What Your Habits Say About You!

I have heard several times in my life that it takes three weeks to either make or break a habit.

Some habits are good, some not so good, and some you would love to see go away! We all have one praxis or another, and most of us have no idea how we acquired them. For instance, if you are a nail biter, have you ever wondered WHERE you got that nervous tic?

Concerning the science of those quirks, it is interesting to note these habits form in the brain’s emotional center – the Basal Ganglia. While the logical Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) – the executive part of the brain, chides us for engaging in destructive behavior. For example, our emotional brain would see no harm in quickly grabbing our credit card for that “must-have” purse, when shortly after that, our “logical” mind gives us stick for spending too much!

Good habits are considered to be salubrious to our mental and physical health. Those who are endowed with many positive habits often display higher levels of discipline and self-control. Conversely, those of us failing to exercise our logical brain could acquire more bad habits. Because of these two associated concepts, it is easy to see how our habits ultimately decide our happiness or the lack thereof.

Habit or Personality?

Personality is characterized as “the outer appearance and behavior of a person.” And right there is where Habits most often divulge themselves, displayed in the outward behaviors. You could say that our habits’ assemblage composes a considerable amount of our personality. Even those “little” habits could very well offer insight into your disposition. Keeping this in mind, reflect on the following habits and examine what they may reveal about you!

Our character is basically a composite of our habits.” – Stephen Covey

Five Habits and What They Could Reveal About you.

1. The Way We Walk

According to body language expert Patti Wood, the Way you stroll can send a strong message.

Do you balance your weight forward as if you are charging ahead and fix your gaze forward? You are probably ambitious and focused; however, some may consider this habit unapproachable and cold.

De we step lighter on our toes with our eyes downcast? This could mean we are more introverted, shy, and aloof.

Walking with a spring in our step while surveying our path with our eyes could mean we are socially-conscious and gregarious, though we may be prone to hog the spotlight.

Finally, walking with a smooth gait, with weight in the legs, tends to say we are people-centered, sensitive, and team-oriented.


Some psychologists tell us, our emailing style can reveal a few things about our persona. 

For example:

If our email is free of typos and grammatical errors could mean we tend to be conscientious, perfectionistic, and possibly obsessive.

If we write long emails that could reveal a thorough, energetic nature, it could also indicate a needy personality.

Introverts generally get down to the task at hand, while extroverts are more casual and playful with their conversations and topic choices.


Are you THAT person who bolts in the door, out of breath, and causes the meeting’s delay again? Others may view your tardiness as you being undependable and too lax.

Meanwhile, if you are always early, you could be seen as somewhat neurotic.

Those who arrive “on the dot” are generally found to be agreeable, conscientious, and dependable.


“Eating habits are linked to personality traits,” says Juliet Boghossian, founder of food behavior research firm, Food-ology. Our “Food-related habits can reveal facets of our personality and behavioral tendencies.”

Slow eaters are often those people who like being in control and appreciate life more.

Conversely, those who wolf down their meals tend to be ambitious and goal-oriented, but also impatient.

It seems how quickly we eat reflects the speed at which we take on life and enjoy living.

It’s possible that picky eaters never quite outgrew the likes and dislikes they held as a child. Being stubborn or reluctant to try new foods – a term called “food neophobia” – is linked to such characteristics as anxiety disorders, neuroticism, and sensation-seeking.


A fascinating field of study which analyzes the physical characteristics and patterns in handwriting is known as Graphology. Some psychologists are convinced this study reveals a valid measure of personality. Some even believe as many as 5000 traits can be noted.

A few of these are:

  • The size: Large letters indicate a need to feel understood and noticed. Smaller letters may illustrate an intense concentration and focus and divulge a more introverted personality.
  • Slanted letters: A rightward slant on letters could indicate a friendly, sentimental, and a bit impulsive nature. No angle implies a logical and meticulous personality. A leftward slant suggests that you prefer to work with things rather than people.
  • Pressure: Using harder pressure when writing indicates strong emotions and a penchant for reactiveness. Lighter pressure reveals a more playful and outgoing nature and a desire for adventure.
  • Connection of letters: Connected letters indicate you to be a logical, systematic, and cautious decision-maker. Letters more spaced out implies an intelligent and intuitive nature.

Knowing some of these traits about yourself could help you in your business when dealing with issues that arise and with often tricky personalities. Meeting with new folks and having confidence in yourself AND your business could mean the difference in a successful outcome or one that leaves you wondering what happened.

Being aware of our strengths and weaknesses gives us an upper hand to meet business and personal goals.

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About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Gail,Very interesting blog! Our habits are a mirror of our whole personality,our words, actions, speech, writing, walking, eating, clothing, feelings,behavior,we try our best to have a very good personality,there are good and bad habits in everyone,we try our best to get rid of bad habits,remind us again and again about our bad habits so that we can get rid of them easily,the more positive you think, the more successful you will be in life,think positive about yourself and others,whoever does not try to change himself,God does not change him.Thank you for sharing very thoughtful article.

  2. absolutely an interesting and thought provoking read for me — at over 60 and at moments I look back at my happenings in life — it is so very true that knowing more about who we are is a benefit and also should lead to developing success in our world — thank you Gail —

  3. Gail I loved this blog, 28 days that’s what they say. Breaking a habit can be hard, Some very easy. some people need out side help. I remember going to a person who could hypnotize you into getting rid of bad habits. I went listened to her and then said so when am I going to be hypnotized? Well apparently the lady thought I was, because I was just laying and listening but then I popped up and asked. She said as we both laughed, she explained some people cant be hypnosised. Funniest thing I think I ever did for help. We have to decide to make the change just like I did years ago. But you will grow from any change.

    1. Tracy, I am one of those people who cannot be hypnotized either. At least it hasn’t happened yet with a few attempts. lol I agree, we have to decide within ourselves whether or not we want to change before it can happen. We are the guardians of our brains as long as we don’t give that power to someone else. I don’t see that happening with me or with most anyone else I know. Yes, we will grow or not grow according to our decisions.

  4. Very, very interesting information. However, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton ( Medical Doctor, Biologist, Scientist) When we were born up to age 7, our formation took place according to
    the environment we came into. According to research, many, many years the system was hi-jacked my a few that wanted to rule the world through ruling over the masses. This took place when Cain Killed Able. That’s when we fell into DUALITY ((Good vs. Evil) (Left Brain Vs. Right Brain) My parents gave the best they could with what they knew (We love them) They could not give me what they didn’t have. I think we are now going into UNITY as GOD has spoken. All Wars were created to keep us controlled and weak. We are moving into a wonderful world after all this darkness leaves (Darkness into light) Yes, we can change our habits but we were kept busy with ENTER TAIN MENT (Mentality) while there was a different agenda was planned. Compumatrix is LIGHT, we are in GOD’s hand.

    1. Yes, Carlton, there are many opinions and schools of thought on the issue. It matters not who is wrong or right, I think, as long as we are all trying and working our way through the maze. I agree we can only impart to our children what we know ourselves. Sadly, what we THINK we know and what we actually know is generally greatly divided. But we try, and we live, and we keep on learning as we go, hopefully! Be like the green tree; as long as it’s green, it can become a great fruit bearer tomorrow!

    2. The entertainment seems to be to keep us dumbed down. I agree with you, we are all in Gods hands and he does a have plan. I’m sure it’s to see who actually takes action on their prayers.

  5. Wow, I am obsessive, neurotic, impulsive while hogging the spotlight kind of person 🙂 Luckily for me, I don’t feel these are totally ingrained into my personality (only in a good way) haha Let’s always keep growing and put our best foot forward while walking ahead with a smooth gait and our weight in our legs. This will really benefit Compumatrix as we are showing we are team orientated!

  6. I never stopped to self analyze my walk , food , hand writing or any of the other traits of my 74 years of life. Not sure if I as man or any man stops to even think about that type of close look at ones good habits or not so good. Seems like some people like to analyzing and go for interpreting others peoples data. All the best to them.
    Oh well .. I will let people make their own judgement ..for good or bad.
    Interesting subject Gail. Interesting read.

  7. Well another interesting thought provoking Blog Gail.
    I use to dabble in handwriting analysis. Now that was fun. Handwriting is unique to each person, much like a fingerprint .No two people’s hand writing will be identical. One who is reading someones hand writing also got to take in consideration their age as well .. I have noticed as I got older my hand writing has changed.
    Factors that can result in changes to a person’s handwriting:
    Age …Mood …How much time they have to write ….The writing instrument used .. if someone is ill ..all becomes factor in their writing style.
    I also done palm reading … again both tells their own tale .

  8. Thank you Gail, I trained about 20 years ago as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, though I have evolved to using a variety of different techniques to help clients change bad habits.
    Once I was doing a two-hour deep relaxation session to help a man break a long-time smoking habit. Counting up at the end of the session, ‘one to ten’ you will be wide awake, etc., didn’t make any difference as he wouldn’t move. I banged doors, turned the music up, went off, and made a cup of tea and still, he wouldn’t budge. Finally, inspired…I said, “Bob, I know some part of you can hear me, and I want you to know that for every minute we go over time I will charge you double”. Like magic, he snorted and opened his eyes, and asked the time. For sure his worse Habit was wanting to be in control…until I mentioned ‘money’ ..:-)

    1. Hahahaha…I can see that. He didn’t want to pay “double,” so he pretended not to awaken? He has some issues with money, it seems. I just told myself that to be open to being hypnotized. You have to have a brain for the hypnotist to work with, which leaves me out!! lol
      I really wanted to be hypnotized to help eliminate a bad habit and closely followed the directions. I had my head down, and at the moment he suggested that we were on a mountain top in snow and wind and we are shivering and cold; I was in the midst of a hot flash and would have welcomed that!! But alas, I shifted my eyes left and right to see if I could maybe get in on someone else’s “fantasy” and had a few people looking back at me. Apparently, they were wondering where the snow was too!! Boo! disappointed!!

      1. Hahaha, I can just picture it Gail – sadly a bit too well as the thought of all that snow and wind makes me shiver! Could you picture the scene at all? Sometimes we think we can’t visualise, until we realise we’re visualising things all the time (eg. What are you eating for dinner? What colour’s your front door?). As for hypnosis, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. So if we think we ‘can’t’, it’s often because we don’t feel relaxed (or safe) enough with the therapist or environment, or perhaps there’s just too much going on in our minds or lives to let go right now. I once had a client who arrived in my therapy room declaring categorically that she couldn’t be hypnotised. So quick thinking, I replied, “That’s great, because today I don’t want you to go into hypnosis at all!” After she’d sat down in my nice comfy reclining chair with a comforting blanket and relaxing music playing, she went out like a light. Sometimes we just need to be given permission to do it our own time and way.

    2. Now that was a great testimonial! Money does move people with or with hypnosis, it seems. In business, many only “awaken” when money is mentioned. We see a lot of that around here.

      Funny how that can trigger emotions like none other. Between your response and Gail’s answer, I was laughing so hard the tears fell. Picturing you trying to “wake up” someone and Gail’s hot flash was one of those moments that only laughter can follow. Thank you both for making my day a little happier.

  9. Fun and enlightening blog. I, too, have a story about breaking a bad habit.
    Many years ago I was trying to stop smoking. I had tried almost everything but no luck. This was back in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s, when the newly touted method to stop smoking was to have staples put on your ears. The idea was that every time you craved a cigarette you would toy with the staples and that would reduce the craving.
    I went to a supposed doctor and had the staples put on both ears, and that very night I couldn’t sleep on either side because they really hurt. I got up and pulled them out and swore that I would never smoke again because I paid $50 for something that didn’t work, and I’d be darned if I was going to waste that money! It worked!!

  10. Thanks for another great blog Gail. I always think it’s interesting to see ones traits against their handwriting, email styles, punctuality, etc. Amazing how those are a part of who you are and how your brain functions. We’re all different and have our own unique style in whatever we do.

  11. Interesting article about changing habits, Gail! At some point or another during my lifetime, I have engaged in many of those practices to break some bad habit or another. In studying what works best for others (when I’ve had issues with methods I’ve chosen, for instance) I’ve found there are so many different ways and advice on that topic, that in the end it’s whatever works best for the individual in that moment. As you outlined, I think along with all the personality assessments, emotional considerations and other scientific data that provide assistance in breaking habits, a person has to really get to know themselves on the inside – what makes them tick – to find just the right combination of factors to make that win!

  12. Wonderful blog Gail, have learned a bit more about myself self and all I can say, I am satisfied with the end result.
    It reflects pretty much who I am, old not so good habits have been broken a long time ago and I am left with what I wanted from myself. If and when there is something to improve I will try my best, in the meantime just keep rolling for what is best for me and others around me.

  13. still have to read this great blog posting and to see how it has affected others here also — do know habits are hard to break but can be breakable if bad habits ?? also every thing I do is a Choice I make — and I have to accept that fact — life has taught me — blame is mine not somebody elses’ — accept the responsibility of my choices as my choices and move forward and continue to work at doing the Right thing — Truth — Honor — Respect — thanks Gail for great insight — rj

  14. Thanks for the reminder of what I need to change in my life. Habits can obsess a person if they don’t look at themselves once in a while to see what habits you have picked up. God knows I have had plenty of them. It is making the necessary changes in your life to help break any habits you have. But once you set your mind to it, you can do anything. The old saying is mind over matter. Easier said than done.

  15. Here’s an effective process for changing unwanted behavior patterns.
    (1) Identify what you want. Your outcome must be specific and measurable.
    Determine what’s preventing you from having it.
    (2) Identify your “Big Why.” The #1 reason people don’t change is they don’t have a strong enough reason.
    (3) Interrupt the pattern and create a new one. A “trigger” causes you to automatically react and start your pattern. When triggered, immediately and dramatically interrupt the pattern. Then, substitute a new behavior pattern for the old one.
    (4) Practice. Practice repeatedly and consistently until the new pattern becomes natural, habitual.

  16. This is a great blog and very interesting about the way you walk and write tells about your personality and what kind of person you are, I know to quit a habit you have to set your mind to it and you have to really want to stop not just think you should.

  17. I agree with what they say about this blog… it is great.
    There are no two persons alike. Each of us has different habits that define us. Even if the habits are exactly equal, the person is not.
    It is, it was and it was meant to be. If we change our habits, we will always be the person we were meant to be at that moment.
    Strive to be better but accept who you are, because you are not someone else.

  18. Gail, my Basal Ganglia and my Prefrontal Cortex argue with each other often. Most times, my PrefrontalCortex wins because I am a self discipliner. Some times I wish I were not because I would like to do or have something I deny myself. Reading through your list, I can see several of these items coming forth at different times, according to the situation I find myself in. The focused attention to my Compumatrix business brings a desire to do more, to be patient and reap the rewards.

  19. What an interesting blog!! Never really thought about all the things mentioned as how it relates to each person…Even moods can affect habits of so many things.. I have seen when someone is in a good mood their habits good or bad can change…For getting rid of bad habits can also be easier for some than for others…

  20. Very interesting article. And in many instances, it was right on point with me. It did tend to describe my personality based on the different habits from email style to eating habits. It’s good to know what these traits mean and how it helps to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

  21. Very interesting blog Gail. I feel our habits are a mirror of our whole personality,our words, actions, speech, writing, eating, clothing, and behavior. I try my best to have a positive personality, but sometimes due to events of life it is hard to remain positive 100% of the time. There are good and bad habits in everyone. The more positive you think, the more successful you will be in life. I feel if you think positive you attract positive. .

  22. How many times do you promise yourself that you will change the way you act and live, and then it never happens. The only way is seems for me to change is if there is some major event that forces me to change, and then that change is dramatic and severe, plus it usually costs me something I cannot afford, monetarily or pain. It is so much nicer to willingly change with a great attitude and willing spirit, plus it’s more fun in the long run.

  23. Ha, I’m such a mix of tendencies, according to the lists you provided Gail. Introverted, impatient, calm and centered, intensely focused, conscientious, dependable, shy, team-oriented. I think I must be doing well, however, since I do tend to have a lot of very positive habits. I guess I’ll just keep refining my habits like a sculptor, chipping away what is ready to leave.

  24. Gail, I reread you blog and am interested in the fact that there are so many ways to self discover oneself. Many years ago a close friend analyzed handwriting and was working for the government in court cases. She was extremely talented and was a great help to me for making choices for my mate in life. As it turned out she was 100% right with her analysis, and that choice that I almost made was correct. That science is extremally reliable.

  25. this is a great read and so true in so many factors of everyday Life — and also in our CompuBiz — habits are hard to break doesn’t matter good or bad — just know quitting smoking was is my biggest accomplishment in habits 15 years now but also accepting Christ Yeshua as True is also an interesting part of my own habitual existence — these blog postings really do bring the thoughts n details to the forefront – so much appreciation —

  26. As far as Compumatrix goes, I think of good habits relevant to success within it. What comes to my mind, is just simply the idea of developing good habits is computer safety. Making sure that safeguards are habitually maintained for passwords. Also, making a habit of keeping up with what is being discussed in the Discord as far as staying safe from spam, and knowing what to do to make sure your CDAP and Dex activity is as free as possible from sabotage by maintaining and following a safe routine.

  27. I think just developing the most basic habits can result in substantial outcome and success. Simple habits that I have learned from working at other jobs such as locking my computer while I am not using it or not leaving personal information such as passwords, etc., open and viewable by the public. The good thing about a habit is if it is learned or done in the correct way or manner, then there will be routine that is developed which can lead to less mistakes.

  28. I think it is an important skill to have to be able to read and figure out some key characteristic about people. I think it is good for the new people of Compumatrix to learn the habits of the people who have been in Compumatrix for a longer time. Usually, successful people’s habits are efficient and helped them achieve their success. So it is good for us to learn from these people.

  29. Great blog gail. Our habits do make up personality and who we are. They say you develop or can change your habits in less than a month. I know I have habits that are good and several that could definitely be changed. This makes me think of New Years resolutions we all attempt to make each year.

  30. My oh my! Indeed some habits are good, some not so good, and some you would love to see go away immediately! How you’ve brought out about our habits’ assemblage composes a considerable amount of our personality stood out for me. Its amazing as to how our body works, how we do things can really say about a persons habits and personality. I concur with you that surely traits about oneself could help in business, how you relate with your business contacts and dealings, when dealing with issues that arise and with often tricky personalities. Confidence is so key in view of the fact that having confidence in yourself and in your business could mean the difference between a successful outcome or one that leaves you wondering what happened.

    Key; Change your habits and watch your life change in ALL aspects of your life!

    Thank You ma’am Gail.

  31. So wonderful Sophye! Many of these I have heard and even studied in my life, for I wondered why, and I had many negative things I wanted removed/Changed so I would fit in better with society…. the sad part is most people, closing in on almost 80% of the active population also wonders and reads these things and they then either consciously change or subconsciously change, which brings on a whole new cluster of challenges and idiosyncrasies, and a noticeable, change in them that i spotted easily as if they were uneasy in their own skin. The Bible tells us all people can be known by their fruits or life style for it is part of who they are, and if they are covering up who they are they appear fake, in assort of way when watched for a period of time…. But all of these things you mentioned are true and can tell us much about each other. Like a true genius, who has difficulty socializing with normal people; they can try to change, but their very nature let’s their true self show no matter how hard they really try. Just like we needed a tool to help our writing be more professional looking, as all platforms are expressing similar things to their users; But it also is now putting us all into one format of fact that the programmer thinks is most important, and not truly how you or I would act in real life; it is our little subtle differences that brings out real truth, but then knowing me… this too is just an opinion, and not worth the salt of you wonderful thoughts here; So thanks once again! I love this one enough to save, and share with my closest friends!

  32. as of this morning –back reading studying some great blog postings and also replies are so deep and thoughtful — i am a bit habitual — lol — maybe not lol — But I have to admit Now it is simpler to Look Honestly at me and with Effort True Effort making appropriate is Changing Honorably — great reading here and Deep!!

  33. It’s so interesting to read the posts that have been submitted. They are so insightful and challenging. Someone once said, and I have repeated it umpteen times to my kids and now my grand kids, “life is tough…and then you die”. More often than not it was said when things didn’t go their way and, we were “not fair”. Being “fair” is a relative narrative that is always the opinion of the one that is not being treated “fair”. But when one thinks about life and how one lives it, and addresses life, with ones head held high, being “fair” is how one sees life. Think about this: When Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus had to leave Bethlehem and flee to Egypt, it was not “fair” that they had to rush out into the dark night and find a place in a foreign land to live. The results of their actions saved The Baby’s life. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. And sometimes what we think is not “fair” is Gods way to save our lives and present to us more blessings than we could ever imagine.

  34. Gail nice blog and good clinical dissection of behavioral patterns and salient points about our personality. By observing the body language and behavior of an individual reveals a lot about that person.You mentioned Basal Ganglia and PFC.Off the topic,It is now an accepted medical procedure to do a Frontal lobotomy in the people who are known to be serial sexual offenders as their habit is hard to treat or get rid of.

  35. Loved reading this interesting post Gail, thank you for sharing. I studied graphology for a year or so, many moons ago, and it was fascinating to see how much information can be gleaned from handwriting. Our individual handwriting changes over time, and can often be affected by energy levels, health, age and mood as much as inherent personality traits. Signatures are really interesting too. Someone crossing out part (or all) of their name can mean a dislike or hostility towards whichever name it is. An illegible signature can suggest a person who remains illusive or difficult to know. For example, Richard Nixon’s signature became more and more illegible over time until by Watergate it was just essentially a X.

  36. Thank you Gail, Very interesting blog! .No one is perfect in this world,many of us have habits that need to be changed,over time, we realize that many of our habits need to be changed, which can have a very positive effect on our life,we can easily change this with our willpower, I also changed my habit with strength of willpower and meditation, which makes me feel very happy.

  37. Really enjoyed your blog Gail, trying to find out why we do the things we do is a fascinating topic and especially why some people are borne so different from another. Some people are early risers, some are quick or fast thinkers, other move slowly, some are gregarious; some quiet. Some people are loud and some speak softly, these are some qualities we are borne with, and others we acquired by the way we are raised or learned from others. More complicated are social issues that eventually affect the thinking and behavior as the person develops. What part a religious upbringing affects a person and would it be necessary as part of our life; I think it is very important if not necessary. I don’t think education is as important as a basic. simple or humble upbringing. Some of the most educated people as politicians and lawyers are the worst of society, but that is just my opinion.

  38. Oh yes it is amazing how we develop bad habits. Unfortunately shedding them is not that easy. Yet another fascinating insight from Gail. She has a great way with words and what she says not only makes sense but it should also make us all sit up and take notice .Fortunately I do not believe I have any bad habits left/ Over the years my kids pointed out a few and I made a determined effort to get rid of them. Gives me a better and easier peace of mind and for that I am extremely grateful.

  39. Interesting blog Gail about our Habits saying a lot about our personality.I agree and we seldom try to change or alter our habits according to what we wish them to be.But at the end of the day good habits are our assets that stay with us throughout our lives and we try our best to get rid of or change our bad habits as much as we can.

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