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Wisdom About 5G

Alright, friends, I received many comments from my blog about 6G. There were many concerns from the use of 5G, never mind more for 6G. Therefore, I researched further. I was amazed, not in a pleasant way, what I found. My intention in writing about the 6G was not to upset anyone, but I definitely can understand why you would be.

Seeing future technology coming about is exciting for me. To know where our company Compumatrix, our country, and the world are progressing opens me to learn more and more. I give thanks to God that I am alive to see these things transpire.

Moreover, because of the cons of the technologies, I pray, some companies are researching more abject remedies. We need methods to dispel RFs and shield the populations. In my quest, I read President Trump would not allow the same 5G as China. China’s 5G has a much higher energy millimeter radiofrequency. The company Huawei Technologies is considered a security risk to us and the world. Huawei Technologies is China’s largest wireless 5G and 6G tech company. Our president asked for Huawei to be banned. They are still progressing rapidly.

Companies in the US are getting 5G technology to the Populus using a lower-emitting frequency. This lower frequency is considered less harmful to us. Are all Businesses compliant? Who knows, money speaks loudly. I want to think they would have compassion for their fellow citizens and themselves. The phone companies and those most impacted by the 5G technology have different transporting methods to disperse the energy where and how they need it.

Ionization of the typical electric impulses causes them to become more harmful. Ionization is removing an atom or electron from its element. Removing a component causes remaining atoms and electrons to become more compact. Thus, with them more compact, it creates a greater force of motion. Ionizationation, from my understanding, forces energy to speed up.

WOW! There is so much to comprehend. Do I want to learn it all? No, too far above my pay grade. I am inquisitive, but I learned more than enough about this subject at this time.

I discovered several types of energy dispersing through items used in our homes; via phones, laptops, computers, microwaves, electrical appliances, heaters, electric blankets, and much more. Outside we have smart meters, power poles with electric wires and boxes, wiring from cable and phone companies, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G rays are emitted through the atmosphere. Many sources of energy bombard us constantly. The items mentioned give forth either Electromatic waves (radiation), Radio waves, gamma rays,x-rays, microwaves, and ultraviolet light; these are the most common types I know.

Of course, we humans are a source of energy. We are a body of cells, intricate working impulses, and messaging systems that I referred to in another blog as algorithms. I would consider us nearer to scalar energy. Scalar energy has existed before the beginning of the world. Isn’t this phenomenal? We have individual cells for specific functions within this phenomenally created body. Some scientist confirms our cells are mini batteries with 70-90 millivolts when we are in stasis. Therefore, negative energy fields could potentially disrupt our cell formations. The disruption of our cell energy is considered a dis-ease in the body, hence disease, be it heart, lungs, eyes, etc.

I wanted to keep a hopeful and optimistic outlook because technology is here, continues to expand, and is exciting. As I stated in my 6G blog, we will have to find methods to protect ourselves as much as possible. Several companies and businesses have devices to help dispel the harmful rays from us within 6-9 feet circumference. They range from expensive to very inexpensive. One I read about I want to research more. They have a disc to put on your phone, pc, tablet, etc., that not only dispels the rays but will help to realign your body and boost the immune system by getting the cells in sync again. I misplaced the info on the company. When I find it, I will let those that have an interest know. It was compelling because it not only dispelled the negative but aided the body to redeem its natural state. As I said, technology is astounding when it is for good.

Even with the negative energies, living in this time is a blessing. I am doing all I can mentally, physically, emotionally, and nutritionally to be in tip-top shape to enjoy the fruit of our labors. I hope to be with Compumatrix Networks International, LLC. for a long time.

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About the author

Carmen is a wife of 59 yrs., mother of five children, grandmother of 10 grandchildren and great grandmother to 6 great-grandchildren. She embraced the world of technology and became a member and a committed advocate of Compumatrix International.


  1. Thanks for sharing Carmen. I have heard so many different stories about 5G and just how unsafe it could be, at this point it’s hard to know what to believe. I do believe they will need the speed of 5G to use all the technology for all of the AI that’s finding its way into our lives. Electromatic waves (radiation), Radio waves, gamma rays,x-rays, microwaves, and ultraviolet light; are all around us everywhere look anyway. So I guess we will just learn to live with it. I am all so trying to stay in tip-top shape & health to help survive What is happening to our world. I wish you long life my friend.

    1. 5 g is here to stay with 6 g already on the shelf. Time will tell what the effects are to living things just as it did for electricity with the fear, misconceptions, and bad information published by newspapers with its invention. As progress progresses though time we will look back to see how these new tools to make life easier was or is worth the risk we fear.

  2. Thank you Carmen for very informative article, 5G is very fastest technology,It is very easy communicate between different mobile devices,it is much faster can connect to many devices at a  time, for example ,remote surgery could become a reality and driverless cars could communicate with other to avoid collision in milliseconds,there is a huge risk of cell damage and it can cause cancer,so many European countries have banned this technology,the world of technology is developing rapidly and different technologies are being used in every age,nothing is more valuable than health,may God keep us all healthy in this rapidly evolving world of technology.

  3. awesome read Carmen — have also heard both sides to 5G and tend to believe that it is not as groundbreakingly Safe as the sales orgs want us to believe– so we buy their products — and as most all new tech needs honestly –research facts and time will tell ultimate truth — for now still using 3G phone –lol

  4. Thank you for doing more research Carmen – sadly the factors of greed and power come into play with new technologies, and care about how this would affect people goes out the window in the equation. There are always alternatives that are safer, notably those developed by Tesla. Humans being a source of energy could develop in who knows what ways that would align in a more favorable way with the universe. We don’t always need to go with the unsafe methods just because of what features they can offer – two sides to the coin!

  5. All of creation is nothing more than energy vibrating at specific levels. With the introduction of wireless there are all forms of vibrations we are being subject to, whether we use the tech or not. If we DO use it, it is more concentrated on the individual using it. This can upset our harmonics and can do harm, which manifests itself in many different ways. We DO need a way to protect ourselves from it so we can be less affected by them. Very interested in hearing more about the item you described.

  6. I choose to believe that 5G is harmful. The alternative is just too scary to contemplate. I can do without it. 4G is fine. At my age, I do not need more speed on my PC, cellphone or laptop/tablet. I have read more articles warning me against 5G than those that insist it’s harmless. So I am going with the majority. That usually works.

  7. The debate about 5G and 6G is something everyone should be looking at. There are pros and cons about almost everything, and individuals should be weighing one against the other to decide where their best interests lie.
    Is it really worth the progress of faster and more integrated technology at the risk of our health? Each of us individually, and collectively as a society will have to decide where we stand.

  8. That’s a well-researched article, Carmen, and I thank you for taking the time to learn more about this subject of rapidly-advancing technology. I think most of us agree that it is indeed an exciting thought that we might experience holographic technology in our own lives (and we already know that higher tech is always used in different industries WAY BEFORE the public even learns about it – mostly related to governments and military complexes). The fact that such a technology as 5G (as in the Huawei version) is first developed as a bioweapon should be clear indication it is NOT suitable for the human physiology without RADICAL modification for safety. I’m glad to hear some sense is beginning to prevail, and perhaps we may see some balance restored as well.

  9. Thanks Carmen,
    5G is a very concerning topic.

    The bad… Some of the potential medical complications that can arise from 5G include cancers, neurological problems, fertility issues, oxidative damage, breakage of single and double DNA strands, reduction in brain melatonin, disruption of cell metabolism, headaches, and suppressed immunity.This is due to the radiation increases. Human health concerns will be amplified by the 5G cellular

    The Good.. 5G will have numerous benefits, including lower energy bills, faster internet, smarter refuse collection, support for the introduction of telehealth and wearable technology into healthcare, and of course smarter, and of course smarter infrastructure.

    In my opinion our health is more important than the benefits and that is why I have myself, my family & friends on a technlogy that protects us from 5G and all other Imponderables!!!

  10. Wow, great post Carmen ! Indeed we are surrounded by several frequencies of energy from the multitude of electrical devices around us. And as technology becomes faster then more energy will be dispersed and higher frequencies will be put into motion. As you said, scientists and researchers will need to deal with this frequency problem and find a way for future innovations, including 6G, to be more secure. Anyway, the way technology is developing is really exciting and I’m sure it will be quite beneficial for our Compumatrix business.

  11. I believe that technology can be used both ways. If used for money and power it can destroy. If used for the benefit of humans and mother earth, it can produce miracles. The balance (alignment) of MIND, BODY and SPIRIT is also essential for good health. When we understand that we are all electrical beings vibrating at different levels, and come from the same source, then we would start to think differentially. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Carmen, a very good article and point of interest! Our world has gone crazy in the fact everyone thinks the newest is always the best and they never question a thing. But the fact remains, we are filling our airspace up with tons of electromagnetic spectrum waves of all sorts, and then adding tons of other waves from microwaves to the audio spectrum. This covers a lot of territory and it is all about the next Big Deal the next Billion dollar device, and they never care about human health…. We have agencies all over the place for new drugs, and health related devices, but no agencies that actually test whether a device harms people long term of not, fort hat would cause their, so called progress, to take too long for production, and someone might beat them to the mark. Sad really! Thanks again!

  13. Yes Carmen. I think we should just follow the money. Even in the food industry, many manufacturers and food people put many things on the market knowing that they themselves will make a buck, but also knowing those things are harmful to us. I guess we can only do so much to protect ourselves and leave the rest up to God.

  14. Thank you and what a great article. I was watching a few news stories and do you think that the Covid-19 virus and 5G are connected? I am not into conspiracies but just a thought. Again thank you for the insightful article.

  15. Really super article, Carmen. I have never read in such detail how 5G and 6G can affect the cells in our bodies. So many times I have been told that this technology is or could be harmful, but the discussion ends right there with no explanation. You just gave us a lot of information that makes it imperative that I read it again in order to actually retain only some of what you have written. It is amazing the dangers that people will ignore when there is money to be made. And now, every time I walk outside I will likely envision a sea of harmful air and wondering if I might be harmed as I carry out my tasks for the day.

  16. Merry Christmas to those —- but here I am reading on 5G because seems after wrote about still using 3G phone it shot craps — do know this I am not tech guy nor do i keep that 5G close like i did with that old phone — my puter still is old also — it is intriguing to stand back and research and learn from a distant ??? hope so —

  17. I remember reading about a company that injected you with a chip. They could monitor your body with your cell phone, which would send messages back and forth giving you info, so if you are planning a trip going on a walk, you check your phone for hot zones meaning if its a hot zone, it could be an area with bad air quality. You have asthma, so you know to stop before you get into a mess. It was fascinating. I would love to be part of something that helps people. Not sure about the chip thing, but still intriguing. Compumatrix is a company that will save more, open doors, and changes lives.

  18. The information in this blog is so insightful and eye-opening. I wonder what other things that are out there that are harmful that we use every day. Our gradian angels must be working overtime to keep us safe from ourselves.

  19. WoW! Very interesting. This subject came up by the president, and I was wondering what is 5G? Then others was complaining about it but from what was said, I didn’t think they understood what it was all about. A few months ago, I decided to update my phone and the tech, stated it was a 5G and one of the best.

    So, I thank you, Carmen for your explanation of something I did not have enough information to inquire about. You did a fantastic job in your investigation.

  20. Thanks Carmen. My sister has been warning me about 5G. I didn’t really realize there was a 6G as well. I have to admit, I hadn’t done any research. It is helpful to read your article to learn a bit about it and the potential dangers it may present. Embracing the wonders of new technology while keeping everyone safe is critical.

  21. I spend 100`s of hours on the internet seeing as I am retired and love to do my own research on what are the truthful facts around these myriads of new technical break through`s that are happening around us daily. On the 5G and 6G tech knowledge, there is a far greater belief by the technocrats on this subject that needs a greater degree of research by all before it is deemed safe to be used worldwide.

  22. this is such a good info read –you have to read several times if you have a slower degree of understanding this new technology — that is part of Life with a computer and also if have online biz which is compuBiz — so am working best at learning as fast and really try to understand ?? better each day — hopin !!

  23. 5 G is a very fast technology that makes very high performance available to a large number of users,5 G is a new global wireless standard after 4G network,5G transmits encoded data via radio waves, which is very harmful to our health,It remains to be seen what effects the rapid development of technology will have on the world and how human health will be affected,as the whole world is increasingly using the latest technology and we are all involved in it.

  24. Carmen thanks a lot for your in depth blog information about 5G and 6G technology and I admire your inquisitive self ind desire to delve deeper and deeper trying to understand as to what is happening around us and that too at warp speed. It is very difficult to keep up with minute to minute changes that we are presented with regards new inventions and technological advances taking place around us.Only time will tell the real impact it will have upon our lives. I wait and see.

  25. Thanks Carmen, I have only heard conspiracies about 5G and this is helpful in sorting through the noise. I appreciate the research you put into it for all of us. It seems there are things to be concerned about and to keep an eye on as this online world continues to evolve and grow. Thank you.

  26. Thanks Carmen for a very informative article. 5G is much faster compared to 4G. It is easy to communicate between different wireless devices and it connects to many devices at one time, for example remote surgery could become a reality. There is a far greater belief by the technocrats on this subject that needs a greater degree of research by all before it is deemed safe to be used worldwide.

  27. It is important that we all research these things out for ourselves. There is so much coming into reality, and it is not all 100% beneficial to us. We need to look into the details, determine its positive and negative factors. Then we need to try and figure out if there is a way to negate the negative impact so that we can enjoy the positive benefits that are being offered to us.

  28. I love reading your blogs Carmen . You go in deep and do the research for us. I have heard about all the disadvantages of this technology and yes it frightens me that today the younger generation want everything fast and instant without them understanding the harm it may cause in the long run.I pray that the lord protects their health.

  29. I am used to hearing several conspiracy theories based on the most diverse aspects, and certainly the implementation of 5D technology is one of them. I don’t usually pay much attention to this, but from the little I read and tried to understand there are many controversies between doctors and specialists, some condemn and others absolve, I just know that in face of that I already have my smartphone with adequate technology and awaiting the arrival at my country, which should take many months to come.

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