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Welcome to the Compumatrix Bloggers’ Network (CBN)

CBN is nothing more than a blogging community.

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Turning into a blogger nowadays is as simple as it is troublesome. While numerous writers take to blogging to freely communicate their conclusions, wants and leisure activities, others go into the blogging scene hoping to pick up devotees, assemble a brand, and at last make a profession from their composition and abilities. For those in the later classification, it’s nearly as imperative to fit into a specific specialty all things considered to stick out. Blogging people group like ours can assist you with achieving only that, while likewise being an advantageous (and keen!) approach to develop your crowd, build up your image and interface with those with similar interests as you.

The Compumatrix Bloggers’ Network is a group of bloggers formed around a central idea, commonality or interest. Our community exists to help writers connect around shared characteristics and blog topics, offering them a chance to grow together and learn from one another’s experiences. Networking isn’t the only benefit of blogging communities. Our community can also help you generate ideas for your blog content, allow for collaboration with bloggers like you and help foster back-links and shared audiences. Once you’ve established relationships with other bloggers in our community, you may even be asked to guest write on your newfound friends’ sites.

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About the author

Henry is the Founder and Executive Managing Director of Compumatrix and Networks International. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network.


  1. Is writing a blog difficult? The answer to this question is both YES and NO. YES for those who understands that writing a blog is no different from any other writing. NO to those, who considers blogging needs special writing or technical skills. What are the topics one can write a blog? If you are writing a blog on a blogging network, which is subject specific, then you need to write your blog only on the topics permitted. If you are writing a blog on general blogging network, we can write a blog on any subject. While writing a blog, what we need to keep in mind is: 1. The topic you select is of interest to a large number of readers (being business related or work from home related) 2. A blog should be written in simple English, so that everyone understand and appreciates it.

  2. Starting a blog can be a perfect example of the tortoise and the hare. While many people join the blogging world trying to get boatloads of followers overnight, it just does not happen that way. There is a slow, almost turtle like process,before enough people can catch on, enjoy and ever return to your blog. Many that have successful blogs, already were successful at something else, and popular by some other means. And that fan base carries over to their blogging.

    1. I am always impressed with people who can blog and write with such passion.. I love reading blogs but for me , putting words down on paper is just not my thing. I struggle with the whole process . .

  3. I am in awe of the simplistic way of looking at blogging and how keeping that simple mind thought when you put the time into blogging keeps your effort to where You stay focused on what You want to blog on and keep the topic a venture that people actually share what they read from you to the masses and wow — Yeppers blogging seems to be a very good move in the right direction —

  4. I love the Compumatrix Bloggers’ Network! Since being on here, I have learned so much about Compumatrix and cryptocurrencies as a whole. The blogs introduce me to new pieces of the crypto world, I study the new pieces (watch youtube videos and read other articles), and then I am more knowledgeable. I was actually inspired by all the amazing writers on this platform to try and write some blogs of my own. My blogs are in the first stages right now and probably will not be as technical as some of the blogs I read on here, but I have to start somewhere right?

  5. Becoming active on the Compumatrix Bloggers Network (CBN) over the past few weeks has been a very rewarding experience for me. There are so many excellent blog posts to read and I’m enjoying the learning experience. It is also fun to share my opinion in the comments section, which helps me to lock in my understanding of what I just read. Reading the comments of other members is educational as well and I find it very interesting to see how points of view differ from person to person on the same information that has been presented in the blog post.

  6. so much in agreement kevin with the rewarding experience of this venture of the Bloggers Network — it has also made it so much simpler and actually more focused in my own learning by the reading and re-reading of the blogs and also the replies from so many wonderful people — much thanks —

  7. I am so glad we have a platform where we can all communicate and provide each other the support needed to be successful in this business! Having a place where I can come to share my thoughts about the cryptocurrency world and gain knowledge about cryptocurrencies is truly a blessing! Thank you!

  8. It was a very good idea to start a blog-CBS Compumatrix Bloggers Network.I have been reading blogs and must say that I find them very education very informative with ample view points and the comments thereafter.I have learnt a lot and have definitely benefitted by visiting this blog and must thank Henry for starting it and all the bloggers who are posting all the useful material.

  9. Since I started blogging its been fun, I’m learning, sharing and it feels good to be part of something so amazing. Thank you Kevin for pushing us. Some of us were too scared to make the leap but when you do its not bad. Everyone here has something to offer and I’ve learned so much by being in here just these last few weeks. We have so many working parts its great we can all learn together.

  10. I appreciate this blog site being set up and all the bloggers who contribute to it. I have only been reading and commenting in here so far. Soon I will get my courage up and contribute a blog of my own. In the meantime I will continue to read, learn and comment.

  11. it is so fascinating to me to read the replies and the blog itself — so many real thoughts and true perspectives in everyday life — can not nor will not get so preoccupied in everyday curiosity to get ahead of the actual truth and how that truth is for the Customer or business patron so they succeed also —

  12. A weblog is a tool to promote your business or to share your hobbies with the internet community. Blogs started when software like WordPress was introduced. It is also a tool that in my view often is used in the wrong way. To get the most out of it it is important to make a study about how to design a weblog and how to write a good blog post.

  13. A blog can be written for different views of business or business ideas, where the writer would keep to the facts of the matter in question.
    it is composed basically as an essay which must pertain to business, how being confined to your home has affected your business, etx. It should be interesting enough in order not to lose the reader’s attention.

  14. Thanks for this information Henry. This is a very good initiative to give the membership of Compumatrix the opportunity to exchange views and participate in discussions with other members about important subjects that are related to the crypto world and more importantly to Compumatrix. A weblog is a very good tool to do this.

  15. I have to admit that blogging is more fun than I ever thought of. Although I am not an experienced writer, I managed to create two small blogs with little effort.
    I will continue to blog when I have decided what the next topic will be.
    Other writers’ blogs are both entertaining and educational, and I have learned many new things by reading them.

  16. I do not feel I speak English well enough to write blogs, but I do my best to comment on other writers’ blogs.
    I learn English better that way, and at the same time I gain new knowledge in a lot of areas. Hopefully one day I will be able to write my own blog.

  17. I never thought I would enjoy writing even though it is just comments for now. This is a first for me, so I’m a newbie. As I have found out, it is enjoyable! I really enjoy reading all the posts from the members, and each has their own style, which makes them stand out. No two people describe things the same, and it’s interesting to read their perspective.

  18. Ever since the Compumatrix blog started, many bloggers were already writing, and now new writers are coming very fast. There is a lot to learn daily; there is a lot of other information coming out besides the cryptocurrencies. All the bloggers are writing very well with a lot of experience. Looking at all these bloggers, it can be thought that I should also write a blog one day.

  19. I think this blogging site is fantastic; there are so much information and knowledge and learning on this site. This was a great idea, Henry, not sure if you thought it would turn out this good, but it is great I really enjoy reading and getting educated on the blockchain and different types of mining and cryptocurrencies. Also, very good business blogs and great tips.

  20. This blog is definitely a great idea. There are so many good and relevant information to read up on and one can learn so much from reading the various articles. They are so relevant to our business of Compumatrix and cryptocurrency and there are plenty of useful articles to help bring members up to speed with what’s happening in this new world of cryptocurrency.

  21. awesome idea to have this blog site and so many great writers have come and posted great ideas concepts or asked perplexing thought provoking questions and it gets better with each week — there is so much talent worldwide here in our Compu Blog Community — and so much appreciation for sharing here — rj

  22. While searching for older blogs that I had not yet read, I came upon this one, which is one of the earlier ones, before I really got into reading and commenting most every day. I do look forward for new and informative blogs each day. Many of them have helped me understand more about our business and the crypto world in general.

  23. Must confess, am not a great fan of some of these current ‘buzz words’ and was not overly excited about the idea of having to ‘blog’ (well still not and haven’t braved it yet) BUT I am enjoying reading about our members and learning so much about our crypto world on our own ‘channel’!

  24. this is such a great read thru the replies and the Blog by HJB — it keeps the emphasis on Simple and that is always a good thing and to see thru the replies so many of our bloggers and truly grateful I am to all those because they brought me so much useful info on our biz and Wow !!! i just hope They all keep blogging n sharing !!

  25. This is proving to be a great platform, not only for information about Compumatrix, but for life. And a great way of adding up the benefits of being a Compumatrix member. I certainly look forward to much more content on here in the coming years and decades.

  26. I am not a blogger, but how I love reading everyones’ posts, Today I am going to try and comment on at least ten, well done Compumatrix bloggers for all the interesting subjects

  27. Thank all of you for your informative blog and replies. I have always had a penchant for writing but somehow cannot make myself understand how to write a blog. I will keep looking at it and who knows maybe one day I will surprise myself and write one.

  28. I have read almost all the blog very well and many times,I love reading the blog, compumatrix bloggers write very skillfully so far it is getting very good information,there is a lot to learn about cryptocurrencies and every subject,it is a pleasure to see that members of compumatrix have the ability to write blog.

  29. Yes Henry we are all very excited about Blogging and mainly in our Compumatrix which gives us great joy to be part of our Compumatrix Bloggers group,and learn a lot from it as well.I have managed to write a couple of Blogs with the assistance of Gail,which motives me to write more.

  30. It is extremely satisfying to be able to comment on the wide range of bloggers we have in the network. All the blogs I have contributed to have been well written and well thought out. What is more they not only come from the Compumatrix Executive but also real members who have some wonderful stories. It is extremely valuable for all of us. Long may the flow of excellent informaqtion continue.

  31. I love blogging for several reasons and one is to share ideas, thoughts and passions. Two is to be enlightened, learn, and to broaden myself as a person in particular areas. So as Henry put it to specialize in certain areas is to attract a crowd or group of similar interests and Compumatrix certainly meets that criteria. I have now been writing my ideas on the internet for some 20 years, even before Blogging be came such a big deal. I love to express myself anf most people do they are just shy and worried about how to word things; but with today’s tools available and many for free no such fear should be an issue. I say; “Blog On!” Love this Henry!!

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