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The Tip of the Iceberg

Icebergs in Greenland can reach up to 300 feet high above sea level. But in fact, 85 to 90 percent of them are unseen, artic gargantuan lying just beneath the surface of the icy waters. That is why we use the expression “that’s just the tip of the iceberg” when speaking about something unseen and huge but undisclosed because what one sees is only a speck of what is there.

Imagine how much there is concealed beneath the water surface when you look at a vast iceberg. You can only see, at most, 10 or 15 percent of it. You can observe this better with smaller icebergs because you can get closer to them, and therefore it is easy to see just how massive the volume of ice there is underwater. Because so much of the iceberg lies beneath the water’s surface, large icebergs require up to three or four years to melt.

Greenlandic icebergs can float as far south as to the sea outside New York City before they finally disappear. The famous ice, which the Titanic hit to its demise, traveled roughly 400 miles southeast from Greenland. Some Icebergs from Greenland have floated as far south as Bermuda, but that is not usually the case. (the above information comes from greenland-travel.com)
Now you may be thinking, what does frozen water in the North Pole have to do with you and me in our business aspirations?

Well, I know that we are all eagerly awaiting the newly revived CDAP to open. Still, the opening of the CDAP is just “the tip of the iceberg” — a small piece of the incredible complexities of the entirety of Compumatrix. It is just the beginning of a fantastic future for all who take advantage of the platforms they offer to help grow our own successful business.

So why wouldn’t a person take advantage of a lucrative business opportunity? There may be a few underlying reasons lying deep down under the surface as to why. People may not even be fully aware of the deep things that might be holding them back.

Consider this list of ten reasons from lifehack.org on why people don’t reach their potential:

Creating Vague Goals – Someone will say, “I want to lose weight.” Instead, they should be much more specific and say, “I want to lose 10 pounds in 2 months!”
Lacking a higher purpose – The higher purpose of a task motivates you when the initial excitement wears off. Having a higher purpose gets you through when things get tough.
Procrastinating – “I will just do it later” is not in the vocabulary of highly successful people.
Not Taking Responsibility – When things go wrong, which often they can, people always look for someone to blame instead of merely being responsible for the work they have to do and doing their best.
Listening to People Who Discourage You – How many times have people given up their goals because other people decided those opportunities were not worth going after?
Starting Too Many Projects – Better to finish a few things than to create many things and not complete any of them. 
Being Negative – Often, people don’t even attempt to try something because they think about all the possible negative things. They focus on all that might go wrong instead of being optimistic about a good opportunity and where it could lead.
Watching Too Much TV – Of course, it’s OK to watch TV. But if it’s not getting us any closer to our goals and taking precious time away from us when we could be learning and growing our business skills, then we might need to re-think the amount of time we spend doing that.
Being Selfish – People are usually only interested in pursuing something that will only benefit themselves. The road to success always is paved with trying to assist others along the way.
Surrounding Yourself with People Who Don’t Reach Their Goals – You are who you hang around. “Walk with the wise and grow wise” (Proverbs 13:20). There is a potent natural desire in us to be accepted by others, and often we compromise our convictions just to fit in. 

The soon opening of the newly revised CDAP will be a history-changing day for your life and mine! It is being created to be our “one-stop-shopping center “and will hold every tool needed in user-friendly formats. Everything, all in one place, to bring a one-of-kind product to the world! A fantastic, prosperous future for so many who have waited a very long time for it. I encourage you to familiarize yourself and explore the massive “iceberg” of our company and take full advantage of what Compumatrix offers. I can’t wait to experience this new beginning with all of you and scope the vast depths of all that is waiting for us to share! 

About the author

Jeff is a Compumatrix member and contributor who truly enjoys researching and learning about all things crypto. He believes that digital assets are the future of money.


  1. Interesting blog Jeff. as you well know there is a project to underfoot regards CDAP and is awaited eagerly .One stop shopping is the best ever product that the compumatrix is on line to produce so that we will be able to conduct our businesses with ease and comfort without any worries of interferences from the Big Brother .

  2. Thank you, Jeff I believe we are all excited if not you must be living under a rock lol. we have so many great things to look forward to. right around the corner. We have waited a while but some have waited a very long time. I’m ready for the future. I can’t wait to wait to create and help and enjoy the fruits of our great company.

    1. Thank you, Jeff I believe we are all excited if not you must be living under a rock lol. we have so many great things to look forward to. right around the corner. We have waited a while but some have waited a very long time. I’m ready for the future. I can’t wait to wait to create and help and enjoy the fruits of our great company. We are all very Thankful the first one didn’t give points?

  3. To understand Compumatrix and the complexities that one will be ushered into, to receive the it’s benefits, all the points the Jeff pointed out from that article, are thing that should be taken to heart. But those points are not only for our own business, but for ones own life. So now would be an opportune time to start applying just one of those points and accomplish just one part of one point. It could be a building block and a life change that would not only help to make one more successful, but enhance ones life and challenge those in ones sypher of influence. The domino affect would be a “chilling” reality.

  4. Interesting if thinking of an Iceberg and then compare it with our business Jef. Yes so fare I would say we have seen the tip of the iceberg, but we have not seen yet the underlying unknown to us yet full structure until we are opening the CDAP. Yes, we heard it will be a one-stop-shopping center and most are getting excited to see it happen. It has been a very long road for many with many changes over the years. We are ready for the final steps.

  5. Very Interesting article Jeff. I would say this is a compumatrix long lived revolution for us, It is a treasure coming out of the depths of the earth for us,in the form of cryptocurrencies. It takes time for a treasure to come out of the ground.Which we are all eagerly awaiting.The opening and shopping of CADP is very exciting in compumatrix.

  6. you keep writing JP — it is just the tip of the iceberg and when you look under the seas it took a while also for that land mass underwater to be the base of that Tip — time always tell the whole truth but having a bit of Faith and little Hope –get that feeling our iceberg is just about to be more than just the Tip — rj

  7. Nice job Jeffrey, on this blog article! I have used “the tip of the iceberg” analogy many times in the past while trying to make a point in a discussion. I must say that your use of it here regarding where we are and what we are doing at Compumatrixis clear and accurate. I like the “list of ten reasons from lifehack.org”. Thanks for sharing that.

  8. Amen Jeff. That is going to be a day to remember for all of us. The excitement will be palpable as we all log in to our beloved “portal”. The gateway to the rest of our lives! Everything else in our days will become a blur as we wade through the amazing treats that Henry and his team have created for us. They will take up all our time until we have explored every corner and nook and cranny of the CDAP. This is one iceberg we will search from the tip to the base and everything in between.

  9. Let us hope that the opening of CDAPis the tip of the iceberg although I am sure there will be hot and cold spells on the way. As we do not yet know the details I feel it is wrong to confuse what we hope for and the actual way forward until we are allowed in, I think jumping to conclusions is a dangerous move We all need to be practical and relax until all is revealed.

  10. I truly hope the CDAP will be as easy as we all are thinking. The older I have gotten, the harder it seems to be fore me to understand and to remember what to do. I really need a business where I can go in and earn spendable money. Many of us have waited many years for our launch and it cannot come too soon!

  11. Thank you Don for your comment that these blogs that are being written by all here are not just for business but they are building blocks for life. I truly believe that if people would simply apply some of these true and sound principles their lives would be greatly enhanced. I know that for me, many times, one sentence that someone says, written right, and precisely at the time I needed it, has changed me for the good forever.

  12. You are so very right Ritta. It has been a very long long road for Compumatrix. Almost a decade and a half now. We have indeed seen so many changes over the years. It’s definitely the story of the hare and the turtle. We are the turtle for sure, but slow and steady is the one that usually wins the marathon in the end. We will win.

    1. A reply to Jeffrey: I believe this program is a win win for everyone who will stay the course and keep on keeping up. This one stop shop has been made for us to make it easier in learning the transactions a phrase I like is (user friendly) there are different avenues you can take in that one stop and it takes you everywhere you need to be…. just genius.

    2. Thank you, Jeff, for giving voice and clarity to the many proverbial hangups that lurks in ones life. You can be moving along from day to day being frustrated by the unknown barriers stymieing progress. You have offered food for thought and improvement in all areas of ones life including specifically this business. Again, thank you.

  13. Excellent blog Jeff. I appreciate the analogy of the iceberg and Compumatrix. It gives me a visual of the CDAP, as we have only seen the tip of our iceberg. I got very excited thinking about the unveiling of 85% of the CDAP. I am grateful for what I have learned with the tip our Computmatrix business. What is unseen is better than what we could ever imagine.

  14. “Just the tip of the iceberg” couldn’t be more apt in describing the times we are currently living in that applies to all over the world. This is a good instance to depict that it doesn’t do to just skim over the top because so much is hidden below the surface. And as you mention, Jeff in Compumatrix this quote really applies – we don’t know totally what is awaiting us beneath the surface, but I for one am very, very excited to go deeper and work with what will surface for us!

  15. Wow Jeff, another plate with the right delicancy of our mind, this reminds me of the saying ” never under estimate the roots of a small tree” what holds it for years may surprise you when you try to pull it up. companies which last for long have massive investment that is not in the eyes of many.

  16. Icebergs are incredible to behold. You are segueing the power of the hidden base of the iceberg and expressing the energy that is at the bottom of humanity, be it for good and prosperity, or be it negative and defeating. What is at the base under the water can destroy or buoy and strengthen. The referencing of Compumatrix’s CDAP is a powerhouse above the water but has an even more excellent and colossal base that is buoying from all the newest and challenging technology. My thinking has undoubtedly morphed since becoming a part of this company. So Thankful!

  17. A very well-written article by Jeff. We do need to look beyond what is actually in front of us. Also, we should be precise in our objectives so that our efforts to reach the desired goals are not in vain. What Compumatrix is offering to all of us is much , much more than what we can see for ourselves . So, let us continue learning and preparing ourselves for the BIG DAY, when we can actually put this education into practice and for our benefit.

  18. Interesting way to describe CDAP, to compare it to an iceberg! I am very much looking forward to seeing our brand new CDAP, and to start using it.
    There is a tense anticipation and a bit of worry as I wonder if I will understand all the features. But someone has said it will be easy.

  19. What a great comparison of an iceberg to Compumatrix. What most of the members see is just the tip of our business here. We see the fruits of the labor from Henry and all of those who have helped bring this amazing business to fruition, but we do not really know what it has taken to get us where we are now. We have no real understanding of what has gone on from the inception in Henry’s mind until now. We long time members have seen the growth along the way, but have no real understanding of what goes on to actually make this company what it is now and in the future.

  20. Jeff, I see the tip of that CDAP iceberg and am anxiously awaiting to see it, experience it, and see what it has in store for us! I know it will be great for all of us. It’s what we’ve been waiting for. I envision that we will come to see all the hopes and dreams come to fruition. I look forward to it not only because it will improve my life, but it will allow me to help others as well.

  21. Yes Gloria. We really do not have much of an idea of all that Henry goes through day in and day out. I know that we just faithfully do all that we can and are allowed to do right now in the company, but it really is Henry and the DEVS that are doing the lion’s share of the work right now. Gail and Erline are working 24/7 just as hard at what they do. One day soon we will all profit from the fruit of everyone’s labor as a whole.

  22. More tips to calm my brain I love that list learning more everyday. It is always good to remain positive and stay that way if we didn’t none of us would be here now. I believe this group right here and now will succeed with flying colors we have kept up with everything and learning more daily from these blogs I can’t wait for that launch very excited to see the new CDAP!

  23. Creating vague goals certainly does not perpetuate yourself to the desired end in mind. So many people, including myself, have fallen for this in their lifetime. Many don’t like failures and I believe that is the underlying factor for not committing to specifics like: “I want to lose 10 pounds in 2 months!” It is easier to say that than to make it happen, so in order to avoid a disappointment in the future, it is easier to set a vague goal and hope for the best, after all then you would not have a disappointment to deal with in the end.

  24. My eyes naturally migrated to these words in your blog: “Starting Too Many Projects”
    The idea, “while you wait” comes to mind. While waiting for the grand opening, I must confess I have been busy starting too many projects. In my defense, they are an extension of what we all want to accomplish. So, busily I dig in (and hope I can remember all I have to do).

  25. Very nice comparison of the iceberg and Compumatrix. It would be really wonderful to celebrate my 14th year anniversary of me joining Compumatrix with the launch of the CDAP. It’s coming on October 6th. Compumatrix has been a monumental job and only a few insiders like Henry, David, Erline know what has taken place, we members have seen “just the tip of the iceberg”….

  26. Great analogy Jeffery. Everything we, the members, see at Compumatrix is only the tip of the iceberg. As Erline and Gail have told us many times that Henry and the DEV’s are working behind the scenes and we haven’t a clue how hard and frustrating that can be. It’s mind boggling how much Compumatrix has changed and what it has become over the years.
    Thanks again Jeffery for the great article and thank you Admin, the DEV’s and all who work behind the scenes completing our iceberg!

  27. It would appear that the CDAP is a few weeks away so let us hope that when it does come alive it showas all our inventory and assets so that we can really get moving and selling cards. Hopefully the sales teamwill be available as before.

  28. Yes Jane My thoughts exactly from the latest update that it’s going to take a few weeks now for Henry and the DEVS to code everything to be in line with Bitshares 5.0. I could be wrong, but I don’t see it happening before that. Looks like ALL the ducks need to be perfectly lined up and in a row for any of this to work.

  29. Bang on Jeff. Many need to stand back and look at what goes on during any accomplishment. There are no “overnight” successes.. Those took years to develop and become what they are. It takes vision, persistence and sense of purpose. Gaining those through the methods listed is a great way to increase your drive. Find the why and the rest will happen.

  30. The tip of the iceberg sound exactly what Compumatrix will show us when it opens up. We have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, the people involved besides Henry and the BODs and not to mention the developers and the many people who have contributed in a big and small part to bring this company to fruition. It will be great to finally see the vision materialized with our own eyes and be the beneficiaries of such long haul and tremendous effort.

  31. We have seen the tip of this business. We have also seen a huge amount of work-effort and skill been put into something most people do not understand. The complexity, security, ease of use has come a long way from when CM started building this platform. Thank you to the dedication of the team.

  32. The problem with icebergs is that they are constantly on the move and melting. Lets hope CDAP is moving in the right direction and does not hit too many objects on the way only time will tell.

  33. I agree with you Steven that we don’t even have a clue of what is going on behind the scenes in the great enterprise. I guess that’s a good thing, since if we did we would probably worry a lot more than we already do. LOL. I know that Henry and the BOD have our best interests in mind as they always have. It’s nice to know that they will be paid out from the system just like we are, and that is why they work so hard at making it happen.

  34. Your words are spot on John. “There are no “overnight” successes.. Those took years to develop and become what they are.” Rome was not built in a day right ? It’s amazing to see some of these building and cathedrals that took a hundred hears or more to build. They are awe inspiring, and that’s why we love them. There was years and years of work that went into it all, just like Compumatrix. Although, I hope it doesn’t take a hundred years to be finished…..LOL

  35. Thanks, Jeff, for your Blog, I think one thing I have learnt in life, is to trust the people who know more than me but too still take responsibility for my actions. I accept with the ‘iceberg’ analogy that there is more beneath the surface than what I can see with my naked eye. I know that the tree is held firm in the storm by the roots that grow underground,. I know that what gets me through challenging times in life are the resources I gained from the experiences that are hidden from public view.
    Just because I can’t see what is hidden doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

  36. This article is very symbolic because it is easy to see the tip or outside of a situation and think you know the whole situation. If you relate this to icebergs, that is not true. Same with Compumatrix. Sometimes we think we see and know everything that is going on, but there are so many processes and efforts being made below surface level that we have no idea about.

  37. I like what you said Inspired Insights about just because you can’t see what is hidden, does not mean it is not there. You nailed much of Compumatrix on the head. The BOD has now been brought to the point that they are not able to share everything that is happening due to those few individuals that might not have our best interests in mind. You never reveal any of your secrets to the enemy. There is ALWAYS things going on in the hidden, and I am thankful for what we do know though.

  38. Of the 10 reasons above how do they apply to yourself? I know that several apply to me. If I would apply some of these to my daily life I might be surprised on the way it would make my day less stressful as we wait for the start-up to begin.

  39. My faith in icebergs helping us i declining. Iceergs are melting as are parts ofrge arctic and antarctic. Many island nations will have severe problems but there are still those who publicly demounce climate change. Idiots. Let us hope CDAP opens very soon to help those in need An update with a projected date would be greatly appreciated.

  40. The tip of the iceberg is an expression that can be use in any number of contexts. As you have applied to the CDAP I can’t wait for it to open to explore the rest of the iceberg that it is the tip of. You also applied the expression to behaviours that hold people back from achieving their goals potentials. People have to develop counteracting behaviours to neutralize and eradicate these negative behaviours.

    1. I am with you Hamfreth. The CDAP is simply just the very TIP. This Company has so much to offer the world and it will be so exciting to see everything rolled out piece by piece. There is more than we even know concerning the great things our businesses will be able to do in the future. For now. we just keep up with what we know that’s above the surface. and all will go well.

  41. Compumatrix is The Iceberg of Cryptobusiness will be seen from all parts of the world. And many will be in awe, wondering How, when did it happen.
    But we know that it was not easy, it took years of development of hard work some not reveal to us, for that part is hidden to make sure that those who wish to meltdown this huge block of success will not succeed.

  42. I never quite thought of it that way Jorge. What a surprise this is going to be to the crypto community. We know all about Compumatrix having followed it for some years, but there will be so many just hearing about it for the very first time. And they will love the concept or VPC’s and no Multi Level Marketing etc. This reveal is going to be fun !

  43. This is a very interesting read. Looking at the pictures brings back memories of living in Alaska in the late 80’s and actually walking out on a glacier. And when I moved back in 2011 how much of the glacier had melted and was no longer able to walk out on it anymore. Looking forward to seeing what the CDAP will be like.

    1. How neat Sandra that you had the privilege to do that. Must have been so much fun. The closest I have ever been to a glacier is when hiking up in the mountains at an alpine lake. There was snow on the side of the mountain that had melted, froze, melted, froze again into kind of a big ice glacier on the slope of the mountain. Being young, and foolish as were were those days, we slid down it, not fearing we could have slipped right into a hole and gone under it. LOL

  44. This is the first time I can recall reading a list of reasons why people don’t reach their potential. Now I know. I also know how anxious I am to see the tip of the iceberg for our new
    CDAP. I think this is one situation where I can say that I am sure the underwater part of the iceberg is bigger than one can ever imagine. I have learned that as soon as you get into something new and/or improved in the crypto world, you better hold on and prepare for a lifetime of what represents the remainder of the iceberg.

  45. Good comments William. I also know that there is so much that Henry, David and the BOD can’t share with us because of security reasons, and also being pounded by negative comments in the passed. There is a lot there under the ice and I know in my heart that it is all good and it is all going to bless all of us.

  46. this is such an enjoyable and thought provoking re-read and to see how much just 6 weeks has caused in the change category not just here at Compu world but in the Crypto n Cyber World — and unlike how much of the Iceberg may be gone in a hundred years or a thousand years ?? can not answer those what ifs?? but do know right now stay focused on Biz at hand n enjoy the walking out on this Iceberg called Compumatrix — great stuff JP —

    1. Yeah RJH. Just a few days these days can make all the difference in the price of BTC or the price of many of our assets in the DEX. Time seems to be on our side in the crypto world. The longer we wait seems to be helping us. We are way beyond what we would have been if we have not waiting these years.

  47. It is ironic that the photo of the iceberg in the blog looks as if the Titanic is encased in it. One of the reasons given for not reaching potential of starting too many projects is an easy trap I believe to fall into. It is why it is so important to plan ahead and be aware of what one’s own potential is.

  48. The good thing about large structures such as these is that despite their size, they can be chipped down and minimized to a degree where they become more easy to handle. It is a good way to deal with life’s problems.

    1. Yes Martin. Like eating an elephant one bit at a time as Erline always says. That truly is the best way to deal with life’s problems. Focus on a few of them and tackle those well before going on to the rest. Good wisdom there.

  49. as we start a new year in the time calendar — it is enjoyable and helpful to come read thru this intriguing and thought provoking blog and the replies here –wow these get the info juices flowing — and knowing most everything is not seen 100% and there is so many underlying parts unseen in Life n being here in Compu Biz the same — being patient and Persevering is —- great read —

  50. Another great blog Jeff. I believe we are all excited if not you must be living under a rock, we have so many great things to look forward to. right around the corner. We have waited a while but some have waited a very long time. I’m ready for the future. I can’t wait to wait to create and help and enjoy the fruits of our great company. Let’s hope the CDAP opens very soon to help those in need.

    1. Well. It’s looking like you got your wish very soon Paula. Could even happen as early as next week from what we are hearing. How great it will be when finally we all do taste the fruits of all of the labor of the years. Great works are never done over night. They usually take boatloads of time,.

  51. Hi Jeff, thanks for your blog here. Thanks to some of the responses from our other compumatrix family members. I personally see btc as the peack and you make a step down and there is compumatrix and then such a wide and still developing base as you can continue down as we widen our foothold and bring others into the family and show/train them in what they can accomplish

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