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Unfinished Blog Post

Unfinished Blog Post

The Final Paragraph

In life as in business, it is often advisable to start with the end in mind. Some writers write the ending before they write the rest of the story. It is usually The Final Paragraph that determines the tempo of the piece being written. 

When I was in school, I had a friend that would read the last chapter of his book then the introduction. He would later write his book report. He was so smooth about his approach. One year, he gave an oral book report. The teacher asked him if he had reported on that book the previous year. He responded that he did. When asked why he reported on it again, he said, “because I finally finished the book.”

I wrote a blog post quite some time back. All I had to do is write the final paragraph. I was waiting for a specific event to occur so I could write about it. Sometimes events happen in progressions other than what you plan.

I forgot about that blog post because I became too busy chasing my tail. I understand what is meant by the term, caught in a tailspin. My situation was out of control, and I couldn’t pull out of this tailspin. 

Unfinished Blog Post

You might become disappointed when situations do not come together as you expected. The Unfinished Blog Post is about such a situation. My online business was going to be my support system for the Construction company we were beginning. I needed funding for the business. While I waited, the Construction business fell apart!

Some people look at this as a disaster. However, I look at it as fate. I needed money for several things occurring in my life right now. Over the last several months, I kept hearing the message: money will not solve that problem.

Maybe there was a reason for my Unfinished Blog Post. 

They say ghosts exist because they have unresolved issues. I’m here to say that money doesn’t resolve all problems. In my online business, it is time that will address problems. Time to complete all programming, time to formulate relationships with other partners, time to develop procedures, and training, and time to ….

I can’t finish that Unfinished Blog Post at this time (even if I could find it) because the situation has changed. As in life, there is one constant: Change. 

If change is a constant, it is presumed those who do not embrace change will fall behind. A friend mentioned years ago that one of his daughters was getting her first job. This was just after college. She would be making more starting than he ever made. Isn’t that an example of change?

Blog Post: Change

I could have substituted the word, Challenge.

Change, challenge; it’s all the same when we are talking about our online business, Compumatrix.

Compumatrix will be the Finished Blog Post. We are so close to the Change, the Challenge, or what label you want to apply. 

The label I wish to apply to Compumatrix is:

Engage Life

Enrich Life

Enhance Life 

Writing A Blog, What’s Next

In the blog, “Writing a Blog”, I wrote the following. “I never sit down to write a blog!” 

This morning I wasn’t thinking about writing a blog at all! I was thinking about NOT writing a blog. The thought was running through my head if I’m not writing a blog, then What’s Next?

With that thought buried somewhere in my mind, I find it is time to rediscover Compumatrix. A couple of days ago, I wrote the blog,. Decentralized Business Administration. I sat down at my computer that morning. I was NOT planning to write a blog that day, either. Even though that post was one of the most challenging blogs to write. How do you write something that just scratches the surface? 

In that blog, I wrote the following, “I decided if I was going to continue to blog, I had to take a deep look at what I wanted to share.” When I finished that blog, I realized I left the door open to a ton of material. Therefore, I left a lot of open-ended questions to be handled in future blogs.

The Unfinished Blog Post has a flaw in it. The thought lingers that it will never be finished! Most of the materials in this blog were written 3 ½ years ago. The final parts, being written today display the period that is continuous. This blog will never be finished as Compumatrix is just getting started. The Finished Blog Post will have to be written when I have exhausted every bit of energy and resource that Compumatrix has and will provide for me, you, and all of us yet to come. 

About the author

Stephen Sampson is among the founding members of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network and writes various topics about life and business.


  1. You wrote an interesting blog, Stephen. In any blog, the conclusion is important. It conveys the total purpose of the blog. Likewise, the final paragraph is the finale of any blog, because it gives insights not only into the content of the blog but also its writer. Suppose I write the last paragraph of my blog like this, “One wrong step turned my business topsy turvy, and from the top of the world, I have fallen too much below the surface of the earth.” With this last paragraph, the blog can be written in many ways. Good blog, keep it up.

    1. Kris, I really appreciate your comments. I look forward for all of us here to write that final paragraph. Of course, we can’t say it is final unless we want to walk away. Compumatrix isn’t like a job that you retire from. It is the Final Paragraph and our chance to Finish the Blog Post.

  2. When I read the title Unfinished Blog Post by Stephen Sampson, I said to myself What! all his blogs have a beginning, an end, and teaching to his story. So, what else could be missing?
    But reading I see what he meant, the mind never stops producing ideas, some to enforce it, others to change it. Like Compumatrix it will change peoples view in what a business is like, different from what many have lived or seen

  3. I agree with you Stephen and Krish and Jorge too for that matter — the fact is honestly speaking whatever we are doing whether its blog writing or some offline business or investing business or just creating a recipe — the end really does not really happen as you all know the second you stop typing and walk away and turn off the computer there is another immediate thought of should have added that — is there not ?? be honest lol great stuff still Stephen —

  4. You had to bring up creating a recipe! We have our agendas when it comes to baking. I bake the pies and Stephen tends to bake cakes and cookies. The other day, our Grandson called and asked if he could bake a banana bread like he used to. Because of the virus, we haven’t seen the grandkids in a while. He jumped to the task and we delivered it in a couple of hours. Our grandson called back and said it was the best banana bread ever! Stephen said it was because he made this one with honey. His recipes are ever-evolving and sometimes he says he can never make that again because he won’t remember the recipe.

    I’m telling this long story to point out the similarity with Compumatrix. The recipe is ever-evolving and I don’t think anyone else could do what we are doing! It reminds me of “leaving the cake out in the rain….and I will never have that recipe again” McArthur Park

  5. gotta enjoy that Macarthur park reference and it is true — when you spend time in a kitchen and create — it does not stop and unless you actually write it all down and the exact measurements — it is very difficult to bring some of our creations back to legit and that is part of the Compumatrix mystique — I would venture to say that if we went back 15 years and tried to recreate — we would not get there — but am very glad that we are Now where we are — who knew recipes ?? recipes lol

  6. The Unfinished Blog post – perhaps that will be with our last breath on earth, because until then always change, always new learning and always different directions. And then from that point, my opinion is that we carry on, on different levels – who knows, we could be sending direction and data down to our fellow Compumatrix members on earth. Maybe time to thank all our members who are in this place and are cheering and helping Compumatrix from a whole different realm! We love you…

  7. Janis, I did not want to be so direct! However, this is the point, somewhat! A huge part of what I intend to do will be setting up what Compumatrix has given me to work with. The long term is way beyond the years that I live.

    Macarthur Park makes me think so much of our journey. “It took so long to make it and I will never have that recipe again” Compumatrix took so long to make it and we had to safeguard it throughout the journey.

  8. Money will solve the problem – or at least get you to a point that will help you get to the next point until you get to the point where the problem is solved. While it is an outstanding idea to start with the end in mind, you still have to get to the end. And that is the most difficult part. Knowing where you are going is imperative. Knowing how to get there can be impossible or at least feel that way. So, pull up your big-boy pants and get creative because that is where all the fun is anyway.

    1. William, my reference to money not solving problems was related to some incidents in my life. From time to, I have found myself down because we didn’t launch yet. I just knew if I had to funds, I could get out of this or that situation. In reflection, I now realize I would be throwing gasoline on a fire expecting it to go out! We have all been there before. It is time to move forward and put new plans together and accomplish new goals.

  9. It is quite a challenge to start a blog and write the ending first! This makes one more creative because a lot of thinking would need to be done..So that, the beginning and the middle part fit in perfectly.
    Life’ s challenges bring about many changes in all of us We live new experiences but we must have faith . We need to move ahead and believe that even if it takes very long, we shall will be a successful journey!

  10. I have often wanted to write a blog and understand your incomplete blog situation. Only in my mind have I written a blog. I could dream and speak or write what I wanted to say; I would be precise and compassionate in some things and had such a desire to put it to paper per se but, when I awoke I could not or feared to write it down in a blog. Subconsciously, I was a great blogger.

    1. Carmen, it’s funny you should mention writing a blog only in your head. Before I began blogging, I recall developing an entire movie in my head. I was driving a noisy rattling van with no radio. Just for fun, I thought through an entire screenplay of a movie. There were so many unknowns throughout the movie. The plot moved from one character to another never realizing if the story was real or a dream. I have always desire to write this one down but I wouldn’t know where to start. I feel I need someone that can grasp it and write it together with me. Maybe someday!

  11. If everyone knew what their end destination was, life wouldn’t be very much fun. Enduring challenges and adapting to change is what makes life interesting. Not knowing what the future holds is interesting. Though many people read and write the endings of stories first, it is not because they want the end results that much; it is because the endings are exciting. It’s when the main characters get what they want and all the conflicts are resolved. The end makes the beginning and middle worth it because once the end comes, what is let? One must go onto another book or a new adventure to keep life interesting.

  12. I never read the last chapter of a book first – it ruins the surprise… If people know what the ending is going to be why would they try? I think life is kind of like a storybook – people take all these twists and turns in order to get to their final destination and then they reach their final destination and it is all over. I am glad Compumatrix is a part of my storybook!

  13. all i know is here in the beginning of august 2020 — literally do not want to know how it all turns out — so much of life is the mystery of each moment — if peeps know the outcome or answer then the effort and truth is not put forth — and honestly at this moment to read some of the replies and see what 2-3 weeks into the future shows us how far so many here have Grown inside — it is great reading and better yet Learning — great stuff and very much Worth the time and Effort —

  14. Thank you for the great blog! I agree if we all knew the answer to every thing you’d get bored. Its great learning and figuring things out, as long as you have a goal. Your on your way to a great future. If you never have a plan you may succeed but it will take a lot longer to get there.

  15. …hmm, definitely an interesting post Sir Stephen, and I’m guilty of reading the last chapter and then writing my book report, ah, I only did it once. Every comment here I totally agree with, so let me add this. In my view, Compumatrix is indeed a great book, from beginning to end? So saying, I see it as a few books, and not chapters although the chapters are good. The Unfinished Blog does relate to each book of the Compumatrix saga in their entirety, in that they were not complete. This boils down to positive unfinished blogs that culminate into one GREAT blog of a business, right?

  16. had to come back here and read this blog again Stephen great stuff and it really does slow the horse down for me — and like others have done the last chapter to get report done — do not want that here — have been writing this book for 15+ years and little more patience and a lot more fun is how i see it — great stuff really —

  17. This post is very interesting and intriguing at the same time. I see running up a hill backwards as I told in my younger days as more complicated. With Compumatrix I look to continue to move forward one step at a time for we will get there as we continue to see the forward process being made that we need to succeed. Onward we go

  18. oh this is just a great read and when put the replies and the stories told there into the mix — it is amazing and so inspiring to me — some moments in life you need to have more than just the facts — and inspiration is so important in that final mix — and reading this blog and replies makes the moment a yeppers in my court and very much a winner — thanks Stephen —

  19. I like your blog I had similar incident I had planned to only work at walmart for 3 years that was my goal and then to work at home on my new desktop computer with that powerful 250 MB of RAM….lol the year was 2000. Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get. Well 20 years later and still at walmart time flies I still have faith and hope so I hope you finish that blog soon.

  20. Stephen,very interesting post! Life is constantly moving forward,we plan any work and believe in success,if we find out what the end or end of this work is, we will lose interest in the work,the passion to move forward and try will disappear,we are walking with every aspect of the compumatrix,but the changes and developments that are taking place over time are not the end of it,these changes will continue will all move forward with the same enthusiasm and develop,so I don’t like reading the end of the story first.

  21. I would suppose that the planning that goes into a business is ongoing and never really finished. As in the blog, we may not always know what the final chapter of our business venture will be because the story is still being worked on with a narrative that is constantly changing in its scenery and in its cast of characters,

  22. The idea that the blog is unfinished means it is still being developed for success. This means that it is able to make adjustments as needed and where necessary. Maybe it is best that it remains unfinished as this means it is evolving and responsive to change.

  23. Nice blog about unfinished blog.Stephen,thank you. I did get the idea that any unfinished blog is a constant work in progress and it can be added to,edited,amended till such time of it being published.In this situation adjustments can be made as required and thereby making an interesting reading for people

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