What is a family business, and how does it pertain to Compumatrix?

When first learning what Compumatrix was working to develop, I could see the future impacts on families. I quickly realized that this could be the silver lining in the cloud for parents who wanted to stay at home with children and work from home!

As the pioneers of this company, we have a responsibility to ensure that future generations can work this business by taking care of all the start-up issues ahead of time. These are consistently being tended to by a remarkable Board of Directors, Staff, and our Founder Henry James Banayat. When we pass the keys over, the next generation has to step in with ease and immediately understand what is expected of them to ensure their business continues to move forward.

Have I had to deal with people telling me to quit and give up? Of course! There will always be someone who has something to say about what you decide to do in your life. It is entirely up to you whether you take their words and act upon them or continue to do what you think. Many emotions can alter things people say, such as jealousy, anger, confusion, and misunderstanding. Respect people by listening but always remember to do your homework, so you have the facts to fall back on should the conversation get heated or steer off in a different direction.

With Covid19 now taking precedent over people’s lives, I take pride in the knowledge that we already have in place, an avenue by which we could care for our families. Our CDAP! Once started, a little at a time is all that is needed to get by. It will allow families to sustain themselves over an unknown period. No one needs to feel helpless or hopeless during this time. Our future generations need to have something to look forward to with pride. They will also be able to use our DEX as a secondary source to reach!

Each family business is one tended to by all family members and passed down to the next generation. The pioneers first put into place all of the essentials needed to guarantee the business is fruitful. They lay the groundwork, take care of the legalities, and have in place all that is required to move forward. The family members work and tweak anything that may need adjusting. As our pioneers have already accomplished so much, I take comfort in the fact that members of Compumatrix can leave behind their legacies. When the family realizes the depth of work required to bring the business to where it is today, the respect for your achievements finally arrives.

Take pride in what you have achieved! Building this business from the ground up has taken every member on a journey to be remembered forever. I consider everyone to be family as we have shared many experiences and occasions just as a family does. Know that you are passing down a silver lining to any future cloud your ancestors may ever have.

About the author

Laurie St. John had been working online for years and loves to write about cryptocurrency, tokens, and anything relevant to fintech.


  1. Thank you Laurie for taking the time to write this blog.
    At the moment, I work full time with a company but look forward
    to be able to work my Compumatrix business as time allows.
    Who knows, maybe one day I will be working Compumatrix full time.
    I really appreciate the hard work everyone has put into this. Kudos to you all.
    Thank you, Henry, for coming up with a brilliant plan for families, well, for everyone.

  2. Great blog Laurie and thinking about all the changes we the pioneers have seen in this company. It has been a long time to get on where we are today and hopefully future new members or the next generation can and will take over to learn what we all had to learn. Hopefully, it will be easier for them with the new CDAP, or at least so we heard already. The DEX will be the next step after that. Families can join, all it takes is the willingness to learn something new.

  3. Going through your blog, Laurie, a statement that comes up, a united family has the power, to do more exploits, the sustainability of any business is learning it, with the ever-emerging technologies, we can only accept doing business in a new way, the COVID-19 has really shaped us, our families will be taken care, the old, their lives will ease, they will be with their loved ones and not be forced to stay alone. this is great.

  4. The world is changing rapidly and we have to make our way forward, there is no bravery in giving up, covid 19 has destroyed the world, but compumatrix  has revealed to us a home-based business,in which we are going through the process of learning new technology, that is a shiny way for us and our future generations,  Thank you Laurie.

  5. great blog posting Laurie — it is so true to see the family aspects of this business and also how never giving in or up is also not easy but is a mandatory feature of almost any success in business or in life — and the ever changing speed of the online world is a tough enough challenge however thru persistence and effort we will succeed here at CompuMatrix —

  6. Great blog Laurie. Thank you for writing it. I had my own business. An English school and I have been teaching many children how to express themselves in this foreign language. Now I am retired, sold my school to e new owner who is doing a great job. Maybe one day a home-business with Compumatrix will be a new challenge for me.

  7. Thank you for writing this, I have enjoyed reading, since I’m just new here, I’m sure i will learn a lot, i joined compumatrix with a different mindset, that with time has been shaped to conform to what is happening today, I thank God for my RR, He never gives up and he has rebuked me not once or twice until that bulb has lit.

  8. Thank you for your post, Laurie. Yes, Compumatrix is something that we all worked very hard to get where we are today. Yes, this is a family business that our kids and grandkids will have to learn someday. Many of them tell us why are you still messing around with Compumatrix. Because it will reward us more than we could never achieve in our lifetime through any other business. Our reward is helping other people and our family. Keep the faith and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

  9. What a shining beacon, our Compumatrix is, as you pointed out in your excellent blog post, Laurie! As we the members who have stayed with the company and helped in the reforming and all that was required of us, we can take pride that we played a part in the emergence of the CDAP (one stop shopping) in our Compumatrix company. Yes, we will be leaving a legacy for the future generations to carry on!

  10. Laurie, it is thrilling to read your post and learn how you came to be with Compumatrix. I enjoy knowing the wherefores that brought each of us to this awe-inspiring company. Our eyes opened to the fact we are indeed a family with sisters and brothers living all over the world. You well said about the legacy that we will be leaving to our children and families for many generations. Yes, they need educating as we were. Trained in the value of what they have and to not squander their assets. An excellent business foundation for them to build upon as technology explodes in their time.

  11. I think everyone should at least introduce compumatrix to there family. I have a 15 yr old and 17 yr old and I will do my best to get them involved they know I have been doing this for years and ask me once in a while how is it going. I think compumatrix will take off and last for generation after generation it is a .great family business to work from your home.

  12. Thanks Laurie for this wonderful blog. Compumatrix will indeed become a great home-based family business once it takes off and as we learn the business and pass on the knowledge to our children, other family members and friends, we can certainly build a great family business within our family and all our members’ efforts combined will build an even greater Compumatrix family and steer the company towards an exponential growth curve over time.

  13. Thank you Laurie for your Blog about Compumatrix. I can’t wait for our Company to open up and prove all the naysayers wrong. Our Compumatrix family have stuck together through thick and thin and personally I will have much pride when this opens to have been here for the long haul.

  14. Great blog Laurie. We have been through a lot but it will all be worth it because we are building a business that will be around for future generations of our family. And even if Covid-19 never goes away, this business is one that we can manage from our own living rooms in our own homes with no physical interaction needed for success. In other words, in so many ways Compumatrix is bulletproof. We will be able to share with our families, we will be able to help other people, and we will have something to be proud of as we build one of the greatest businesses in the world.

  15. Compumatrix is a Work from home company. Yes, it has taken time, struggles, and frustration, but the Goal is to reach and conquered. From the on all will be easier as we have set the path.
    A new generation of individuals and families will find comfort and hope in a time of need, with a business to be managed from the comfort of their home or office.

  16. Thank you Laurie, How wonderful to be able to stay home and focus on this great company. I have to support my son hes still young so one day. its coming. I’ll be able to grow my business while I’m traveling and visiting family or making new memories with my kids. I cant wait for this company to bust wide open.

  17. this is such a good read and the history to the blog and looking at the biz all in all –it is a great challenge to look beyond the norm — there is so many great parts and being just a small part in the mix is awesome and with each month year putting the parts and pieces together and with patience and persistence — the win is just around the corner — imho

  18. Thank you for your nice blog-post, Laurie. I am an agricultural farmer and it is kind of a family business. I do most of the work alone but sometimes my wife helps me. She is however not always available because she also has a job of her own. How Compumatrix can add to my (small) family business I don’t know yet. Time will tell.

  19. It is unfortunate that there are some family members, I believe, of Compumatrix members, that it will be easier to explain how the company works, and get them involved after the company has launched. Because while they may be able to see on the computer how the company has involved, they cannot be inspired to join in until they have believe they have some sort of output of physical evidence.

  20. I have already introduced family members to Compumatrix and look forward to helping them be successful within the business as the organization moves forward.

  21. this is a great inspiring read — and with this past webinar n listening to that a few times and being able to look past the time factor of having to have money yesterday — reading this again and putting years of biz experience into being patient but Persist and Persevere — Ms. Laurie thanks for a great read — rj

  22. as i said in a different post –this new year as we enter into it — is going to be Intriguing at the very Least — there is so much in possibilities and Positives and my gosh the effort put in by so many here to establish the Ultimate Home Biz — is — and honestly reading this great blog is part of the Inspiration —

  23. Thank you Laurie for taking the time to write this blog. At the moment, I work from home approx 30 -35 hours a week but I look forward to one day soon being able to quit my work at home job and be able to work my Compumatrix business full time. I appreciate the hard work everyone has put into this. Kudos to you all and last but not least Thank you Henry for not ever giving up on your dream, which I pray very soon will become a reality for all parties involved.

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