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Is there a difference between “peace of mind’ and “peace of Spirit”?
I say yes!
So, what is the relationship of “spirit and mind” The Spirit is that strong quiet Inner Voice while
the mind is the soul, a composite made up of the brain, the emotions, and the will.
Consider this observation made by many professionals on this topic. This observation is the influence one can have on one’s close animal pets. How to interact and speak to them can reveal much about what your state of being is, that is, the state of your soul and the state of your spirit.
Is there anything of this relationship as to health in our bodies?
Next, strongly consider this. What does this mean, “My peace I give to you but not as the world
gives?” It must mean that there are different “kinds” of peace. And also these different kinds of peace have different roots, qualities, realities, and thus different values and standings. Some are brief and somewhat empty because they are tied to the (soul) feelings (emotions) the present brain function and the momentary state of one’s will. On the other side, some are more long- lasting as they are tied more deeply to the heart state the inner identity force of a person.

Without true peace of mind that originates in the heart then everything of the outside at one time or another bothers us, causes conflict in our souls, causes anxiety to surmount itself over issues making them monumental rather than something small and insignificant that in the majority of times is all they are. Here for just a moment and then they are gone unless we make them, that is, give them preeminence and give them the dominant priority of status. Just consider and take into account the words that come out of YOUR mouth when that other driver does something bad in front of you or you are at the shopping mall and others do not behave as you think they should. Need I go on? It is then you will know the level and quality of your “peace” within.

You see no one, nothing from the outside is going to be the enabler of your peace. Therefore, no one nor nothing outside of yourself can be blamed for your lack of peace and with that your stability to be able to stand tall and firm in a way of being unmoved, resolute, and being able to have “joy” in your daily life.

The world we live in is in a constant search for peace. It is like an obsession. We live in an age of entitlement, a me-first mindset, full of anxiety, full of fear, full of worry, and high levels of anger. There is trouble, turmoil, and war, or even rumors of war all around us. There is betrayal, violence, and rioting everywhere.
Consequently, everywhere you look there is the search for peace a call for “peace”. However, all of it is tied to people’s efforts. Organizations and military forces set about to search for peace. There is a continual great effort to search for peace but it seems elusive like there is no lasting peace available.

WHY? Maybe because peace is a condition of the heart the inner spirit of man. Maybe peace does not come from all these human efforts but is that to which one arrives when they get their heart settled and affirmed in truth. That is, take peace as a gift, taking and receiving it from a higher source than your own efforts.

Peace comes from the surrender of all human efforts to make things happen and to make things come out as one pleases for their own benefit. It is casting away the cares of life from oneself knowing that no personal effort can make it happen but just to surrender it all to a higher force, throw it off cast it off from your spirit, your inner self, knowing that you are not the “master” but there is a higher force that is.

The biggest admission that one must achieve in one’s soul, – mind, will, and emotions – is that
“I do not have the power to make peace happen” therefore let me surrender to an outside spirit force (God) that can help me achieve the goal. This then is the composite of, “my peace I give not as the world gives”

Peace is an internal component of your spirit. It is not some intellectual exercise or some mental process that emanates from forced willful action. You are at peace or you are not. It is not something that you can maneuver yourself to establish through mind or will. It is a “Part” of you through the state of your inner man the spirit. You either ARE at peace or you are NOT at peace. Thus you either spread peace around you or you do not.
Things and situations and peoples around do not dictate peace. Your situation or position in life does not establish your peace.
BUT peace can establish you, it is what will establish your state of mind emotions and soul. All too often we think of peace as the cessation of stress, difficulties, daily challenges, and people challenges. So be of good cheer none of those things are going to change long enough to establish a long-lasting peace because the true quality of peace IS longstanding and is as long-lasting as your life, tied to that spirit within you.

It is this inner peace that will energize confidence, faith, steadfastness, comfort, and joy. This is a state of being that births and brings forth stability, calm, confidence, true joy, and endurance in life. True peace is not man-made but God instilled.

Now on a side note consider for an instance Compumatrix:
1. It is being developed and built with the one singular objective, that is, to help people in all venues of

2. Thus it is being developed to make life more viable and abundant and give the individual more ease

of living
3. It is set to be an island of peace amid an ocean of turmoil called this world.
4. It has been around for over 15 years and has undergone many substantial changes.
– All these changes have been precipitated because of the type of business it
is. It has a goal to establish itself with the undertaking of stability and longevity.
However, admittedly it has been a seed ground to cause for some turmoil and but for others
fundamental trust?
5. Thus, one then can speculate as to the factor of peace for some and stress and turmoil for
others. So, here we have the basics of stress and peace differences. Peace remedies the
situation while stress will tend to destroy and give up.
6. So what are we talking about? I think we are talking about the effort to establish a system, a program
that in essence is built to be operational in lives to bring viable stability and ease of mind that in
turn helps to formulate the essence, the product of peace.

I trust you can be a perspective discerner of what I write here.

About the author

As President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks International, David is responsible for running all facets of the business. David has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in various industries. Prior to joining Compumatrix, David was Chief Executive Officer for Morcab, Inc, responsible for all sales and marketing activities.


  1. David I agree with your article,I liken peace to peace of mind,when our souls are at peace, surely our appearance will also be at peace,It’s my personal opinion that when we try to get anything overnight,when we do not get what we want, we fail to maintain a balance between the soul and the mind,peace of mind will be achieved when the substance of patience is present in us,we desperately need patience in the compumatrix business,over time, we all see it move forward,we must remove the fear of failure from our souls and minds and give priority to waiting and patience to reach our destination.

  2. Yes David I agree with you about having Peace Of Mind and Peace Of Spirit. These are 2 different factors and I believe Peace of mind comes from our own doing but peace in Spirit comes when we ask for something from the actual giver of all which is God Almighty in prayers and truly from the bottom of our Heart. HE Truly hears our prayers and gives what he feels is truly beneficial for us.May God Almighty Bless us all and mainly our Compumatrix.

  3. My peace of mind is greatly improved when people or businesses do what they say they are going to do. Broken promises or information that is not correct make my peace of mind take a back seat..Why do people make statements that are incorrect and never apologise. We are all relatively grown up so let us have the truth and we can all get on with managing our expectations ,however large or small. Without correct information most people feel let down

  4. Achieving peace of mind does take personal effort. We have to look within and find where we are, then take action to change our view of the world. Physical effort may be in Yoga or meditation and other spiritual pursuits. Emotional effort is in the changing of our thinking habits to reflect how we truly want to be.

    It’s a decision that indeed takes action to accomplish. Sometimes it’s not that easy 🙂 But it is always do-able. Change your mind, work at being the new way you want to be and it becomes second nature and who the “new you” is. .

  5. That was a beautiful post, David. Very timely for our world and more specifically our Compumatrix world. Peace comes from our spirit/soul – the heart. This is so the place we need to focus on. Let’s focus on “peace” rather than “stress” to steer us through life’s journey. Compumatrix is one place where we can become a “product of Peace” Aren’t we all very fortunate!

  6. Very insightful post, David. I believe that peace can only come from within. We cannot control what others think, say, or do, we can only control our reaction to what others put out there. Each person has within him/her, the capacity to choose peace or chaos at any moment in their life.

  7. An answer to some comments:
    To be controlled for peace of mind by what others do or say or for that matter any outside forces would not be my choice of slavery. To let what someone else says or does
    whether individual or company would not be how I would let myself be enslaved thereto. That would only engender anger, turmoil, angst, and self defeat. To do this would be
    the way one would push peace way off into the horizon. I feel sorry and pity for those that are so controlled for their “peace of mind”. I would never give to others that kind
    of right or power to control my “peace”. I do not want my peace to be controlled by emotions or feelings. I want my peace to be a stable state of being from within.

    1. Super agree with you here David. We are the creators of our experiences by taking charge of how we think, act and process any and all information that comes our way. One of the best things I have ever done in my life was cut the TV cable 25 years ago and have never looked back. Something I highly recommend for all to do. As we say in the coding realm, GIGO. Garbage in, Garbage out.

  8. Compumatrix should definitely be giving its members a peace of mind in regards to their futures, as long as they work the system as it is supposed to.. When I think of by stored assets in Compumatrix, it gives me hope for a stable retirement in a few years. I really have not minded the delay we have had to go through, because a major portion of what I hold in CNI is for my retirement years.

  9. Agreed Donald but peace of mind is greatly enhanced by good communication between the Main man The BOD and the members. Good communication improves team spirit and the resulting peace of mind and hopes for the future

  10. an excellent post with great insight into many different aspects of what Peace can be or what we hope Peace is — personally do know that Peace mostly is a Hope for each of us however True Peace is rarely achieved by any of us — jmho — great writing David —

  11. Alot to think and contemplate about David! Tis true, man’s very environment conjures up all sorts of thoughts and if we allow them to go rampant then we live in fear.

    I try to remember one of the great Apostles, Paul who was a Pharisee of the Pharisees, a genius if you know his life as I do, he was a tent maker also, so had a trade not just a mind. So Jesus sought Paul to write the majority of the New Testament and he did so knowing his fate and the horrible things to come to him (scripture says as much)

    But Paul said this about peace or being content:
    Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.
    (Philippians 4:11-12)
    Thanks David

    1. I am an avid reader of Paul the apostle, I have read 3 biographies and have read many of his epistles, currently reading 2 Corinthians. The wisdom and spiritual gift he left for Christians and humanity is invaluable. My small circle of Paul readers has brought so many joys and awe to our discernment, enrichment and spiritual knowledge.

  12. Thank you for the article David. I, too think that peace comes from within. There is no feeling like it when I am standing and just being with no angst for the future and no regrets for the past. It is just a perfect place of peace. The feeling is overwhelming making me the happiest person in the world. Unfortunately I do not have this experience as frequently as I would like too because I let the woes and worries of life interfere.

  13. Thank you, David for this article. I find that my peace of mind comes from being at peace with my past, and at peace within myself today. Then I notice that can stay in that peaceful place when there is confusion around me.
    I am responsible for the Peace I feel and as Compumatrix comes into this last phrase to open; I know that I can also help to bring peace into the lives of others.

  14. Peace is a powerful place. Emotions, stress, anxiety falls away when you find peace. it is important that each of us finds our peace and remember it is a place where we are in charge. The outside world keeps pulling you in different ways and if you give in to all the stress and emotions that come with that you will truly unwind. I suggest we all find that secret place and dwell there. Thanks, David for pointing out what we all need!

  15. Thank you David, for such a beautiful topic: “What is Peace of Mind”. I read every word and assimilate the meaning of it.
    It is until I started my senior years that I started to think deeply about my “peace of mind” and how to obtained it and keep it. Being of a carefree personality, it didn’t hit me hard until I got divorced approaching my 50th birthday. Later, I tried to do my best to force my will to paved my future, but life definitely gives lots of surprises, disappointments, betrayals, besides my own mistakes. I wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to seek a deeply spiritual life and eventually came to the “surrender” part. Having peace of mind is not only a feeling of content, acceptance and joy, It is the most necessary element to stay healthy and seek longevity, when we let our emotions control our life, we are giving in to the worst damage we can do to our bodies. The spiritual peace is the most difficult to achieve for me because its a constant reminder “who is in control”, it is the prayerful life that leads you to stay connected to God who is peace itself.

  16. Unfortunately peace is a word that is much bandied about around the world. We are bombarded by the word as countries seek peace with their adversaries and yet is so many cases it never happens and there are still so many arguments going on.
    Peace within ourselves is a totally different proposition. We can all be at peace internally through the power of positive thinking. If situations arise we can take a step backwards, breathe deeply and put a positive stance on them. It is so easy to be negative but positivity can make us smile and feel warm inside and guarantee us inner peace.

  17. Peace: Is paying it forward and helping some one in need more than your self
    Peace: Is not hoding grudge(” pray for those who mistreat you”)
    one could enjoy so much PEACE free from pain cause by illness and yes
    knowing your love ones are safe and have their basic needs met (food, shelter,safety and a way to thrive).
    Peace: just calling some one hearing their voice on the other end gives me peace,how about you. experience great peace knowing done my best gave it my all,treat those crossedmy path with respect and kindness.peace is having patience whilst I wait.

  18. Thank you David for these eternal truths. We all need to get to the place within ourselves that we indeed possess peace of mind. This is necessary if we are going to be able to enjoy what life hands us. There are good times and bad times, there are happy times and sad times, and then there are good times and successful times. We need to remain confident and at peace in all of these circumstances. I found that the best way to stay at peace is to look for God’s hand and His instruction in every moment of life. This is true also in the life of our wonderful company. In the ups and downs, there are lessons to be learned to make things better. A refining process to produce fine gold!

  19. Peace of mind can be greatly advanced by good honest communication. Sadly and for a variety of reasons we are passed off with half truths and delaying tactics, There is a avery sad saying “Never believe what you read in the newspapers” which is unfortunately often true these days This also applies to all media who are guilty of publishing whatever suits there own agendas rather than genuine information. Too much PR speak gets printed without being checked particularily on so called social media.

  20. Thank you David, I agree with the statement above when people feel secure and like they are moving forward you find peace. If you are told one thing and it doesn’t happen, it brings turmoil but if you are without worry. You will feel peace but for some who are struggling it’s only a word that means nothing. I was once told money can’t bring happiness well I’ve been broke and I’ve had money. If you have money your life is easier yes you still will have problems but money can fix them so been there done it. If your broke and struggling peace will be hard to find. Even my most spiritual friends mention the pinch. Then when the pinch (money) is over so were the worries. My point is we will all see happiness soon and lots of peace. Can’t wait for the portal to open to move forward! Happiness!

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