitment on their part.

  11. Yes Liza. I believe that soon is coming a huge transfer of wealth in the world when the digitall currency work takes over. It will no longer be all the centralized folks that have all the wealth, but the little guys like you and me will be able to enjoy some too. Many of us not growing up with silver spoons will have a heart to share with those less fortunate.

  12. Nicely done Liza. I remember you when you’re pretty green behind the ears. LOL. The thrive list, I love it, sounds energetic and electrifying. Sounds like you will have some work on your hands, picking and choosing the right candidates. Quality before quantity, go get-em !!

    1. Thank you, Dan da Man! 🙂 Just remember, I taught you everything you know…lol. To be honest, I don’t think of sharing Compumatrix as “work.” I’m very passionate about decentralized ecosystems and as far as I can tell, we’re in the best position within the best company to help move that into reality. One step at a time…

  13. Great list I agree with all 11 points. I have been here since the beginning of compumatrix and I have seen Henry’s work he has worked very hard over the years making many websites and they just keep getting better with our technology I have always believed and I think we have finally peaked to the very best business with many avenues and I am looking forward to working my business when all is set and ready.

  14. Great article Liza B Love, I like your 11 items guide in The Thrive List, and I agree with you regarding how Henry’s vision serves humanity, his dream is coming through after all these years with all the bumps we had to go through. Also the new members really have to be willing to commit & do the work it takes to thrive. This company Compumatrix is going to take them to a new level of life. Thanks again.

  15. Liza, you are so very thoughtful and creative. What an original idea “The Thrive List”. I came to Compumatrix as a true rookie with so much to learn. And, although I am kind of old, I am still a true rookie with so much to learn. This business is one that takes commitment and others helping one another to learn and remain committed to learning and relearning (some of us are forgetful). I am so ready to come out of survival mode and into “thrive mode” because I know what is waiting for all of us at the end of this journey. Thank you for a new guide to assist us in getting there.

    1. Thank you so much, William! I came in as a rookie, too. So we know how much work it takes to stay on top of things. I really feel that when someone “sees” what we have here, it’s not going to be an issue for them to keep up. Also, I believe that as we grow & expand, our system will get easier to learn. Yet as we step out of the gates, others will be asking us about what we’re doing, so we must be picky 🙂

  16. Good to see you have a clear understanding of who to look for before inviting them to this business Liza. We may want to help everyone, but not everyone understands our business or will take the time to learn what is required to make it work. Using your list each time, will help you select the right people.

  17. Good job Liza. I think it could be a “Thrive or Dive” list. We need to have computer literate and crypto wise members. If anyone is going to see this as a long term business for themselves, your list with some other points added will help achieve this purpose. Let’s not fool ourselves, the wrong members will cause a huge drain on one’s time and still, they will Dive.

  18. Thank you Lisa, nice blog. I know that people all want this to thrive so I pray everyone sees the amazing things happening. We are growing daily. I know we all wish we had a pipeline into every detail. But like a clock we only need to know certain things. Eventually like a clock we will know it all.

  19. Valid words, Liza, we want to share with everyone but realize not all have the mindset. I wouldn’t hold back from any in need but would as you say ask questions. Sensibility and commitment are necessary criteria. There are always those who lay back and wait for a handout. Some are in situations they can not help and will be looking for a better way and feel at the time a job will be better for them. Then some look for a better and smarter way. They will be open to what we have with Compumatrix and ready to listen and learn, so they survive and thrive. Yes, what an excellent company is Compumatrix.

  20. Liza, you are such a breath of fresh air. Some “get it” and some don’t. After years of watching you grow and the light bulbs turning on, it gives me such pleasure to witness you become a true leader. Your Thriving list is so spot on. I am hoping many will print it out and use that guideline as they build their businesses. Thank you for being a huge part in the development and a strong foundation builder. Hugs

    1. Thank you so much, Erline. That means a lot to me, from one of the leaders in Compumatrix who has never given up and keeps the positive ball rolling, no matter what happens! If it weren’t for you, the BOD & Henry, I wouldn’t be here. True resilience begins at the top and trickles down to those who are ready to receive it. I am so grateful to be a part of this adventure. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it 🙂

  21. Thank you, Liza, for sharing, and for showing that it doesn’t about your age. Everyone can be a part of and share Henry’s dream if they wish to.

    Well done.

  22. Great Blog Liz. Nothing can change or be achieved without people believing in it their ability to create or develop change. Henry has enough faith for all of us, he encouraged everyone to work alongside him to make this company great. I feel many people struggled to find their faith but many stayed the course. I still believe this year on an amazing high note,

  23. Liza, the picture of the hand holding the rock with the word Believe – reminds me of the word “Faith.” Some things in life require blind faith to believe. Even to sit down on an unknown chair – takes blind faith to believe it will hold you. The Bible says “Faith is the substance of things “hoped” for, the evidence of things not seen;” Children have such simple faith they’ll readily believe in nearly everything they see or hear. “Children live in a fairytale world much of the time growing up, they accept the concept of “God loves me” so easily, that’s why Jesus said “Suffer not the little children to come unto me.” It is so much easier to “believe” when you are a child. To accept Salvation, we have to come to Jesus with the heart of a child and simply” believe”.

    1. Yes, indeed Shereena. Belief is right alongside faith in my world, too. Because sometimes, we have bad days and it’s hard to believe. Faith keeps me going. To me, belief is a feeling, a deeper intuitive knowing of what is real for me. When I believe in something, I am committed to it. I have full faith it will come to BE. While I wait, I prepare myself to receive what is coming in. It’s been my experience that sometimes I’m not ready for what I believe in. So as far as sharing Compumatrix with those who see what we have, I want to make sure they’re ready for it, too. The opportunities & possibilities to thrive in this company, in the cryptosphere, are endless, as you know. We must be ready.

  24. Since becoming a stock holder many years ago when stocks were first available, I have seen many changes that seemed to be redundant to the untrained eye. But looking at the whole vision that Henry has had from day one, and the effort that has been produced from that effort, it is now evident what Henry was intending to accomplish. So vital that we invite those who want to make this company grow and prevail.

  25. Liza; I believe! Henry has had a dream about others, and helping those who otherwise would never ben chosen or included, but by their own decision and loving Blogs like yours, many will believe and become stronger and P2P will grow and centralization will lose some of it’s grip on the world. Perhaps one day, I can see everything as just P2P. One saying goes; ‘Follow the money.’, and another goes ‘It is all about the money.’ These two bed fellows are partners in a scheme to milk the world; but Henry is part of something bigger, something to help the masses, and I believe it is part of a grandeurs plan by God.

  26. Yes, Liza I agree that Henry has been determined from the very beginning of Compumatrix to develop a program that he knew would make people’s lives easier and help them financially. I agree so much with your Thrive list as I have talked to any number of people who were turned off by having to help themselves, by taking responsibility for putting work into the program. Too much of ‘what is in it for me’ and not enough of ‘how can I end up helping others?’

  27. time will always tell the whole story and as we move forward and holding to our faith and dreams — and sticking to our plans this whole “Thrive List ” is such a compliment to what I believe will a Great Success for all of us who have thrived to learn and participate here in Compu biz — great read n inspiring also —

  28. If someone is a forward thinking individual, I think for the most part, they may try to avoid people that think negatively. A forward thinking person chooses to believe in positive thoughts and ideas and act upon them and can’t be discouraged by someone that chooses to constantly focus on the negative and putting up barriers to creativity and progress.

  29. I think it is better to be on the positive side of believing than the negative side of believing. So to stay on the positive side of believing, I try to avoid being swayed by negative folks and focus more on what positive people have to say.

  30. I was taught that ‘seeing is believing”, however, now I think that “BELIEVING IS SEEING’. One has to believe in themselves first
    in order to accomplish the things that he/she really wants. Most people
    have to CHANGE their programming of not being worth much. God
    gave us all the tools to become anything we want, and I know that Compumatrix was designed to help people in many ways. Thanks for sharing.

  31. this is so much more to the read than just the first couple times thru — so much in the details and also pondering in thoughts of what may happen ??? or when we take our List and look at the many different perceptions and as before stated Time is the ultimate List teller and as we move forward we are always adding n learning –great stuff here yeppers–

  32. Thank you, RJ! I had to read it again, too 🙂 I believe our company is powerful and to tap into that power, we must be diligent. It takes work, right? I’m just not interested in sharing this business with anyone who doesn’t “get it” and won’t put their own time & energy into it. Not that I think that’s going to be a problem. I know people are going to be biting at the bit to grow their own crypto portfolios as time goes on. It’s up to US though. To teach well and discern. You are right, time will tell.

  33. in this newest year had to come back and enjoy the best of the past year — do not profess to know what is going to happen in this newest day of this year but do hold Hope and does believe that Thriving to be successful is dadgum good first step — great read LizaB and many good thoughts from this — much appreciation — rj

  34. Liza, I love your list!! I know many others have said the same thing…. but here’s one more!! It really outlines a good framework as we all move forward with Compumatrix and begin inviting others to join. What is the world that we are co-creating? A success mindset seems key…. optimistic and open to growth and new possibilities…. it means we are part of quite an exciting global community.

  35. Liza, you have offered a wonderful list of qualities. Thank you for taking the time to do this as it will help us all in growing this business by consciously selecting others to invite. My only contribution is to add that they appreciate the opportunity to participate in this game-changing business. And, that their appreciation encompasses all the people who have worked so long and hard with faith in the outcome.

  36. This is the year of validation for all of our blood, sweat, and tears, expended energy and outright verbal battles over the past decade. It is called “collective progress” fueled by faith and dreams of many. We have paid the price and others coming after us will have the opportunity to change theirs and many others financial future following the path we blazed with a guiding light from Henry James. Be discerning with your sharing, look for good hearts, compassion, and the willing to help where it is needed. We have the means to reach unbelievable prosperity, it needs to be protected by us setting a good example or sharing and caring.

  37. Great attitude, Liza! Your attitude can apply to any endeavor. For those who have lost interest, rethink it. But if you honestly and comfortably want to walk away at this point, cut the stress and strings and find a better venture for yourself. For those who are struggling to understand and keep up, hang on. There are some special people in the Discord room who can and will help you, to say nothing of your RR if you have the kind of RR I have (RL). First reach out to your RR. If you need more, put it on Discord. The right people are there to help and encourage. Thanks, Liza!!

  38. I agree with the list, yet, there are a lot of people that still don’t understand what crypto currency is and where it fits in to our world. So, it just seems to me that if you have someone that you really would like to share the business with, you might have to educate them first before you can actually go through the list and see if they meet the standard that your list sets forth.

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