Unless the Heart is Involved

”My words fly up, my thoughts remain below:
Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”
says the King in Hamlet.

It could mean that when I talk to God without the heart, the words do not reach through.

You can also say that it does not help say good prayers if you do not mean anything.

But if it is the other way around, if you come to God with your heart without knowing what words to use when you pray, then the thought is enough.

The same applies to our business with Compumatrix.

There is no point in participating in proposed activities unless we wholeheartedly believe that Compumatrix will succeed.

Thoughtless action is like the Shakespeare quote; Actions without caring about the outcome do not benefit Compumatrix or its members.

If you are not firmly convinced that Compumatrix is ​​the path to success, for many people, for future generations, for yourself and yours, then you might as well step aside and do something else.

Our brilliant leaders are developing a business platform that will be a leader in online business!

As members, we should be grateful that the management never gives up, no matter what obstacles they encounter.

Therefore, we should do everything we can to support and encourage them and avoid anything that may give them unnecessary work.

Have you prepared for the opening of Compumatrix?

Do not expect management or your region representatives to spoon feed you when opening.

We may receive instructions, or management may expect us to stay up to date and know what to do.

Do not sit and wait and think that I will solve it when the CDAP comes.

There is an excellent blog that lists several things that should be done when the CDAP opens. (Thank you, LizaBLove!)

Please read it and make sure you have all the ducks in a row.

Of course, you are allowed to ask questions about things you do not know, but first, try to find the answer among all excellent blogs, particularly our CEOs and our VPs informative blogs.

I count our entire Compumatrix membership base my friends, but will still be very careful with information to people I do not know.

As always, when money is involved, the greed of some people shows up. I guess they cannot help themselves, but we also know that most of the Compumatrix members have significant needs, yet they act responsibly and plan to help others.

Like other people, I have made many mistakes earlier in life. But one thing I did and thought it was a mistake turned out to be the best I’ve ever done!

I joined Compumatrix!

As we can read in the blog Compumatrix Origins (Part 1)
Compumatrix has had many other names, and sometimes I have despaired (like some others ) – but as I wrote above – our management has never given up!
Kudos to them!

How about you? Is your heart involved?
Remember – Words without thoughts never to heaven go!

About the author

Inga is the Compumatrix Regional Representative for Europe. She speaks several languages and is able to correspond very well with her members.
She faces challenges with a positive and constructive attitude.


  1. Inga, Great blog!! Are you ready to participate in the opening of our CDAP? Members who want to join in the opening need to be ready. As a Regional Rep of the Western Group of the US, I will try to get the information to you on what you needs to be done on your account. Do you know who is your Regional Rep? As Inga said, we will not be spoon-feeding you to get your account up to date. You can go to the Coumpumatrix Forum/ Gail’s how to section get everything you need to get your account up to date. Plan ahead this is happening. It is your choice on what you want to do with your account.

    1. Thank you, Ronald Loflin. We are heading towards a great future, and hopefully, most members will get themselves ready before the grand opening!

  2. You’re welcome, Inga 💗 I woke up this morning thinking about the same thing you write about in this blog! I think it’s true in anything in life…if our heart isn’t in it, we won’t win in the end. To believe in something is so powerful, no matter what it is. It’s a deep knowing that we honor, and we do what it takes until fulfillment. Given the huge challenges we are all living in today, to be reminded of our hearts, of what really matters to us, is vital. Thank you for writing this today.

    1. I am so grateful for your blog, LizaBLove, because it reminded me too to check my accounts to be sure I had done everything that is needed.

  3. I could not agree with you more Inga. Right on ! There is no point in participating in proposed activities unless we wholeheartedly believe that Compumatrix will succeed. The people that have hung around so long are only here for one reason and that alone….They still believe that Compumatrix will ultimately succeed and that is the factor that drives us all on.

    1. Thank you, Jeffrey Phelps! Yes, we are awaiting a great future for the company, for ourselves, our families, and all we will be able to help in the future!

  4. Inga: You are correct. All decisions made through the Heart are always in the right
    direction. I think that if more people use silence and go to the heart for answers we
    will experience Heaven on Earth. Thank you for the reminder.

  5. Thank you Inga. Good and valid point. Do things with your whole heart. Unfortunately there are those who are reckless and don’t consider the good of others. They are selfish, and ruled by greed or just so ignorant, not knowing how to trade for themselves or with the team that they are part of. How sad. We are people of Heart in this business.

    1. Let us hope that also those selfish, greedy, and ignorant people you mention, will eventually see the light – and then, but only then, they will be welcome to our company. I agree with you Hendrik Pretorius, we are people of Heart in this business!

  6. What a great blog Inga! So true, unless your heart is really in something you might as well do something else…I believe there are many many members here that do have their heart into Compumatrix and looking forward to succeeding in a great company. I know I do…

    1. Thank you, Sherry Nuckolls. Yes, I am sure most Compumatrix members wholeheartedly believe that Compumatrix will be successful, and bring success to people all over the world.

  7. Miss Inga awesome blog and so concise and so Wise — literally anything not just biz not just Compu biz — but everything same thing as Faith — if Heart not in it — literally it is nothing more than a waste of time and a waste of others who are also part of your Non-Heart waste — Great read and so much a Heart Thank you — rj

  8. So true Inga, why would one go through all of the actions and preparedness for what we are about to experience without believing in our heart that this would one day come to fruition?
    My main reason for still being here is because of the tirelessness, relentlessness, and dedication of our leaders. They have shown that they, in their hearts, believe in our founder and his dream, as do I.

    1. Yes, Gloria Gilmore, we are so grateful to our leaders for never giving up – no matter what obstacles come in their way! Kudos to them!

  9. Happy to read another blog from you Inga, and I enjoy your encouraging words to all of us!

    I too support the leaders and admins for their hard work, to always be around answering my questions.
    You yourself have been one of the main reasons why I’ve continued to believe in Compumatrix.

    1. Hello Bjorn, and thank you for your kind words! If I have been able to help you believe in Compumatrix I am very happy!

  10. Great blog Inga prayers answer everything if our heart is not in it and and we play around we will get nothing. I pray every day and i am getting so rewards but, sometimes I get nothing. So i put my heart into everything I do.

    1. That is the very best thing to do, Mary Heatley! Continue praying, and continue to put your heart into what you do.

  11. What a beautiful, beautiful banner picture at the top of your blog! I wholeheartedly agree that the heart must be involved in all our actions and prayers! So happy to be part of this heart-centered company. Leading with our hearts keeps us on the side of “good” and not the other choice of “evil” which is very, very important in these times. We have more than a toe in the water with Compumatrix if we are part of the group that has evolved with Compumatrix over the years. Our hearts will prevail.

    1. Thank you, Janis Reese, but our VP Gail is the one who found this beautiful banner picture.
      We do, as you say, have more than a toe in the water with Compumatrix, and we will as our COO Erline have said – have a front seat at the grand opening!

  12. Indeed Inga, I think that pretty well goes with anything in life Inga, not just compumatrix. You can usually tell if someone has their heart involved with what they do, be it a job, or how they treat things also. Most people only do something in life, because they’re told too, or have too, and the end result should reflect just that. Another excellent blog you’ve put together once again Inga, cheers !!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Daniel Sauer! You hit the nail on the head with your analysis of why people do what they do – and how they do it. But I think members of Compumatrix are different – they do put their hearts in what they do.

  13. Thank you Igna, I love the blog. I feel things change, so often, you have to keep up with this company and crypto in general. So much is happening every day, and if you don’t get Henry’s Newsletter, you should sign up for it.

  14. Great Post Inga. Quite often when something “negative” takes place in our lives, it is easy to make a mountain out of a molehill, but the Bible says, Guard your Heart! If ever there was something that would change America it would be a “change of heart!” Without God in our lives it would be impossible to have a change of heart, so the bottom line is, we have to pray hard for God to speak to the heart of everyone of us and then we have to be willing for Him to change our heart. When we have a change of heart, our mouth and our actions will reflect the change.

  15. Great Post Inga.
    I love to go hunting and fishing anything else is hard for me to get excited about. My wife complains that I have one speed – SLOW and SLOWER – that’s because she hasn’t seen me on the side of a mountain scoping out a herd of elk. Nothing gets my blood racing like looking down the barrel of my rifle and seeing a big bull elk in my sights AND SHOOTING IT. WHEN YOU ARE THAT EXCITED, YOU DON’T EVEN FEEL THE kICK/BACK OF YOUR RIFLE. When we can finally realize the reward of our labor in 10 years of Compumatrix with nothing to show for it, maybe, just maybe, some of the excitement will get us going again.

    1. I would never be able to shoot any of God’s great creations! But that is me. I know that different people have different preferences, and that’s OK with me.

  16. Inga, if you are like me, it’s very hard to put your heart into some things especially as you get older. When I was much younger, I had much more energy and stamina. Have you ever had to clean your house because company was coming? You sweep and mop your floors, but you leave the “corners” and hope they can’t see the spiderwebs. You turn on music hoping that inspires you, and you get rock and roll, it makes you grumpy. You turn a blind eye to the dust on the coffee table or you dust around everything on it instead of moving it first. Yep, if your heart isn’t in what you are doing, it will take twice as long and you’ll do a ratty job. What a difference it makes if you can get your heart into what you are doing.

    1. Well, Shereena Gering, old age does take its tribute, and I’m not as fast running as I was in my young age – BUT – it does not affect what I do online, and it certainly does not affect my way of thinking😉

  17. Great post Inga, indeed the intention we put in our thoughts and actions dictate the result of the outcome. Same goes with careless or thoughtless actions. Our thoughts must be felt wholeheartedly and must be sincere because we can’t lie to ourselves or consciousness. When we apply effort with patience and positive attitude, the result can be amazing.

  18. Inga,thank you so much for such a good article,the work that we do with a lot of dedication and heart is sure to succeed,I will say this for the compumatrix,my sixth sense always said that I am  going in the right direction and that it is compumatrix, we are all anxiously awaiting the opening of CDAP.

  19. Well, it appears that everything I wanted to say about your post has already been said over and over again. The general thought is that if your heart is not in it, then you may be wasting your time. I the case of Compumatrix and our new CDAP, I am certain that our leaders’ hearts are in it, and I know that most of the members’ hearts are in it also. We have so much to look forward to and most have shown great patience in waiting and contributing to what is going to be an outstanding end result for our company. Thanks for reminding us all as to what it takes for success.

    1. Thank you, William Farris.👏 It does not matter what has been said by others about my blog!
      Your thoughts and writing them here are for me a very much appreciated reaction to my blog! Kudos to you.

  20. A great post Inga – your members must be very proud of you. Living in Australia we too have a wonderful RR in Paula Battle. Despite suffering from health issues she too keeps members totally informed. And yes we too have had to put up with some sceptics but as Paula says they will have to eat humble pie when everything comes to fruition.. Keep up your wonderful work. We are so luck to have some quality reps at the top.

    1. Thank you, Patrick Harding! Yes – Paula Battle is a great asset for Australian members, and I pray her health issues will vanish, so she can enjoy her life. We do have the very best management in this Compumatrix company, with Henry, our CEO, our COO, and our VP!

  21. Inga, Great post! I am grateful I chose your post to read first this evening. It made me realize that I had allowed my faith in our business to slip. I have thought about Compumatrix a lot lately, however, I haven’t gotten myself truly prepared for the CDAP opening. Thank you for you uplifting words and making me realize that while I have always tried to remain positive and hopeful, I haven’t always stayed ready to move forward when the time is right. Thank you again…..

    1. You are welcome, Jeffery Jennings! And if I have been able to help you get ready for the grand opening – I’m very happy!

  22. Great post-Inga I know none of us would be here if Henry’s heart was not in this he never gave up and he took the worse beating of all of us, some don’t know what he has been through and most would of gave up he is a very unique individual rare in this day and age.

    1. So very true, ckerflag! Henry is an amazing guy, and we love him for being so steadfast, patient, forgiving, generous, and of course – ingenious.🙌

  23. My husband introduced me to compumatrix 14 yrs ago when we got married I am interested in working at home because of health reasons and I know this is a legit program and not a scam I have put my heart into it along with him. Looking forward to the launch and working at home.

    1. I am happy for you, piscesdeb, that you joined Compumatrix, and yes it will be a great opportunity for all of us to be able to work from home.

  24. Blogging from the heart Inga, well said ,I agree fully with this ” Our brilliant leaders are developing a business platform that will be a leader in online business! ” I just wish I was younger to see the Compumatrix businesses revolve over the many years to come. working from home will be great and well needed . I see working from home will be main stream from now on with the covid-19 closing businesses doors world wide. Once Compumatrix CDAP opens it’s door it will be a blessing to so many.

    1. Thank you, Lorna Nickerson, and yes when our CDAP opens it will be a blessing to many!
      We may have to teach the younger generations to continue our work – and they will probably get the gist of it pretty quick😉

  25. Inga, your blog and the words written is inspiring. The sincerity of the heart means everything. Prayers are as tin and brass to God if not coming from a heart of assurance, knowing what we ask will be heard. Ask, it shall be given, seek you shall find. Our asking needs to be with belief and heartfelt, not with selfishness. As you aptly said an assurance is necessary for our business relationship with Compumatrix, as it also is built on faith and trust in God. Again Inga well said.

    1. Thank you, Carmen, for your kind words. I do hope that more members are inspired to read all the blogs and that they do everything they can to be ready when we get the new CDAP.

    2. I agree with you Carmen very inspiring blog. One this about the Compumatrix members , Everyone is willing to help one another .. This may be a business but we feel jointed, like family . There is always help when needed.

  26. My heart was placed on Compumatrix before it was Compumatrix. I joined when Henry was explaining the idea of adpacs in PSX which captivated my mind.
    Ever since and with the changes I remained faithful, to the point of becoming an RR for the Latin group.
    Compumatrix is not to be taken carelessly or selfish, for we are a sharing and caring team of members working together for the goal of making this the best company in the crypto ecosystem.

    1. Good to see you here Jorge!🙂 I value your comment on my little blog. I do know we think alike when it comes to what we want this Company to be!

  27. Great blog Inga. I’m so ready to participate in the opening of the CDAP. Members who want to join in the opening need to be ready. When I need to refresh myself on something that I may have forgotten to go to Gail’s how to section get what I need. My good fiend Pama introduced me to Compumatrix approx five years ago, my heart is with this company I believe it will happen for all of us one day, It’s just a matter of when and will we be ready. I’m ready are you ?

    1. Thank you, Paula James. You, me, and everybody else are so ready for the opening of the CDAP!🙂 I am sure it will be worth the waiting time when we finally can log in and work on the revised CDAP!

      1. You’re welcome Inga and it seems that very soon we will be able to do just that. I’m soooo excited, I can hardly wait LOL.

  28. Inga, Great post! I am grateful I chose your post to read first this evening. It made me realize that I had allowed my faith in our business to slip. I have thought about Compumatrix a lot lately, however, I haven’t gotten myself truly prepared for the CDAP opening. Thank you for you uplifting words and making me realize that while I have always tried to remain positive and hopeful, I haven’t always stayed ready to move forward when the time is right. Thank you again…..

    1. You are welcome, Jeffery Jennings. If I have been able to make you get ready for the opening – I am very happy.🙂

  29. this is a great read a second time around — here like many blogs here are more info when you read a few times thru — so many great ideas and when you take time to research some of these ideas wow it gets fun and honestly the legit parts of biz 101 happen — so much thanks Inga — keep writing —

  30. I struggled to think of personal examples to support the basic idea behind the blog, which I do overall agree with. However, I can think of many instances where one’s heart may have been in it, but there was a lack of personal ability which limited the outcome for success. I think of the example of a famous actor of our time, initials JP, who made a decision to quit acting and become a rap artist. In this case, it seems as though the heart was in being a rap artist but the ability was in acting. But I get the point of the article, and I can agree that success will most likely accompany what one puts their heart and mind into.

  31. I am at my best when I have an interest in what I am doing. I have always been interested in Compumatrix since its beginnings and I have tried to always keep up and participate in whatever has been asked and required.

  32. I think this article is very true because people usually do not give their all or work their hardest unless their heart is involved. Many people in this earth go to their jobs everyday that they are not passionate about, and preform I an average manner. In compumatrix It is important for everyone to put their heart and soul into it to achieve the best outcome.

  33. as this new year takes hold — coming back and reading this great blog posting and the replies of so many life stories — just awesome and so much of every day and every part of our Day has to have our Heart fully in each Breath — love this read and so true !!!!

  34. Yes, it is true that prayer does not reach God unless it is asked sincerely,we cannot succeed in anything unless we have the right intentions,I have full faith in compumatrix business,compumatrix business is going through different stages of its development,rapidly moving towards success,Whatever is moving forward in this journey of faith,Hhe found the destination.

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