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Why Non-Marketers Should Consider Marketing Classes

When you walk down the streets of Manila and ask random people about digital marketing, you’ll find that not too many people understand the value that it can offer the local business community.

The concept of taking your business online is still relatively new, especially to several owners of small to medium-sized businesses. But when you go through the most recent survey conducted by the Digital Marketing Philippines regarding the country’s internet usage, you’ll realize how big the potential is for local businesses and professionals to succeed online.

With 336 million Filipino internet users—that’s 39% internet penetration rate out of 97 million people, and a 101% mobile penetration rate reported last year, the Philippines is ripe for a digital overhaul.

It won’t be far along before we catch up with other countries, in terms of optimizing the internet to further the business industry. So, regardless if you’re a start-up owner or a freelancer, you should consider looking into what the internet can do for you or your company, and learn it.

Online Marketing is not just for Yuppie Millennials

It is important to note that among the millions of internet users, 70% of them are below 29 in age. This may be one of the reasons that many Filipinos who belong to the older demographic dismiss online marketing as something only the yuppie millennials can relate to.

However, if you’re employed, self-employed, or have your own business, you should know that digitalizing of businesses and other entities is inevitable. This will happen sooner than you think and would require you to be on board, as well as be familiar with online marketing when it does.
To help you pick up the necessary information, you should consider taking up online marketing classes. Here are some reasons that might help in your decision-making.  

  1. Your Market Is on the Web

If you own a business, the internet poses an advantage to you. Then again, you need to understand online marketing first to be able to make the most out of it.

According to the survey done by Digital Marketing Philippines, out of the 33.6M internet users, 42% of them are spending an average of 21.5 hours online.

For a regular web user, these numbers may not mean so much, but online marketers recognize these numbers as an opportunity to expand their reach and connect with consumers.

When it comes to eCommerce, you’ll find that Filipinos are becoming more and more confident about using the internet for purchase transactions. Online shops are thriving, concert tickets get sold out online, and airlines book and cancel tickets via the internet.

  1. Online Marketing Evens out the Competition

One of the things about the internet is that it gives you a fighting chance to compete in the market against some of the biggest brand names in the industry.

With the dynamics continuously changing and evolving, you’ll find yourself almost always on the same boat as the others, learning and relearning the ways of the internet, and using it to grow your business.

  1. The Internet Offers More Work Opportunities

We keep hearing about how difficult it is to find a job nowadays, but the internet offers a lot of work opportunities for young professionals, most of which require at least a basic knowledge in online marketing.

Some of these positions being offered online are Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Content Strategist, SEO specialist, and so forth.

Having online marketing skills can help you move forward in your digital marketing career.

  1. The Internet Offers More Business Opportunities

Setting up a business nowadays doesn’t require a massive financial investment. All you need to do is put up a website, create social media pages, and you’re good to go.

You can choose to target local consumers or go global, depending on the type of products or services that you offer.

However, without any knowledge in online marketing, you won’t be able to grow your business. You need to understand how to promote and market it, including learning how to get your website seen in search results and how to use social media for promoting yourself.

According to the survey, 96% of today’s mobile users are using social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are great avenues for promotion and advertising; however the dynamics of traditional marketing are different from that of online marketing. Knowing the latter will help you steer your business in the right direction.

  1. The Philippines Is Poised to Conquer the Digital Industry

The government recognizes the value of the digital industry and has been working on improving on the information and communication infrastructures with the Commission on Information and Communication Technology (CICT) over the past few years.

Once launched, it will open doors to a new market. Having online marketing skills can help you penetrate this market and enjoy the best portion of it.

Build Your Online Presence

If you’re one of those people who want to offer your services on a freelance basis, this is a good time for you. Nowadays, more and more companies based abroad, such as in the U.S., Australia, Europe, or other Asian countries are looking to outsource to the Philippines.
There are hundreds of clients looking for your set of skills, but you need to learn to market yourself online to catch their attention and engage them. LinkedIn is an excellent example of this. Many company executives sort through the tons of profiles of people from all over the world, looking for the right person to handle certain areas in their businesses.
What does it take for you to catch the eye of the right people in the industry? How do you build your presence online?

You may be starting out as a freelancer, but there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll eventually run your services as a business. Having a good grasp of the concept of online marketing can help you boost your branding and engage the right customers instantly.

Know the Fundamentals

Bigger companies partner with and depend on BPO companies for their online marketing needs.
Outsourcing your digital marketing department is a good thing, but it’s better for you to understand how it works. Are you investing in the right company to do your marketing for you? Are they delivering the results that you need?
Knowing the fundamentals of online marketing will help you understand what your digital marketing agency is doing and be able to participate actively and decisively in the process.

Shift to a Viable Career

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to study online marketing. As the demand for online marketing skills increases, so is the availability of training and workshops for those who want to learn it. There are social media classes and digital marketing workshops being offered left and right.

You don’t have to be a marketer to sign up for these classes. In fact, online marketing skills are necessary for every profession or industry. Just think about it, even artists are promoting and selling their artworks online.

The internet has an array of viable careers for you to grow into. You can start off as a content writer, learn SEO along the way, then develop into a digital strategist. Who knows, later on, you can start your own digital marketing agency.

Or you can be an entrepreneur and learn to propel your business to success using your knowledge in internet marketing. However you may pursue your online career, note that this is the best time to take your place at the forefront of a rising industry in the Philippines.

It’s worth the money you will put into it. Enrolling for online marketing classes is one of the best investments that you will ever make in your career. 

About the author

Henry is the Founder and Executive Managing Director of Compumatrix and Networks International. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network.


  1. A marketing class would definitely help many of us as we go full throttle into the Compumatirx Business!

    1. In todays world it is not wise to just take things as they come. It is very important that you prepare yourself before you get into something. This could very well mean taking some classes. Compumatrix does have a marketing aspect to it; and for those in the dark, taking some marketing classes will enhance your profit potential in Compumatrix.

  2. With the Covid19 virus businesses were forced to be online available to customers who were quarantining and a great number of the businesses found they liked it so much they are going to do it permanently!! The internet IS the future and businesses would do well to learn as much as they can about online marketing and prepare for a techie future!!

    1. I totally agree Gail. I think that the whole COVID-19 episode is going to enhance the potential of Cryptocurrencies. It would not be impossible that we are going to see an appreciation as well as an increase in value if Cryptocurrencies. I think we have a very exciting future ahead of us.Compumatrix will probably hit the road burning tires once the green light is on!

    2. For those of us who are far removed from the Yuppie Millennial age group, I would just like to toss out there that we are quite capable of learning online marketing to some degree. For myself, I have been learning this way of marketing for a sustainable lifestyle business and even though at times I thought this is too hard, I persevered and realized with assistance many times, I could achieve a workable end result for success. Now, I can take these skills and apply them also to our digital marketing company. Cheers for the Silver Seniors age group!!!

  3. A marketing class is a great idea to help many of us and eager to learn as much as possible as we go into the future!

  4. Marketing is the foundation of a successful business,showing the world what you have to offer requires some type of marketing.The good part is,Marketing is something that can be achieved by taking online courses from the comfort of your home office.

  5. Online marketing is the key to the future! It can be overwhelming, yet online marketing classes give your business clarity and focus.

  6. Online marketing is very important for most businesses. The article mentions “Building Your Online Presence”. This one factor came into place for an unbelievable amount of people during Covid quarantine. Many mom and pop restaurants had to update their websites so they could start taking online orders. Employees had to learn how to have business presence doing Zoom calls from home. Others interviewed for new jobs on their computers. Having a good foundation in Marketing would likely help those that experienced the above situations during Covid.

  7. I agree a marketing class is the way to go. Learning to market our business online afford us a freedom to be able to work from any place in the world where they have internet access. As well as afford us the time to learn to be more creative in aquireing mulitable streem of income that can be marketed online.

  8. Marketing from home seems to be the way forward, with Covid-19 making lots of folks jobs at risk, in some cases it is the only way forward, so lessons for all ,makes sense .

  9. Marketing is essential. My partner used to say, “Trying to sell a product or service without marketing, is like winking in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does!” I have never forgotten those words. So, I think everyone should understand marketing, especially now that the majority of the world’s people are online, either on their pc’s, laptops or on their phones.

  10. One of the beauties of most Online Marketing Courses is that you can set your own pace as well as choosing your own hours that will conveniently fit in with your current lifestyle.

    An Online Marketing Course need not be expensive either. Many are free.

    A good starting point would be to look at what Hubspot has on offer in their Marketing section. For example: 60 Best Free Online Courses For Whatever You Want to Learn:

    1. Thank you for posting the link. These comments are great and there’s quite a bit of marketing to learn, but the link actually provides the courses. I may add that there’s a lot to learn to promote a business online, but the physical work: contacting, introducing yourself and your business in person, keeping in touch by phone calling, etc. it’s still a major force to drive your business and making it successful.

  11. I agree online marketing is the way to go even though for me it is daunting .
    but would love to learn how to use this tool properly to help with my buisness
    so would welcome online marketing classes
    lots of people have lost there jobs because of covid and I really think they would welcome being able to work from home and compumatrix is the perfect buisness to get them started

  12. Marketing classes is what members in online world should do. Even just to refresh what you already know.

  13. We have reached a stage, when we need to be able to market succesfully, using all the tools we have, to be successful. Personal contact is now diminishing greatly, due to Covid-19’s prescence. We need to be safe, first, And market all that we need to, on line.The time is right. So, lets all do it and BE SAFE!

  14. this article about marketing is very interesting, I think about taking this subject in college

  15. Marketing has always been the way to go for successful Business practice.Whether TV commercials,
    Magazine Ads,radio,Billbords,etc. When I first started working on the internet I learn that I needed to learn
    Marketing to get my Product Sold on the internet.
    Back then email Marketing was BIG and it also bordered along the lines of SPAM if you didn’t know what you were doing.Banner Ads were also popular(still are),however learning where to place your Banner is very important.
    Good Ole Fashion “Word of Mouth’ is STILL a very resourceful “Tool”.
    Having a Compumatrix Marketing Class would be a Welcome Opportunity I would not hesitate to enroll in !

  16. This could not of come at a better time, working online is the new trend with COVID19 now in the picture many are turning to working online at home. These online courses will be excellent to follow to learn more for our Compumatrix business. Looking forward to working at home full time.

  17. I am loving what the Philippines is doing with the internet and crypto currencies. The rest of the world really needs to catch up. On line marketing and business building is so important for all countries. They certainly could learn from integrated wallets such as where all banking can be done using everything from Ph Peso’s to BTC and several other crypto currencies.

    I am working with many in the Philippines to help them with on line marketing. It’s the wave of the future and happy to be a mentor in the area.

  18. For someone who has been involved in numerous businesses, nowadays it is fundamental that online marketing is part of the make-up of the business structure. Many business courses include digital marking as part of their curriculum and see it as integral to the businesses operation. No matter the type of business, whether completely online or a bricks and mortar operation, having an online presence is fundamental. Thanks for an informative and spot on artical Henry.

  19. As a grandmother, with a senior in high school, I think about the loans kids pile up while getting an education. Kids come out of college with enormous debt before they can even start building for their future. A home bases business where they control their hours would allow for a family life where they can participate in the everyday family bounding. This also allows the home-based entrepreneur to finish school debt-free! Picking the right online business is key to the success of the student/parent/ even the senior citizens. As stated in this article governments recognizing the value of the digital industry. Education starts at a very early age today. All the tools to learn are within our reach with online classes. The future is here all one has to do is to turn that computer on, connect to social media and build a home-based business.

  20. There are so many different avenues to Marketing. Marketing online, in the newspaper, cold calling and warm calling just to name a few. But marketing with out some type of script to guide you until you get the just of it makes for a real difficult outcome. So practicing your pitch along with studying your Market you are wanting to Market in makes all the difference.

  21. One important benefit is a “non-marketer” taking a Marketing class, is also to simply level the playing field between you and whoever may be trying to sell to you. I took marketing classes in college and the sales tactics that we studied, I have observed many times by sales people. Having this knowledge in my back pocket has served useful, especially in situations where we’ve had unsolicited stop in’s that were “surveys” or another front that ultimately ends in an attempted sale. The common signal for me is that they teach you to initiate some sort of simple physical touch. It’s often been a shoulder tap after a joke. That immediately signals that I’m being sold something and allows me to assess the product before it’s often presented to me. This benefit can also be applied online. Many times I have come across articles that offer a piece of advice or a “trick” to do something, but when you dive into it those bits of information are well known and the article pivots into an undercover ad for a product relating to the article. It’s amazingly common once you know what to look for.

  22. Interestingly, this article applies not just to the Philippines but every marketer worldwide. Your market of a song for instance has a market potential of people in every country on the planet. This article does an excellent job of pointing out this potential and how it can level the playing field for small players.

  23. I am in total agreement that it’s a wise decision for all people to learn about internet marketing – Filipinos, and whomever else is looking to rise up with the times and make the best out of this present economic atmosphere. As we all know by now, with the recent happenings globally, many brick-and-mortar businesses vanished literally overnight. A seeming tragedy for the owners and employees, to be sure, but also a huge opportunity to get creative, and turn the attention toward the inevitable online business presence. Digitalizing all business has been steadily happening anyway, and now those who have run with the currents are here to lead the way for the stragglers…and I can personally attest that whatever it is you need to learn about marketing yourself and your business online, is available right now. It’s time to start researching!

  24. It definitely makes more sense than ever to shift focus from offline to online, and online marketing is just the right tool to succeed.
    So many individuals and business have been reluctant to explore, but the current global hardships will change a lot of minds.

  25. Marketing is both an art and science. Not everyone can become a marketer, leave alone good marketer. Training in marketing can be given only to those people who considers marketing not as a profession, but as a passion. Any work done as a duty will not give that good results, but if it is done with passion, then the results will be good. About 45 years back, when I was working in Bangalore, Karnataka State, India, I used to have a friend, who was very rich. His father was into business. They constructed a palatial commercial building of four floors, in a prime area in Bangalore. They wanted to start a ready made cloth shop in that building. Ground floor for clothes for children, first floor for clothes for ladies, second floor for clothes for males and fourth floor as a store. They asked my advise on how to get maximum number of clients (buyers). I told them that they can give an advertisement in leading news papers (electronic media (TV) was not there at that time). The advertisement should read as, “Come to our shop and on one day, take whatever you want, how much ever it may cost, TOTALLY FREE. Both father and son looked at me me aghast and said, “You want us to lose all the money we invested?” I told them that I want them to get extraordinary profits. I told them that after seeing the advertisement, people will flock to your stores (shop). There you should display a big board like this:
    Buy everyday whatever you want with the maximum amount you can invest.
    Keep the Bills.
    At the end of month (on first of next month), we will take a draw of 30 or 31 days the previous month had. Suppose in the draw, number: 16 comes, then those who purchased on 16th of the previous month, should bring their bills and get complete refund of bill amount, even if it is one million rupees (13,225.67 United States Dollars) or 10 million rupees (13,2256.7 United States Dollars). When they did like that, everyday there was an exodus of people to the shop and the got back their investment in 45 days. So, an idea can chage the entire marketing of product/products.

  26. Online marketing skills are a must have in today’s business environment. They are skills I would like to learn and master. They can enable your business to reach more customers domestically and internationally if desired. Depending on the availability and cost of shipping online can enable you to have customers whom you will never come into contact with in person.

  27. Online marketing classes would be wonderful for someone like myself. I do not have the best skills in the world. They are not the same as they used to be. Totally different. I have a friend who uses LinkedIn and does quite well with it because they are all business-minded people from all over the world. But there again you need to know what you are doing. Taking a course and learning the skills you need would be of great benefit. Also in one’s business it takes money to make money. It also takes desire and fortitude. The world is changing and we need to change with it.

  28. One of the main advantages of online marketing for businesses is its low operating cost. You can advertise cheaper with internet marketing than with traditional methods of advertisement such as ads in newspapers, on television and on the radio. Marketing classes is what members in online world should do today to improve their businesses .

  29. This seems like the perfect opportunity for high school students who want to pursue a career in technology. It would be a great way to bring together interests and careers.

  30. The one single truth about any kind of further education, such as marketing is a plus, and can never be taken away. Even the smallest amount of education in any area is a plus, and a tool to further understand the complexities of life as it changes globally. Plus, with COVID-19 and shut ins across the globe, we now see many millions of people connecting, buying, educating, and investing online for perhaps the first time, and any tips in the marketing game could just save you Big Time or make you a Mint in the markets! So my suggestion is take an introductory course in marketing and most local colleges have them; plus many are offered online with quite a few that are free. It is important; but only you can determine how important it is to you and your future. The statistics just for the Philippines alone says You need to start today!

  31. This is so true. What I call “Main Street” businesses here in the US miss this point as well. they can expand their market if they spend some time learning digital marketing or outsourcing some of it. With Covid-19 this has shifted a bit. But I am seeing new businesses online trying to recreate the wheel — so to speak. They think they have discovered this whole new world and no one has ever done what they are now doing online. But the reality is that there are many many experts on digital marketing that KNOW how to do it even for “Main Street” businesses and they can give you the wheel and you don’t have to create it. Take the class, learn the ins and outs of online marketing. Take the class from an expert Internet Marketer. And enjoy the expansion of business!!

  32. I am waiting for approval to start a mentoring with a company here in Brazil, precisely to learn how to work correctly in Digital Marketing.
    I am 56 years old, and with this stop that the Universe had, I am feeling the great need to adapt to the new means of publicizing my work and communicating with the public.
    Thank you Henry for encouraging us to follow new paths, according to the current reality of the world!
    Hugs to all!

  33. what a great article and Thank You Henry for posting –it has such awesome information and usable information and that makes it simpler and easier actually to learn and once again succeed even if we are not marketers or online sales people and with good help we can and should realize success — thanks again sir —

  34. Are today’s schools up to the tasks?

    In a business book I read a few years back, the author did a survey of 4 of the top business schools in the nation. Between all four of them, he would not find any courses on “SALES”! If business schools are not teaching about sales, what are they teaching? To answer that, look at what the graduates are looking for when they finish their studies: A JOB!

    If A JOB is the goal for graduation from a top business school, where do sales fit into the picture? Fifty percent (50%) of our work force are employed by small businesses. Where do you learn to sell?

  35. I also would suggest reading and researching the blog postings here from some very talented Business people and extremely gifted online marketers — I just spend time here reading and learning everyday and it is kind of fun on top of the learning I achieve and I am not sure if it helps others but I know it has helped me — thank you

  36. I see this as great advice to both the newbie to home-based internet businesses as well as seasoned business people. For many we have been “marketing” ourselves for many years but do not even realize what we are doing. To have the focus on the what, how and why a class brings helps us to refine what we are already doing. It further helps everyone refine their approaches to marketing when they can accurately assess what works and what does not particularly on social media.

  37. Because of this epidemic everyone around the world is using the internet and this is a great thing and this is giving people a chance to learn digital marketing and this is a great thing for compumatrix.

  38. Thank you for this informative blog Henry James. When you want to be succesfull in a business it is essential that you have a good knowledge of the basics of managing a business. These basics of an offline enterprise are also applicable to online enterprises but there are also differences. Following marketing classes is mandatory if you want to be succesfull.

  39. This is a very interesting article. One in which has made me realize having spent the last 30 years in marketing and finance is not enough! It is now time to go back to school with the uptick of recent advances in everything. With everything really, marketing, finance and the everyday virtual life we are currently thrust into. However, this time may be the time to add a focus on crypto currency and international markets. We need to change with times or times will change most certainly change without you!
    Happy Crypto Regards,

  40. I think everyone who has the opportunity should take an online marketing class because online is where you can connect to everyone with the internet around the world. But I also think people should just take a marketing class in general because every time you meet someone new you are basically marketing yourself to them – will they like you or won’t they…

  41. so much good stuff here in this posting and replies and if you feel you should get more marketing training and knowledge then I would and even for seasoned pros I would consider because of the speed of change here online and knowing my own profession has changed so much just over last 10 years so i have to believe that fast changing is the line of thought here online — and in Crypto world also–

  42. so much great information in this blog posting and going online and getting marketing help and social media skills and taking courses may very well be one very good answer and also a course or 2 on crypto exchanges and truly there is alot of new avenues to be gone down — i wonder as we look back and just wow — how far and how fast have we traveled just in the last 10 years —

  43. So much of our world today is based around marketing! With my interior design business, I am constantly marketing to my clients and potential clients. I market myself by showing them my pictures of the previous houses I have worked on, the past clients I have worked with, and by the way I present myself when I first talk to them. I have gotten better over the years, but it would have been very helpful if I would have taken a marketing class.

  44. this is such a great read and so much info to digest and with world wide pandemic or virus the more online is becoming the optimal way to have a business and not only sales but also older peeps probably could use some lessons on newer faster ways to be online and with online presence ?? thanks again Henry great stuff —

  45. oh i am so appreciative of the effort and skills of so many here in the blog area and also in Compumatrix — i go back and read and then I see similarities in different parts of my life and — it is so fascinating to put the happenings of my existence into the stories of others thru their life and businesses — it is special and honestly makes me very humble —

  46. I have been a Marketer all my working life,and online Marketer since the past 10 years.But I still feel I need to learn a lot mainly about online Marketing,as technology is advancing by the day and we need to keep pace with it,so as to understand the concepts of Online Marketing.
    By being a member of Compumatrix we can learn a lot about Marketing,Blogging and the concepts and kinds of Crypto Currencies.

  47. .I agree taking an online marketing class might be helpful. I took classes in my earlier years and loved learning. I pray everyone takes the opportunity to do something you enjoy. I have friends who could never use their marketing degrees now have a huge opportunity. If they choose to.

  48. one thing life has taught me –you never should be comfortable –or become complacent or over-confident — you should always be learning — you must Trust You but always keep studying practicing and putting into daily life the Effort — being able to market You is where the Success Starts — great read n again Thanks HJB for this n Compubiz

  49. as we grow into this possible great new year — the online presence we provide to the many others in a professional marketing manner will prove to be such a Win for each of us who continues to learn and Market Our Compu biz properly and much vigor and True Effort — such an awesome read with great points !!

  50. Covid-19 has changed the world and people have been working from home on their kitchen table to put food on the table and a roof over their head. Covid-19 has changed the world and working on the internet seem to be the only way to survive these day. On line markiting would be needed for what we did years ago is no longer ( old fashion ) like bell bottoms. ..

  51. Thanks Henry for the informative article about marketing. I think learning everything I can about our online business can only help me inordinately. I need to be in a place to not only understand the business but to teach oit to others who want to know how Compumatrix works.

  52. Thanks you Henry, For explaining online marketing in great detail,covid19 has gathered the whole world in one online place,even people who were not aware of the internet are now beginning to understand,because this is the digital age, it is important to understand online as well as digital, I think marketing classes are very important for a good understanding of the compumatrix business.

  53. I can unfortunately remember when marketing was a dirty word. I am getting on a bit.. Marketers were branded salesmen as nobody bought into the real meaning of marketing. Finding out what the customer wants and then going through the process of bringing that product or servive to the marketplace. The same confusion is still evident today. Are we matketing on line or selling on line.If we are offering a product that someone else has researched and developed we are selling. How we do it may involve a variety of online sales techniques but the market research and production have been done by others

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