The Whole World In Our Hands.

We are all on this giant rock called Earth, traveling through space at an average speed of 67,000 mph. But no one notices or thinks about this as we go about our daily tasks. People study the vast workings of space, the stars, and what’s beneath our feet and the one often overlooked, the area within ourselves. All three of these are connected.

Those of you who are aware of the video ‘The need to grow’ will be familiar with the inventor Michael Smith. His top priority is to repair the soil, and I have followed Michael for over a year now in my research on soil health.

Based on that video and his work, I think breaking it down to a readable form is one more way of creating awareness. Estimates show that there are approximately 60 years of farmable soil left. The fact that the Earth has lost one-third of its farmable land in the last 40 years is frightening. Civilizations rise and fall on their soil quality, according to Science daily. 

Another way of putting it is, here in the US, we are losing soil at ten times the rate it takes to regenerate it. These losses to one of our most precious resources are not sustainable, and we are responsible!

Smith says we have an ‘extraction mentality’ as in, what does it cost to bring it out of the Earth? We never ask what the Earth has paid to get it in!

We need to start shifting from a death-based or harvest-based mentality into a life-based economy.

Industrial agriculture dictates that we have to go with this machine intensive, chemical-intensive method of harvesting food, but this is a false economy.

Actually, the more you care for the soil, the more food you can grow.

Smith also says you cannot build the world from dead soil as the ecosystem will begin to unravel, and things are already collapsing. We can see it all around us. Food essentially has no nutrients in it anymore.

People and companies know all this, but it is not hurting so much to stop or is it that we don’t see the sick and dying from disease because of it as we don’t connect the cause.

Will we only stop when we are at the edge of the cliff? Will it be too late, then?

It didn’t take long to tear it down, but we need an equal solution, the inverse of that to build it back up again, says Michael, coupled with a collective awareness by the people.

Michael Smith’s solution is to take natural biological processes and accelerate the regeneration of soil. Something that would usually take decades or a few hundred years he can do in a matter of days.

“Modern agriculture is the most destructive human activity on the planet. Can’t we feed the world without destroying it?”

The difference between death and life, extinction, and abundance is the difference between dirt and soil.

As many stars as there are above, a hand full of healthy soil contains more microorganisms than people on the planet.

The entire food chain and our very existence are made possible by the billions of tiny creatures coexisting right under our feet in galactic proportions.

It brought us back to the dawn of agriculture some 10,000 years ago; the simple act of tilling the land has been disruptive to fragile soil life in the ability to hold water and turning soil carbon into atmospheric carbon dioxide.

With the invention of machinery and powerful new chemicals, industrial agriculture has exponentially exasperated the issue, leading to roughly 30 soccer fields of soil loss every minute.

We have seen seventy percent of our planet’s soils destroyed. At this rate, Earth will use up farmable soil in 60 years, and without this fertile ground, all ecosystems outside of our oceans become impossible.

We either wake up or guarantee a path to consistent drought, extreme food scarcity, and catastrophic climate change.

I like it when it’s asked –

Suppose our only option is a system with a built-in expiration date. Will we acknowledge our responsibility to this planet and uphold our debt to future generations?

I feel there is a correlation between the above and what we are doing with Compumatrix.

The greed of a few blinded us. The economic system built at the expense of the many will have to change.

Right now, this is all changing right under our noses as the new economic systems using blockchain technology unfolds throughout the world. It goes hand in hand that those that educate themselves on soil health and a healthy economy using technology and brilliant minds that advocate for the good of the planet and humanity. This new mindset will lead future generations to a God-given right of health, wealth, and prosperity.

We do hold the world in our hands. Still, with Compumatrix, we will have the power collectively to do something with the energy. It will put in our hands to cause awareness of the problem to fix it before it is too late.. 

About the author

Patrick is a privileged member of Compumatrix and hopes to be able to add value from his own life experiences through these blogs. He is very much in tune with soil health leading to true health and alternative therapies is more his cup of tea than turning to a prescription for something he has a hard time pronouncing. Born in Australia, growing up in Ireland, he went back to Australia to put his Farm Management skills to work, but has spent the last 25 plus years in the US and is looking forward to this new paradigm shift with Compumatrix.


  1. Yes, it is time for us to start thinking about future generations, and their right to health and good food. I grew up on a small farm, where the care of both soil and animals was a must. My father used crop rotation and added no artificial fertilizer. What was taken out of the soil was returned to the soil. Today, most food is imported, and as strange as it sounds, our authorities pay farmers to let the soil lie dormant. I could write a novel about all the weirdness of food production and agriculture in my country.

  2. Interesting blog, Patrick. Soil is energy, nutrition, grounding and is teaming forth with life. Many debate what is best for good ‘ole Mother Earth. However, as mankind does things in cycles, most likely and appreciatively, a new cycle of caregivers will shift what could be. As centralized banking comes to an end though adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency, so too will the companies who have lorded over and abused agriculture practices. There is no stagnation on the planet.

  3. It’s interesting that you bring up all the depleting of the soils. We should take our lessons from the Jews where were told in their Bible to let the land rest every seven years. They were to give the land a whole sabbath year to replenish itself. The Jews were the only group during the black plague in 1383 that hardly were effected at all because the just followed there Levitical laws about quarantine. This was 700 years before Corona virus. We would do well to keep learning from them

  4. We as a people do need to take care of our land. My father farmed 2000 acres of wheat, he would skip planting in certain sections every year to let the soil rest. All the farmers did this and the farmers before, if not the soil would be depleted. In other parts of the state they would do crop rotations and plant different crops each year to replenish the nutrients from the previous crop. American Indians first priority was to care for the land, we can still learn a lot from them.

  5. Patrick, your opening line is mind-boggling, “We are all on this giant rock called Earth, traveling through space at an average speed of 67,000 mph.” Why we aren’t all dizzy, because it is also true that the planet is SPINNING at 1,037 miles per hour, at the equator! Amazingly, we don’t FEEL any of that motion. Our journey with Compumatrix is similar, because so much progress is taking place, behind the scenes, yet many don’t FEEL the momentum.

    Yet because of the motion of the earth through space, we SEE the seasons change. Because of the spin, we SEE day turn to night and back again. Watch and SEE what becomes visible with Compumatrix!

  6. Interesting blog here I had no idea we only have 60 years left if something is not done that is kinda scary. It takes money to fix things so compumatrix could have a big part in that along with many other projects around the world. Hopefully, star trek won’t come true and be the only frontier left being space the final frontier like the show says.

  7. This is an excellent and well-considered article, Patrick. You’ve really emphasized how just a small change in thinking/consideration, could mean the difference between a “death-minded” and a “life-empowered” future, with the real-life example of “dirt” versus “soil”. The first, depleted of minerals and nutrients by over-usage, and the second, replenished lovingly by considerate humans with an eye to passing on LIFE to future generations! How excellent of a metaphor that is, really, for ALL aspects of life, isn’t it?

  8. Thank you for this eye-opener for me, Patrick. I was shocked to read the state our earth is and the speed we are ruining. No matter how some may justify it, this the only place we have and we are ruining it for the next generations. I am beyond saddened and in disbelief, I am concerned about the air and sea pollution, but had no idea how the soil is being decimated. What our leaders thinking and why this is not ahead education, taxes, defense and so on. I am afraid somehow this will get political at one point and we will suffer from it; politicians ruin everything they touch.

  9. What we sow is what we reap. When the soil is fertile, the crop is good. Farmers work hard and produce natural crop. That was the old trend and we used to eat healthy.
    Times are changing and we need to adapt with these changes, in our daily nourishment.
    Compumatrix , apart from giving us insight into cryptocurrency, could also help to restore our heath and save the world from disaster.

  10. Patrick, your post reminded me of the song “He’s got the whole World in His Hands.” While in His Hands, we are blest to be caretakers of the whole world. We plant seeds and tend to them everyday of our life i.e., (children, ideas, attitudes-deeds-words (good/bad) etc.) We can plant and grow beautiful crops and tend them till they are on the dinner table, but where would we be without the tiny seed or should we say, the “Creator,” of the seeds and His laws of Nature? Once planted, a seed is never seen again, but if tended it brings forth a new living plant. Yes, even in humanity, it takes a planted seed to grow a new life, a newborn baby. God set the example in the Bible when He gave up His only Son, Jesus, to die for our sins and 3 days later, rise from the grave to bring us into a new life. WOW!!

  11. Reading your blog Patrick reminds of a great saying, by one wonderful lady, Wangari Maathai, winner of the world coveted prize, Nobel. “if we destroy nature, it will retaliate and destroy us” “Today we are faced with a challenge that calls for a shift in our thinking so that humanity stops threatening its life-support system. …now lets use what it is at our disposal and make it work for us and not against us.

  12. interesting blog post to say the least — not sure where all this leads but do know will dig deeper into the facts of the scientists — have found more often than not that so called scientists pitch their scientific facts with a political spin just like in America still 4 months later have so called peaceful protests trying to turn America into a socialist country — so i will shut up for now — rj

  13. Making to correlation between good food and good soil is something many don’t understand. Soil is the key to health. As industrial farming practices gained yield per acre, the chemicals destroyed the fertility of the soil making that higher yield, less nutritious so we need more to have the same benefits – and then have to deal with the issues that come because of the chemicals now found in the food.
    I’m going to have to do some research into Mr. Smiths biological process. 60 years is not a lot of time.

  14. The whole world is in our hands, we can make it as we wish. As we plant a very small seed and it becomes a very beautiful tree, this beauty of nature attracts us, I think the world is a beautiful place. It depends on how we look at it. Like many years ago, compumatrix sowed a seed and now it has become a fruitful tree. As we become members of  this beautiful company, we see our future as beautiful.Thank you Patrick for nice post.

  15. Thanks for your great post Patrick. I agree with you that people have to think very carefully about what they want with the world. The way it goes now is in the wrong direction. I truly hope that the present pandemic opens our eyes to the big problems the world is facing and that there will be a movement in a direction of a better and sustainable planet for us but, more important, for our children.

  16. Your blog comes at a time in history where many need to read this, opening their eyes and hearts. Our world today is hurting but will heal. The healing starts within each man, woman, and child. Everyone has their own opinion as to how to go about healing our world. The problem is most people fight against each other. It is never too late. Working together as a team here at Compumatrix gives us the tools to make a massive difference in the positive steps to rebuild a world for the future.

  17. Superb article. My family has been involved in agriculture and horticulture and I am keen to do more in that field (no pun intended), this has helped me see how much more I can learn and then contribute. We have heard and understood for a long time how quality and quantity are somewhat at odds within farming but this clarifies so much for me. I am looking forward to investigating further.

  18. Love the blog! A great analogy to Compumatrix. Educating ourselves and passing on what we have learned to those around us, is fundamental to the propagation of our cultures, our planet, and our businesses. It takes courage to fight the fight against ignorance, especially when it is willful. Too many times, people are content with a short-lived, instant breakfast type of existence.

  19. I so agree with everything you are saying in your blog post Patrick! With a farming background we have seen first hand the way farming methods are turning to more greed based, bigger land base and farming in a quicker way, regardless of any repercussions for the future. It is called smart farming, but my husband says it should be called “dumb farming” We have investigated the permaculture way of soil and farming management. Even deserts have been reclaimed with this method!

  20. What a great blog! Things are not always what they seem to be, but in your writings, you have brought about a wonderful thought to go beyond ourselves and be a blessing to others.

  21. Patrick, what you do is so valuable to the World. I love that we have so many members in CNI who want to do great things and make a difference. I sincerely look forward to hearing more about what you implement down the line. Kudos to you and thank you!

  22. oh and yes I have nothing but respect and truth for the posting here — it amazes me that in all the great thoughts of the past and present — supposedly no real answer has been displayed ?? it truly amazes me to put the truth beyond the hopes — but then i look again and say what do i know ??? may the Truth and the Facts become the Known Facts — sooner than later — interesting read definitely — rj

  23. Patrick, What an eye opener, thanks for such interesting blog and something we don’t see in the news. Soil is the foundation for life on earth, without it we may end up living in the Sahara Desert and we know how much life is out there. We are blinded by modernization, astounding masses of food thrown away to keep high prices and/or for consumption. For a multitude of reasons, including modern agricultural practices, especially “tillage-based agriculture,” deforestation, and overgrazing, the world’s soil is at risk.
    If we continue to degrade the soil at the rate we are now and we can run out of top soil in 60 years, who needs nuclear weapons?

  24. Amen Patrick, everything you have written is right. Humanity has used and abused the very source of sustaining our continuance. God gave us every seed-bearing herb and trees that have fruit with seeds in it. These seeds ere given so we could plant more and keep a continuous supply. Alas, our lands have become dormant and undernourished. As you attribute your comparison to Coumpmatrix, I thank God for the husbandry, the caretakers that are in charge of this land of the crypto world. God help us all to be good stewards over this blessing.

  25. It’s good to hear the opinion from a soil expert. This planet is the only one we got and it comes with all that we need to survive on it. The soil and seeds to produce the trees and fruits.
    Man can convert a whole forest to barren land thru deforestation, but also to convert arid and desert land to productive farming lands.
    Our future is in our hands. Think for Future generations.

  26. What a topic Patrick and yes it is everything but a good and healthy situation our so much needed soil is being abused for way too long. It is scary to read that only 60 more years will e left. Yes, it also so true Food essentially has no nutrients in it anymore., not to mention the sickness it is creating around us. Unfortunately, modern agriculture is mostly only built with greed in mind and nothing else. Hope it is not too late to reverse that. Future generations have a right to a healthy system and it’s us today that we have to demand those changes.

  27. I think human beings are the most destructive force on earth. Not only we are depleting the soil, the one that gives us the food we eat to survive, but we are also destroying the oceans with the millions of tons of plastic. Just yesterday I saw a small documentary showing miles and miles of waste plastic on one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches off the Caribbean coast. The worst part is seems like there’s no end to it, we are consumers and most things are wrapped in plastic and water bottles are thrown by the millions every day. It is dreadful knowing we are ruining our planet and are at the mercy of people in high places that don’t care at all what we are doing to our planet.

  28. Yes Patrick I agree, The soil is dead now. they keep said Fortified nutrients added. I often look at the boxes on the selves and laugh. It is so misleading. The only way to get proper nutrition is to supplement with nutrition. I was told this by a holistic Dr 15 years ago. She said when you see the word processed on milk, juice anything they strip everything down when they heat it, it all dies then they add some unnatural junk to fill in what they killed. bottom line. Supplement. There’s a Dr he had a farm and he noticed all the farm animals never got sick yet people did his studies ended up in the Smithsonian as a natural treasure and guess how he said we will heal all dis-ease in the body? Nutrition. The book in the Smithsonian is a book where he treated and healed over 900 animals mostly exotic and the humans that were healed.

  29. It certainly got my attention when I read that we have seen seventy percent of our planet’s soils destroyed and that at this rate we will use up farmable soil in 60 years. And that all ecosystems outside of our oceans become impossible without this fertile ground. So, are you ok knowing our children and grandchildren will one day wake up to consistent drought, extreme food scarcity, and catastrophic climate change? Aren’t things bad enough? Are we that stupid? I know, let’s send another billion dollars to a country we don’t even like instead of using that money to address this extremely important issue that literally puts food in our mouths. Sorry, but this just puts me in a very bad mood!

  30. This is great and well-written blog post Patrick. Do we have the whole world in our hands? That depends on the perspective of what you are looking for. A lot goes wrong with this world and is out of control. But I have my agricultural farm and I use nature-friendly techniques to grow my crops and when I am standing in the middle of my beautiful fields I think I have the world in my hands.

  31. this is such an intriguing look at Compu biz tying into so many different parts of humanity and how the “intelligence” of humans over history have destroyed many parts of nature maybe some where in future maybe the sciences will create what has been abused / used by the generations ??? don’t know ?? but yeppers do agree that we as a people do actually hold this biz n the planet in our hands —

  32. Excellent blog Patrick. My loving Mother always told me “Behind every cloud there is a silver lining” A long time ago we were led down the wrong road by a few. God gave us the most perfect vessel to create whatever we wanted and also gave us FREE WILL. We fell into that
    pattern of deceit and it led us to where we are today. However the silver lining is all the things that were done are coming out in the LIGHT and we have the GOD given ability to be aware and follow the truth and narrow path. Compumatrix is the light, we are going to change everything around. Thanks for bringing this information to light.

  33. It is said that continued urban growth necessitates a need to incorporate green space. In North America today, green roofs and ample, ground-level gardens are ways to offer solutions. In various parts of the world, such as in tropical climates, greenery is making its way up the building, particularly high rises. The foliage brings more green space to dense metros. As this notion catches on to areas outside the region, it is unclear whether the concept will take root in the U.S.

  34. I can agree that the success of Compumatrix will depend upon how successfully it is handled by its members. This is why it will be important to listen, follow instructions, and take advantages of whatever tutorials are available.

  35. such an awesome read and the thought processes that are expressed in the replies just a great start to my individual day but as I look further into the ” future” perse’ it is back to this point I teach my daughter — it is Timing of — more than anything else that is the decision of — awesome stuff here —

  36. Excellent blog Patrick. I feel as people we need to take care of our land. I also agree that the success of Compumatrix will depend upon how successfully it is handled by its members. This is why it will be important to listen, follow instructions, and take advantages of whatever tutorials are available. I sincerely look forward to hearing more about what you implement down the line.

  37. Thank you for this excellent and eye-opening post, Patrick. I have for many years been extremely concerned for the decimation of rural/natural/agricultural environments here in England and feel so shocked to read the sheer scale of the problem with the soil itself that you describe. A whole attitude change is needed at Government level to change the way we view what’s left of our precious natural land and ensure its preservation and survival for future generations. So much is devastated by new developments, with towns and cities merging into each other with the need for new housing, and ancient hedgerows, woodlands and eco-systems being lost for ever. And yet now they talk of the world population declining with a “jaw-dropping global crash in children being born” (BBC news website 15 July 2020). It reminds me of the prophecy, “Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.” A solution must be found – and I share the belief that Compumatrix can play an unparalleled part of it.

  38. That’s right, the whole world is in our hands,dry land needs to be fertilized, next generation will not be deprived of fertile land,there is a lot to think about but more to implement,there is an urgent need to consider improving your crops so that you do not run out of food in the future,choosing fertile soil to protect crops can make the world’s soil fertile,compumatrix world of cryptocurrency is being introduced to a new era of prosperity which is the era of crypto towards a state of prosperity in the world, well-being of all members will lead to the eradication of malnutrition from the world, Thank you Patrick.

  39. A very well constructed article which shows only too clearly that mechanisation in farming has taken away what the farmers of old toiled to produce food for the world.
    Yes if we want to save the environment something needs to be done. However radical environmentalists do there cause little good because it simply turns the general public off. Hopefully our company can play a major part in encouraging people to rethink.

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