Virtual Currency versus Payment Processor Mindset

With the virtual currency mindset, you already got paid the moment you see your earnings in digital form which gets you excited attracting everyone else around you to join by either buying virtual currency or virtual currency packages from you directly or online. The payment processor mindset, on the other hand, gets you excited when you receive the cash on hand and that’s the only time everyone else around you join. So instead of earning faster, there is a very long lag time or waiting period if you employ a payment processor mindset which obviously keeps all your prospects away from you until that moment you receive cash. With virtual currencies, you can close deals faster and earn cash faster via peer to peer trading or in this example, by selling the card available to you directly to a prospective client. Whether you use #compuceeds #bitcoin or other virtual currency, always remember that receiving these means you are already paid. You’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.

About the author

Henry is the Founder and Executive Managing Director of Compumatrix and Networks International. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network.


  1. Had never thought of receiving ‘fiat’ with the cards directly like that… But for sure this can be a way for some!

  2. Isn’t this just beautiful? To be able to run a business online, and have all the tools necessary at hand. You don’t even have to be an educated salesperson to sell the cards you create, and cards in your inventory may be sold while you are blogging, or doing something else to put fuel to the crypto eco system. By learning more about crypto currency you will be able to participate in the change of way of dealing with currencies in the world.

  3. I cant wait to get back to buying and selling cards again, it was exciting to see the cards being sold and money put into your compumatrix account,I have missed that side of the buisness,and look forward to seeing what else is coming down the pipeline

  4. Very good illustration with the comic version makes it very easy to see how it works and it is that simple to do, what a great business concept it is looking forward to working with this online and so in so many countries as well.

  5. That cartoon reminded me of the excitement of selling VPC with Compumatrix. It used to get me out of bed very quickly in the morning to rush upstairs and switch on my PC to check which of my cards had been sold. Some days I did not have to check back later either, I could just refresh the page and another card had been sold. I remember those days and I am really looking forward to them again!

  6. It’s a good way to earn money and let the money work for you while you can do other things.
    I miss those times when you bought alot of cards one day, and when I checked my account the following day I could see some already being sold!
    Will be a great when everything is ready to go.

  7. I am still trying to wrap my head around a multitude of internet concepts. While learning a new concept or to use new technology, I can’t complain if I earn an income at the same time! Of course, like anything else, there is a learning curve. I love the alternatives that are available (and yet to be explored)!

  8. They say, Too good to be true. Must be a Scam , Ponzi.
    Nope not this time. You just have to look at the logic of what is being offered.
    Virtual prepaid cards are sold to a new member at retail price but when producing such card it is in wholesale price . A 100€ card is sold at that price but only costs 60€ a 40€ gain

  9. The Virtual Currency Mindset is definitely the right mindset to have for those who want to work from home and be very profitable. This is an innovative approach to stabilizing the typically volatile cryptocurrencies that people acquire. I love the idea that members can accept either fiat currency in hand for payment or Bitcoin for payment. That is nothing short of spectacular!!!

  10. I think its the best way to do a good job and to make money. Seems that it is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. But, if done properly and regularly, it will surely make us all good, steady income and that is what all of us want today.

  11. The way this company is set up is so incredible! We are in a position to help promote the mass acceptance of cryptocurrency by making it safe and easy to use, and to profit from. On our platform, we profit from selling VPCs, (Virtual Prepaid Cards), utilizing Euros as a stabilizer. The VPCs can then be used to buy cryptocurrency, or as a base for creating a business, or both!

  12. These are some exciting times in the cryptocurrency world. Compumatrix will be available for those who always wanted to be successful with a homebase business. This is the right time and the right place, and the climate is just right.

  13. I like this method of using comic style education. Many people are struggling with the steps to use cards this seems to be as straight forward as any other communications method. That is, this “comic” teaches the fundamentals on how to use Virtual Prepaid Cards for people just being introduced to the concept and how your income is in your account immediately. So soon we will all being doing this.

  14. As the old saying goes, you have to have money to make money. Let your money work for you. Let it so all the labor. When you are paid in digital currency, and then can let that currency simple compound into more currency, that is the WIN WIN situation. Who would not want to get on board of a %20 return in just a short time. Way beyond most mutual funds. Way beyond and bank investment, this VPC route is truly amazing.

  15. Yes the comic illustration Henry does get one pretty excited and as Vee says sometimes you have made a profit by the time you refresh the page.
    We are so lucky to have such leadership, thinking with the future in mind.
    We are so lucky to be way ahead of the general population and while all the bad stuff is going on to prevent the use of futuristic problem solving methods in our lives we have a company that once it rolls out to the world will make it so much easier for people to understand the changeover because the money they will be making will change their present thinking of whether this ‘new stuff ‘ works or not. Money in hand will change that mindset. lol.

  16. yeppers it is fun way to learn thru comic expression and it is good thing I believe also to be ahead of the curve on this electronic or virtual forms of financial existence and if we can be so far ahead that maybe we can be “the Curve” that would be exciting and I believe most of all of would be Ecstatic and just saying wow — hoping the curve is sooner than later

  17. I am personally addicted to the The Virtual Currency Mindset and have been chomping at the bit to get the show on the road. The fact that I will be able to use the assets I have is fantastic, when looking at how quickly we can all start earning by having the extra usable funds. Once folks see how easy the software works we will all be smiling very soon.

    As many of us can use the earnings the quickest solution to getting a really good return will be to roll them over for the first couple of weeks and then pull out those much needed funds. Always re-invest and watch your balance sheet start to rise.

    This program is truly a good one to be in and looking forward to the next few years.

  18. The comic style presentation done by Henry makes for easy understanding of our Compumatrix business. I can still remember the night years ago when I attempted to buy my first VPC through the help of a supposedly staff online who gave his name as James. He walked me through the whole process and it got me excited because I saw my 20% return before the night ended. I found out later that it was actually Henry who assisted me.

  19. memories and then more memories of days gone by — when i think about the gist of this blog post by Henry and using the comic expression to make the point and make the point Simple to grasp — I still have to go back and realize just how far we have come on the backs of some very Talented and Dream -filled folks and i am glad maybe sooner than later to actually utilize some of this 15+ years of learning and being at the Cutting edge — thanks Henry again–

  20. I like the style of this blog – it was very easy for me to understand what was trying to be presented in the blog. From my understanding, Virtual Prepaid Cards allow people to do transactions faster and online (cutting out the “middleman”), but the Payment Processor Mindset only focuses on the fiat one will receive. Virtual Prepaid Cards should essentially allow people to buy and sell things from each other online with little transaction fees.

  21. i am glad that some of the younger folks around here were able to grasp the comic approach to explaining the gist of what and who we are here — i was not able to grasp that business principle that quickly but hey after a few more readings and listening to others explain their thought process — it does become simpler and I am glad truthfully to be able to understand a bit more as each day progresses —

  22. It kind of sucks how people are in the Payment Processor Mindset. People do not realize that Virtual Prepaid Cards will allow for cryptocurrency to be used to do transactions. Cryptocurrency in exchange for goods! Fiat is not the end all be all. In fact, fiat is what cryptocurrency is trying to eliminate!

  23. i still come back and read this and see more in the comics description with each read — do understand how this and that used appropriately can be so much simpler to do and so much agree that fiat is not the end all — and if we can make something international decentralized and usable — wow is just a very short 3 letter word that explains it — still a good read !!

  24. Interesting Cartoon Henry. Thanks.A contrast between Virtual Currency Mindset and Payment Process Mindset and the Speed at which one transaction difference from the other and again rapid gratification of getting your profits at a Warp speed is most desired and very welcome.But the Quote “we are not in Kansas anymore ” intrigued me but again true we are treading on unchartered territory.

  25. absolutely not in Kansas anymore nor are we are Dorothy any longer –lol still a great event in movies — anyways where we are in compu and the crypto world and the currency field — so much is all new in the making as time goes on — but have to admit it definitely keeps my blood flowing as I learn and then learn some more —

  26. Thanks Henry Looking forward to seeing my inventory of cards selling so that I van replenish them and keep the process ongoing.

  27. as we grow as a biz and learn more of how we do it correctly here at the Compu — it is fascinating honestly to see the truth of the day come to the forefront with each push forward and the ability to stay current in the cyber/crypto worlds — it is not easy accomplishment that much I do know — but we appear to be right where we need to be and big shout out to Henry J — rjh

  28. Great blog Henry and good to know where we stand with Virtual Currency in our wallets.Yes it certainly makes us very happy to know we have money in our wallets/pockets.I wish the banks soon realize the true value of digital currencies globally,and to make things simple for people holding digital/virtual currencies,and have bank accounts in these currencies.

  29. I am so looking forward to the Compumatrix ( CDAP ) reopening and getting back to selling cards again. It really is fun . I did enjoy getting up every morning and see if I sold anything over night, While I was sleeping. With this new way of having a home base business .. Crypto currencies is the way of the future and Compumatrix.
    I can hardly wait.

  30. Virtual currency mindset  is very well explained,compumatrix business can be easily understood,virtual cards are very exciting for everyone,it’s a great way to make money,this is a fair and transparent online crypto currency business,this one business  is enough to brighten our future.

  31. Great cartoon introduction and explanation. Much better than some of the long worded written statements. The cardc selling element is the crux to the whole company way forward. There will hopefully be other products to follow to enhance the portfolio. Go Henry!!!

  32. Thank you Henry, I think as time changes, so will all of this. It will become even more mainstream once it’s out it is out. You can’t unlearn what you know, so you have to move forward.

  33. An awesome business model that is so close to becoming a reality. Thanks Henry for leading the team to make this come to life. It will change so many people’s lives.

  34. Thank you Henry,  Virtual card is described in a very interesting way, now that I understand the importance of blog points and Euro,now I am anxiously waiting for CADP to open and buy PVCs card for earning,over time, it has become easier for me to understand the business of compumatrix or it has become easier to understand because it is a very interesting and unique business.

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