Walk and Grow Rich

Most people these days hardly walk. Go from house to car to car park to office and retrace the steps coming home. We have forgotten the usefulness of Walking in our daily lives and do not really find time to Walk.

I am writing this blog to encourage all of us to realize the usefulness of walking and start this simple method of exercise to improve our lot on several fronts.

There are at least 10(ten) beneficial things that happen to our body if we walk every day. 30 minutes walk is the best exercise. According to researches done at various medical centers, one being Harvard as they found it reduces the risk of death by 30%.

How does walking affect us?

  • Walking improves Mental health. Just like a small amount of wine or a bit of Dark Chocolate reduces Stress. Walking does the same by increasing the level of Endorphins in our system thereby reducing stress and reduce the risk of Dementia as well as reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s. Overall improvement in Mental health by just merely walking every day.
  • Eyesight improvement – It is hard to imagine walking helping with eyesight but it definitely helps reduce eye pressure and helping avert Glaucoma.
  • Beneficial to the heart. As an exercise, walking helps prevent Cardiovascular Accidents, lowers Blood Pressure, Helps to decrease Cholesterol, and improves blood circulation.
  • Lungs – Walking definitely helps increase Lung capacity helps eliminate various toxins from the body, therefore, helping in decreased incidents of Respiratory Diseases.
  • Pancreas – It is hard to believe but it’s true that walk improves Pancreatic function and helps better control Diabetes by increasing the efficiency of the Pancreas causing the need for Insulin to be reduced for more adequate Blood Sugar control.
  • Digestion – Walking improves your digestion helps eliminate constipation to an extent and reduces the incidence of Colon cancer in some of the studies done.
  • Muscles – It helps tone up your muscles, Walking about 10000 steps doos help to increase your muscle tone and it can be repeated on a daily basis without any injury to your muscle mass.
  • Walking improves bone strength, reduces bone pains, reduces bone stiffness, and improves mobility. Bone mass also increases helping to develop stronger bones and thereby reducing the risk of Fractures.
  • Low back pain – Walking being low impact exercise helps increase blood circulation in the spinal area and improve posture too.
  • Mood – It has been shown that walking does help with mood improvement, decreasing Stress and Anxiety. Walking with a friend /companion helps increase the overall benefits.

So after learning the benefits of walking, I think we will be in a better frame of mind to tackle our own business, namely Compumatrix, by having a stress free anxiety free mind to promote various aspects of our business and be able to put across the Compumatrix Concept and the Motto/Mission – Engage, Enrich and Enhance life!

About the author

Sarathi(Bharat Sarathi Kapoor) can be counted as a founding member of Compumatrix and a top shareholder. A retired physician that specialized in kidney ailments (Nephrology), and now devoting full attention to Compumatrix. Dr. Kapoor is very pleased to be a part of Compumatrix, and it’s constantly evolving, and Morphing into an ever-improving entity whose success is being recognized across the cyber world.


  1. Thank you for this Doc! I knew walking was good for us but I had no idea that it was THAT good for us. I must make sure I incorporate walking into my health routine every day! Good, useful information and very well presented!

    1. Thank you for your comments. It’s never too late to start on a regimen and improve your health. With the health challenges we face I believe walking is a broad blanket answer that would help the majority. Good luck and blessings.

  2. Hi Doc! I’m wondering (since I walk a LOT at work) would that count in my daily health benefits?
    I am sure I don’t benefit from being in nature as part of the walk, nor walking with a friend or my spouse to gain THAT part of the benefits. Come to think of it, I think the relaxation from walking away from my job IS much more desirable!

    1. Walking at work does count.I have been walking in the hospital wards on a daily basis whch was more than. 30 minutes of walk. It’not neccessary to go for brisk walk.

  3. I was in a vehicle accident many years ago which left me unable to walk. I want to urge everyone reading this that walking is very much a privilege and to beg you not to take it for granted and PLEASE do as much as you can and at every opportunity you are able to!!

    1. A very Important message Jerry. I hope everyone understands the importance of what you wrote and the importance of walking and what a blessing it is to be able to walk. Many of us take this blessing for granted until that is impossible for us to do any longer.
      And happy belated birthday.

  4. Great blog, Dr. Kapoor! I think we are all guilty of not appreciating our health enough and therefore making sure we enjoy it for a very long time. It is indeed in our hands to maintain and improve! Thank you for the reminder!!

  5. I want to echo the above comments and say too that this pandemic has taken away many of our freedoms like being able to just get out in nature and walk. It is time we take it back and regain our health and energize our lives so that we can put our best FEET forward to a healthier life!

  6. Great post Dr. Kapoor! And what could be better as your first post than to encourage us all to a healthier lifestyle through the cheapest and easiest way possible! There are so many benefits to walking (including some I didn’t know) and I appreciate this blog very much for bringing those out! I’m looking forward to more of the same from you!!

    1. I agree fully Gail. promoting good health and to get us up off the sofa and out into the fresh air. If one would only realise that the key to staying young is to keep moving .. In fact there was an artical out last week I read that the sicence has proven that exercise and fresh air will keep you younger and live longer.

    2. Thanks and will try writing some more on health-related issues. Perhaps this will help members (and myself) by giving some information on actually being able to “prevent” some of the debilitating diseases before they become an issue for us.

    3. Thank you for your encouraging words. It makes me feel good when I read members’ comments and enjoying the benefits of the cheapest mode of exercise. Walking costs nearly nothing to get started. It is advisable to invest in a good pair of sneakers/walking shoes and start out your walking slowly and work up to 30 minutes to an hour DAILY.

  7. Great article Doc. Just today I walked with an associate of mine across the road and up 3 flights of stairs. Once at the top, I looked at him taking deep breaths of air and I realized his personal exercise was very low. Very grateful for my fairly active lifestyle where I walk a fair amount each day..

  8. Walking is so important. We all need to add a 1/2 hour to our routines every day to achieve the many benefits to our health. The old saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is unfortunately very true! Thanks for the reminder Doc.

  9. I read with much intrest your Bolg Dr. Kapoor .. I walk 5 to 6 miles a day ,not missing a walk unless there is a really bad storm hitting us. Walking is such great exercise and you need not have that expensive two thousand dollar piece of equipement , advertise we must have. Walking costs us nothing, I have been walking now for years , I miss it when I can’t walk ,

    1. Avery,it’s great to know that you walk 5-6 miles regularly. that’s fantastic. I do know of friends who go to the malls in case of snow or rain etc and finish their quota of walk. My uncle used to walk 1-2 miles every day living inDetroit . I case of bad weather ,like snow he would walk in the house and make several laps.He lived to be 94.

  10. Doc love the way you put them down step by step and point by point. Walking is the best exercise and which does not need any equipment or special place to do it. Nature has so much to offer , it’s we human beings take it for granted and don’t appreciate it.

  11. I agree fully Gail. promoting good health and to get us up off the sofa and out into the fresh air. If one would only realise that the key to staying young is to keep moving .. In fact there was an artical out last week I read that the sicence has proven that exercise and fresh air will keep you younger and live longer.

  12. Great blog Dr Kapoor …. Walking it the best and easy way to keep healthy mind and body
    At the moment I miss walking as I am waiting for a knee replacement surgery . I use to love walking in the woods . Hopefully I will be able to resume and enjoy my walks once I am done with the surgery

    1. Roma, one of the important things that you will have to do after surgery is to stay active, this will get your joints nimble and flexible to achieve fast rehab. Walking is cost-effective because it’s basically free. Perhaps the most expensive thing would be to invest in a good pair of walking shoes.

  13. Thanks for the reminder Doc.Kapoor. Yes, this something that I need to start doing. I know when winter sets in the idea of going out and walking seem to not be in my best interest. Yes, that is my excuse today. Thank you for your post reminding me of what I need to. With spring here I need to get off my behind and take your advice.

  14. Absolutely 100% agree with this post even though I am guilty of not walking enough or to be honest hardly at all (to and from car and shops) on the other hand walking in winter is no fun, snow, sub-zero temps but……. spring is here and all I have to do is motify myself!!

  15. For all who have very kindly commented on my blog, I Thank you. I hope further down the road I may put up more blogs to help us health-wise and pray it will be taken to heart. We are soon to realize what we all have worked for and we certainly want to be as healthy as possible to enjoy it.

  16. Great first blog! I love that you spelled out so precisely what walking does for our physical and mental health. I find that I can always find one or more excuses to not walk; It is too cold, hot, late, early, etc. etc…….
    Hopefully those excuses will change to reasons why I am getting out there.
    No more excuses, only reasons why I am taking care of my health by walking. Thank you for the reminders!

  17. Gloria, thanks for your comments and your resolve to initiate a program of exercise in order to improve and maintain good health. Kudos to you for taking your health responsibilities under your own control. This is where it belongs truthfully. We should be the gatekeepers to our health!

  18. Welcome to Blog Land, Doc! A wonderful reminder that to be healthy is really so simple, isn’t it? We tend to make things too complicated. I look forward to reading more of your expertise and suggestions for a life of joy & well being…nice job 🙂

  19. I totally agree with the concept of walking for your health. In fact, as a rule, if I have to go someplace that is less than a mile from my home, I do not jump in the car. I totally enjoy walking. In fact, I plan my grocery shopping to take place three days a week. I will walk to the grocery store with three empty cloth handbags, and walk back home with three full ones. I love the exercise and fresh air that my grocery shopping routine provides!

  20. Love this Blog, it is such a good reminder of all the benefits of walking. I use to do a lot of walking, and even a lot with the grandkids. Until my body doesn’t like it any more. Now if I could get new feet and a new back, then I would be out there parading with great-grand kids. Like Jerry said “PLEASE do as much as you can”. Walk a little for us that can’t do it ourselves any more…

  21. Thank you so much! I love walking and with work I forget to walk around but I made a new promise to myself to walk everyday! We all need to keep moving and stretching!!!

    1. Tracy, I am with you on that. I love walking and now with spring in the air , one feels more like getting out and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Got to get my D 3 as well. it is a win , win all the way around.

  22. What a great blog Doc… I love to walk and hike and did not realize it had so many many benefits…I do it mostly for my bones to increase my bone density and try to walk at least
    20-25 minutes a day except when its windy. Then I go to some large store and walk around it several times. My NP who I see for my bones told me to do that if the weather is not ideal.. Look forward to more of your blogs on health and wellness,,,

  23. Very interesting talk on the health benifits of walking Doc.
    I have been walking almost every day for years now , on the old rail road track beside our home. Feel lucky we have the rail road trail for safe walking. I have missed a few walks because of the nasty cold weather this winter.

  24. Totally agree Doc, walking is the best way to exercise and stay fit. I have battled a bit doing this on a regular basis so a friend suggested I get myself a dog, and that little pooch has changed my life. He tells me when its walkies time, whether I want to go or not, and with such a happy friend sharing this time with me, I look forward to walkies almost as much as he does.

  25. Walking do so much good to the body. Thanks, Doc for reminding us that our health is so important and the healthier we are the better we will be able to operate our business here at Compumatrix. Walking also helps to relieve stress and aids in our digestion, I try to walk after dinner each evening and truly enjoy the fresh air and the quiet time. Again thanks.

  26. Great post and such a refreshing change. Our bodies were designed to be active and walking is such a superb overall exercise, it is great for the heart and mind too. I would love to see more people walk with their children to school or to the shops and take pleasure in the journey. After all that is the greatest part of it all!

  27. I too believe in walking as a good element for good health. But in all reality you have many people out here that just can’t take the steps😂 due to health😷 conditions like me I have plantar fasciitis, arthritis in ankle & knees also gout have me down for 1-3 weeks, Occasionally I will try walk for a good 5 minutes I start feeling the pain so I wish there were other ways to assist people that has health issues and can’t walk, like: bone illness, bed-ridden wheelchair bound, etc. Someone need to create something to help the body move to help with body movements help with blood flow too especially people chair and bed bound they need that blood flow we need a machine or something to move the the body for us. I’ve been looking into it trying to wreck my brain on what can be developed for me also to help others, in sitting/laying position. Bodies definitely needs to move around, I have tried the foot machine again it start affecting the elements that I’m facing I get frustrated and have to rest my foot.
    That is a true post it’s a priority to move all parts of the body by any means possible walking get those muscle/bones, blood flowing to help with all elements of the body. 🐆

  28. Thank you, Bharat Kapoor for drawing attention to a very good topic,unless our minds work properly, we will not be able to move forward in any of life’s tasks,walking is a great exercise and morning walk refreshes us and I have made it a habit,my mother is 95 years old and she always prefers to walk with her diet and still at this age she has made walking a routine, this is the secret of her health,I am also following the instructions given by her,we have a long way to go in compumatrix,you will need a fresh mind to move forward on this journey, so you should start exercising today to stay healthy.

  29. Walking is the best for of exercise.One must try to walk atleast 30 minutes a day,and even in these challenging times of the Corona Virus where we need to stay indoors we can make walking in our house or backyard to keep our bodies and mind healthy and relaxed.

  30. Great reminder Doc for many on how healthy it is walking. I am an active walker every day year around for at least 10000 steps a day. Morning and evening are my preferred time . Have done it all my life and even just going shopping without my car helps in getting in those extra steps. My good health is showing me that I need to keep this doing until I can. BTW, I love it and I would miss it very much when I could not do it anymore.

  31. Great blog Dr Kapoor. I also feel that walking it the best and easy way to keep healthy mind and body. I don’t care to walk outdoors, I joined the gym and my son and I like to walk on the treadmill and the bike, we walk at least 30-45 min 3 days a week, I wish I could do it more but my schedule does not permit it.

  32. What a great read with awesome information and Yeppers Walking does a lot of good for so many reasons and the less you sit and more active you stay the better the day is at least for me — Please keep sharing this type of information as it is good for all of us to heed. It is anyways great info —

  33. I absolutely do know how important daily walking is, but until I can find a safe place to do that, I will be walking around the block, and kicking the block under the bed! One of the most important things on my bucket list is to live at the coast and as soon as I am able to do that, I will be moving! I cannot wait to feel the sandy beaches underfoot; Then the beach walk will become a daily occurrence for me. Cannot wait!!

  34. Thanks for your inspiring words Sarathi. I know the blessings of walking myself. I walk every day for one hour. The is a distance of almost 5 kilometers. It is not only very beneficial for your body but also very good for emptying your mind. And my cardiologist is very happy with what I do and so am I. It has become a kind of addiction.

  35. Definitely a great article and information. I personally try to walk few times a week. After a walk, I feel great. Thank you Sarathi for well put together benefit of walking.

  36. Terrific post Dr. Kapoor! The benefits of walking are often underestimated. Such a simple way of maintaining and improving one’s health. Like any other cardiovascular exercise, brisk walking boosts endorphins, which can reduce stress hormones and alleviate mild depression. Not only does your physical body benefit, but so does your mental body!

  37. Through the last few years 78 to 80 I have not been able to do my regular walking each day that I loved doing. I cannot wait for the various ailments I have been through to be overcome and healed so as to get back to the walking regime which I loved doing. This period of not being able to do my normal walks has really brought home to me how important it is to stay active for a more fulfilling life.

  38. Walking is “wonderfully refreshing” before, during, after a day of mental or physical activity. For me, it clears my mind clutter to better focus on myself contemplating what value did my actions benefit the world. It inspires me to grasp the meaning of life and the impact my thoughts of positivity feeds my dominate attitude to keep me synced with my goals. Walking keeps me grounded to the moment; appreciating the adventure I am taking part in as I place one foot ahead of the other.

  39. Many thanks Doc for sharing such insightful article on the health benefits of walking. I never knew walking is beneficial to my pancreas,backpain and digestion.Walking is one of my hobbies especially walking in the “wood’s” to enjoy fresh air from the trees as they “exhale” oxygen.From now on,I should get back to walking with vigor after getting to know all these benefits derived from walking.

  40. What a great message because most people have no idea how much walking can do for you. I used to think I had to get out there and sweat and get my heart rate up to a certain level before I would get any benefits from exercising. As I have continued to read and research and actually walk more, I have discovered the benefits just walking around the neighborhood for 20 minutes each morning. The “How does walking affect us” area of your blog is a real eye-opener that should be enough to motivate anyone.

  41. Thank you for that gentle nudge! I am guilty! I am guilty of not doing enough walking and your 10 points show me why I should make a great effort to change this! I do want a stress-free, anxiety-free, clear mind to not only help with my Compumatrix business but also will cascade throughout all aspects of my life – who doesn’t need this in their life, and this remedy is very easy – “Walking”!

  42. Good post Doc. I find exercise in general is good for most of us. Walking is the easiest part of it. Whenever I go shopping I always park as far away from the store entrance as I can to have some of my walking done.
    Most of us have smartphones. Many apps are awailble. A few months ago I installed a step tracker app. It encourages me to walk an extra mile on less active days.
    You can check your heart rate as well.

  43. Great post, Doc! I am in full accordance with the benefits of walking. Exercise and sports have always been my priorities. However, as time goes on, we tend to use the car or road transport in our daily activities. But, come what may and wherever we may be – walking is a necessity. Thirty minutes of brisk walking every day will improve our health, as you rightly mention.
    Even JOHNNIE WALKER (Black Label) says that he wants to Keep Walking!

  44. These days when working from home it’s much more difficult to come outside and move your body in terms of training, exercising and walking.
    I’m used to do a lot of walking and hiking trips to other countries…Long beautiful walks in Spain and Italy for instance. But quite impossible these days.
    I try to do a short walk everyday on my lunch break but it’s usually just for 10-15min..
    You feel so much better after an outside walk and can enjoy the fresh air, especially now when summer is coming!

  45. Sarathi, a very to the point post of the value of waling and centering our world around health and invigorating our bodily systems! I enjoy a good walk, just listening to nature, and enjoying God’s creation, it is so soothing and relaxing. I have also bought a recumbant bike for the house on those days the weather is not so good.
    Sarathi, I noticed you were a kidney Doctor, and this spied my interest especially since you were a Nephrologist. My Dad has scarlet fever when i was 5, there were 4 of us kids, and we all contracted the lesser form of the disease. But it was the scarlet fever that brought on Dad’s Bright’s Disease and we spent the next few years trying to find him help. Finally he ended up at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and they studied him and he donated his life to them to study. The study helped lead to the dialysis machine. I am proud Dad is mentioned in their white papers.

  46. Walking is wonderful. Taking in fresh air and enjoying your surroundings. And it seems the benefits to be gained are quite extraordinary. Unfortunately I haven’t done enough walking in my life and am waiting for a 13mm kidney stone to be blasted !!!!!! You can bet when that medical procedure is completed, walking daily will be high on my list.

  47. thank you dr Kapoor for this great contribution how simple it is to maintain your fitness by taking a daily walk of about 30 minutes, well I am already convinced that it really is not as simple as people think, you really have to commit yourself and take that first step, we often end up in all kinds of excuses not to have to do it, try it but many people quickly lose interest and cannot resist the temptation of a nice sofa.

  48. This article embarrassed me, because I am the type of person who takes the car to go to the market less than 100 meters from my home. Worst of all is that I am completely convinced that this is a danger to my health, but life has lately led me to this state of lethargy (being exaggerated, of course). I am lazy about everything, just thinking about walking I already sit down and wait for the urge to pass. lol

  49. Thanks for sharing on this healthy habit Dr. Bharat. Something happens when you begin living on the fifth floor of life (50 years and above). I noticed some parts of my body ache for no unprovoked reason, and I can attest that when I do go back to walking exercise my body just is better; free flowing joints, better digestion, more energy throughout the day and besides I sleep better at night. My issue is the discipline of keeping this habit with its amazing benefits up.

  50. I thank you for this information. I try and walk everyday and always feel so much better afterwards. I walk first thing in the morning with Carlos, and then again of the afternoon after work. Walking of the morning seems to get everything started for me. I didn’t know about it helping eyesight, so that was a pleasant surprise!

  51. I am currently 31 years old. Until eleven years ago, I was always at the computer, whether to work or to study and did not usually practice any type of exercise. I decided to change that. Since then, in addition to feeling the physical and psychological benefits described above, my self-esteem has also increased.
    Great text. We need to be well in order to work well.
    Also remember to drink plenty of water!

  52. Well, this is a simple, soft, and well-written article! Congratulations Doc. Unfortunately, our modern habits force us to practice less and less exercise, either due to lack of time or due to the increasingly large modern cities where everything is more distant, forcing us to use vehicles more and more. These habits end up establishing the custom of going by car to even the closest places. And with the pandemic, the situation ends up getting worse because we are stuck at home. Even in these conditions, we should not give up exercise and safe walking in order to maintain a better quality of life and health.

  53. Thank you Doc, Yes exercise can make a person very rich in health. I really liked how you pointed everything out, as with all of my and my wife’s medical issues, exercise is the key to getting Healthy. The problem is trying to get enough exercise to stay healthy can be a problem for many aging people. We try to go for walks here at the country place we rent and enjoy. With the covid 19 shutting down places it has been a challenge. Here’s a toast to all of us elderly people to Stay healthy and be Rich in health so we can all enjoy the wonderful things Compumatrix will bring to us!

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