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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Covid19 has had detrimental effects on virtually every country in the world. Many have lost vital incomes heavily depended upon for basic needs for themselves and their families. Being the ingenious humans that we are, many have developed ways to improve each other’s lives and at the same time enable a source of income needed to fill a void.

Enter the Virtual Assistant!

If you are like most, you would love to have more time with your families, hobbies, or simply relax. Compumatrix, in their quest to Engage, Enrich and Enhance more lives, has recognized the need, and they have gone the extra mile to bring together need with desire. What Compumatrix is doing creates a Win/Win situation which many are VERY pleased to have.

Virtual Assistants are trained workers whose job is to assist with various tasks, free up time for small business owners, entrepreneurs and managers. VA’s can help us in social media marketing tasks (advertising), some administrative tasks, Calendar management, and other tasks as discussed and agreed upon between the VA and the contractor.

No office space, you say?? No need as the VA works remotely and checks in with you on a decided schedule. VA’s are often in other countries as well. Virtual assistants may be US-based but may also be located in another country, and their working hours and pay for hours worked can be decided between the VA and the contractor.

Developing a close relationship by hiring your VA full-time (40 hours per week) can significantly benefit the contractor. The VA will learn your needs quicker, understand your abilities and dislikes, be prepared to assist, and grow with you as your business grows.

Most small business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers would rather spend their time on various tasks THEY prefer to work on. Let’s face it, some of us HATE detail work. Office tasks, writing, virtual record keeping, and filing are not what some want to spend their time doing. So to get a boost to your “you” time, a VA is invaluable!

A VA can assist you in a wide range of office tasks depending on your type of business. IF the job can be done “online,” a Virtual Assistant can most likely carry it out.

Here are a few suggestions and possible tasks your VA could do for you:

Calendar Management

  • Provide reminders about calls and appointments. The VA can call or text you to remind you of a meeting a few minutes or so before so you can prepare.
  • Provide notice of schedule changes to others. The virtual assistant will also provide information to the other party and get the rescheduled time confirmed.

Email and Contact Management and Communications

  • Screen emails. You set the rules; then, the VA will delete, respond, forward, and even flag emails you need to respond to.
  • Add people to contacts. Your VA can add new contacts, from calls, meetings, or other forms of contact to your email lists. 
  • Update people’s info to contacts. Add contact information as it becomes available – perhaps from an email signature.
  • *Take note – you would probably need to set up your business email separate from a personal email and share the account’s details with the VA for them to assist you with it.

Business Development

  • Research leads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. B2B businesses (and some B2C businesses) must keep a list of ideal clients. Following guidance from you, a virtual assistant can research LinkedIn and create a list of prospective clients.
  • Work with you to create a short Ad for your business.
  • Share your business Ad on Social Media Platforms.
  • Gather the responses and/or answer your Ads appropriately, which they share.


  • Assemble reports. A VA can create specific reports and save records to a file at pre-determined intervals to track your business’s progress.


  • Take notes from webinars. Sometimes you would like the information from a webinar but don’t want to invest the time to watch — even for on-demand! A VA “attends” or listens to the recording you provide and creates the notes for you.
  • Convert files. Have a file PDF form but need a jpeg instead? A VA could convert it for you.
  • Handle file management.  The VA can handle file management for you, assuring the files are put in the correct place for easy recall.
  • Schedule social media. A VA could take your social media advertising posts and schedule them per your guidance.
  • Proofread and edit letters and emails.  You never want to make foolish errors on written material that represents your business. The VA can undoubtedly assist you with that and considerably lower the risk of making careless mistakes when you are overloaded.
  • Maintain a virtual assistant manual. A VA can keep a manual of how to do the assignments you contract them to do. This could be quite handy if, at some point, the VA becomes ill and you need to do the work.  

Before Contracting with a VA:

  • Make a list of tasks you want your VA to fulfill.
  • Write out the job description and expectations.
  • Decide on your Budget ( hourly, weekly, per hour?)
  • Decide on the number of hours of work the VA will do.
  • Assure your VA is qualified to do the task for you.
  • Be prepared to share the usernames and passwords for the accounts you want your VA to assist. 

Virtual Assistants can assist with YOUR business to grow and succeed TOGETHER with you!

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Thank you Gail for yet another useful blog, I never thought I would need a virtual assistant I tried to keep up and then life intervened, I wonder how many others of us are in this same position.
    I will read the blog and all other information again and maybe yet again and decided which bits of a VA will be beneficial to me, then when I lay my head down at night and go to sleep, I know my VA (because of time differences)will be beavering away on my behalf.

  2. Thank you Gail for this very helpful post showing very clearly how VAs can help those of us who find trading and promoting very difficult. I am excited to know I will have someone to show me the way and teach me so I can in turn show those who will eventually be running my business.

  3. Another very good recap of what and how useful a ” Virtual Assistants ” can and will be for our personal Compumatrix business. Thank you Gail. What a interesting conference call today . I truly enjoyed the call ..Full of info . I am going to listen to the Virtual Assistants Compumatrix recording again . That is a really good resource to have on hand.

  4. Yet another great article from Gail. When I first heard about VA’s I didn’t have the foggiest idea what they were. However Gail has explained their role in a very easy down to earth fashion that anyone can understand.
    For many the thought of trading is terrifying especially for our older members but VA’s are there to help and we are so lucky to have such an opportunity available to us.

  5. As the others in here, I want to thank you Gail for the information on how we can use a virtual assistant in our personal Compumatrix home based business . I am very impressed in all that a Virtual Assistant can do and help us grow our business and we would have all that extra time to be with our family while our Virtual Assistant is working our business ..Now how kool is that..

  6. Excellent blog Gail. The VA program will allow all the IC’s to help members with problems they have with their accounts while the VA’s can do their trading, posting, and building their business. It will also let the IC’s have trading and posting done on their accounts. If we can get members to a point where they can manage their business they will feel more confident in recurring new members and help grow Compumatrix. I didn’t understand all the things a VA could accomplish until I read your blog. Thanks for this important information.

  7. Thanks, guys, for the kind words and support. The VAs have been trained with a curriculum and in-class settings and even graduated with the education needed to assist and earn. This service is sorely needed for some and maybe only partially needed by others. We can decide what is right for us and contract with a VA to provide that service. It is truly a win/win for all involved.

  8. What an EXCELLENT article on what VAs can help us with, Gail! I did not think of some of these suggestions, but tasking a VA with text reminders for upcoming calendar appointments is high on my list (I’m forever overlooking them!). This guide is so very insightful, that I might suggest you make it “sticky” here, where we can access it on Compumatrix’s home page…? Regardless, I’ll be re-reading this one. Thanks! 🙂

  9. Thank you Gail. The more I read about Virtual Assistance , the more excited I get. First I felt I may not have the patience. Then I saw and realizes what being in business was all about. It is getting prepared to use assistance. Be it personally, and or virtually. It is actually performing your business. See, I told you. I got it. Thank you for being so skilled at what you do. We are so blessed to be with the leadership of this business. I can imagine how proud Henry is. I’m right there with him.

  10. Another Great Blog Gail. The more I read this blog and your documents posted in the announcement area, I’m so ready to hire a VA to grow my Compuymatrix business in may aspects, such as the blog points, social media and last but not least growing my dex portfolio. I’m so ready for Mid April so hopefully we can get this show on the road.

  11. I was under the impression that Virtual Assistants only traded cryptocurrencies. But, after reading your article, it is enlightening to know that they are capable of organizing and executing our daily business activities, as well. I used to look at trading as ” somewhat risky” but now, we have the right people to help us build our business to a new dimension.

  12. Thank you Gail,WOW! I am very happy to read this article,I never thought that virtual assistants would help us so much in the compumatrix business,It takes a long time to understand trade,but compumatrix made it easier for us,now all our problems will be solved with the help of virtual assistants.Thank you Gail really you post great article.

  13. this is such an informative outline of what the VA is actually and puts in perspective how much of your business the VA actually can do — as I was under impression that they just traded or kept your account current but after the meeting and this blog wow they truly are a Business Assistant and can be as hands on as You would like — awesome read !! Much Appreciated !!

  14. Thanks again Gail for another informative blog. VA’s truly represent a win-win for everyone. I can see they would be of benefit to both existing members and newbies. In my case a VA could be invaluable, as I own a small hi-tek manufacturing export company which keeps me somewhat occupied!

  15. Thanks Gail for the explanation on the jobs that can be done by hiring a virtual assistant.I f definitely will make use of them coz I am pretty scared to trade by myself.I am so appreciative of this company that they took into consideration to train the VAs for members like me and let us enjoy the fruits of this business

  16. Thank you for this useful information. There is more to these Virtual Assistants than just do some trading for me. I am not an expert in that part of Compumatrix so for me that is a very good solution but beyond that, they’ll do much more for me to make my Compumatrix life easier and earn points for me.

  17. There you go again Gail. Useful info as always. Even working from home gets overwhelming at times. When the portal comes live, there will be even more to do. Having help with daily stuff is a blessing. And as Robert Kyosaki says – Have your assets pay for your liabilities, Taking too much time on little things is indeed a liability. Good read.

  18. Thank you Gail for once again providing a very valuable blog post laid out in a very easy-to-understand manner. Also, I do appreciate that you use a larger font, again making the posts very easy to read. There are so many things the virtual assistants can do for us, and I am very appreciative of Compumatrix setting this program up. I would have never realized all the tasks that the VA’s can do for us!

  19. Very useful information Gail. Thanks for simplifying the steps for us and will help many of us. However, one very important in my view, is “What the individual wants ” During my journey I found out that a vast majority of us DON’T know what we really want. This will be of great value. Thanks again for sharing.

  20. The VAs will be of great help to those of us still working and unable to monitor everything here 24/7. It has been a long haul for a lot of us and with the addition of the VA program, it should help a lot of members reach their goals that they have waited so patiently for here in Compumatrix.

  21. Well, Gail, you have done it again – made an excellent blog to help with our business! I don’t see me needing all of the assistance the VA can provide, but what a boon to those who need all of that help. I am really just looking for someone to help me trade and understand the blockchain better.

  22. Beautifully written blog Gail. I’m so excited to take on this new working relationship with an exciting mind. We really do have the tools at our disposal and with the assistance of a dedicated VA, there is no stopping us! Our futures look bright with all the people looking out for us to make this business reach it’s full potential.

  23. What a great addition for our business, especially for new people or the ones who are still struggeling to understand fully what’s needed to grow our business and the future of Compumatrix. A lot of preparation has been put into this and thank you to everyone who was part of it.

  24. This topic is very illuminating Gail, thank you for clearing our minds about VAs. I am sure that they will be needed by all of us in order for our work to flow safely and efficiently. With this help the business will grow by leaps and bounds and we will be very successful at Compumatrix, beyond what we imagine.

  25. Nice concise update on the VA’s Gail. They will certainly add a new dynamic to your businesses and create a great opportunity for the company to grow together as a whole. There are certainly those menial and mundane tasks that would be wonderful to just farm out and not have to spend loads of time doing. This was a great idea. Good job BOD !

  26. Thank you for the insightful blog, Gail, I can’t wait to get a VA on board…if only they could vacuum, dust, and do the gardening as well? It feels like we are becoming a ‘proper’ business by empowering others as well as benefitting in so many positive ways ourselves.

  27. Thank you Gail for explaining what VAs do for your business. As things start to open up I can see how they can help me with things that I truly do not understand. I do know that I will need help in obtaining the Crypto that I need just to run my business but after that I will just have to play it by ear.

  28. Thank you very much Gail for a very nice description of Va’s and various functions they can perform for us depending upon our individual needs .I for one am definitely be availing of their services as it seems they can perform multitudes of tasks as per your requirement and thereby leaving you to have more time to pursue with other things , like hobbies,time with family and friends travel etc. very nice development for our benefit

  29. Thanks, Gail so much for these latest informative insights and instructions laid out to help us all going forward while growing the Compumatrix business to its full potential, you really do make the instructions handed down to you so easy to digest it surely is a blessing God has bestowed upon you for this very occasion. We all love your dedication and hard work.

  30. The Virtual Assistant programme is a lifesaver for our members. It will take all the worry out of placing trades and possibility of devaluing our currencies. The various functions with social media will also be a godsend as many members are not confident with sites such as twitter or LinkedIn etc.

  31. Having been a VA and PA for years working remotely I can thoroughly endorse the value such members of staff will be to members. I think they will be the driving force we all need to really get things moving As long as they are very well versed in all Compumatris offers, are totally honest and straightforward and polite at all times their actions should enhance the members business.

  32. Thank you, Gail, for this explanation. Virtual assistants are really very useful, especially when you don’t have the time or skills to do some work. For example, while blogging, sometimes there is no time to write articles, we hire copywriters who do it quickly and efficiently. So, they will be very useful to us at Compumatrix. Especially in terms of trading, since this is a rather complicated activity.

  33. I very much like the idea of Virtual Assistants! I will surely be taking advantage of one, especially until I get the nack for trading…providing I DO!! This is an awesome addition to the Compumatrix toolbox and I can see how it will help both parties!

  34. Thanks for this insight about the VA’s, Gail! VA’s will be a very important resource for Compumatrix and will alleviate much of the intricate processes associated with our business and help a lot. It is also highly beneficial to the VA’s as we will be able to provide them with resources and pay for their services. It’s a win-win situation for sure!

  35. When starting a new business no matter how big or small, having a Personal Assistance would be a huge advantage in my opinion. Having a Virtual Assistance, “oh my goodness” its like a Game Changer!
    Gail your blog has provided an eye opener of task that can be performed remotely virtually by these assistance whom I plan to employ.
    It was always my intent that once Compumatrix was open to hire a Personal Assistant however now I think I just need a driver…Oh wait, I’ll just wait till Telsa accepts CBTC

  36. This blog post is a breath of fresh air to me because it has opened my eyes to several different tasks that a VA can do for me that I had not previously thought of. I had already decided to hire a VA for certain tasks that I knew I would need help with, to free up my time. I also knew that I wanted to provide a job for a qualified person. Now I can see even more value in doing this. 😎

  37. The VA program appears to be a great idea. However, as a set in my ways old-timer, it is like taking on a whole new job just to hire a VA and get it all set up. I am certain it is worth the time and trouble, so I know what I have to do. If I could ever just get into the habit of focusing on the positive side of what this will bring to my business, things will go a lot smoother and eliminate a lot of worry and anxiousness. After reading this far, you can probably see and understand my issue with this. I am putting this on paper so that I can pretend someone sent it to me just trying to be helpful. Later, I can pull it up and read what I need to do to get in the right mindset to proceed toward success. Feeling better about it already.

  38. First: I want to give God the glory, second: Giving Henry the knowledge to develop this business giving us the opportunity to make money and to continue to build my business and pass down to my children with the help of our V.A. we should not fail.. And it’s LEGIT!!!! He (Henry) couldn’t have came up with a better solution. Virtual Assistant; I want to jump & down and just praise the lord on this arthritis foot and leg when I heard he has included assistants for us who can’t do it along. Me being 60yrs.old it is desperately needed. for us that wants the growth but don’t know how to achieve it and also they help us from messing up the values of our assets and helping with the blogging at times, I enjoy it (the blog) but there times I am not able to due to the aches & pains😬 I have through out the day. That’s when my hero’s assist me V.A. YES!!! I already in love with them knowing they there for me. And to help them financial is a pleasure and it reasonable.
    They are a lifesaver trained to assist us in Our varies of tasks. 😍 my Virtual Assistant.

  39. Virtual Assistance will go a long way to help members in ensuring the right things are done for the common good of all the stakeholders hence minimizing the chances or occurrences of errors that may hurt business and reputation.
    It will ease doing business with Compumatrix at a much more informed and professional level that will give a trajectory that is unstoppable in the cryptospace !

  40. Thank you Gail. This blog based on having a VA is crucial and key in growing ones business and organising of files, documentation, calendar, meeting, call reminders, etc. Trust is also an important factor especially before and during a contract with a VA. Having given him/her your usernames, passwords and information, its key to know whether they are qualified for the tasks at hand or not. But all in all, VAs’ will make your business grow as you grow!

  41. Beautifully illustrated Gail. This blog based on the VAPE program has brought me back to the days of employment at work. It reminded me that when bringing people on board to work for your business/ organization, Trust, confiding and written documentation are key for the success rate for one business to grow. I’m so glad for the Vas’ who’ve been brought on board to help us as the members to grow and manage our business for our benefit and those around us whereas we’ve created employment yet the company COMPUMATRIX grows GLOBALY!

  42. Sophye, I was needing to know more such as doing emails, ads, and taking care of certain accounts. The VA is well trained, and will fee up extra time for me and my wife to take trips and such. Plus the fact there is so much I don’t know and by choosing the right VA, I can accomplish things I know very little about, what a concept; but then we are talking the premier company, Compumatrix!

  43. Thanks, Gail for some great information. Your blog helps me understand the unlimited ways the VA can help our business grow. The idea of helping someone else with employment, and helping yourself get things done that I don’t make time for. This partnership will benefit both parties and help Compumatrix grow to new heights of success.
    Ron RR/IC

  44. A lot for me will be determined by how much it will cost. I have to have a VA to help with the DEX, but maybe also to help with points – so I can qualify to withdraw. But I will want the VA to be able to increase my holdings enough so that they cover whatever their wage is….but also to give me a wage as well. If they can do that….then I am delighted. I have been away from this so much so that I simply feel lost and not sure my brain can focus enough to catch up at the moment. So a VA – if the above is possible – will be great.

  45. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to Compumatrix. Some of us could keep up with the news every day for all these years. But many couldn’t, for whatever reason.
    So, what a VA can do to help us all, with trading, marketing, and many other tasks many didn’t think would be necessary to make this business a success!
    Have you got hours and hours a day to spend on your computer? I bet the great majority of the actual members don’t. So, thank you, Henry, for having the trouble to make this a reality, a tremendous help to us members and for them, the assistants, whom we can hire and give them a job! And thank you, Gail, for this enlightening post!

  46. I am so grateful to have this explanation about how we can use a ‘VA’, I know that when we enrich others, we also enrich ourselves. So to also feel that not only am i using the best possible person to trade for me, that others too are doing the same thing and that gives me peace of mind considering how many times members have made mistakes when trying to trade. There is also a feeling of achievement that I am helping someone to put food on their table but they are also helping me to be financially free.
    Thank you Gail

  47. Thank you Gail for explaining how the VA can assist us in any business form. Amazing how many uses one can have remotely without the expense of having an actual assistant to guide you in the chores, appointments, reminders and so forth. The question is, how to find one that fits your needs and do you hire by contract or if you are not satisfied, just fired him/her. There’s a lot to find out, but it was something I didn’t even know existed. Thank you!

  48. Virtual Assistants or VA’s are very helpful for any business.VA’s would certainly help and lessen the burden on the businessman by doing most of the work for them and save them the time for other important work.We are all looking forward to our VA’s being appointed,God Bless.

  49. What a wonderful idea for VA program for those of us who for whatever reasons are unable to trade the assets or have no time to earn points. It is definitely a WIN WIN for for both sides and we look forward to having it started in the near future.

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