Trick or Treat?

You Have the Power to Make it Sweet!


Chilly mornings, early evenings, and beautiful sapphire skies! The faint smell of smoke from a prematurely lit fireplace, anxious to rush the season.

Dogs and cats, already sensing the calmer, slower pace of life, are napping more often now. They sleepily open an eye, hearing the rustle of newspaper used to get the fire dancing joyfully alive!

Cold lemonade gives way to hot chocolate or hot spiced cider—pool parties to marshmallow and hot dog roasts. The campfire warms as friends and family gather to sit and reminisce at summer’s close.

Night skies light up from the harvest moon, and combines can be heard in the distance as they work into the night to gather the gift of abundance blessed by the hand of God.

The edge of chill on October morns brings out the childlike excitement of the holidays to come.

The Harvest celebration (some call Halloween) often includes corn shocks, pumpkin carving, bonfires, and apple-bobbing. Black Cats beware and goblin stories intrigue. Hayrides encourage closeness as we huddle together under a throw. Squirming to find comfort where the hay isn’t sharp and sticking our behinds! During this time, everything imaginable takes on a taste of Pumpkin Spice.

Pumpkin Poop - FREE Printable - Happy Home Fairy
Image courtesy of Happy Home Fairy

Giving Thanks for our many blessings with family gatherings and a meal fit for a king. Glorious aromas fill our homes as food is prepared with loving care. The smell of sage in the stuffing, cranberry sauce, apple pie, hot yeast rolls work their magic, whetting our appetites. The ham and turkey steaming hot, waiting to be carved. Dressed with sides of mashed potatoes, hot sweet yams, and peas. The anticipation of a luscious meal made even better by sharing it with our loved ones. –ah, nothing can compare!  After a prayer of thanks and amens, the dinner begins.

Thanksgiving Mealtime Grace | Guideposts

Our thoughts turn now to Christmas and what it means to each of us. I believe we can all agree that GIVING and LOVING are universal, no matter our faith.

The beauty and wonder of new-fallen snow crunching beneath our feet as the frozen flakes kiss our face. Trees are decorated and adorned, the lights sparkling and twinkling in mesmerizing elegance. Our hearts sing, and our smiles swell as we soak up the cheer. We are moved (as we should be all year) to share kindness to our fellow man. Prepared food for the homeless, the less fortunate. Gifts of warm clothing and toys for the children. Kind words of “Merry Christmas” to all. Indeed it IS more blessed to give than to receive.

All the world seems happy and at peace if only for a season.

Spreading Christmas Cheer: Goodwill To All

As we begin the New Year, why not make THIS year, THE YEAR?

We have the power to make life sweet! Not just for ourselves but our brothers and sisters.

We have the tool right at our fingertips! With our little Compumatrix Business, we can change the world.

Our Newly branded CDAP is about to open. Our founder, Henry Banayat, and his crew of developers have been working long, hard hours in a time of sickness and quarantine. They are to be commended as their fighting, creative spirit braved their challenges to make it possible for each of us to Engage, Enhance, and Enrich the lives of countless others across this world.

Now, the onus is on us. What we do with it will determine the direction of our lives. It is truly my wish, as I am sure the wish of every other member, staff, admin, and BOD for the ultimate success of us all.

My suggestion? If you care to follow:

  • Let go of FOMO; there is and will be plenty for all.
  • Apply yourself to learn all you are capable of before you act.
  • Understand all the implications of your actions.
  • If you don’t know, ask.
  • Be kind and patient with each other.
  • Be kind and patient with staff – they are human too.
  • Don’t be ashamed to admit your limitations. This business will accommodate earning on many levels.
  • Anger and frustration lead to failure. Avoid them.
  • Take responsibility – own it if you do it.
  • Keep the respect of the Company always on top of everything you do.
  • Most of all, love, respect, and consider each other and understand what we do WILL affect the whole membership and company.
  • ASK YOURSELF – What CAN I do to succeed? Your answer was given above.

Together we can make any “Trick,” a “Treat.” Let’s make it “SWEET” for all!!

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Even though it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet, because for the past couple of weeks it has felt like summer here where I live, but, fall is getting here. Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat, at least that’s how I remember it. I use to enjoy Halloween when I was younger, having a sweet tooth didn’t help either.

    How many here carried around that UNICEF box collecting money? Looking forward to the CDAP trick and treat extravaganza, it will be a treat so many have been waiting for !!

    1. Hello Dan! LOL, that is a little jingle I have heard around here too. The children seem to be getting away from the tradition of “Trick or Treat,” and perhaps that is a good thing? I don’t mind and never saw it as an inconvenience for them going door to door to collect a piece of candy, but that’s me. In fact, I enjoyed seeing them excited and dressed up so cute! I hope your weather gets cooler soon! I didn’t do the UNICEF thing (and glad I didn’t!) BUT I am with you on the TREAT of the Newly Branded CDAP opening!!

  2. What a sweet accounting of the true nature of what Harvest really means… On this night of the Harvest Moon 2020! Your vignettes of the most deliciously simple delights of the new season are adorable and evoke a child- like excitement of all that the harvest season brings. And that definitely includes the opening of the CDAP- which arguably is the cornucopia of harvest- time! 😊

    1. Oh, thank you, dear Zora!! It is hard to hide that this is my very favorite time of the year, even though it means I turn a year older. Lol, My family has a tradition of gathering at Thanksgiving and sharing a huge meal while each tells something(s) we are thankful for. Each of us brings dishes of food to contribute to the meal. There are generally around 65 of us or more as we turn no one away, and indeed have had people come into the family center where we have our dinner that no one knows. I love it!! FOOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS, and GOOD TIMES!! It is hard to beat that!!

  3. Well Gail I am truly looking forward to fall and winter here, but so fare we are still with high summer temperatures and no sign of cooling off for now. I know it will change but it can not be soon enough.
    Looking forward also to the big opening of the CDAP and the many things you listed we the members can do to make it a success for all of us in harmony and without showing greed and for the so common FOMO here I have seen too many times.

  4. What a wonderful picture you’ve painted here Gail, I can feel the atmosphere and see it like a movie.
    We don’t really have the tradition of Thanksgiving here but some kind of harvest celebrations do exist locally, it’s becoming increasingly popular for example for the local farmers to show and sell their produce.
    What a great time of the year for our company coming to a fruition as well.

    1. Thank you, Eva. I really enjoyed your blog, “How an Entrepreneur is Born,” as well! It is very nice to have a peek at the life and a bit of history from other places in this world. I hope you keep giving us more of the same! People are the same the world over. We share the same goals, desires, and wishes in life, I believe. It’s those little details like you wrote about that make us all unique. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. All of our leaves are changing color as fall fast approaches here as well. We are getting ready for the trick or treaters to arrive end of month. It is time for the carving of pumpkins and putting out the yard decorations. The images your post brings back in my memories are wonderful Gail. I absolutely loved your “Pumpkin Poop Poem” and read it to my granddaughter who thought it was hilarious. Now she is walking around chanting it all the time. I agree that we all have the power to make this sweet for everyone..

    1. YES, Laurie! The leaves put on a magic show all their own this time of year. The beauty of the colored leaves is something to behold. I read somewhere that the color we see is the leaves’ natural color; however, the summer sun makes things green by creating the chlorophyll we see in them. I don’t know if that is true, but it sounds good!! Lol, I love humor too, and that poem stuck out, so I had to share. Glad your granddaughter enjoyed it too!!

  6. Gail, I was very pleased to read your article, I felt it smelled so sweet from all sides of the world,when a person is happy, he always finds a festival every day.We are all looking forward to a great treat at the opening of CADP,I pray that it will be a success for all,like a pleasant weather.

    1. Thank you, and so happy you enjoyed the little write-up and glimpse of my life at this time of year. I LOVE the smells that this season brings – from Autumn to the New Year. Garden harvest to farm harvest, each brings abundance that sustains our lives. I agree the launch of the newly branded CDAP will add much excitement and holds lots of promise for us all.

  7. very pleasant read and all kind of smooshie — lol — love the Fall of the year even in quarantine as some are — but it is still nice to get outside and breathe in the Fresh Country air of middle Mo. and I do — and always a kind word or helping gesture or hand is a good thing — nah its A Great Thing and Great Part of Life !!

    1. Hello RJ! I love fall weather too and all it brings!! (well, almost all…lol) Totally agree there’s something about breathing in the cool fall air and appreciating our God-given blessings. I pray we never lose the desire to give a kind word, gesture, or hand up to our fellow man. I would bet it is gorgeous in your neck of the woods right now!! Branson is a favorite place for me!!

  8. Not my favourite past-time. In England trick or treat is tolerated but some find it very annoying. A bunch of children banging on elderly peoples doors on dark evenings seems inconsiderate. On a personal note it is one of those habits where destroying perfectly good food for amusement seems very antisocial.Many shampoo products do the same There are millions living on the breadline. Think of them please or send them pumpkin pie. Hopefully when we open up we can doour bit to help.

    1. Jane, there is nothing said in my blog about “A bunch of children banging on elderly people’s doors on dark evenings.” It is a happy time of Harvest for most people. I’m sorry you don’t find this time of year enjoyable; I find the weather, the scenery, and even love the laughter and joy from happy children.

    2. Wow! It amazes me how one person can see good and one sees something totally different. It is all about one’s opinion. One person sees a time of fun where the other sees the total opposite. Here in America Halloween is not about being “inconsiderate” to the old or inconveniencing anyone else or destroying food. Americans who want to participate in the fun turn their porch lights on as an invitation, those who find it “annoying” simply leave their front door light turn off. Simply solution for everyone. I don’t understand the destroying of food as we don’t destroy anything here. The pumpkins are carved but the inside is used to make many pumpkin pies etc – hence no waste.

      1. Erline, as someone who knows you very well, I can say to the world that YOU have that holiday spirit year-round. You are always helping by giving yourself, your time, and sharing, especially with less fortunate people and down on their luck. First-hand, I have seen you cook for hours to feed the victims of hurricanes, the sick and shut-in, and prepare “care” packages to give the homeless so that their suffering is eased if only for a while. God will surely bless you, abundantly!! I have had few people in my life that I strived to be like, and you are certainly one of them!!

  9. A great article Gail! One of my sons was born on 31 October. Trick or Treat – perhaps a typical Scorpion duality? It would seem so since we have been tricked as many times as we have been treated over the years, according to his antics. Always a Sweet time of year!

    1. That is awesome, Robin! I’m not sure which day the Zodiac changes in October, but I was born on October 7th, and I know I am a Libra. Historically, I have not been much into Astrology or numerology, but lately, I have noticed more. I’m surprised to find how they DO seem to be a part of the puzzle of life!

  10. I like you 12 points Gail with the Holiday coming quickly upon us. I always enjoy all the days leading up to Christmas. People seem to be a little kinder and caring and so often we just get a little emotional or sentimental about seeing our families again, and that’s a good thing for sure. I know that Covid will change a lot and limit some things we are able to do this Holiday season, but we always will find a way to be a blessing to our families in some way.

    1. Jeffrey, I am pleased that you feel the same way I do about this time of year. I love Autumn, and the holidays it brings. ALL of them! Yes, I agree people do seem a bit kinder and more caring, and perhaps it is due to family and being able to enjoy them more. I pray that this virus doesn’t stop this much-needed connection with family and friends. I know it won’t happen to us! It may change it, but it sure won’t stop it! Happy Holidays to you!!

    2. What a refreshing outlook Jeff. Love your attitude and positive outlook. Yes, the season this year will be different but it can be different in a great way. It is all on how we approach all obstacles put in our way. Don’t you think our world would be in a better place if more people could think as you and I do?

  11. I loved your blog Gail! It is fun and colorful reading. Fall has always been my favorite season for all of the reasons you mentioned above. I love the sensation of walking through crunching leaves while just wearing maybe a sweater, with a gentle breeze swirling the leaves around you. Of course, the knowledge that the holiday season is only a short time away, adds to the uplifting feeling of contentment.

    1. Beautifully said, Gloria! I think that is one of my most favorite things about Autumn. The blast of color! The pallet is so vibrant and beautiful! I feel sorry for those who cannot appreciate the simple things in life. They are truly missing out!! YES, the holiday season is shortly to come, and I know the opening of our newly branded CDAP will make it even more special!

  12. Gail, thank you for this blog. Taking one from Fall into the New Year.
    So much happening with Compumatrix, I think 2021 will be very exciting.
    Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Sure miss seeing all those lovely colors, but AZ is where we are so just have to enjoy its beauty.
    Liked your little poem about the candy corn. Try mixing peanuts and candy corn together for a special treat. It’s like having your own Payday candy bar. I have this sitting out every Fall. Doesn’t last long is the only problem. lol

    1. OH, girl, I love Candy Corn!! I have had it mixed with peanuts too, and yes, it is very good too! I guess the old saying goes, “Bloom, where you are Planted.” Arizona has the beauty as well, I’m sure. I am just a midwest gal and don’t see that changing. I do think the cactus there are gorgeous, and I saw a Santa made with those that was darling!! I agree; a lot is happening in Compumatrix that members can finally see now. I believe this will be OUR year!!

  13. I nominate you Gail, for one of the best photos at the top of your post (I love them all) As I look out our window, our beautiful gold, yellow, red leaves are falling to the ground leaving bare trees. Everything is so gorgeous to our eyes. Your suggestions are spot on! I especially like that if we don’t know we can ask, and not feel stupid. This is very important for the members to feel part of the company. Of course, always never abuse all that is offered.

    1. Oh, thank you, Janis! I suppose you can see that I love color. God richly blesses us with the colors of the rainbow each season he sends. We only have to open our eyes to see and appreciate his artwork! His pallet never ceases to amaze me.

  14. ooooh!!, I like it, reading this blog brings some fond memories, though we don’t have Halloween here, the harvesting time was quite interesting, yes, Christmas always was a season I looked forward to, when growing up, the highlight for me, was the church. I’m stuck on this statement Gail, “Our thoughts turn now to Christmas and what it means to each of us. I believe we can all agree that GIVING and LOVING are universal, no matter our faith.

    1. Thank you so much, Vincent! Harvest time is celebrated I believe, the world over. It is a joy to see people happily gathering the cornucopia! I love seeing the various Harvest Festivals around the world as happy people enjoy the gala. And yes, giving and loving our fellow man, without restrictions is true Christmas spirit and should be carried out all year long.

  15. This September was also quite warm here in Russia and October, at least the first part, is also promised to be warm.
    And here in Compumatrix we are all waiting for a TREAT of our new CDAP opening! It’s going to be a great time this coming days, weeks and months.

  16. We do not celebrate Halloween where I live. Here we have All Saints’ weekend and people light candles on the graves to remember their loved ones. I like your description of how we can transform Halloween into Compumatrix and do my best to learn as much as possible. I hope to find features in the “revised” CDAP that I understand and can use to help the company and all its members.

  17. I love the picture! Orange is definitely the fall color and most dominant. I agree with you, we all celebrate the holidays in different ways, but mostly in the same spirit, I suspect. I can’t say which is my favorite holiday because I like them all for different reasons. I love the kids dressing up and doing the Trick or Treat thing. I don’t understand how anyone can get annoyed by that. I also love Thanksgiving and Christmas because our family gets together on both holidays for a big meal!!

  18. Three little kittens have lost their mittens. Maybe the pumpkins got them?? HA! Very cute picture and I too love holidays. We don’t do the Trick or Treat thing either here but we are very thankful for our blessings and Christmas is our big day. No matter what your religion is or even if you don’t have one, getting with family and enjoying the day has to make you feel great!!

  19. This is MY time of the year!! I love the cool, bonfire weather; Thanksgiving with family and Christmas has been very special all my life. Nothing could be better than spending the holidays with a cozy fire, popcorn, and people you love around you!!

  20. Halloween is the time of year when we all get together and decide what we are going to cook and where we are going to be. It seems to always be at my home but its ok. When we do Thanksgiving we know Christmas is next. I said that to say this I love when holidays come around because it is the best time of the year. I loved reading your blog Gail.

    1. YES, Mary! Harvest time inspires us to want to draw closer to friends and family. In the past, we have always had our family dinner somewhere like the basement of the library (where there are plenty of tables and chairs and a kitchen area to use, or the family center of the rural fire department. Somewhere that could accommodate our big family. We generally have 60 – 70 hungry people when we gather. Friends and family alike are welcome to come. God’s blessings of abundance are shared.

  21. What a wonderful blog with Halloween and Christmas and Compumatrix all wrapped up. That time of year to bring the blankets out and start the bonfires up or the fireplace. I call it the giving seasons starting with candy and great food with Thanksgiving and the giving of gifts to the family and friends and neighbors with your harvest from your gardens and best of all Christmas. I am praying for a great season this year with the launch of our CDAP may we all be able to give a little extra this year.

  22. Gail, a very nice blog – it is full of fragrance and hope. With Spring making its foothold, people also sense freshness in the air. We are expecting a nice Christmas gift this year. This will be our treat. Time to make plans to celebrate with family and friends – without any tricks or excuses!

  23. Gail, great blog. Yes, fall is harvest time. It is a special time for farmers who work hard in spring and summer to reap the financial rewards of their work. It is a chance to have some $$ in there pocket to fix things around the farm, and get ready for next year’s crop. This is the time you can set back and provide your family with the candy of life. Some are sweeter than others, but we are thankful for what we have. With the CDAP opening, we will be able to share our candy with the world. I’m ready, how about you.

  24. Gail, I loved reading your blog and it fills us with hopes !! Here in Brazil we entered the spring and I love this season! The colors of the flowers brighten the days! I am an unconditional fan in nature! It’s a beautiful show !!! Looking forward to opening the CDAP so that we can color our stories even more and take care of improving the stories of many!

  25. As I am looking out my window, I cherish the leaves changing colors and dancing to the ground. The cool air and the wood being stacked in preparation for the long winter gives a sense of change in our business and in the world. It is can be fearful or exciting. I am choosing exciting. Thank you for your uplifting and sweet blog.

  26. Sweet Gail, you have captured the sweet nature of the season. Yes, Compumatrix will open anytime now. The staff has done and is doing everything to have us prepared. We are readying for the sweetest of times and the ability to share our treats with others. We appreciate, being a part of Compumatrix, we are grateful, we are thankful, and we are filled with anticipation. Sooo ready!!!!

  27. I live in Australia and Halloween has not been celebrated here much, until the last few years, where it is starting to catch on. My two grandaughters who were born in the USA and got to experience Halloween, look forward to celebrating here with their friends. We are in Spring here in “Downunder” so the season is not quite the same, but the celebration is fun. It won’t be long until Christmas.

  28. AS we all look forward to the Autumn , Halloween then forward onto Christmas and New Year this was a great delight to read. This year will be a bit strange all round not so many celebrations because of the pandemic, but I hope we all take some joy from it, and as the pandemic dies down, (we know it won’t completely go) we all get back to our busy lives , living and celebrating together.

  29. Gail .. nice seasonal picture you paint with words.Well here we are in the first week of October .How fast the fall seems to almost pounce on us. My favorite time of year . Cool walks in the woods and the leaves are drifting slowly to earth. That reminds me I got to go to the farmers market and find that perfect pumpkin.

  30. Sophey, just on time was your article; our church just had a fall prayer meeting outside, campfire and all the trimmings and it was a blast. But, what I really wanted to comment on was the Candy Cord as Pumpkin Poop; how adorable and original; I had never heard that and now I will share. But, you are right Halloween in a week or so, and then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, it is all here and now and we need to be most Thankful!!!

  31. Thank you Gail, this has always been a magical time of the year for the children, it was always great fun scraping out the pumpkins and have them all lit up.
    The young children that come round for the trick and treat in our village are all excited and happy and then when they had gone, there would be older teenagers with a hoodie…looking threatening, saying “Trick or Treat”…that always felt more intimidating than fun.
    I hope Henry is going to be treating us very soon 🙂

    1. Hello Peter. Yes, a magical time indeed. Not only the kids but for me too!! I get caught up in fun too!! I supposed the older kids would seem threatening in a way, but I look at it like this. As long as they are taking part in the festivities, they aren’t out getting into trouble. The ones I see are just there to get candy, and I welcome them too. Perhaps they are just hungry? Agree, a treat from Henry would be nice!!

  32. This time last year here in Portland, OR most of the trees had their leaves on the ground and was raining. Today, the trees have barely started to change color and temperatures are warm and sunny! I am taking all the sun I can, because we can have 10 days in a row without seen the sun, but the changing of the season surely brings the feeling the holidays are coming. Halloween was fun only when my kids were little, those days are long gone and my only grandson is already 16, so the next big holiday is Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to it.

  33. Very inspiring blog Gail.And yes we are all looking forward to the festival holidays and New Year 2021.Let us pray the coming year brings a change to our entire world,and we can find a cure to get rid of the Corona virus which has drastically affected us all,by the Grace of God.

  34. Always loved going out Trick or Treating. Then handing out the candies to the youg’uns when it was right. Used to play Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House, all night with the yard all decorated and such. I think it scared some kids away LOL. Always fun and always with good wishes.

  35. Always loved fall and family gatherings, Remembering those we have lost and celebrating there memories, Sweet memories are the most presious there are, Praying that as a Grandpa, Grandfather that i leave many presious sweet memories to be passed on, Thank You

  36. Another great blog Gail, you really know how to open our eyes for the beautiful things that we have, our family and our friends, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new year are really the best time of the year to gather with family and friends, this year will be a little different due to the Covid-19 but we still have a lot of things to be thankful for. I really liked your suggestion
    “Be kind and patient with each other”.

    Thanks again.

  37. Inspriring article. I felt a bit of a cold front yesterday evening as I went out to pick up the mail. It’s a welcome feeling since I live down at the most southern tip of Texas where heat is the norm. But the cool breeze serves to remind me that this is an exciting time for all of us here at Compumatrix as we await the opening of our new CDAP!

  38. I love Halloween. I have my yard all decorated and if I do say so myself it’s the best I have ever done. Lots of skeletons and lights and eyes blinking in the dark. They are talking about canceling trick or treating but not at my house. I bought two large bags of candy. We are going to rig a track so that we bag the candy and attach the bag onto the rope and use a fishing pole and let it slide down the rope to the kids. It will be fun. I love the coolness of this year. We already did an evening stroll in the cemetery which was pretty spooky for me. I’ve already had an attachment this year by a man named Robert Moore who while alive, was a Canadian Mountie that used to ride horseback in the early 1900s, who was looking for his wife and decided that the love he saw in my heart would do for now. Pretty scary stuff. Love this layout Gail.

  39. I love Halloween but because my kids didn’t process sugar well at all they couldn’t eat a lot. We did do trick or treating but then after I cleaned all the nut candy out then the boys could have 3 pieces. Then everyday we would get their bag down and they would get to choose 2 pieces after about the 3-4 day they would forget all about the candy so I’d throw it away. I think back to when I was a kid. My candy bad didn’t leave my hands. I went through my bag with my mom so I could tell her all the things she didn’t want me to have but I wanted. its funny to see the difference in kids. great memories.

  40. Squash is cooking in the oven. My daughter is out picking up a pumpkin, so that the carving can begin. Apples have been picked…. and today, we harvested the BIGGEST cantaloupe we have ever grown, in October!! Fall is here. The leaves are starting to change and fall. Camping last weekend was cold!! So, we start getting ready. Cleaning out garden beds that are done. Trimming back to the trees that provided pears and peaches. Wondering why the raspberry bush has new raspberries coming out, but it is all good. Enjoying the end of one season moving fully into the new. With more work to do before the next.

  41. I came back to comment on your blog Gail, now that there is a touch of Cool in the air and Halloween is closer, pumpkins are showing up, it feels more Fall and festive now. I love Fall with the new colors and aromas emerging, it’s just magnificent! Your list you posted of suggestions are perfect, I still get confused on some things but I keep reading and learning and watching to keep up. I know I have limitations but will do the best I can.
    Happy Halloween! 🎃

  42. Thanks for your message. It is interesting to read about all these festivities and traditions. Once they served a purpose. Nowadays they serve only the industry that provides us with things we don’t really need. It has become a competition that has the most valuable present or the most exquisite dinner.

  43. The holidays don’t seem to be enjoyed like before. I still decorate for Halloween, then Thanks Giving, then Christmas. I need lights already up, and this isn’t the first year. It just seems we speed through the Holidays and don’t squeeze all the juice out of every moment.

  44. I saw the title of the blog called Trick or Treat and I immediately thought of the Charlie Brown Halloween special were Charlie Brown went trick-or-treating with the gang and the only thing he would get would be a rock thrown into his brown bag. It was hilarious. Charlie Brown did not believe in the Great Pumpkin despite going along with the gang, and his lack of faith was rewarded by getting only rocks for his effort.

  45. Halloween is a fun time for many. I think the best movies come on during this time of the year. It is also a good time to help the grand kids have fun with trick-or-treating.

  46. such a nice read on Holidays and this time of the year — so many great things can happen and have happened thru time — and now after Christmas day — we can join in respectful thoughts and hopes of Our Time soon to be — so much and so many — awesome read n re-read —

  47. Hi Gail. I love the picture, Orange is one of my favorite colors and is definitely a fall color. I agree with you, we all celebrate the holidays in different ways, but mostly in the same spirit, but I can’t say which is my favorite holiday because I like them all for different reasons. I love the kids dressing up and doing the Trick or Treat thing. I also love Thanksgiving and Christmas because our family get togethers on both holidays for a big meal and I for one love to eat that is why I weight almost 200lbs LOL.

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