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What is a Win For You?

All my life, I have competed against others and against myself to try to win.
What is a win for a person?
I guess for myself, accomplishing something I have not been able to up to that point.
In competition, though you either win or lose or at best, it’s second or third.
But to me, that is not fair as everyone who trained put in their best effort and on the day you either had what it took or accepted defeat by seconds or tenths of a second.

So along comes Compumatrix and levels the playing field in my mind as it gives everyone a chance to win. We cross the finish line together, and if we do this right, we all turn our win into a win for all who wish to follow.
We compound our win to band together to achieve projects out of reach for some up to that point.

At different stages in my life, the questions I ask myself will not be the same.
A win for me in my later years is to sit, lie, kneel with no pain.
That is just being healthy, so being healthy is a win for me.
We are aware of what we need to do to train for an event. We need strong muscles for the load. We need to exercise and cause a little discomfort to build those muscles.

Later on in life, along comes the dreaded inflammation, Cancers, and other diseases. We didn’t train our bodies to win over these disorders, and some things have to be in place to win this fight.

Compumatrix, with its business model, puts things in place to win, which is great to behold and great to be a part.
But being part of this great business and the benefits thereof, we need to have our health to enjoy it.
So we must put in place our effort to win our health back to enjoy any win we have in life, especially in our later years.

Reading the daily updates on people’s health in Discord, it seems like the majority succumb to drastic measures that may or may not have a successful outcome. So I am going to mention a couple of ideas that I have come across myself, which in my opinion, are more in tune with whole-body health.
Sam in Discord (09/08/20) under ‘did you know’ showed that important information usually is in plain sight. We have to open our eyes and our mind.

I feel this correlates to our gut, where we have billions of bacteria that can do their job correctly if given the right circumstances. Still, we ignore their potential to lead us to health, and this is right in the center of our bodies, right in plain sight but ignored.

I am again talking about gut flora, which I briefly touched on in my blog, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.

I have found a way to help those bacteria responsible for our health through the fermentation process of fermented milk called Kefir and fermented vegetables. These fermented foods feed the trillions of invisible bacteria that live in us and have a purpose in keeping us healthy.

Kefir is more beneficial than yogurt and has much more beneficial bacteria.
We destroy many of our good bacteria in the body by taking antibiotics and other substances. The bacteria in Kefir will replace and grow these good bacteria. Kefir contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that all play their part in being healthy and lowering inflammation in the body.
Before I came across Kefir, my go-to was yogurt. I found out that what I make myself with Kefir has over 50 beneficial strains of good bacteria compared to up to ten with yogurt.
It tastes sour because it feeds on the lactose or sugars, so the sour taste in the absence of sugar. Kefir also helps in digestion, reduces allergies and asthma symptoms, and suppresses colds and flu.

We live in an environment with bacteria in us and below us and around us. In our modern age, we also live with pesticides and chemicals that these bacteria can remove inside us by regularly ingesting cultured vegetables.

Many people, especially in this age of the COVID virus, are now growing more of their food and preserving them by canning. If not done right, it can cause botulism. The safer alternative is to ferment as the lactic acid bacteria that carry out the fermentation can kill other harmful bacteria and food poisoning. The good bacteria in Kefir suppress the harmful bacteria using the sugar as food and leaving you with a slightly sour product that adds to the good bacteria in your gut.

You already have colonies of bacteria inside of you, doing essential tasks. When you give them the additional bacteria from fermented milk and vegetables, it allows your body to err on the healthy side.
Apart from having beneficial properties, Kefir was a way people preserved milk in the past.
Culturing changes vegetables also by vastly increasing its vitamin content, and it also increases nutrient availability.

Again, this knowledge is well discussed and is readily available for health-minded individuals.
The purpose of my mentioning is to get you to research it as it looks like something so simple is right within each of us just as Compumatrix is within reach of our grasps.

Still, we have to put in a specific effort to acquire what has been handed to us if we choose to participate.

Many of you are more knowledgeable in health than I, and I hope to learn more from your comments.

I hope to step back a bit in my next blog and delve into the growth of live food and some of the people that are my action hero’s in this arena.

About the author

Patrick is a privileged member of Compumatrix and hopes to be able to add value from his own life experiences through these blogs. He is very much in tune with soil health leading to true health and alternative therapies is more his cup of tea than turning to a prescription for something he has a hard time pronouncing. Born in Australia, growing up in Ireland, he went back to Australia to put his Farm Management skills to work, but has spent the last 25 plus years in the US and is looking forward to this new paradigm shift with Compumatrix.


  1. We all aspire to win – it symbolizes progress and achievement. Human tendency is to cheer the winner in a race – be it a 100 – metre dash, or a marathon. The loser here could be a winner in the next one. It would depend on his or her’s inner drive to strive ahead in life’s big race. The Covid-19 situation has made us more careful and health-conscious. Compumatrix has opened new doors for all of us and cryptocurrency is the new digital currency. Everyone will be a winner – no one will be left behind.
    That in itself is a blessing!

  2. Very informative blog Patrick! There is a lot of information about kefir in particular.  Winning  is a natural desire of every human being.This victory can be of many kinds, it can be against disease, fighting it and recovering is a great victory in life.Similarly in the field of education or in our work,We seek victory everywhere in our life,and I think that’s what a successful life is all about.achieving the compumatrix  greatest victory of our lives.The compumatrix is a precious gift from God to us and we need to understand its value.

  3. most definitely research is a prerequisite to moving forward in any health help especially for gut issues and also joint issues or back issues — I do appreciate this great posting here and the info is real — not always do you get real you get more advertising to buy my product — so when looking around look for real facts not sales pitch — jmho

  4. I love to win……I challenge myself daily at doing things and count them as wins. But today’s culture thinks everyone should win and that just sets so many up for failure because of not ever in a sense ” Losing” or knowing what that feels like and learning how to deal with it. As far as the Kefir that is a very good and interesting article. I know about yogurt as a go to but never thought of the benefits of Kefir.

  5. Patrick, this blog is a win! Thank you for educating us on health awareness. I feel a win when I help others- win, win. That is the foundation of Compumatrix creating a win-win scenario for all members. As well as healthy bacteria, they thrive to support our health. What is within reflects what is outside, our health starts within and then we can help others- win-win.

  6. Thank you Patrick for all that you shared here. I agree 100% that one of the foundational things for your health is to have a healthy gut. I eat about 1/2 a cup of sauerkraut everyday which gives me all kinds of microbial good things and around 700% of my daily need for Vitamin C. Never tried the Kefir but will have to give it a try,

  7. We are kindred spirits in studying and applying our knowledge in the health care field, Patrick. I have spent most of my adult life learning and then trying so many different alternative health areas, and then sharing them with my husband (who wasn’t always at first that appreciative 🙂 What is a win for some, may not be a win for you, but that is ok as we are all on different steps of the ladder. That is what I particularly like about Compumatrix – we can always find a hand to help us up!

  8. I like this article because it really puts things that occur in our lives into perspective. For example, in Compumatrix we are all putting in effort and work to reach the same goal, but we all have to put in work for ourselves. This is one thing I love about compumatrix is that you are never going through anything alone and there is always someone there to educate and guide you.

  9. A win for me is when I challenge myself and manage to overcome all obstacles to finally reach the point of destination. Doesn’t really matter what area, I love to put realistic goals in my near future and if I don’t succeed that time I just push a little harder the next time.
    Same with compumatrix.
    I joined 14 years ago (called something else back then) and I still feel that the finishing line is within my reach…

  10. Patrick thanks for the great reminder on gut flora. I have taken probiotics on and off for years. Currently I have really forgotten to take them but will start again tomorrow. Kefir is not a product I have purchased but have noticed in the stores. I’m so grateful for this Compumatrix family sharing valuable like lessons and information on all important subjects.

  11. Thanks Patrick for a very nice and educational blog regards Kefir and its benefits .Initially i was looking regards the Win for me and was thinking each competitor having trained for years may have on the fateful day a very bad Biorhythm .but then you switched to Kefir and I enjoyed reading it thanks again. Keep on informing us as usual

  12. Patrick, your blog made me reflect on what “winning” is about and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. We can work hard to achieve financial freedom and success, but what is the point if we don’t have our health. Thanks for this reminder that tells me to focus on living healthy in order to be able to enjoy time freedom and financial freedom.

  13. Great blog Patrick. I always think about that quote ‘we are all winners’. That is also a quote which very much reflects on all of us as we come closer each day to opening our doors to a new beginning.

    I’ve always felt I was ahead or winning in life due to my mentality, It’s always been positive despite what is put in front of me. Always believing that something better will be around the corner, which in terms of compumatrix will be the baton in a relay race as the brains above us, pass on the baton to us to move forwards with this company.

  14. Reading your blog is refreshing, I must say the greatest asset is health, a health person is already a winner in all dimension, they can put dreams in reality and work towards the right path, it’s not always easy but with a well balanced life things change for good,unfortunatenately some times attacks come un expected but we must strive to win. yes, we will rise do much as a community.

  15. Interesting blog that shows how different a win can be! When I was younger, a win was something I could achieve without much effort. Over the years, the body has given me ailments that I have to overcome. I am very much looking forward to the launch of Compumatrix, which hopefully can give me the means to get my body in shape

  16. Thanks for this blog post – I find that winning in my earlier life was out of balance. I needed to win, it wasn’t just a desired outcome. I found losing extremely triggering. At my mature age now, I realize that winning takes many forms in life, and certainly in Compumatrix, we all must win together, not just as a solo journey with a need for losers.

    Did you know in addition to milk-based kefir there is water kefir? My wife and I have been making our own for years to add to our smoothies as a healthy, non-dairy probiotic. Do a search on ‘kefir grains’ and you will find how to make your own water kefir if you choose!

  17. Patrick, thank you for the heart written blog on a crucial issue. The kefir sounds like something I will try. I use probiotics every day and recently added some things I have not used for years. I am preparing my body mind and spirit to be hale and hardy to partake of our rewards from Compumatrix, and a sharp mind and heart to know how to use and disperse my assets. I want to enjoy seeing the blessings of others. There are so many organizations and people to assist. I so appreciate this opportunity, for indeed we are all winners with Compumatrix.

  18. In reading your first paragraph I saw a lot of similarities between us. Having been competitive since the age of 6 in various sports and racing later on when I turned 8 and won my first race, there is always those who are behind you at the finish line who are doing their best to compete. The smart winners don’t look over their shoulder on the way to the finish line.
    Then as we get older we realize what a feat it is just to be able to get off the floor without any help. It’s positioning yourself near a chair or sofa so you don’t get stuck or pull something you need out of the socket or snap a wrist or fingers. Ouch!

    I agree that there are many different ways to fight or at least arrest bacteria. Opening cells and repairing them is key as are several products out in the public domain that are showing some really great results. Try them all and hope and pray for relief from the everyday ills and pain.
    When we launch a lot of good energy will start to flow. The brain will make sure that happens.

  19. Patrick, this is a very interesting question and perspective. I like how you pointed out how as we progress through different stages of our lives, the questions we ask ourselves change too. With that being the case, what we define as “a win” for ourselves will continue to change as well. Clearly, maintaining good health is very important especially in the latter stages of our lives. Anyone who achieves that has a BIG win!

  20. Patrick,  I must say that I almost got lost on where you were headed with your blog. I understand winning and what it might take to win but never considered that drinking Kefir might be part of the solution. I can tell you this much, however…I have just returned from the grocery store with a couple of bottles of Kefir that I will be consuming for the first time. Having had some major issues with swallowing due to tremendous throat pain resulting from radiation treatments for throat (tonsil) cancer, I am currently taking all of my meals (liquid of course) through a feeding tube to my stomach. This has created new intestinal issues that I have become somewhat desperate to solve. I believe Kefir might be the answer, so I am super glad to have read your blog. Needless to say, if Kefir helps this will be a major win for me. Whoever said that other people can’t solve your problems? Thank you, Patrick!

    1. Who knew that a company that deals with cryptocurrency would have members who could help you with health issues. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people from all parts of the world have formed a friendship that we call family. I pray that the great message from Patrick will help you deal with your issues. Please keep us informed as to how this affects your overall health.

  21. Winning can be seen as redemption after losing. Losing can be an impetus to winning. For sure winning requires more effort or focus than losing. Whether it’s sports, business, or health, winning and losing seem to go together like a teeter totter. I have suffered losses in health since I was child. It never made me want to give up, only fight to be well and able to be normal. I seemed like an island, as those around me didn’t share my challenges. They were normal. Sometimes they were understanding, sometimes they were not. At any rate, my focus was not on them but on doing and not doing what was necessary to ‘win’ and redeem myself, firstly, in my eyes, and then in theirs. When I ‘lost’, I would go to work to do whatever it took to ‘win’. After years of living this way, I still suffer many health setbacks, but my determination to ‘win’ has allowed many achievements those around me could only dream about. So, in the long run, I feel like I have ‘won’ many times over. One of my winning achievements is, that after 14 years, I am still in Compumatrix…and going strong!!

  22. I would say your health is a win because without it things can get very difficult. My mom taught me for every prescription drug there is a natural herb that will benefit you the same way I learned a lot from her with kidneys it is cranberry and it works very well with hot flashes it is borage oil and black cohosh (worked well for the wife) I also think winning is your attitude and your character I like to practice the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit some days I fail but I think they help me from doing things I know are wrong simply because I am aware of them and it is my belief to follow that. Faith and hope go with winning whatever you are doing.

  23. What is a Win For You? That is an interesting question and for me easy to answer. For me, the big win in my life is that I could accomplish my dreams. I wanted to have my own horses and an paddock where I could train them. I made my dream come true. After years of hard work and planning I have achieved what I wanted. My big win.

  24. Great blog Patrick, thank you.
    In recent years my wife and I have made a conscious benefit to eating organic or free-range food. One of the things I have noticed is the beautiful flavours and energy from the food and we eat less but still feel fulfilled.
    We both feel like winners as it has helped us both lose weight, which makes it easier to exercise too.
    So it’s win/win whatever we do.

  25. this is such a great and inspiring read thru the blog and replies — as we go forward with compu biz and even more important our own personal lives — finding and living outside the accepted norms is becoming more and more the reality of many of us — i know for me this blog has been a tremendous benefit with the info on different health parts — do appreciate —

  26. Another great Blog Patrick. I am the last person that actually takes care of herself, forget sometimes about Erline. Most moms put our children and spouse first. Our family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, dogs, cats, food banks, children’s shelters, global problems, etc are second. Some of us forget to help ourselves health-wise. We don’t stop long enough to realize that we cannot help anyone if we are not healthy. Yes, Gail, I heard you loud and clear! LOL. We seem to be living at such a fast pace today that many of us don’t take the time to breathe. Okay, the commitment is made to try and breathe more often! Loving your life, being blessed with a job you love does help soothe your soul.

    Thank you for the info from Happy Feet – me. Hugs

  27. Thank you Patrick for the wonderful blog, I feel a huge win when I help others. I often feel like I”m running on empty but I keep going. Taking time for yourself is very important. I do
    not eat as well as I use to, but I”m getting back into good habits. The goal feeling great getting out and walking in the fresh air. I also love being in the sun, I love the way it feels on my skin always have. I definitely will be trying the Kefir, Thanks for the great tip!

  28. Very informative blog along with reminders that we all need to find alternative means to boost and maintain our health. Along with physical health I believe we need to find ways to boost and maintain our mental and psychological health as well. Let’s not forget our financial health which can be a boon to all of the above. Compumatrix is going to be the catalyst for me to be able to enrich all of the health issues mentioned above.

  29. here we are in november and i personally am still grasping at some of the straws but also after many reads am comprehending and truly understanding so many parts of this great biz called Compumatrix — so many steps and so many adaptations in our biz model but so close to absolute truth — Patrick appreciate so much your effort and so much good truth in understanding our insides and overall health —

  30. It is always a good thing to read about one another’s personal experiences in overcoming health challenges and in maintaining existing good health. I am sure that some of the advice has been useful to members.

  31. I have been a fan of natural healing where it is feasible. Sometimes home remedies may be the only alternative for those that lack adequate resources. These type of treatments would seem to be most effective in the early stages of some kind of less serious ailment.

  32. this is an informational read and after some challenges in my own time — coming back and reading this thru a couple times has some information that is truly a help in going forward — and believe our Compu Biz has been adapting and growing and is so close and learning health helps also thru these blogs –it is good stuff to grow with —

  33. Very informative blog Patrick. There is a lot of information about kefir in particular. Winning is a natural desire of every human being. We seek victory everywhere in our life, and I think that’s what a successful life is all about. The Compumatrix is a precious gift from God to us and we need to understand its value, we do need to find alternative means to boost and maintain our health. Along with physical health I believe we need to find ways to boost and maintain our mental and psychological health as well. Let’s not forget our financial health which can be a boon to all of the above. Compumatrix is going to be.

  34. It is human nature to always have a winner in mind, he never wants to lose,keeping trying to win brings you very close to victory,we are all members of the big winning company compumatrix,we are all striving to reach our target,none of us are going to back down now,after the victory, we will all stand together in victory stand.

  35. Unfortunately there is little doubt that fast food dominates so many people. Healthy eating for some reason is out of the reach of so many. It never ceases to amaze me that when I go to a supermarket and see mothers with their children and basketfuls of take away rubbish. It makes me wonder. When I pick up my grandkids from school I cannot believe how many obese mothers and obese kids there are. We really need to encourage a major return to healthy eating and living. Fortunately we have members who are preaching that valuable message.

  36. I am continually quite shocked at the number of people who say they cant cook, They are denying themselves what to me is one of the pleasures of life. It is relaxing, stress removing and health promoting. I almost never use fast-food, I will have a take-away or restuarant meal by way of a change but as a case on point recently we were treated to a dinner out which i considered expensive and afterwards thought I could have cooked that better myself and controlled what i ingest.

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