Virtual Prepaid Cards: What can I do with these?

I was on our Facebook Page when one question caught my attention: I am sure someone has asked this, since I was asked, and did not have an answer: what can all these cards be used for? What can they buy with them?

As of now, our virtual prepaid cards are used to load funds to our Cryptoceeds eWallet, Compumatrix Social Network and Trading Portal. It is Cryptoceeds eWallet that can be used to buy stuff from our merchant partners online and offline. However, we are still in the process of growing our merchant base. We are also at the stage of growing our customer base. We are doing this by providing incentives to members joinin us by becoming our market makers and distributors of the virtual prepaid cards.

We believe that by providing incentives, we are able to increase the customer base for merchants and thus attract more merchants to start accepting our Cryptoceeds eWallet as a form of payment.

Like Network Marketing companies, we spend less on advertising in order to provide members the ability to earn while creating a buzz which we expect to attract more members to join our revenue sharing program.

The main goal of the cards is to simplify the process by which people pay online by creating more venues for them to fund their accounts. They certainly don’t have to go to a bank or remittance service to send, obtain a credit card or debit card and not to mention pay the fees. We want them to be able to go to their next door neighbor, a neighborhood store, a merchant or just an associate like yourself. The goto person or place for people to buy a card from, so that they can redeem the code to fund their account which they use to spend online without having to pay hefty fees.

One fact we have to face as a startup is that Cryptoceeds eWallet was just launched recently and of course like any other program, nobody knows about it except for its founding members and owners. The first thing that merchants want from any payment method is a great number of members they can serve as prospective customers which will eventually become their customer. On the other hand, customers want to use a payment method which has a lot of merchants to buy from. We don’t have both. So why do we have the virtual prepaid cards? What can we do? We then create value for using the cards which then turns these cards into a marketing tool and an online business that increases both number of merchants and customers by allowing them to earn from us through our revenue sharing and monetization platforms. Customers becomes our members first enjoying the benefits and perks of distributing our cards on a global scale. It is the tool that creates the buzz which solves our need to increase our membership base.

While it is true that Cryptoceeds eWallet don’t have any use for merchants as of yet, it can be used to grow your earnings via the trading portal while at the same time growing our membership base who works as market makers and distribution channels. With the cards, we can grow at a rapid pace. The cards not only increases our membership base and merchant partners but it also brings us an astronomical revenue growth which can further use to provide better services, faster settlements and a lot more that will come our way.

You are all lucky to be part of this point in time where you will be able to see your income or earnings grow together with the company.

About the author

Henry is the Founder and Executive Managing Director of Compumatrix and Networks International. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network.


  1. Great explanation of how the Cards work and how they can be used to increase our membership…

  2. I think that GYFT and other companies like that showed us that the Virtual Prepaid Card really works ! I know that Compumatrix VPC’s will be a very coveted item soon in the crypto world. How blessed we are to be on the founding edge of these and to actually be a supplier of things that will be so sought after in the future. It’s such a win win situation for us !

  3. I love this Blog, it gives a very good explanation of how these cards work,and will be a very good tool when trying to bring in new members to this buisness and as the merchant base grows, the sky will be the limit, and we are in a great position to move compumatrix forward

  4. This is a win-win, I have done something very similar with another company. They had gift cards for purchase for business owners or customers and when you purchase them you get percentage of “cashback”. So in reality it’s the same since you would be feeding our own business just with a different type of currency and if you are going to be “buying it anyway” why not have it feed your investments.

  5. Trying not to be redundant. Henry’s vision will easily expand over the first year or so. I enjoy the Crypto Cards that I use for everyday purchases or to acquire Gift Cards. It is truly a quick process and nice to have some side money to purchase dinner or even a hotel room, rent a car, food, etc. As Visa expands their own market share ours will continue to expand. Using our Crypto assets to expand our own business and earn while doing so, is a big plus.

  6. What an amazing opportunity for Compumatrix members that have an chance for creating and then selling Virtual Prepaid Cards, I like the opportunity because Virtual Prepaid Cards, , are actual products that have real value. It is easy to create and easily sold.This is a real product with real value and something to be cherished these days. This is a wonderful opportunity to earn Virtual Currency that can be used for purchasing real products. Definitely a real game changer.

  7. Prepaid cryptocurrency cards are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to begin the crypto journey. Think about it – if you want to buy Bitcoin these days, you have to set up an exchange account, make a fiat deposit, then make a trade and send Bitcoin out of the exchange to a secure wallet. This is time-consuming, costly and doesn’t really work for the general population.

    Of course, you can buy bitcoin with a credit card, or go to brokerage-type companies that can sell you bitcoin. However, fees are often even higher that way.

    On the other hand, prepaid cards can be bought with fiat from ANYONE participating in the network (at least in Compumatrix case), for as little as €10 with no excessive fees, besides providing an opportunity to earn passive income along the way.

    It’s likely the most convenient fiat-to-crypto bridge to date. At least I can’t find anything more brilliant than this.

  8. This really puts the use of the cards into perspective and a better understanding of what we actually have. The doors are going to bust loose on the green go button and supply and demand will be like nothing we have ever seen before.

  9. The Virtual Prepaid cards from Compumatrix are an wonderful vehicle for introducing people to Crypto Currency. Before I joined Compumatrix, I had no idea of what crypto or even Bitcoin was all about. I was convinced they would just fade away because initially they were called virtual currency and anything virtual was not real to me. But they never did and it was so exciting to sell VPC cards to people who were actually converting their paper (FIAT) money into our Cryptoceeds. There are so many who still have not wrapped their heads around the idea of crypto currency, so we will have many people wanting to get involved with Compumatrix, buying our VPC so that they do not get left behind.

  10. It was nice to see this article about our Virtual Prepaid Cards because it provides a reminder about what is coming our way. As we continue to work through the beta testing of this fantastic tool I get excited whenever we are at a point of actually being able to “Purchase, Redeem, and Subscribe” the VPCs! This article is a great reference for info on our cards and I will be reading it again and again.

  11. It’s always good to be reminded of the original idea behind the Virtual Prepaid Cards, one of the core products of Compumatrix.
    Can’t wait to see the enhancements of the new CDAP when it opens it’s doors for the old as well as new members, the potential will be huge and the future bright.

  12. Virtual Payment Cards will be here forever. Glad to be part of them through Compumatrix, when all the bugs are worked out. We are in a time where anything and everything is available on line and the ability to pay for everything is also digital and super accessible.

    Pre paid cards allow everyone to be able to take advantage of what is available no matter what their station. Want to spend, Awesome – Want to earn? That is possible too (Best way is through Compumatrix Portal) Storing? Ok.. Use a paper wallet for that LOL.

    Love the cards and their versatility and ease of use. And we can ALWAYS exchange our Crypto for any number of Virtual cards.. Even Chargex. err.. I mean VISA :-).

  13. Prepaid cards are another way to get us up and going. We are always giving prepaid cards as gifts. We were always running around trying to find some kind of unique gift to give to our friends. We KNOW that many times what we gave that they were not impressed. We all know what happens then. The gift goes into a “regift drawer” and eventually given to someone else. While that is not bad, it is not good either. So, we just started giving prepaid cards. Sometimes we give one that is designated for a perticular business. Maybe this could be a way to make Compumatrix Virtual Cards know and grow our business.

  14. It looks like the reintroduction of Compumatrix Virtual Payment Cards is soon to be triggered. As stated above this allows not only for their use as a monetary device but all the selling of these cards by Compumatrix users will allow anyone to run their own business. Articles like this are probably a bit fuzzy as to application to many, but we should all just keep reading and after awhile it suddenly all comes together.

  15. The first time I heard about a prepaid card (not virtual) was with the introduction of telephone cards.
    In Costa Rica there were none because only one phone company existed.
    When the market opened for others to participate along came the use of phone cards and opportunity for sellers to make a living from it.
    Compumatrix VIRTUAL prepaid cards or VPC will not only facilitate access intro to crypto ecosystem but also give a business if you like to call opportunity to a better life

  16. i very much like the idea of virtual pay cards or any type of card of electronic use like a credit card or a card that is automatically debited or credited –it makes life simpler and it keeps the records of our daily life so much simpler to keep track of and if we need to adjust we can adjust — I hope soon —

  17. Even though for some Compumatrix has been a long time in the works, for me, not that long so I have come into this business closer to the gates opening than some who came in at the start.
    Ok so time has gone by but Compumatrix and it’s flagship products ‘virtual prepaid cards’ are now ready to swim with the big boys in business as we now know how cards work, so one learning curve is out of the way.
    We are also at a turning point in history where we are out the gate on this new currency we call crypto and with all the struggle to bring crypto to the masses for their own good it is actually making people more aware of it’s value and ease of use especially peer to peer.
    Also with the monetary system on the brink of collapse (or is it already over the edge lol) this new currency is really making people and institutions stand up and take notice and over time to get involved.
    So at a time where overnight the world was forced to stay home, it drove people right into the thought of a home based business and so , acceptance and sheer determination on the part of Henry all the way down it is the dawning of and the awakening of a brand new world of business for us all lucky enough to be involved with Compumatrix who in turn will be able to shorten the learning curve for others wondering how to get involved with this high priced world of Crypto.

  18. Excellent pubicity with clear and consistent explanations of how to use virtual cards! Hugs to all!

  19. absolutely so true — this is a very clear and concise explaining of virtual cards real cards and where with the happenings of the world over the last few months –it really has driven home the Home Biz opportunity and no matter when you got introduced to compumatrix the point is we hopefully very close to starting our own Brand —

  20. I think Virtual Prepaid Cards are key to getting the average person accustomed to using cryptocurrencies as a method of payment because people are already familiar with credit cards and debit cards. From my understanding, virtual prepaid cards essentially function in the same way that regular credit and debits cards function – they are just easier to obtain with lower fees because it eliminates the “middle man”. Coinbase debit cards are a start, but the fees for every transaction are still fairly high…

  21. In the past, I bought and subscribed our VPCs but could not quite comprehend the big, unique opportunity that was before me. All I knew was that it would help grow my income in Compumatrix. Eventually, through posts and videos posted in our forum and after reading this blog and the awesome comments, I now understand why we do the cards. But I need to read this over and over again for stronger understanding of this part of the business.

  22. oh so true veronica — I read and re-read the information here in this blog and and all the others written here — and the replies to the blogs — there is just so much great information and honestly when you read and take time to comprehend — i actually start to get a feeling of understanding — each day is a gathering and i smile a bit because I get a bit more comfortable — a good thing imho

  23. I love prepaid cards!I love giving them as gifts and receiving them because they give us freedom. Even Bitpay is now doing a prepaid credit card. It is the future of VPC. Compumatrix has paved the golden path with the VPC. It is the reason I joined the company, as it is fun and easy to share and earn VPC. From that seed being planted a whole new world of cryptocurrency opened into my world.

  24. Virtual prepaid cards will allow people to complete cryptocurrency transactions easily by having the virtual prepaid cards function as sort of like a debit card or gift card. Basically people will be able to use their cards as a method of payment to pay for everyday goods such as milk, food, and entertainment as long as companies will accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

  25. as i continue to read the different blogs here and learn more and more — it is very beneficial to me and with the cards being a part of this biz do agree that the cards make it simpler to exchange and in a biz sense the simpler you keep transactions the better the success ratio turns out — in any biz there are many parts to success but here this vpc card could be a big part? great info to learn from — thank you –

  26. Virtual Prepaid cards are probably the easiest way for someone to learn how cryptocurrency works…from purchasing to spending to security, etc. This is how Winston signed me up with Compumatrix and introduced me to the world of crypto. He knew I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing or how ANY of it worked, but just about anyone could understand how to purchase a prepaid credit card and convert whatever the crypto value was to what you wanted in dollars or euros, etc. The best part is that while you are learning you are making some quick money and potentially a lot of it. I think this is probably the biggest advantage we have when recruiting new people to our company and getting people trained in the quickest manner possible. Just think about this….In a matter of weeks, I went from ignorant and lost, to a little bit smarter with more money in my wallet, to someone who could actually bring people into the business that is Compumatrix and have them actually understanding what they are doing while they enjoy it as they generate income and grow their future. And, to see that in action is actually a lot prettier than writing it. And easier than writing it also. I cannot wait until I can sell VPCs and begin making money again.

  27. I really look forward to the next phase in the Compumatrix journey when CDAP is fully operational and all these theories can be put into practice

  28. it is so very an interesting read again and to start to see all the possibilities and heck even the probables happening quite soon and in real time and in the real world –learning and understanding more and more will be nothing but Security for you and your family as we go forward — thank you HJ great read —

  29. Would love to see a prepaid card in a physical store with the compumatrix logo on.
    I use a lot of the regular ones to give away as birthday gifts and they are very appreciated both from the buyer and the receiver.
    I like the idea that this is coming more and more into our world!
    Looking forward to learn more about Cryptoceeds eWallet 🙂

  30. Thank You Henry for your post .It does clarify and inform us what Virtual Prepaid Card is all about and that it is one of the easiest way to get involved in the crypto currency arena.The most important aspect of the whole scenario is the fact that you do not have to do anything and be rewarded just to be investing in VPC as the admin will do it for you for a price .

  31. I would like to create buzz to attract more members to join our revenue sharing program, but I am not good at talking about the product. I hope the revised CDAP has features I can use to get companies and new members in my area interested in Compumatrix and that the cards will be attractive to both companies and new members.

  32. I think this is a fantastic idea to take the prepaid card and make it currency to spend and you can sell it outright if you want I believe this will really take off and attract a large customer base because of all the hassles you have to go through with purchasing bitcoin, this will make it much easier for our customers.

  33. This was posted 18 months ago by our founder Henry and where are we now? The CDAP is currently undergoing a server transfer and
    all our data are now being prepared for our Decentralized App.
    I think virtual prepaid cards will be a very important key in our business to attract new members and also. to increase the customer base for merchants. We are ready.

  34. Very good post! How Virtual prepaid cards work and  purchases can benefit members and newcomers is a very welcome thing,now we all members are ready for it.Thank you for a very good explanation about virtual cards.

  35. Very good to know about the Virtual Prepaid Cards and how we can use it to benefit in Compumatrix.I am confident this will take us a long way to help us all earn with it.

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