I was reflecting on the conversation that was going on in the chat among COMPUMATRIX members. Meanwhile, sitting in church, I marvelled at the woman in the pew in front of me as she gently stroked the side of one of her children with the back of her hand. This is THE TOUCH OF LOVE. 


For many of us, this is an everyday occurance of the demonstration of love. Obviously, this child is IN HER HEART. For a close family, this does not take a second thought. I reflected on this moment this particular day although I see this family every Sunday because the conversation that touched me from the night before.




I’m proud to be associated with the people that comprise of the membership of COMPUMATRIX. We have become family over the years and desire to expand that family through the love that we share. After reading the comments on the chat, I had to go and share this video: How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100? 


One of the participants of the conversation mentioned she had a hard time passing someone that was asking for help. I have been dreaming about being able to help others on the street as well. Some time ago, I passed someone outside of a pizza restaurant that was asking for spare change. On my way out, I told him I didn’t do cash and I handed him a pizza.

How many times do we wish we could do something like this? I know I don’t do it enough. Maybe instead of buying that pizza for myself, I could have eaten at home and had the money to do that for another person or two. Of course, I wouldn’t have been there that night to meet this particular stranger.
My wife volunteers often at a shelter and I have helped out on occasion. We have often talked about buying cards and handing them out to help connect these people in need of the services. This is just one of those dreams that pulse thru our hearts when we think of the many ways COMPUMATRIX will impact our lives and the lives of others that we will be able to reach out to.
Thank you COMPUMATRIX MEMBERS for the conversation last night and thank you Lord for reminding me of your love by demonstrating it with the family in front of me this morning.

These were from events dating back some years but how we wish we had this time again. This time to make tweaks to the narrative that has defined our lives! We DON’T get “do-overs”. That is stuff left for the movies. Our movie is a “one-take” opportunity. Fortunately for us, we do get to repeat those scenes multiple times and with multiple participants. 

The idea I had for THE TOUCH OF LOVE plays over and over in my head. It is often multiple characters and more are placed in my space almost on a daily basis. Just writing this today and adding to an experience that occurred almost 3 years ago gives me the opportunity to share and relive this again with more people.

THANK YOU COMPUMATRIX for allowing us to meet.

About the author

Stephen Sampson is among the founding members of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network and writes various topics about life and business.


  1. Love, a single word, with many applications and meanings. Love to parents is one type of love. Love to friends is another type. Love to a male/female is yet another type. Love that comes out of compassion is a different kind of love. Love to memoirs is different from love to memories. Loving your school, love to alumni, love for food are different kinds of love. Loving a company you are associated with is rare and it’s a special kind of love. Love still remains elusive, mysterious, instant, and yet sweet. We love you, love because without you there is no world, no relations, and no nothing.

  2. Love is the sublime of all human emotions! It comes in many ways, from so many people.
    Stems from the heart. Love has no barriers and no boundaries.
    Instinctively, parents love their children.
    Parental love is immediate and natural.
    Families love to get together and express concern when a family member is suffering.
    But, what stands out most is when we can love others and do something for them, unconditionally.
    Compumatrix makes us feel like ONE BIG FAMILY. In a short time, we shall see the fruits of their love and concern for the well-being of all our family members, here.

  3. What a beautiful way to infuse a business normally associated with cold hard facts and figures, with the most valuable asset in this world – LOVE! Thanks, Stephen, for reminding us all why this business began in the first place – to help as many individuals as possible. We are blessed indeed, especially with the positive minds and hearts that lead us, surround us here, and are the glue that keeps this company together!

  4. I agree with you, Stephen; there is a lot of love between the members here. Most express this each day with their prayers and well wishes for all. How nice is it that we, over the years, have become more like family! I know if I have a problem, I can come to the group, and I know they will listen to me if nothing else, but they will also show this love and support me every time.

  5. agreed also that members around here are very special and in my thoughts and prayers and have been a very long time and I thank each and every one of you who has thought of me and keep my Family in prayers and thoughts each day — I am blessed truly to be here and and be a part of this experience —

  6. Thank you Stephen for such a touching post. My wife and I have a huge vision to be able to help others in the future with anything we might make with Compumatrix. Give and it shall be given to you. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do not look out for your own interests but also to the interests of others. I think the majority of members do have gracious hearts and will do so much good with their earnings. Hope it happens soon.

  7. Love – what a wonderful topic! Love coming from deep within our hearts spreads out over all we meet and touches their hearts….We see this every day in discord when people respond overwhelmingly to sad news with love and support. Compumatrix is unique in this way – a company that deeply wants to help people as the driving force of the values of the company. Everyone come to discord several times over the day to get an infusion of love!

  8. When I saw the title of this article I was curious, immediately, about how LOVE was going to be woven into a discussion about business. I am no longer curious and I think that it was beautifully done! I’m in complete agreement with the author, Stephen, about the touch of love that exists among the Compumatrix family members. I’m looking forward to watching the video (when I have more time) about how a homeless person would spend a hundred dollars. Thank YOU Stephen for your loving post. It is refreshing and comforting too.

  9. Kevin, as you stated, you were in wonder how “Love” could relate to business. Although I do not remember exactly the conversation that was going on in our chat, I remember the feeling. Here, we gather because of our online business. We don’t only discuss our business but a greater need. A need that probably brought us here in the first place (if we can admit it)!
    The conversation was a very touching and loving conversation about each other. This was on a Saturday night. How do I know? The next day at Church (on Sunday), I witnessed the same LOVE but within an immediate family. My mind went back to the discussion the night before in chat and I said to myself: “THIS IS WHY I WILL WAIT PATIENTLY FOR THIS BUSINESS”.

  10. Wow. I watched the YouTube video and it was incredible that the homeless person almost treated those other homeless people like family by providing food for them. I must say though that my heart broke when I saw that innocent child around the picnic table, but that is beside the point. Steering back on track, I think Compumatrix is truly a family because of all of the communication lines that are available to its members. For example, 24/7 people around the world can chat with other people that share a common interest. There is a saying that there is a family one cannot choose (the family one was born to) and a family that is chosen (ex. close friends); the Compumatrix community is part of the family that is chosen.

  11. This is what Jesus did. He came to give, up to the point that he gave his life on a cross for us.
    Now we don’t have to die on a cross for someone. Giving spare change to someone who begs (Doesn’t have to be $100) or a pizza as mention will help. And if you docarry money around a smile or kind word will make someones day great.
    We at #Compumatrix are a family which Engages, enhances and enriches lifes to those arounds us and reaching to the fours corners of t5he world to make this a better place to live

  12. I came back and just watched the video from above ( ) about how a homeless person spent a hundred dollars. I was in tears as I observed flawless love being displayed under very flawed and adverse circumstances. I look forward to the day when I will be able to use my Compumatrix business to help feed people both by giving them fish and also by teaching them to fish with a Compumatrix hook and lure.

  13. A Touch of Love
    Thanks Stephen for such a beautiful article. I was lying in bed in the hospital and had a very similar experience. I was in deep thought about all the problems and violence in the world, yet i was personally experiencing nothing but love and compassion from my fellow health care VETS. I almost forgot for a moment that there is always more love and compassion in this old world than evil. It’s so easy to concentrate on the evil and forget about all the good people in this world.Love always outnumbers the evil,even when the TV continually blasts negative news. Thanks for the “touch of love” reminder Stephen, your blog re-directed me back to reality and saw the light again as our creator intended. There will always be differences of opinion as we see in any business including Compumatrix, but in the end I see members and staff that are themselves under stress reaching out to all in need with love, compassion and understanding.Thanks for the reminder.

  14. LOVE! Such a small word that means such a great feeling! The noblest of feelings we can have! Love for our children, for our husband, for our parents, for our family, for our friends. But also LOVE TO THE NEXT! It doesn’t matter who he is and how he is. Jesus tells us: “love your neighbor as yourself”. And I think this commandment is beautiful, because there are many human beings who need our love, be it in a word of comfort, be it in a smile, be it in a hug, be it with food or a drink, or with a simple “I I love you ”, which can make all the difference in that person’s life. I really want that, when the time comes to take advantage of our investment in COMPUMATRIX, I can help many people I love, both those I love because they are close to me, as well as those I love because I want to love others like myself same! That in this time of Pandemic, our world and all human beings have more love to give and that they can receive a lot of love!

  15. Thank you Stephen for sharing this. Oftentimes we get so caught up in the struggle of day you day life that we forget to look up. So many others are in need & when we have the opportunity to do good we should.
    It is the times we listen to that still small voice to do something that we receive the greatest joy.
    During the times we find ourselves in today with so many laid off or jobs eliminated, that small gesture can mean the difference between someone eating or even holding onto hope for another day.

  16. Thank you Stephen. I have to say that I received a lot more from reading your post than I was expecting. And from the reviews I just read, it is easy to see how this might happen. This Compumatrix group is a very close band of people who care about each other. They (WE) actually care about and love ALL PEOPLE. How many times have we all said “I can’t wait until the CDAP is up and running so I can get spendable funds to help others in need”. And, for someone who “can’t wait”, we have been waiting quite a while. As Erline would say, “It will all be worth the wait”. It is a great feeling to be a member of such a caring and loving group of people of all ages and backgrounds. I am so proud to be a Compumatrix member !!!

  17. Stephen, that was a very touching article, love after all touches us in many ways one way or another. I admire the small demonstrations of caring and love, sometimes they are very subtle, and sometimes very dramatic and many times it’s in the eyes of the beholder as when you go out of your way for someone and it’s not even noticed.
    Some people express “love” in the most trivial things as a matter of expression: I love ice cream, I love to walk, I love that song and on and on, to me the right word would be, “I like”, but that’s how people express themselves and that’s okay, but it’s not love. To me one of the biggest expressions of love is through compassion and understanding, the involvement and the unselfish expression when helping another is pure and sincere which makes us more humane.

  18. what a great read again and then the reading of the stories in the replies are just so touching and Heart grabbing — it amazes me when we take time to listen to others and watch and help others how much our lives become so much more complete — it is one those things wish could have experienced much earlier in my life as opposed — to me me me — but hey am getting there — rj

  19. I am going to equate this to a high school story of mine. There was once a new girl in my class, and she knew no one at the school, so I tried to befriend her. Three years later and we are still best friends! I have met so many new people because of her! If I had not first extended my friendship to her, I would have never got her other friend’s companionship. Even though we started as only two friends, now we have a whole group of friends, and we are always the first group to make a new friend.

  20. Thank you, Stephen, for the beautiful concept of sharing with others in and out of our business world. After reading the comments, I see you also gave the proper definition to the word; “love” in the Biblical as well as a world and business sense:
    ” the conversation last night and thank you Lord for reminding me of your love by demonstrating it with the family in front of me this morning.” a quote form you says love is actions, demonstrating is the only way to prove you love someone or care. I do believe this showing is the focal point of Compumatrix as a business. Our outlined responsibilities allow for each of us to express our love and feelings for others while trying to guide and help them in things we have found to be true in our lives.

  21. The small word love has a very big meaning inside. Which is very important in everyone’s life. Every human being expresses it in different ways and in compumatrix all the members express their love by sharing each other and expressing happiness and sorrow which reflect compumatrix as a big family.

  22. Love is such a complicated word because there can be endless ways to express, feel, or show love to people. Like the homeless person, he has so little and still treated those other people like family. This was done out of love. No matter how much money, shoes, or purses a person might have they will never feel fulfilled by that. Materials can never make a person feel the same as truly being loved.

  23. Wow Stephen! Your wisdom made me reflect on the Love I feel for my Compumatrix family . I feel I can share my dreams and it is reciprocated with love. My biological family doesn’t understand my goals and dreams, yet my Compumatrix family has embraced me unconditionally. I heard a story where someone gave randomly $10, they asked why did you give it to me, and they responded because you are special. That is the love I feel with my Compumatrix family. Thank you.

  24. A warm fuzzy feeling is like a veil when you can brighten up someone less fortunate’s life. That is Love.

    If I have two dollars I will give it to someone who really could use the help. I laugh when I read about a diner leaving a generous tip for a waitress that could no doubt use the extra money. Have been over tipping since I was a kid well over 60 years.

    Sharing brings a sense of well being to me and always comes back in some form or other. Our group is very sensitive to each others problems, issues etc., and we tend to get very attached with our little quips and messages back and forth on Discord. Losing several a year as they pass on is the only downside for me. Bill and Steve come to mind and spending time with them helped me through some bad days.

    Being friends is a form of Love for me. Giving someone a chance is another especially when they are lost.

  25. My wife and I watched a video the other day. This YouTuber was knocking on random doors. A friend was recording as he asked a stranger how much the rent was here. The renter told him it was $1200.00. He pulled out his wallet and counted out the $1200 and told him he wanted to pay his rent this month. The man was in tears because he lost his job and the rent was due tomorrow. He had never been late. This video was shown on another YouTuber’s video because he was showing an example of what he wanted to be able to do. Don’t you?

  26. helping others through their individual troubles is a feeling from inside that can not be replicated in a story in my opinion — the Heart in All of us is a very Special Part and Love comes through that part — maybe not the actual physical heart but the Heart or Soul perse’ — I just hope as time plays through our lives we all can be special through our everday life and give back and enjoy the inner love of Giving back and Letting Go also — hope so anyways — great read again

  27. This touched my heart. I was very impressed at how the homeless man gave food to his “found family”. The homeless man tried to care for his “found family” with the little bit he had, even if it meant he might go without food the following days. Compumatrix is like a “found family” to me. Compumatrix is filled with people I can talk to who are passionate about the same things I am passionate about who care about my well-being – what more can a person ask for.

  28. so very true in the thought of Compu Family being a Heart Filled group of wonderful people of all walks — the passion and compassion shown around here everyday is so beautiful and honestly it is an honor to be a part of that Heart — each day the giving of time and the great info available here is very inspiring and just much gratitude from me —

  29. My children sometimes tease me for easily softening up to people needing help. My reply has always been that, although I may have a need at a particular time, I tend to re-focus and give to the other person whose need is greater than mine. But there were also occasions in the past when I would give to the needy even when they were not asking.

    I was having breakfast at MacDonald’s with my son. Two female teeners apparently coming from the poverty area of the city were looking at us diners through the glass wall. I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to give them something to eat and told my son to go to the counter. “Mom, they’re not even begging,” he argued, but eventually stood up to buy. Then I directed the girls towards the door where I handed to them the food and watched them through the glass wall eating to their hearts delight.. Then tears started flowing down my cheeks; my son looking at me puzzled. I told him these must be tears of gratitude to the Lord that you and your siblings are able to have a decent meal instead of spending time idly looking at the diners from outside the glass walls.

    I believe the Father Heart of God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit. When we become sensitive to His urging and respond accordingly, joy fills our heart. Imagine the extent of good that the Compumatrix family can do when our business is finally launched. We need to remember always that He is in charge and we need His leading.

  30. such a great story of giving — and following the Heart to where he leads us — it is so extraordinary in todays society to be okay actually with just giving — there is so much undercurrent — however life has taught me thru the years that the masses and selfishness is not the answer but Truth and Honor are very good building blocks — and seriously reading thru this again and the replies so much great info and very much appreciation — thank you —

  31. Let me say with joy that the goodness I have planted in the past I am receiving back from some wonderful members in Compumatrix. I am in awe of how the Lord springs surprises on me through them. So glad to belong to this wonderful global family!

  32. Stephen, your words are heartfelt and touching. You have explained to us about Compumatrix, by giving us an example of your personal experience. When we are still in our minds, and at peace, our eyes can be opened to many instances as you have mentioned. I too am thankful to be a member of this group of people from all over the world. There may be no physical connection, but the unity and compassion are more substantial in and through us. We all have the same heart and mind, to bring Compumatrix to fruition, to benefit each family member here.

  33. Love is a strong word and will help a lot of people I am so glad this company has lots of love in it. It helps a lot to get through all the ups and downs, so glad to meet so many all over the world, who knows maybe some are completely alone but they have compumatrix to keep them company.

  34. wow just again I look at the postings of different blogs and then take time to read thru the replies and my gosh — the reality of different ways of life or different areas of the world — it is so fascinating for me to ponder and when I feel maybe a bit disheartened or mislead — Truth is always found here and Truth is most important in each Breath I take — great stuff here n much appreciation —

  35. Such a great story. Thank you. Giving always makes me cry with Joy. When I help people, I get weepy. If I see a young person help an older one across the street in a movie, I get teary. I love giving and receiving. It makes my heart happy.

  36. This article mentions how the touch of love is such a powerful force in showing love for or bringing comfort to those we care about. For so many families, friends, etc., this can be a very nurturing, supportive, or healing means of support. There also those that may care for others and are there for support in difficult times but just are not comfortable with showing it through touching. It does not mean that they may care any less, they may have just come from a family or upbringing that did not do a lot of touching or hugging of one another.

  37. I believe that the touch of love is for the most part very healing, but there are instances where the touch of love can sometimes be deceptive. I know of a good samaritan who gave food instead of money to a homeless man panhandling on the street corner. As the good samaritan was teaching a small temporary class near the homeless man’s corner, he met up with the good samaritan later in the same day. The homeless man extended his hand to shake the good samaritan’s hand reminding him of the food he gave him. The handshake, however, turned into a severe jerk of the arm as if in an attempt to dislocate it to the extent to where he had to retreat and ask that the police be called. At the end of the day though, I am reminded of the old saying that it is still better to give than to receive.

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