Win-Win Mentality

The world rotating around constantly was set up on a reason that human accomplishment which flourished around and the basic thing present in all individuals is the “Win-win guideline”. Most societies have a ‘win-win’ source.

Win-win is only a piece of the 6 all-out human communication ways of thinking. Other pieces of these methods of reasoning incorporate win/lose, win, lose/lose, no arrangement or win/win, and lose/win. The most reasonable model depends on the circumstance. On the off chance that connections have been fundamental, this way of thinking is only a feasible other option.

5 Dimensions of a Win-Win Model

In serious circumstances in which building up a relationship has not been urgent, win-lose reasoning can be appropriate. There are 5 win-win model measurements which are recorded underneath:


This is the success win establishment. There ought to be uprightness to assemble trust in a relationship and characterize winning about individual qualities. The key quality ought to be a bounty attitude where it is available in everyone (shortage mindset). Wealth mindset originates from the profound individual security and worth inward sense.


This is the emphasis on win-win. Notwithstanding the kind of individual you have been managing, the relationship fills in as the key to turning a circumstance around. When the enthusiastic and trust ledger adjusts of a relationship are high, there will be an incredible likelihood of having gainful and fruitful cooperation.

Execution Agreements

These are additionally called association understandings which give guidance and definition to win-win. They are moving the creation worldview from vertical (better than subordinate) going to even (group/organization). Creating execution understandings has been the focal administration action. It permits individuals to oversee themselves inside the understanding system.

Prize System

It is the key win-win model component. At the point when a remarkable execution of certain individuals has been compensated, different individuals from the group become washouts. Rather, have a go at creating group targets and individual achievable objectives to remunerate.


The procedure of win-win has 4 principle steps:

• Figure out the issue of another perspective; center around the worries and needs of different gatherings.

• Determine the primary concerns and issues included.

• Identify the potential outcomes in the wake of making an entirely worthy arrangement.

• Distinguish new decisions to get the outcomes wanted.

You can acquire win-win arrangements through win-win systems. Continuously recollect that success win attitude has not been the character method. This is the all-out human cooperation worldview. It originated from the characters of development, Abundance attitude, and respectability. This becomes out of incredible trust connections. Win-win has been exemplified in the understandings where it adequately oversees and explains desires and achievements.

Win-win is looking for shared advantages present in the human associations. It implies arrangements or understandings have been commonly valuable. This likewise fills in as a conviction that isn’t “my direction” or “your way”; rather, it is a “better way”, “higher way”.


Sympathy is a craft of seeing the world simply like how another person sees it. On the off chance that you are compassionate, it just implies that you are equipped for understanding the sentiment of an individual in a specific second and simultaneously, comprehend why such individuals’ activities sound good to the person in question.

Sympathy permits individuals to impart their thoughts in a manner that is reasonable to others. This has been a piece of the structure square establishment of a more prominent social association just as incredible and clear stuff. The uplifting news about it is that it has been the part of preparing and a section ability. Contingent upon your underlying capacity level, being acceptable at compassion may require less or more work than another person. In any case, paying little heed to where you start, you can generally teach yourself on the most proficient method to be increasingly compassionate.

Straightforward Ways to Learn Empathy

1.      Experience Pain – This isn’t tied in with carrying on with an upset life. Be that as it may, when this circumstance occurs, don’t overlook it and rather, feel what’s going on. Concentrate on useful individuals and individuals who are not. Attempt to make sense of what is something compassionate for you.

2.      Reflect and Collect – Listening alongside sympathy as you need to get data first about someone else. The ability they feel, what is it about, and why they experience that sort of feeling. After doing as such, reflect and make an unassuming theory on ‘where they have been’.

3.      Suspend Judgment – recollect that compassion has not been a supposition. Suppositions might be required uniquely at a certain point. Start with association and comprehension.

4.      Working on Relevant EQ Skills – models incorporates comprehension non-verbals, tuning in, thinking, or addressing for the viewpoints of someone else.

5.      Practice – approach certain circumstances alongside the conscious center with regards to listening profoundly, understanding, reflecting, and interfacing.

The method of communicating compassion has been workable and the signs of searching for in others are additionally workable. The best approach to feel others’ needs is additionally workable. A definitive thing that can’t be instructed in the “want” of doing it

About the author

Murali Krishna Akilla is a founder member of Compumatrix. He is a writer and blogger. At the age of 72 years, he keeps writing.


  1. Thank you Krish for exposing a profound explanation of the meaning of the terminology of a win-win situation.
    For me with a more simple mentality is what the word win means contrary to lose.
    To reach the goal set before me. In Compumatrix my goal is to become financially independent and the sharing with others who seek the same path.
    Applying Compumatrix Engage, Enrich and Enhance lives will give light to a win-win mode of life

    1. Hi Jorge, Thanks for the comment. Contrary to the popular belief that winning is not losing, is not a total statement or belief. “I have won over that person, we won a war, I have not lost, I have won” are one side of the coin. As the old saying goes, “The real happiness lies in making others happy”, a win-win situation is, where not only you but your opponents also win. Generally, we celebrate our victory. For once, celebrate the victory of your opponent, by which you will win your opponent’s heart, his/her goodwill. The world we live in is a small place when compared to the universe. In that our country, our city, our street and we, all are very small. No one should think he/she is great because the only great person is God, the almighty, who is omnipotent and omnipresent. The Compumatrix philosophy, “Engage, Enrich and Enhance”, is a wider application. Engage the community in general and individuals in particular, Enrich your thoughts, thinking process so that you will not only enriching yourself but people around you. Enhance your wisdom, your reach, your love, your business acumen, your relationships, your attitude, etc. In conclusion, I want to say, “We are in a Win-Win situation”.

  2. I like empathy learning skills. I might say them a bit differently, but I think I understand what you are saying:
    1. Feel the pain – Feeling the hurt, embarrassment, sadness and disappointment others are feeling helps us to understand what they are experiencing.
    2. Reflect and collect – seeing their situation with their eyes gives us insight into why they think the way they do about certain things.
    3. Suspend Judgement – Withholding our judgement of others until we understand their motives could save a lot of heartaches.
    4. Work on relevant EQ (emotional intelligence) – Being able to step back from a situation and use reasoning instead of emotionally reacting is a huge plus and shows leadership skills.
    5. Practice – Practice they say makes perfect. Learning to balance our emotions with the needs of others will help us find harmony.

  3. I like this a ton — in my thought process the only way to succeed is to make it a Win-Win for those involved — I do believe the empathizing or sympathizing are not identical in their meaning here in America — sympathizing means to me feeling sorry for someone or their plight — but empathizing means understanding their situation or having gone through same stuff in your own past — I think some of this is just where and how you were raised and taught — good stuff

  4. This is like a mentality reset. Years ago, I read a study that was labeled the levels of communication. This fits into that mentality level concept. The win-win concept is a thought process of attaining that particular level of accomplishment. I think a lot of these studies stemmed from the studies that Napoleon Hill put together.

  5. These definitions are right on for a win win situation and that is why I am still here I have always known that Compumatrix is a win win with so many avenues involved. I especially like the way you listed them in order with explanations to each in details to a better understanding .

  6. My daughter has been the best teacher of a win-win. When I give to her it comes back tenfold in love. I feel I am the daughter of Compumatrix. I love helping other members and I appreciate my new friendships, especially when my Compumatrix mentor/ friend helps me. I have learned more than financial freedom at Compumatrix. Not to mention the perseverance and patience of the BOD. Thank you for the win-win!

  7. I just read Jeff’s latest blog posting and it goes so much hand in hand with this great posting by Krish — I just am so very appreciative of the effort by the many here to make this not just a win – win for themselves but also for the masses and the time and energy spent by these here is just an awesome way of win – win and also giving back — thank you but also keep learning and pushing Us all forward

  8. Excellent post Krish. I love what you said about “the characters of development, Abundance attitude, and respectability.: To me, it doesn’t matter how successful a person is if they don’t have the character that goes along with it. They actually need the character to be able to handle it all. I have seen many a successful “win-win” person who I wouldn’t want to even spend 5 minutes with. Then there are those who are very successful and their character beams with generosity and purpose. Let them be my friends.

  9. Krish’s post is rather interesting.
    A win-win situation for someone reflects optimism and excelling in empathy.
    Putting oneself in the other person’s shoes and beginning to understand him or her much better.
    Winning in todays world has a lot to do with communication with others .
    Seems difficult to do but it boils down to putting one’s mind to it.
    In other words, we need not to judge others, but to comprehend and understand them.

  10. I agree so much with the thought that winning is not everything and who the person is in their Heart and how they go about life in everyday fashion is to me the most important part of any business success story — and I also know too many financially affluent people that i do not have an actual relationship with but I also know many who are legit successful who I have that personal relationship because of their Heart —

  11. Murial, this is an inspiring article. I have witnessed these principles in our leaders with Compumatrix, and also with many in the chat room. It is hard not to have a win-win attitude with this company. Every step we take brings growth and educates, and as we apply the knowledge, we are creating our businesses and bringing them to fruition. With cryptocurrencies and their platforms, there will always be the need to learn and implement new technology to carry our company on into the future. Compumatrix is the most significant natural win-win situation I have seen.

  12. I love the Win-Win mentality! Each party feels like they are winning and walking away with more than they had before. I think this is important in running a successful business because if a party is not satisfied with the outcome, that party will likely not recommend that company to others or buy/work from that company again. I will definitely be implementing/incorporating these strategies into my life.

  13. If everyone is winning, everyone is happy. If everyone is happy, more business deals will happen. If more business deals happen, your business will grow more, generate more income for you, and you will ultimately be happier. I believe there are enough niche markets for everyone to be profitable and win if they put in the work and are ethical.

  14. Humans have amazing cognitive ability. When a request is made to reflect on different subjects it is within our construct to evolve, take ownership and perhaps even accountability for our actions and or intentions. This article brings forth an idea to intend an outcome thinking outside of oneself and into possibilities with relationships that will bring about different potentials if given the opportunity.

  15. When you pursuit opportunities (in your business or your personal life) it is always good to look if you can turn these in a win-win situation. This blog gives you good ideas about how to do that. And when there comes a siruation in which you lose, learn from it and make the next opportunity a win-win.

  16. I think over the years I have learned that a lot of people do things for themselves. I wouldn’t say they are selfish, but they are in it to win it. In the long run though, I think they realize that they cannot win it without the support of other people. If we were all kinder to each other and made sure everyone was benefiting when in business, perhaps our businesses would last longer. I don’t know: make sure to have great customer service, impeccable quality, etc. Just food for thought.

  17. looking past the immediate thought process of just win-win — this blog and the replies are so close to just putting forth the truth — but also look past just the business side of each thought — and in all truth if we as just people would be gentler and kinder with each other — it would make each moment and day so much better — so enjoy and also learn so much from reading blogs and replies — so many thanks truly — love the honest look and the Honor —

  18. just crossed an important part of my thought process and felt reading this blog is so much an important piece — do believe in all we do — that if each of us does Correct then at end of day or transaction — If both parties Win — and both know that the effort put forth is worth the time — then we should all be Smiling and literally Breathing legit — love this blog area and so much Honesty n Truth — thank you

  19. this posting is so important into where we as legit biz people head towards and hopefully putting this in perspective and still so much in business success is based off of both parties or all parties involved Win — know that some times some are deceptive and only work at taking advantage — but honestly History proves that if all win in business transactions then that business is true n honorable — a Winner from start to finish — jmho

  20. Win -Win is a great article. Connections are something I deal with on a regular basis in my daily job. Connections have helped me be successful helping my customers thus making myself prosper. Being able to utilize my network of people around the city for my job I can troubleshoot problems, help others connect, speed up deals and generally work more productively using my connections.

  21. Great topic,Mrali, Finding a win-win can help a person find new opportunities in their business and life,If humility is shown with victory, then the joy of victory is double,this creates a reciprocal relationship between the two sides,the feeling remains that there is no winner and no loser,finding a win-win can help a person find new opportunities in their business and life.

  22. as I look past just the thought process of win -win — in biz or life actually — if I do honor and truth then in my biz if I am destined for success then I believe now that I will succeed — and by being honorable in my biz practice then those I will be in biz with also will Succeed — in Truth always !! still such a great read — thanks Krish —

  23. I think if the idea is to win-win, it is best to try to do it with some emphasis on character. To win-win without character would seem to result in a lot of chaos. If winning has to be done without character, it would seem to lessen the pride and joy of having won.

  24. this is so excellent a read — when i go back and read and study the information here is true and as a business owner here and also in the past offline — the principles here detailed are more than an outline in Biz Success — utilize these thoughts in Life also — and am thankful to have this blog area so can have these great thoughts to continue to learn from — K is missed —

  25. I think a good win-win strategy is to make sure that a winning input results in a winning output. The idea is to reduce the possibility of loss in such a way that losing is basically not a possibility, but this may make it harder to be proactive.

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