What Is the Basic Attention Token?

BAT – it’s more than just a wooden stick!

The Basic Attention Token being awarded by allowing advertisements to “pop up” on your Brave Browser are rewards, much like the rewards earned from Adsense and other advertising groups. BAT supports users who earn from allowing adverts. Users, publishers, even advertisers alike, can earn.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is more than a cryptocurrency. It is a trend which is becoming more popular day by day. And why not? It costs us nothing; The Brave browser is awesome to use, and we receive BAT rewards to boot!

Facebook and Google have been enjoying three-quarters of digital advertising on the World Wide Web. This was a rather lop-sided advantage, and the rest of the digital world users certainly needed a remedy!

Brave Browser entered the market with a decentralizing vision and a desire to unseat the monopoly. Their rewards coin, BAT, is a cryptocurrency created in the Ethereum infrastructure under the Token ERC-20 model.

To date, the Brave protocol currently has 15.4 million monthly active users, and 5.3 million daily active users.

Brave Ads have done very well since it’s launch with over 1530 campaigns from privately-designed ads. This is an increase of 255% over the 400 campaigns reported in October 2019. Not to mention sponsored images bringing 25 campaigns since launch in February 2020. Even more remarkable knowing this was during the Covid19 pandemic!

Some of the recent campaigns include very well known brand names such as Amazon, Harry’s Razors, Intel, Logitech, Lenovo, Belkin, Quickbooks, Newegg, Paypal, and many more!

Brave, since its inception, has had a growth of 50% since the launch of Brave 1.0 last November, and 125% last year. This trend will surely just continue as popularity continues to progress. Brave looks forward to a positive and encouraging future with it’s BAT Token and Brave Explorer!

BAT could Totally Transform the Relationship Between Users, Advertisers, and Creators!

The advertising industry with the introduction of the Basic Attention Token (BAT) is well on it’s way to turning somewhat of a nuisance industry into a welcome and profitable venture for all parties involved. This could surely be a win/win situation indeed.

What is Basic attention Token (BAT)?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency token created to reward users for opting-in to view ads in notification style from the Brave Browser.

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Why is Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a good investment?

Basic Attention Token is already positioned for mass adoption through its complementary product, Brave Browser, with 5.5 million active monthly users 

Within only a month of its release, Basic Attention Token is already set for mass adoption with the Brave browser’s help and popularity.

BAT will be used to pay content creators and publishers for allowing views of adverts through the Brave browser, and tips by loyal fans.

Founder Brenden Eich having projects such as JavaScript programming language and Firefox browser under his belt, is poised for another success with the BAT token. Very few cryptocurrencies have a legitimate use case and real working product.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave is a web browser founded by Brendan Eich. Brave comes with a built-in ad-blocker and loads sites 2–8 times faster than Chrome & Safari on mobile devices and twice as fast as Chrome on desktop.

Brave is, by default, set up to block all ads and trackers on a website. Users are given the option of choosing to allow the ads (which are non-intrusive) and thereby earning the Brave Rewards (BAT) for viewing.

Like Chrome, Brave also has a private browsing window with an additional Tor browsing window for even more advanced security.

Why is Brave Browser & BAT Tokens Novel?

Most everyone is aware of how adverts slow down websites and decrease battery life. Were you aware that ads and trackers use up to 50% of the average person’s mobile data?

Who wouldn’t rather be rewarded with BAT cryptocurrency for viewing optional ads while browsing in privacy, rather than being interrupted with intrusive ads while watching a video or browsing a website?

With Brave and BAT, you can opt in to view a small advert and get paid for your time. A true win/win for all involved.

How nice to know that during the writing of this article, I actually earned 0.10 BAT just by allowing two notification style adverts. That may not sound like much, but I can honestly say I have never been paid for my attention before.

There are other ways to earn BAT tokens. Content creators can receive tips in BAT as well. This is great news for those creators who have had to deal with YouTube arbitrarily demonetizing their videos for seemingly no reason at all.

Uphold, built into the Brave Browser, is the wallet that has teamed up with Brave to allow for withdraws of BAT tokens in any currency you wish, including GBP & USD.

Uphold Bat Token Nasil Çekilir? › Bitcoin & Airdrop

**Now you may connect to Gemini Wallet if you prefer! If you don’t wish to use Uphold for some reason, Gemini has been added as a choice. Click on the Gemini Icon to connect your Brave Browser to your Gemini Wallet or Create your wallet account if you need one.

How you can earn Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

To begin earning BAT: Users download the Brave browser, enable Brave Rewards, and then use it as you normally would. To enable Brave Rewards, click on the BAT symbol on the URL bar’s end, then click on Reward settings.

On the settings page, simply toggle “Brave Rewards” to on, and you can start earning BAT.

Occasionally a notification style advert will pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen. These are the adverts from which you will be paid in Basic Attention Token just by clicking on the notification and viewing the advertiser’s website.

Publishers & Creators: You can become a Verified Brave Publisher and receive BAT tips from users who enjoy your content. To become a publisher, create a Brave Rewards account.

How you can invest directly in Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token can be bought from exchanges as well as earned through tips and watching adverts.

Binance: You can buy the Basic Attention Token (BAT) from this exchange using Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

BitPanda: You can buy the Basic Attention Token using cash from this exchange if you live in Europe. In the future, they may enable accounts outside of Europe to buy/sell cryptocurrency.

In Conclusion:

BAT has a real chance of reaching mass adoption. Based on Brave’s earning potential and tremendous growth of 5.5 million active monthly users since it’s release. Coupled with the fact of being able to browse securely and privately. Mass adoption does indeed look very favorable.

Download Brave Browser here: https://brave.com/?ref=kxh360/&ref=hackernoon.com (copy and paste into your browser window)

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. holy cow Gail — what an interesting posting and very detailed but also very much above my level at this point — i use firefox and have long time and can’t stand youtube because i am conservative and all those videos have ads and such so I am definitely going to research this more Brave browser and do lots more studying — thank you for great stuff —

    1. rjh58, based on your comment I think you will very happy to learn this. By using the Brave browser, while you are also earning BAT cryptocurrency, you will finally be able to view YouTube without those annoying ads popping up and interrupting your viewing! I love that feature! If ads start-up on YouTube, on my phone, I know that it is playing on another browser. Then I copy the url and paste it into Brave, on my phone and the ads go away. Try it, you will like it!

  2. I never knew that Gail, I do have Brave browser downloaded and have only used a few times. But it so useful to find out about other options and the rewards that come from using them. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. It is much appreciated.

  3. Thank you Gail for the insight on BAT and Brave browser. I use the Brave browser, yet I had no idea about the benefits and the potential of BAT. I see the Binance toolbar every day on the browser and I recently set up a Binance account, now I know I can invest in BAT by using the browser to earn BAT and purchasing BAT on Binance, as the possibility for massive adoption.

  4. It is about time that a browser will pay you to watch ads. These tech companies have taken advantage of people for too long. It gets old fighting popups. Goodbye Goggle and their tracking. Thanks, Brave breaking the mold of this new way for users to earn rewards off of there browsing history.

  5. Thank you Gail for educating us on BAT. I use Brave browser and absolutely love it but didn’t know anything about the BAT. Makes me want to use the browser a lot more, and I certainly will.Amazing that BAT is already being traded on Binance and others. With such secure browsing this is a win win situation for sure.

  6. Very welcome information, Gail. I know you have mentioned periodically about earning rewards with Brave, but now we know so much more. The word “decentralized” came up and I automatically think that is a good thing now! I am going to use my Brave browser much more now with this incentive to do so. Just like I love commenting on blogs and visiting this site to earn with Compumatrix! Win – win!

  7. Your blogs are an eye opener to many us, it really helps a lot for us to see the underlying opportunities that we can all get engaged, Have seen early adopters of potential coins always making it when there is patient and well informed. indeed educating ourselves makes us wiser every day and this is one of the blogs.

  8. Thanks, Gail. I’ve heard you mention the Brave browser before. I appreciate this in-depth explanation of how it works and how you can earn by using it. I’m going to download it now and give it a try. You especially caught my attention when you said it puts a stop to those intrusive ads while you’re trying to watch a video. Sounds great to me.

  9. I loved this article because it educated us on a topic that is important in our lives, but we probably would never have heard of it. With learning about new technology such as the use of the Basic Attention Token it opens our eyes to everything new and innovative occurring in our world.

  10. I downloaded the brave browser when I was having node issues and it solved that problem at the time and still does quite often, I also have BAT currency accumulating now it is a win win as far as I can see and the browser is very fast and no glitches so far like I have experienced on other browsers. I downloaded uphold recently because I am accumulating BAT a few dollars now so thought it was time. I had no ideal it was becoming this popular though the figures you posted are very impressive I am glad you mentioned it in the discord chatroom a long time ago.

  11. Gail thanks for this great explanation. I have heard several members speak of Brave on Discord but I never fully understood the “why” behind it. Being able to create dollars is very inviting. This week I will download and see how user friendly it actually is. Thanks for always challenging my current way of thinking.

  12. Thanks Gail for another very decent and elaborate blog about BAT and Brave .I do have Brave but use it infrequently,Having read your article it encourages me to use it as y Default Browse and benefit as well by receiving BAT.I did have some BAT in my portfolio but I got rid of them. Now I will recollect.

  13. Wow, you mean I can earn free cryptocurrency AND enjoy Brave? That is amazing. I used Brave but I didn’t know about the BAT…I guess I need to read more and surf less…lol I am definitely going to check into this.

  14. As always, this post is also great . I got to learn a lot of new things.Brave browser is really so amazing. I did not know about ‘BAT’, it was not known It will have the potential to earn cryptocurrencies.Thank you Gail for teaching us.

  15. Yet again another online application that is for the people. I love Brave! I had some troubles with it and their online support is suburb. We will see more and more of this of course, as our very own company takes off, and one day it will be the norm. Thanks, Gail…great post!

  16. I’m happy that you posted this informative article about BAT, Gail. I have urged readers to use the Brave browser for good security and privacy purposes, but I chose to not talk about the BAT. I loved the idea of BAT, but I had chosen to hold off participating until they provided another option for claiming them.

    I did not want an Uphold account because for US residents, they require a full Social Security number I didn’t want to provide that info. Fortunately, my patience was recently rewarded when Brave announced that we can now also use a Gemini Wallet/Account to claim our BAT. I already have a Gemini account and they did not require my full Social Security number. I’m looking forward to finally collecting my BAT.

    1. I prefer Gemini too Kevin and for the same reasons. I just added wording to my post that explains how to choose it instead of Uphold. Sorry I assumed people would see they have a choice and didn’t add that, to begin with. I appreciate you mentioning it as I DO want to be clear on all things.

  17. Good news, Kevin, about the Gemini wallet for claiming BAT. I switched browsers to Brave some months ago and have been very glad I did.

    Thank you Gail for this article. Having just viewed “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix, I’m all too aware (though I already was) that attention is the commodity we are manipulated for by social media. It’s about time we got reimbursed for that attention instead of having it siphoned off from all of us without a level playing field.

    1. I agree 100%, Peter. Having the Gemini option for claiming the Brave BAT is good news for many because having more options is always good for everyone. I’m glad to hear that you switched to the Brave browser months ago because along with getting paid for your attention, that is also good for your security and privacy.

  18. Thank you very much Gail for these wonderful insights about the BAT. I disabled the BAT main reason is that it was insisting me on give back rewards to some other organization or something else, now I have enabled it. Brave browser is my default browser and I don’t like other browsers I use only Epic and brave.

  19. Since downloading the Brave browser I have noticed an accumulation of BAT rewards for doing nothing more than what I did with Google. Hum, a win-win combination! Once their database grows people wake up to the advantages this company then may one day surpass Google IMHO.

  20. Holy Trumpets BAT-man, Sophye, this is an interesting article and after reading it a day or two ago; I was interested because we were told to use Chrome, but I keep Firefox always on desk top as well…But this caused me to reconsider the idea of using this product, not just the interest in the tokens “Founder Brenden Eich having projects such as JavaScript programming language and Firefox browser under his belt, is poised for another success with the BAT token. Very few cryptocurrencies have a legitimate use case and real working product.” This man is impressive when you look up all he has done, and for Firefox.

    So the idea of making money while browsing is good, you still have to click and watch, which is a good idea and profitable in a browser, but one can go to sties that is all you do for how ever long you can stand to watch ADs.

    But I will try it none the less

  21. Thank you Gail. I downloaded the Brave browser sometime ago upon your suggestion. I like it but haven’t checked out all the bells and whistles yet. I want to start from scratch on a “Brand New Computer” with Brave browser,Pronto mail with Dukduckgo as my search engine.I have learned from this blog today how to earn and buy “Basic Attention Token” and I like it !

  22. I really DO love the Brave browser!
    To actually be able to choose whether I want to
    read ads or not. I don’t know of any other
    browser with that possibility. I am not participating in BAT yet. I will have to compare the two alternatives for collecting the rewards. If too much private information is required I may just choose not to participate.

    1. Inga, I love the Brave browser too, primarily due to the security and privacy benefits it provides. IMHO you are wise to evaluate and compare the rewards collection options. Previously I chose to NOT participate in the BAT because I didn’t want to give my full Social Security Number to Uphold. But now that Gemini is a new option, I will participate because their KYC process is simple and did not require more personal info than I was willing to share.

      I realize that KYC is a requirement for all cryptocurrency accounts, yet we maintain full control through the power of choice. Simply put, we can choose to not set up any particular account that wants too much personal information for our comfort level.

  23. WoW! Brave is getting more and more interesting. I have to really prepare to change browsers. It will really be good to start building on some of these new coins. It is hard to change browsers when you been with one for so long. This is one thing that Compumatrix has taught us to do and that is to get used to change. I enjoyed yor blog so much, and you explained it so everyone can understand that its time for a change and Brave is going to be something to reckon with, Thanks.

  24. Thank You, Gail, for a thrilling blog. It was exciting and enlightening to learn about the owner of Brave. This information gives another layer of peace and rightness in the programs we use to further our businesses. There is a sense of intrigue when I use Tor. LOL LOL I appreciate the level of security we have by using these browsers. Previously, I would read the advertisements, before I started commenting on the blog site, and was surprised at the points I was credited. Thank you for the wake-up.

  25. Thank you, Gail, for this most informative blog post. I did not understand the BAT before reading this post even though I have heard about. I think that this a game changer to for persons viewing ads. I understand that one can view youtube videos without having to endure annoying ads in the brave browser. It would be good if people in others parts of the world, outside of Europe and the USA, like the Caribbean could benefits from the BAT

  26. I do have Brave on my laptop and use it mainly for Compumatrix. I always wondered what all of the extra stuff on the home page was all about, but thought I would leave learning about it for a later date. Thanks to you, Gail, I now have a reason to make that “later date” a ‘do it now’ task.

  27. Very interesting to know some of the benefits to install Brave, I installed it awhile ago when a few members on Discord were saying how great it was, but since I have Chrome and Opera, I didn’t feel the need to add another browser and quickly removed it. After I see the benefit of not having those nasty adds interrupting videos on Youtube, I will reconsider it another time.

  28. Thank you, Gail, for the awesome blog. Kevin told me about this and I’ve been using it about a month and have earned 1.250 BAT so you do get paid and your claim and it goes into your wallet. very easy. very nice for just hanging out on your computer.

  29. I was glad to find out about ads feature of the Brave browser. I had brave on my computer and tablet, but I used the you tube app on my tablet to access you tube and was annoyed by ads. However, after reading this article I more frequently use brave on my computer to access you tube and I am avoiding all of those annoying ads.

  30. Have been using Brave for a while now and happy to see my BAT being added to every month. It’s a great browser. Lets me determine what ads I want to see and pays for the ads they send. Love it.

  31. I am thrilled to get a better understanding of BAT through your blog Gail. I did not know there was such a reward available. However, I intend to immediately shift my user browser and get with the program. I believe Brenden Eich has hit a home run with his creation and look forward to developing my BAT and give attention to where I am rewarded!

  32. As for me, I am quite new to Brave and don’t use it much. But taking into account this really interesting information that we can use Brave to make money, it’s worth reconsidering. It’s great that there such companies that allow ordinary people to earn crypto just for using a browser.

  33. Thank you for your post Gail. I know about the Brave browser, read many reviews about it and als comparisons with other browsers. Based on that I never felt the need to change to it. My system works well and it well-protected. Maybe I’ll read some more about the BAT-token and see what advantages that token has.

  34. I tried signing up to Uphold and they couldn’t get my ID right so I dropped them. I haven’t tried using the Brave browser as yet but will give it a whirl. I seem to just stick to Coinbase and I put anything I have in my Trezor wallet. I move coins in their first before I move anything into Coinbase. Coinbase won’t freeze my account if it comes from my Trezor Wallet. It sounds interesting and also the BAT-token sounds interesting also. Thank you Gail for all this information on BAT. I will also check into Gemini.

  35. I only use my phone as a phone so anything that pops up gets deleted very quickly. One of the people that i work for uses his phone like a laptop and everything is so hard to read and to do anything with it drives me mad. Will have to investigate selectors a bit more Hopefully whe CDAP opens I can stop working for him and save my sanity

  36. Thank you, Gail. I started using the Brave Browser probably about a year ago at Kevin’s suggestion. He told me that it was a much more secure web site and security should always be our number one priority in the business of cryptocurrency (or something like that). However, I had no clue about BAT or any of the other information gave in your blog. Uphold and Gemini Wallets are also new to me. As always, you have taught me something new again. Now, if I can just begin to remember all that I am learning, I will be in excellent shape.

  37. after reading this again and the replies on how much better Brave browser can be or is actually — when I get all my stuff done thru the next couple days will look seriously at going ahead — I so much appreciate all the input from Compu Biz Owners on this and I will go further — thank you

  38. I can remember seeing these ads since the earliest of times here and have always been reassured by them in that they show that Compumatrix is actively engaged and is making every effort it can to move forward.

  39. Great Info Gail ss for me, I am quite new to Brave and don’t use it much. But taking into account this really interesting information that we can use Brave to make money, it’s worth reconsidering. It’s great that there such companies that allow ordinary people to earn crypto just for using a browser. I’ve had an Uphold acct for many years with no problems at all, as for Coinbase I can’t buy I think they froze my account because I used to participate in online programs. It sounds interesting and also the BAT-token sounds interesting also. Thank you Gail for all this information on BAT. I will also check into Gemini, I have a close friend who uses Gemini and is very happy with it.

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