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I got down writing a business blog. I suddenly started thinking as to what business is. Business according to Investopedia is defined as, I quote, “A business is defined as an organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. Businesses can be for-profit entities or they can be non-profit organizations that operate to fulfill a charitable mission or further a social cause. The term “business” also refers to the organized efforts and activities of individuals to produce and sell goods and services for profit. Businesses range in scale from a sole proprietorship to an international corporation. Several lines of a theory are engaged with understanding business administration including organizational behavior, organization theory, and strategic management.”, I unquote.

Reference of business as per investopedia: investopedia.com/terms/b/business.asp

Having known that and seeing the post COVID ground reality, I felt that there is a need to redefine business. Because of COVID, the business survived. The loss incurred may be in billions. Restaurants, movie theatres, small shops, big business houses, schools, and colleges (they can also be considered business entities), you name it, it will be there in loss incurring small, medium, and large establishments. There is a change in the outlook of people in everything they are concerned about.

Restaurants started supplying only to the home, movie theatres have still not opened resulting in laying off all those that are working in the movie theatres, small shops went into big losses, big business became online and are asking their staff to work from home, schools and colleges, which have also become business entities have still not opened and education went online.

The pandemic has ruined the lives of many. Many lost their jobs. Their families are starving. In the current scenario, what is business and what business can anyone think of. Whatever it may be the reason, for some more time, all businesses need to be online, if they have to survive.

One of the persons known to me started a home business of preparing reusable cloth face masks, by employing his wife and children.  He stitches and supplies it to a wholesaler and collects his money immediately. He is earning a decent amount per month. Another person known to me is buying sanitizers on wholesale and supplying them to retailers. He doesn’t get paid immediately. The retailers pay him after they sell the product. Good enough for him, because he continuously. This way different small scale business community people have started different relevant things that can be sold during this COVID season without difficulty.

In my opinion, any business done within the legal framework is better than losing confidence and running away from the family.

There are many small business owners, whom I know that have given up hopes and resigned to a situation of bankruptcy. The other day I saw a 30-year-old lady, who was till then working in an IT company, started selling vegetables, after being retrenched from office.

There are many sad stories of people from different walks of life, who literally lost their livelihood, but lived up to the situation and started however small the business is, with whatever amount they could raise.

Life is to live, not to die. Problems are bound to come, and we should not lose our equanimity during difficult times. There is always the saying, “After darkness, the sunshine has to come.”

However bleak the situation may be, there is nothing to lose to try for the last chance.

About the author

Santosh Kumar Linga, is young and dynamic person. He learnt writing and blogging from his uncle Krish (Murali Krishna Akilla), who is a very active member of Compumatrix.


  1. COVID has brought change not only in thinking of people but also in the attitude and outlook of people. What was holding good before COVID has become obsolete post COVID. The living style of the different cross-section of people, the way business needs to be done, the way to earn for survival, etc. It’s a situation that no one has ever imagined will fall on humanity.

  2. Santosh I have seen many businesses close up during this pandemic. Many will not return even if our economy becomes strong in the near future. The pain of no revenue for many months is just too much to handle for most small businesses. This is a painful yet eye-opening experience showing how we have to be versatile in our life and business model. Learning a new industry is not easy for most individuals. All of us at Compumatrix have come a long way investing time and energy into learning this cryptocurrency world. It didn’t happen overnight but we will all be better for doing so.

  3. Thank you Santosh Kumar Linga for your blog. You are exactly right. You should always stay the course, remain positive and the sun will certainly come out. I’m not sure where this is written, but I’m assuming it maybe the Bible. God will give you what you can handle. I’m a firm believer in this. However, sometimes in life it may become extremely challenging and you may not know what direction the sun will be coming from. So just keep looking.

  4. I’ve been fighting with the SBA ever since the announcement of the Grants and Loans. Yes, I think this situation has affected my businesses. I am looking forward to our business moving forward so I can have one “for-profit” business that actually earns a profit. Then I can continue on with the ability to support my non-profit business ventures. I know a lot of us to have goals such as this. We will see this through.

  5. Business, literally speaking, is the act of keeping busy. Commercially speaking, we refer to business as opportunities for creating profitable ventures and then, companies are formed and established. The whole trend of doing business is changing after the intervention of Covid-19. Many people still prefer to focus on making profit on buying and selling commodities and services. It is high time that we focus on cryptocurrency. A bright future is in stores for us and Compumatrix is there to make this happen for everyone

  6. This recent situation with Covid19 and lockdowns has certainly changed conditions for many small and medium sized businesses. Some will not make it, but many will instead use the situation to their advantage, develop new lines of products or change direction entirely. Normally small businesses are much more resilient in adverse conditions.

  7. The Covid-19 pandemic has a great impact on the lives of almost everybody in the world and many people are saying that nothing will be the same when the pandemic is over. And they say it will also apply to businesses. Many will have to stop because of the financial damage caused by the pandemic, new ones will rise. But what I see around me is that many people don’t change. In my city (Ribeirão Preto in Brasil) the restrictions are being relaxed and what you see is that many people act in the same as before the crisis. They keep no distance, some wear a mask, some don’t, the stores are congested as are the parks and other public places. So what I see is that people say that things will change but I don’t see these changes in their behavior.

  8. A very intelligent look at business and how much this virus has affected the global community — for right now being healthy is most important –but seeing what this has done just in the small community I live and the irreparable damage this has caused to so many globally — it is just beyond words — forgiveness is good and I try — however some moments the anger wins — Santosh great stuff — God bless —

  9. Santosh muito propício o seu artigo! Como quase em todo o mundo, aqui no Brasil também nós, empreendedores, estamos sentindo bastante o impacto dessa Pandemia em nossas empresas. Eu trabalho há 27 anos na área de eventos e meu trabalho foi bastante afetado. Por motivos óbvios fomos os primeiros a parar e seremos os últimos a retornar. Vejo muitos profissionais do ramo de eventos desesperados, sem ter o que fazer para ao menos comprar seu alimento do dia-a-dia. Para sobreviver a essa crise, lancei um novo produto para meus clientes que é a assessoria online. E isso está me dando energia para seguir em frente e acreditar que dias melhores virão! Porém, com muita fé e esperança, espero chegar o dia em que poderemos cuidar efetivamente de nossos negócios na Compumatrix e todos aqui teremos condições de seguir em frente com melhores condições!

  10. Gracias María por la respuesta. Es bueno saber que en Brasil también hay más emprendedores. Lamento señalar que está sintiendo mucho el impacto de la pandemia en sus empresas. Sí, la gerencia puede hacerse cargo de los negocios de Compumatrix de manera efectiva. Oro a Dios por el bienestar de todos. Todo lo mejor para la gente de Brasil.

  11. Thank you, Santosh
    The Covid situation encouraged me to have a more online presence and overcome the uncertainty of talking to a client via a computer screen.
    For me it was an opportunity to grow, evolve, and adapt.
    I actually became ‘busier’ in my work and rather than working from 3 different therapy centres, my web widened and I have now worked with clients in 18 different countries using the magic of zoom.
    I decided to make small videos and learnt how to do the editing via watching youtube.
    In the changes of life…there is always opportunities. We just need to let go of fear and doubt and enjoy the chance to grow ourselves.

  12. All that is happening globally when we take a broad look can be at times even hard to believe. In addition I feel there are a lot of scare tactics used to keep the turmoil going. People do have the inner desire to survive – some will dig in and come up with new ways of doing business and others will give up the will to move forward. Either way our world will change, and I trust to the better for humanity.

    1. I sure agree with you on that. I pray for the better of humanity things bounce back and move forward. So many of my friends lost business and they are freaking out so I pray something happens. Its sad to go from everything’s great to worrying where your next meal will come from. It just hit some very hard.

  13. Thank you for your informative blogpost Santosh. It is always good to read your contributions to this blog. I have a business of my own (organic agriculture) and because the restaurants, markets, and churches are closed I don’t sell a lot so I am in survival mode. I hope things will change for the better soon in order for me to resume my business.

  14. Thank you Santosh, its so sad here in Colorado COVID really hurt us. The outlet mall has lost lots of businesses, when you go walk around to see other people. We noticed most of the clothing stores are about half empty nothing to look at. Its awful. Zoe’s my favorite place to eat is now gone. We were all let go at my office and my little town has changed so much. It’s very sad to see all this. I just keep praying for them all to come back and be normal but I know that is gone. Things changed so fast I think if left some heads spinning. I’m so happy our business is online. But I do hope to meet you all at some point.

  15. Santosh, thank you for a very inspiring article. Yes, many people are suffering economically because of Covid-19; yet many are finding the silver lining. I see both sides but I see the families that once were always apart now coming together more than ever before. They actually eat at the table together and prepare food together. I see the greatness that will come out of “staying home with the children” and “teaching the child within the family.” There are many hardships to be sure but this one sure has many silver linings.

  16. Yes this has affected the entire world a lot have lost there lives and we are fortunate to have a business still, I know there has been huge changes and many are hurting but we must stay positive and keep moving forward to me there is no other option I am looking forward to the new CDAP and running my Compumatrix business.

  17. Santosh, your article is right on target with what is going on today, Globally. I will refrain from commenting on the obvious here and shift my attention to your stunning graphic choice! “Human Road Map” is a great title for that thought-provoking picture! It is beautifully chaotic and accurately descriptive, without form or judgment, of people as they are.

    If that picture was music it would be Jazz Fusion! Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words, but what is the worth of a picture WITH a thousand words? Lol. I love your unique graphic choice. It makes me feel something, which essentially makes it Art.

  18. Thanks, Kevin. I am what I am today only because of my maternal uncle Krish (Murali Krishna Akilla). He is mt friend, philosopher, and guide. Today he is not well but has the determination to live. My uncle Krish guides me not only in writing my blogs but also selects the image for my blog. I select 4 to 5 images, out of which he finalizes one.

  19. All businesses have a dream, a goal, and a purpose, for without these then one must ask why go through the headaches if there is no purpose, or goal which will full fill my heart’s desire? As for COVID, it did not cause these failures, for most of the businesses that are failing would have in the new economic constructs anyway, this just speeded up the process exponentially. A find article and position in this article and thank you for it Santosh!!

  20. The recent Covid pandemic has drastically changed the business landscape. Many businesses have ceased to exist and many others are barely hanging on. many employees and business owners have lost their source of income. For people to survive many of them will have to create new businesses that cater to new needs that have arisen because of Covid. Others will have to acquire new skills to be able to survive.

  21. This year has hit business really hash. A lot of, especially small businesses, closed and people lost their jobs. But no doubt, some adapted to the situation. Nevertheless, they have to change the business model in order to survive In the post COVID world. Hopefully, it won’t repeat again, or won’t be so tough in the future.

  22. I am so looking forward to getting back to normal which I feel we are on our way. Have people and businesses been hurt by the pandemic…absolutely, accordingly like home delivery and on line shopping? We will get through this and will come out stronger for it.

  23. There will certainly be those who take advantage of hard circumstances in life. As with COVID there are so many businesses that have now failed and there are so many businesses that actually thrived during all of this. It just depends on the type of business. It would be wonderful if those who are really making out from all this, would turn and lend a hand and some funds to those who are being hurt by all of this.

  24. During Covid-19, I met and spoke to alot of people from all types of work who emotionally spoke to me about their struggles within work and it was heartbreaking. Alot of small business owners had to just give up. Some weathered the storm, and continue to push on as we speak, with business picking up as we speak which is promising.

    I was fortunate to work on the frontline as a worker in a food store. Mentally, it enabled me to cope with the situation and gave me work throughout it all. My company I work for have kept going and supplied temporary jobs for people which was fantastic.

    Going forward, online business will be the new normal I imagine and many of these businesses that have sadly disappeared will return but in a different way and stronger!

  25. Thanks for the article Santoch. This COVID 19 pandemic has changed the world of business. To survive many are changing their model. One example is having their employees work from home. My son who now does was told that the earliest they can go back to the office is January. Even schools are forced to change their model by doing on line learning. Who saw that coming. I am hoping for a vaccine so we can get back to normal, whatever that is going to be.

  26. Yes, Santosh, I agree with you. The COVID has brought so much devastation to businesses, especially the mom and pop, and other types of small businesses. This virus has been rightly called a pandemic. There are determined souls who do what it takes to keep their companies afloat, with a hope they can continue.

  27. yes sir this virus pandemic has caused much hardship Globally not just in the USA or my own family and friends — but am using this blog to help further my own learning curve in this particular business of Compumatrix and am very appreciative of the time spent by so many to help all of us here with their wisdom and knowledge

  28. COVID-19 has brought buninesses down on it’s knees . these last 6 months has made even the strongest of business to flounder. It has been reported that 55 % of business will close their door for good . Then what will these people will do. Finding a home base business like Compumatrix will be a life saver. it will put food on the table , roof over their head and the wolves off their back.
    What a life style change over night.

  29. The sayings ‘Business as usual’ and ‘Back to Business’ have a new meaning after COVID, especially with restaurants and schools. I drive by a popular restaurant, The Black Bear Diner, and they have white tents, plastic chairs and tables for customers. The food may be the same, the experience has changed, yet is it ‘business as usual’ and ‘back to business’.

  30. after reading here and seeing first hand how this virus has basically destroyed what some of us older business people know as “business as usual” — over the next year or ??? will see IF ever can life return to business as usual — it is just very sad honestly — hope always but truth will be the ultimate answer —

  31. Covid 19 has created an economic crisis all over the world, people have lost their businesses and jobs, the children’s school year has gone doomed, I have also seen many people who are very educated but have lost their jobs, after that they were forced to work to run their house. This pandemic has taught us a great lesson in our way of life. Now it is gone from my country but it takes a long time for people to get back. Online  work has started and those who were not aware of it have also learned online work which is the biggest need of the time.We have to fight it and move on. There is a great deal of stability for our economic future, where compumatrix has introduced us to the cryptocurrency.  

  32. A really good blog Santosh. Businesses almost always have a goal and Covid has really gotten in the way lately. Maybe it was not the cause of the issues, but it certainly compounded the problems. We are all in the same situation where Compumatrix can and likely will be a live saver in terms of finances and having a normal life again one day. Thank God for Compumatrix and all of our members that all reach out to help one another.

  33. I hope that many of the businesses can survive. The good thing is like the example you gave of the facial cloth making business, in that while some businesses may not be able to survive, there are others that are being created out of necessity, hopefully, they too will survive.

  34. Some of the businesses have had to make changes, cut corners, and make compromises. I believe that some of the changes made will become permanent depending on how much the business benefits from them. Changes are often necessary for continued growth.

  35. this is such a great blog posting and so many real thoughts in the replies — this reality that most of the world is experiencing is sad and so uncalled for –imho — but it is Fact to see so many people who have lost more than words can say — this is a great blog n very informational n appreciative — keep sharing —

  36. Yes, totally agree Santosh, and by what I read in here so does everyone agree with you on this. Covid – 19 affecet the world . The pain and suffering of people all over the world ,the senceless deaths, people loosing their jobs ,homes ,businesses . Children can’t go to school , missing their friends and all of this over night. I feel this will be around for many years to come . As we all try to cope .

  37. Hi Santosh I have seen many businesses close up during this pandemic and its been a year and many did not return, our economy is getting stronger but there are still many who are still unemployed. The pain of no revenue for many months is just too much to handle for most small businesses. This is a painful yet eye-opening experience showing how we have to be versatile in our life and business model. Learning a new industry is not easy for most individuals.

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