Will Crypto-currency replace Fiat one day?


At the same time, many economists, bankers and financiers have held on to the idea that fiat will never be replaced by a crypto-currency.

Although Crypto-currencies have not “taken over” as king of the payments systems, there IS growing evidence that some have managed to get their “foot in the door”.


With the popularity of the Bitcoin, it seems likely that it will be first in line to attain major adoption as it clearly has a large lead from being the first on the scene. Why?

Bitcoin ATM’s and startup payment systems such as Flexa have served to encourage adoption by making it easier to obtain Bitcoin AND with Flexa launching SPEDN, an easy answer for spending Bitcoin at traditional brick and mortar stores such as Starbucks and Nordstrom. This has helped Bitcoin outpace Altcoins (any crypto that isn’t a Bitcoin) and pull into the lead of mass adaption.


Altcoins, or digital currency alternatives to Bitcoin, have seen lower levels of acceptance and adoption as Bitcoin. Litecoin (LTC) one of the earliest altcoins to come on the scene after Bitcoin, is accepted and dozens of businesses through the Litecoin Network, however, it comes to light that some of these businesses are Big corporations, exchanges or even specialized stores. This is also true of many other Altcoins as well.

It is important to note that many of the businesses that accept Bitcoins as payments do not accept other currencies and is the case with many listed on the USEBITCOINS growing list of businesses who accept Crypto-currencies. (https://usebitcoins.info/ is a good resource site with over 5110 businesses listed) there, you will find stores that accept Bitcoin but not necessarily Altcoins.

Bitcoin Magazine raises a good question in regards to a dollar or Fiat backed Coin:

The line between fiat and cryptocurrency is getting fuzzier. With the advent of Bitcoin 2.0 technology, we can now use cryptocurrency to exchange stocks, property, commodities, and even state-backed money. But if the whole point of cryptocurrency was to decentralize the financial system, what’s the point of a dollar-backed coin?

In the end, it’s very difficult to say which Crypto-currency will win the race to mass adoption. Perhaps even a payment system such as SPEDN will be the deciding factor on mass adoption as the ability to use multiple Crypto-currencies (not just Bitcoin) pushes toward mass adoption of no particular Crypto-currency.


About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. At a time when the whole world is talking about online operation of their bank accounts, digital money has gained ground. The astonishing thing is that even less educated are are having online bank accounts and operating them through their smart phones. Though many people who loosely use the word digital currency, quite a few of them are not aware of what it means. With the changing policies of different governments around the world, people are getting disillusioned with having bank accounts with fiat money. In times of economic crisis, like the one the world is facing now, courtesy: COVID-19, an alternate to fiat becomes a necessity. So, the demand from disillusioned people, who are afraid of having fit bank accounts, fearing collapse of the bank on one side and the imperative necessity of governments on an alternate to fiat, Cryptocurrency will become most sought after in the times ahead.

    1. Thank you Gail for another “something to think about” article! Sounds like this question “Will crypto-currency replace fiat?” is up in the air at this time – would be a guess if to say when this may happen. One thing though, I believe people are starting to become disillusioned with the banking system including myself! With the swift system taking so long to transfer monies and so many questions asked plus always being hassled at the banks if deposit any amount over a certain dollar value (tellers are made to be spies for the banks which shouldn’t be any of their business) All these things I feel will lead people to decentralized crypto-currency to avoid these problems so there will be some degree already of openness to look at other choices rather than fiat currency.

  2. Crypto vs Fiat

    I enjoy using the many Debit cards attached to Bitcoin. The list of acquisitions available are growing everyday. Auto Dealers, Real Estate, Shopping, Travel, etc.

    So many of the nay sayers starting with JP Morgan Chase and the rest of the Banking community who were dead set against Bitcoin are now packaging programs for their clients including Uncle Sam (and many politicians).

    Not sure if I’m happy with that as they tend to “create” situations that are in the “gray area” of what is legal/real, as they did a few years ago with all the bundled mortgage programs. I don’t think we really want their kind of slip and slide operation going within the Crypto markets. Their approach has less than a conservative approach.

    If the Bitcoin and other Cryptos settle down to gradual growth or within a few dollars of yesterdays price or tomorrow’s it has a good chance of becoming a huge alternative to cash. When the swing is hundreds of dollars within minutes, it leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth unless it’s going up. While we veterans know the price will bounce back quickly (at least we hope), it is a distraction to someone who has not been in the business very long.

    There are many regional governmental agencies allowing the paying of taxes and other fees using Bitcoins, as this is only the beginning. With more retailers jumping on the band wagon the crypto wallet becomes very helpful.

    I find myself carrying very little cash anymore and hunting for an ATM to get a few dollars unless I’m in a grocery store and the fees for the most part of minimal compared to bank rates. Will Crypto Currency replace Fiat one day? Maybe but it will be further down the road. It will sure help those who do not have a lot of cash. I believe it will be easier to “barter” using Cryptos.

    We are all looking forward to being in on the ground level with our group once the leadership team rolls out the big guns. For me that will be worth the wait.

    The trading programs are going to generate good returns over time and that means more “stuff” to buy, maybe not such a good thing, (I’m such a hoarder), but I do enjoy eating out. Either way I’m getting very used to having the Cryptos to do business and I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of followers in the very near future.

  3. This is an article By Sunniva Kolostyak – Sunniva is a FinTech Reporter at IBS Intelligence.
    This article is reproduced here for information. The following is the article:

    Crypto could replace fiat money, Deutsche Bank report predicts

    Deutsche Bank Research’s Konzept report made 24 predictions

    By 2030, a rise in crypto and digital currencies is inevitable, while the fiat money system could unravel, an analysis from Deutsche Bank Research has predicted.

    The Konzept report has made 24 predictions and ideas for the coming decade – notably the end of fiat money and cryptocurrencies becoming the 21st-century cash, but also the end of high-profit margins, how governments will respond to record debt, the risk of rising corporate taxation and how Europe can stop falling behind and fix its banks.

    Jim Reid, Global Head of Fundamental Credit Strategy and Thematic Research, Deutsche Bank Research, discussed in the report that over the next decade, the forces holding the fiat money system together could crumble, increasing the demand for alternative currencies, including gold and crypto.

    Reid said: “That this current fiat system has survived so long has required a fortuitous set of global forces across multiple decades that have created sizeable natural offsetting disinflationary forces.”

    “Will fiat currencies survive the policy dilemma that authorities will experience as they try to balance higher yields with record levels of debt? That’s the multi-trillion-dollar (or bitcoin) question for the decade ahead.”

    Marion Laboure, the economics and finance lecturer at Harvard University who authored the section on cryptocurrencies, noted that until now, cryptocurrencies have been additions, rather than substitutes, to the global inventory of money. But, when crypto overcomes regulatory hurdles, their appeal will broaden and raise the potential to eventually replace cash.

    “As we look to the decade ahead, it may not be surprising if a new and mainstream cryptocurrency were to unexpectedly emerge,” she wrote, with contribution from Anthony Chaimowitz, Market Research Lead for the EMEA and APAC regions at Deutsche Bank. “Key is what happens in the world’s two most populous countries. Until now, China and India banned the purchase and the sale of cryptocurrencies. But things are moving quickly.”

    In October, Chinese President Xi Jinping endorsed blockchain as “an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies”.

    In India, the government declared in 2016 that the notes for 1,000 and 500 rupees would no longer be valid, and a government economic panel recently pitched for the introduction of an official digital currency with the status of legal tender and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

    This autumn, it was revealed that Deutsche Bank is launching a technology division as part of a strategic shift towards a higher focus on tech.

    By Sunniva Kolostyak
    Sunniva is a FinTech Reporter at IBS Intelligence.

  4. I don’t think that cryptocurrency will completely replace fiat any time in the foreseeable future, if ever, but it can help to bridge the gaps that develop when various fiat currencies hyper-inflate or fail completely. But that is just my opinion and who really knows what the future holds for crypto?

    1. Hi Kevin, I am the nephew of Krish (Murali Krishna Akilla-krish2007). I think you are right Kevin. If cryptocurrency has to replace fiat, the first think required is that most people (minimum 80%) understand cryptocurrency. Safety of their assets are prime important to any one using a bank. As cryptocurrency is invisible, it’s acceptance as a replacement to fiat, may not be in the conceivable future.

  5. I like this article and discussion very much –it is wide open as to who could be right or wrong –I do agree that understanding of the industry is paramount to any way of the current money system being lost to cryptos or the world of cryptocurrency – I will have to look further into details —

  6. I think of of the big things at this present time, has been the introduction of all the COVID19 madness. I now go into many stores, and they don’t even want to see cash. They often have a sign, “no cash back” for debit cards. The reason is that many are fearful of the virus and don’t want to touch money that is proven to carry all kinds of viruses and bacteria. This is why you are now seeing a mass adoption of “Touch Free Payments” through apps and the like. Cash is definitely on its way our, and Covid has done a great help in pushing it out.

  7. As long as we never forget the original intent of Satoshi Nakamoto to give people power over their money and move away from centralized systems, I can see both digital currencies (centralized) and true cryptocurrencies (decentralized altcoins) being a part of our financial platforms around the world. The point is having a choice. If one prefers centralized, go for it. If one prefers decentralized, grow it. It’s up to us, either way. In the meantime…we’ll keep seeing a “blend” of the two worlds until we the people choose what serves us all the best.

  8. I don’t see that happening, at least not in my lifetime. We become more digitalised and the need for paper and coin currencies decreases more and more, but it’s still a very long way to go.
    Deutsche Bank wrote an article last year, predicting that cryptocurrency could replace fiat by 2030.
    They obviously sees the potential in cryptocurrencies, just like we do 🙂

  9. This article gives a good insight into the possibilities or likelihood of Cryptocurrency replacing FIAT.
    In my opinion, it eventually will be accomplished.
    By nature, people in many countries still feel comfortable using paper currency and metal coins. They feel that all this is REAL MONEY.
    However, cryptocurrency is gaining ground and people are beginning to understand its importance, safety convenience.
    Carrying hard cash in one’s pocket(wallet) is not as safe as it was before. Debit and credit cards are more convenient. Of course, many people are not quite familiar with these new payment systems. But, in due course it will work out and be more convenient and safe for us.

  10. Central banking does not like to play second fiddle! Crypto currencies can replace fiat but not at this time. Too many people will believe anything their banker or media outlet will tell them so there are many that will hold on. However, the Central Banking system is about to implode and crypto offers them another choice. The choice I see them taking is to run a parallel system of “digital” currency. This will suffice for a while BUT being “CENTRALIZED”, their greed will ultimately cause this to implode as well.

  11. There once was a company called Chargex. (there still is). They came into existence in the early 60’s and struggled for a while to gain any customers. By the late 60’s and early 70’s their business model was starting to attract more and more attention. Gaining more and more customers as they made it easier to buy things.

    I see Crypto as bing in the same position Chargex was in 1971. Gaining some traction, but only really just scratching the surface.. All Crypto, really, as we don’t know which one is going to become king in every day purchases yet. BTC has challenges with speed at times, Ripple – well I won’t get into Ripple – other than it was designed by the banks for the banks.. Litecoin or any other one. There are so many. The nice thing is that it’s now possible to do any kind of business on the planet using crypto, Whichever one we choose.

    As mentioned Crypto being in the same place Chargex was in about 1971. Scratching the surface, but not making a huge dent. Reason I make this comparison is beacuse Mass adoption has not really started yet. Nome of us old timers may remember the name Chargex. Young ones will not. Yes, they still exist today, but they do business under a different name… Any one ever heard of VISA?

    And that is where Crypto is, today. :-).

  12. I would say that later better then sooner that BTC will replace the Dollar. Will it happen is really a hard question to answer. But if it does I think it is still years off. I understand a lot more companies are accepting BTC now and more will join the list or be left out.

  13. When we view the inevitability of at the very least , widespread Bitcoin adoption, it’s easy to see the cryptocurrency world is definitely still in it’s infancy. It’s any Bitcoin-savvy investor’s guess just how decentralized it would remain from the fiat system. Certainly we are still in the phase where fiat is “needed” in order for wider usage.. but I feel that it will eventually become the basis for future monetary systems / perhaps it will replace fiat and become the so- called “ petro dollar” that has sustained the global monetary stability for so long.

  14. Just as the United States of America uses US dollars for their economy and Japan uses Japanese Yen or Mexico with Pesos mexicanos . Criptocoins such as bitcoin or litecoin are to be used by each own community or eco-system . Bitcoin for Bitcoin community and Litecoin for Litecoin community.
    Can we have several , yes., but no one outside the bitcoin eco-systen will accept btc
    We at #Compumatrix holds and trades with #CBTC (Compumatrix bitcoin)

  15. I think it will in the future but it will be centralized in my opinion, I know they are working on a fedcoin that will be all digital and pretty sure that will be centralized. I heard the treasury say herself in a press release that the 6 trillion dollar deficient would be paid back with digital currency that is being created, I was shocked when I heard her say this with the President right beside her.

  16. Very thought provoking article, thanks for posting. I believe we will see a trend of fiat being slowly replaced by crypto. The recent pandemic has made many businesses operate in a cash-less world. We may not ever go back to using cash at the same rates as before.
    Retailers will suffer slightly with all of the credit card fees in the immediate future. This is where crypto’s could really have a boost so retailers can save money on each swipe.

    The only draw back I see is that I want to hold on to my crypto and watch it soar the next few years. So yes it’s great that Starbucks and other retailers will allow us to use crypto to help increase adoption, I’m just going to sit and wait a little bit.

  17. I find this a very interesting and thought provoking topic, well worth the interest and opinions it has generated. Whether cryptocurrency will eventually replace fiat money is something that could well happen in the future, but I feel not as it might be currently envisioned.

    The creation and introduction of cryptocurrency, the first being BTC, has put many centrally controlled money systems on notice, that an alternative system could challenge their control and dominance over monetary systems. That is the entire international currency system is moving towards becoming a purely digitised one (for a variety of reasons) and that if the current centralised controllers and producers of those system don’t follow suit, then they could possibly be left behind.

    So I feel the better question might be, is whether cryptocurrency will be able to compete and function against the coming digital money systems that are being proposed and developed by many of the current centralised fiat systems now. This alone is going to change the way many countries, companies and individuals operate and could even mean that instead of everything going through the banks, as it does now, which happened not because of something they did, but because technology advanced and changed the way money was distributed and handled.

    Gone are the days we received our pay in the form of cash, it just about does not happen anymore. Instead of us receiving our pay in cash and then depositing what we wanted into the bank for savings and loan repayments, now everything goes in there and we have to either transfer these funds or withdraw the cash we require. In a very short relative time, the system changed that gave the banks all the power. Purely unintentional I feel, but things advance and change.

    Now things are advancing again, this time to include a decentralised system that could well challenge the entire current world financial system and it has many of the people in power concerned. How this will all eventuate is anyone’s guess, but I feel there is still a long way to go.

    As I have said previously, until cryptocurrency can become more accepted and less volatile, then it is going to be something that will work on the fringes. My hope is that the system Compumatrix is developing can play a big part in helping both those things become a reality and that we will be able to offer a platform that is well accepted and sought after, that helps bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream and compete in a more robust way with the current fiat and developing digital systems.

  18. Yes this is a great read through and through –the article to start and the replies are just awesome and I agree it does get the mind a thinking and makes me wonder if or when say the actual Cash factor may go other things and just not be used any longer? I wonder ?

  19. Will Digital Currency replace Fiat? I am really not sure; however I do believe that it is a stepping stone to what will become a world that functions without fiat. With the development of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Crypto, we are progressing step by step into this direction. In a cashless society, crypto can function easily. Presently Crypto is not a single currency, but multiple. Biblically, we are headed to a one world currency. What will that be: Etherum, Bitcoin, Compuceeds, or another stable currency that is yet to be developed? Who knows! I guess we just have to wait and see.

  20. Ha, after going through the comments ( all interesting) I had to go back and remind myself what the subject matter was.
    Thanks Gail for starting this interesting discussion. It is a fun time to be on the cutting edge of something that is going to change the future of money and not enough people are getting their toe in the water on this yet.
    This is a great time in trading circles as the volatility makes for some exciting rewards.
    Bitcoin and alt coins here to stay and at what rate remains to be seen. I think and hope bitcoin will be a terrific store of value and far superior with peer to peer and country to country but don’t forget with new technologies coming on board that silver is also very under valued and with these new technologies using silver will push the price of that market higher so making money with bitcoin now through holding or trading and then diversifying into silver and other commodities and assets makes for bitcoin being a very valued currency.

    1. I had to chuckle at your opening comment, because I’ve been there! So many have valid and valuable observations, and rightly so… it’s a relatively new system after all. And we could be seen as “pioneers” here! I like your reminder about silver being undervalued- some things will always hold value, and precious metals like silver and gold will always play a part in the monetary system, I think.

  21. This article is a very informative piece of information. It shoes how there are many options in the cryptocurrency platform and I can not wait until the US dollar is fazed out. It is now not backed by anything and is just a note.

  22. Well, I really believe it will. For years we have been using ‘virtual money’, isn’t it? We use credit cards, debit cards, make transactions through our computers and cell phones… So I’ve been thinking for a long time now that it only takes time for crypto to replace fiat…
    Right now people still have to learn about what this means, what cryptocurrency is and how it can and will work for them. Once this becomes general knowledge…
    How much time? Impossible to know right now, but one thing is sure, it will not depend on Governments, it will depend on PEOPLE.

  23. Well it happen most of us believe should but it has along why to go. Learning how the cryptocurrency works a person must look at like it a hobby while its going through all its changes and other currencies I hope that it make leaps over bounders. We have a lot
    to look forward to in the cryptocurrency world.

  24. I believe personally, that the way things are going there will be no FIAT currency left for the crypto currencies to take over from. The FIAT currencies are failing miserably and I think they will be replaced by their own government with a crypto replica of the FIAT currency, eg a Crypto Dollar, or a Crypto Euro etc. I think there will be mass adoption built in to these new fiat cryptos as the whole country will be instructed to pay salaries, wages, debtors, creditors etc in the fiat crypto currency. I am hoping Bitcoin will not get lost in the race.

  25. Crypto-currency replacing fiat is a hard call. On the one hand, a government taking paper and putting an important looking person on it and reproducing it billions of times always seems to catch up to any country doing this, in the long run. However, they make the rules and can make the competition, such as crypto-currencies difficult to use through taxation madness and regulation. But as the article points out, every time innovations, such as SPEDN are introduced, it just becomes that much easier to use an alternative that can’t be reproduced in unlimited quantities.

  26. this subject is definitely very much so interesting and the replies are as intriguing as the original post by Gail and I have to agree with most of what I have read so far there are so many valid and eye catching responses and thoughts to each part — it will be interesting to watch as time plays out the exact way it goes —

  27. Thank you, Gail, for the article “Will Crypto-currency Replace Fiat One Day?” It was excellent and our posting community made many excellent points as well. In my opinion, it’s not a question of ‘if’ but rather its a question of ‘when’. Perhaps the better question is not ‘if’ or ‘when’ but which one?
    It’s obvious that many currencies will be phased out, included would be the dollar. Even now I rarely carry any and if I do I meet vendors that will not accept cash. You read correctly. I have tried to buy a commodity and pay cash and the person behind the counter says, “I’m sorry we don’t take cash”.
    I think Patrick made an excellent point about silver. Another excellent point came from Donald, “biblically, we are headed to a one-world currency”. As for me, I am so ready……..

  28. Patrick and Barbara, I am happy to see you both posting comments here on the Compumatrix Blog regularly now! With that being said, I will also say that I hope the US Dollar doesn’t fail and get phased out any time in the foreseeable future because I don’t think any cryptocurrency will be ready to handle that load effectively.

    The Top 10 cryptocurrencies combined currently only total approximately 226 Billion USD, which is not that much compared to the many Trillions of USD that currently exists. Perhaps someday in the distant future that will all change, but considering that it has taken 10 years to get to this point I can only wonder how long it will take for the Top 10 to total up to 1 Trillion USD worth.

    But in the meantime, we will all still be in a very advantageous position to benefit from using cryptocurrencies, as they “grow up” and achieve mass adoption.

    I agree with you too Patrick, about diversifying into Silver etc. Barbara, that is interesting that you have run into some vendors who don’t accept cash. I’ve experienced that same shock when a major bank would not allow me to deposit cash into another account holder’s account. I was forced to get a money order and then allowed to deposit that instead.

  29. I do believe crypto currency is the future of money and payments but the old monetary system refuses to go down without a fight, eventually FIAT will be no more but this battle will last for awhile so in the meantime lets equip ourselves with the proper knowledge about crypto currencies and how it can benefit both us and our families.

  30. This is a thought provoking topic and the comments have given me a broader understanding between the two different payment systems. As Vee pointed out, the possibillity of bitcoin getting lost in the race when banks decide to create their own cryptocurrency, could indeed be a matter of concern for the altcoins who at this stage are trying to build upon big brother bitcoin. I also appreciate the information given by Kevin that the takeover should well take some more time to be able to handle the load required in the financial world.

  31. just continues to be a great learning post and topic through this whole thread and reading the replies to a great post just awesome and so true when you dig a little deeper on different topics and you also join some of the articles from here and combine the replies some really great information and good for future growth —

  32. I don’t expect that fita cuttency will be replaced with digital money any time soon. In my view the world is not ready for that. A different question is will we still be using real money in the near future or only debit en creditcards. I think here the changes will be enormous.

  33. Thank you for this informative blog. It is a subject that more people are publishing about. I don’t think that fiat currency will be replaced with digital money. At least not in the near future. I think the world has to change more in order to be ready for this.

  34. This article poses a good question. I think crypto-currency could replace fiat one day, but it is still debatable. Seeing India and China have already banned crypto-currency in their countries, crypto-currency replacing fiat in the near future would be great, but difficult. And there are still many kinks that need ironing, such as, taxes, inflation/deflation concerns, and the concept of crypto-currency being understood by the entire population like they have an understanding of the one dollar paper bill. Though, the reason I see crypto-currency possibly being the future is because the government will no longer decide what something is worth, instead the all crypto-currency users (essentially the world population as a whole) will decide what something is worth.

  35. It is hard to say whether or not crypto-currency will replace fiat one day. There is so much uncertainty about how the crypto-currency world even works as far as how people and businesses are taxed, how to document records of every major business transaction, etc. I think a completely fiat free world is possible, but I am just not certain yet.

  36. Gail thanks for a very thought provoking and detailed account of possible replacement of Fiat currency with Cryptocurrency. I have read all comments with great interest and I feel in my own heart that it’s a matter of time that Crypto currencies replace Fiat. But can not put a time line on it .I read that in African subcontinent the folks are eagerly accepting the concept specially those who have no access to bank accounts. Time will tell.

  37. as life plays out in different sectors of the world — questions and answers will always be available — however as I look closer at probabilities — do have think at least for time being that fiat will be a part and crypto will become a more certain part — and probably by my time being done it will be interesting to see what i will be using on a daily basis –???? great read —

  38. Will Crypto replace Flat? No time soon is my belief. However I Do believe that it “WILL” replace Fiat one day.
    The World is changing every day, Evolving. So is its Monetary System. I still remember when “Plastic Money”
    was the “New Money” ,at that time I was a child. The 1st Credit Card (Diners Club) was introduce 16 Years prior to my birth in 1950. Years later there I was in the early 70’s watching the Flintstone cartoon,where Wilma and Betty are using their 1st Charge card, the theme was “Charge it”!!!. Almost 20yrs after its creation Credit Cards still took a backseat to Fiat/Cash.

  39. `This is a great question !! Will Crypto replace Fiat ?? probably will take a while, but now more and more people hear about and get involved with crypto . This is very similar the way Credit-Cards were introduced. At first not many people were using it but slowly got adopted by more and more…. Now with CV-19 there are places that don’t even accept cash only cards for contact-less payments. I believe by the way things change, that crypto is the future.

  40. Since we know the fiat is controlled, it will take time but also I’m holding this believe that it can coexist with cryptos if the legal entities don’t see it as a threat, cryptos are filling a big gap and the almost instant transaction has taken place from continents to continents which using other methods is almost futile and frustrating, many are unbanked but time will tell.

  41. I think it is a possibility that crypto will replace fiat eventually it is a slow process but I think it is happening now in some ways, in fact, PayPal just today introduced buying and selling bitcoin on their site and using bitcoin so it is crypto is getting adopted more and more.

    1. Timothy , I agree with you .Yes crypto will take a bit to catch on and become main stream .
      PayPal is another Crypto feather in the scheme of things. It is coming quicker than we think but until .. maybe the next generation . Kids catch on quick and they will be using crypto like we use Fiat today.

  42. I don’t think fiat will ever go away completely. The reason, not enough people understand it. For instance, my 98-year-old Grandma would not have gotten this at all. It’s just a little more challenging. As we move forward and evolve, you never know in the future. We never thought we’d have cars driving themselves, but we are even past that happening.

  43. Will Crypto-currency replace Fiat one day? I think it will Gail , quicker than we think. The only thing is the older generation are still holding on to fiat .You can’t blame them .. Getting into the Crypto market is not easy to understand .Takes a lot of studying . Good thing the new generation are quick to adjust. once that happens , and cryptos are excepted in all stores and businesses ..Then it will replace Fiat.

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