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Work from Home

Some 17 years ago, two of my friends and I were in the process of building a housing project on a government contract. Our country was facing many changes, and we could see many challenges for us up ahead. The three of us were site managers. While building on site, we had some time to discuss some plans and vision right on the job site. We would have many ideas and write them all on the whiteboard then start eliminating most of them as the criteria for implementation did not fit the subject matter.

We did not want to rent an extra workshop or land. We did not want something that required much labor, as in many people to make the project work.

We did not want to be involved with the government again. Experience showed that officials were so corrupt, and we could quickly become the scapegoats for bad deals that could land us in prison.

After weeks of brainstorming, our list consisted of the following points:

  1. Work from home.
  2. Becoming the boss is the dream to fulfill.
  3. Have a good Internet connection.

Those were the days of 56k internet connection, slow computers, and HYIP (High Yield Income Programs). Everyone following the latest fad and losing money every time. At that time, the need to walk away from the internet was the only choice.

Time past and the idea to work from home became a good option. After researching, it didn’t take long to realize that I wanted to work from home on the internet.

After being introduced to Prof Henry James Banayat, the world of cryptocurrency began to make sense. Henry was younger and full of ideas. Henry tried several ways to get going but ran into roadblock after roadblock. There were no guidelines to follow. Henry and his team put together the step by step knowledge needed for building a business using his platform.

After attending a meeting where an outline showing the path needed to get this business working was to do it with Bitcoin. The best part was that he knew how to do it. He started building from the foundation. There were times when we would see the launch was very close, but the foundations had to be firmer and more substantial. His team grew as did the bigger picture. Henry and his development team have fixed snags that could set us back in the long run and did more coding to the site as the need arose. At our official launch, our business platform will be a one-stop-shop for us.

The internet and computer power has grown exponentially since the beginning of Compumatrix. The crypto world has constantly changed, and there is a continuous learning curve to keep up with the evolving progress.

There have been delays because of the constant need for coding and tweaking, syncing and re-syncing, upgrading and COVID19.

Yes, we have all been waiting for years for this ship to sail. My dream of working from home is becoming a reality. What I do today will set the stage for my descendants for generations to come. Our new CDAP is the engine of the company. The goal is to get thousands of families around the world working from home. Being a part of this business is not about me anymore but about helping others.

I am excited about Compumatrix. Also grateful for all the work behind the scenes and for Henry, who will never give up. It is what I have wanted to do for many years now. Work from Home.

About the author

Hennie is a leader in his circle of influence. Self motivated and craftsman in his trade. He also serves as AR for Compumatrix Southern Africa.


  1. Working from home can be a challenge in its self, as i do alot of work from home since the Covid 19, it seems i have to use a separate room to get myself up and working as a person can tend to want to do other fun stuff or things that need to be done, working from home can have its advantages and disadvantages , but one must learn to stay on track and one will then succeed.

  2. With the Covid virus attacking the world, there are many more folks working from home now, including me in my other full time job. I don’t miss the commute or office politics, and I seem to get more work done at home. Having fast internet is very important for my job and for working with Compumatrix. When Compumatrix is finally up and running the internet and myself are ready!

    1. Working from home can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Controlling your time and work space can lead to a very efficient work space but now with the added challenge of home schooling that all goes out the window. Having to ensure your child had a well planned space to handle virtual school while not interfering with you work space bring a different perspective on the situation. We adjust and grow and meet our challenges, that sounds like what w have learned to do here at Compumatrix, as we grow and adapt here so will we while we work at home.

  3. Working from home has now become a necessity. Social distancing is a must, till the situation improves. In some ways, it is much better because we can organize our timing better and be prepared for the start of our new program. Compumatrix will get us going and we shall be fine and then resume our normal lives, in due course. Lets be patient and perseverent.

  4. Covid-19 has proved that many professionals can do their work from home. Journalists, bankers, and countless jobs have now been recorded from home. I think with Zoom and fast internet, people will be opting to work from home as it provides many benefits including waste of time commuting. I think the biggest challenges to work from home are discipline and organization those has to be a priority, it’s very easy to get distracted and time can fly without accomplishing much.

  5. Working from home, is both a blessing and a curse. The problem is it never ends. As a pastor of several small churches in California and Oregon, I did most of my studying and counseling in my home rather than at the church. I felt a heavy of a “call of duty” everyday and night 24/7. But as funny as it sounds, when I drove out beyond the “city limits” sign of my town, I would all of a sudden feel like the weight on me lifted off. I have to wonder if everyone doesn’t feel like that who brings their work home – no longer is it a place to go to “rest and relax” – the work is always there following you around day and night begging you to “get to it!

    1. Yes Robert. That is the way it is. And with instant messaging and global reach, I am finding as soon as I am on line, the messages start pouring in. Community members contact me a 2 am and wonder how come I don’t get back to them immediately. The don’t realize that we are half way around the world from one another and why am I not around at 12 noon… Ahh the life of a laptop warrior. It never ends. Which is why I love to sail. No connection to anything but God, the sea, the wind and the waves. The only real way for me to truly get away from it all.

  6. Thank you all for engaging with your valid thoughts. The biggest plus for working at home in my case is this. As a business owner or contractor I do not need extra premises. I do not need to employ labor. I do not have the pressure of all the attached responsibilities of everything that goes with another venue. Yes I need some discipline to work from home but I need the same discipline at another office.

  7. I have worked from home for 15 or so years. It has been rewarding but at the same time challenging. I miss the social interaction of an office environment. I do not miss the crowded travel and getting pushed around by so called fellow human beings many of whom have zero manners. These I call the selfish I matter more than you brigade. I work as a PA. One of my clients is a bit of a nut job with little respect for hours or days when work is supposed to happen. I love the flexibility and the ability to do my own thing now and again. When CDAP gets in to full swing I will probably slow down on other things.

  8. Being mainly retired but still working from home which is ideal for me. No real stress as I can just ignore many of the things that best a normal working life. Having to doff ones cap to people for whom you have little regard but whose only plus side is that they pay the bills. Until the pandemic I was able to go where I wanted to when I wanted to. Let us hope that that will soon be under control and tht Compumatrix will help us all tomake up for lost time.

  9. After covid 19  the whole world will be on the Internet,working from home has many benefits and saves a lot of time that used to come and go. We need to be able to manage our work at home on time. It has been a great benefit for the members of compumatrix these days that we are getting a lot of information from the blog, especially information about blockchain technology.

  10. Working at home is rewarding, advantages for me carry the day more than the disadvantages, being there for the young growing family, the need for my presence, the schooling, it’s fulfilling, yes, we have to balance life, and for sure it can be challenging, but we remind ourselves, time is short, let’s enjoy the ride for now, what we cannot control, we let it go.

  11. oh as i grow older and look back say for the last 20 years or so it is actually eye-opening how much and how fast progress has happened — you get in to cyber world mixed with Crypto world and every day you have New parts to the equation — and in the thought process of the posting — at 60+ it is nice to be out of the kitchen perse’ and doing most of my work out of my home/apt. — but honestly after almost 50 years of working old school do partially miss the Peep to Peep interaction — rj– great read —

  12. I love the laptop warrior life. Does get a little hectic sometimes, having a growing community all over the world, but the nice thing is it can be done from anywhere, as long as there is a stable internet connection. I remember the beginnings of Compumatrix also – Point Share Extreme. The way back machine. Henry was indeed full of ideas and strategies, constantly working to make it everything it is becoming. Compumatrix is the reason I have on my Bio – ‘Crypto nut – before there WAS Crypto’ 🙂
    The CDAP will change so many lives and be a welcome addition for ALL crypto based businesses. The easiest way to buy crypto on the planet..

  13. Work at home to some of us will be a blessing, I never had the opportunity, and I’m looking forward to do so since I’m almost retiring. I will also need a lot of coaching lol, but thank God, i got someone to help me, when i have all the tools necessary, I’m grateful for this wonderful soul, who helped me discover compumatrix years back though not much active, I’m always appreciative.

  14. I have been working from home for many years now. After leaving the formal education sector, working from home has been a real answer for me. The benefit of being with the family, making sure the home is a enjoyable place for us all and doing work from home has been great for me. Looking forward to doing more with Compumatrix as it opens.

  15. Joy of working from home. For somebody who only has home to work from can be a good experience. Yes it can be done having a great company like Compumatrix behind your business, with your mindset on how all works does wonders. Good internet, computers, desk , phone and comfortable chair. Life shall be good.

  16. Thanks for posting Hennie. It sure has been a dream of ours to be working from home. It’s amazing how that all the Corona lock downs have literally forced people to search out and find ways to generate a good income from home. This truly is the ultimate goal as far as I am concerned. Commuting to work in your PJ’s, not having to buy gas, and not getting caught in all the rush hour traffic. I’ll take this any day !

  17. Thank you for your interesting blog Hennie. Working from home has never been an option for me. The work that I do as a maintenance technician has to be done from a workshop. If I really want to work from home I don’t know. It has advantages and disadvantages. For the time being, I don’t have to think about it. I am happy with what I do.

  18. So nice to read a blog post from someone who was in at the ground floor with Compumatrix. It is exciting to know that the CDAP will be one stop shopping – all in one place. This is something that certainly appeals to me. Now having a very good internet connection is a huge priority to be able to work from home…sometimes hard to get in rural areas out from the large cities. However, with demand, will come better service!

  19. Working from home took on a whole new meaning since the virus hit us. The Real Estate Office I’m affiliated with didn’t close when the virus hit, but it sure changed the way we do things. Having earned my GRI designation over 40 years ago in another state was a piece of cake compared to how we now organize things. After owning my own brokerage business for many years, sure glad I am no longer the manager of a lot of people. My Broker here does a great job with that.

  20. That was my dream also. I wanted to find something that I could do from home while making a living also.
    In my search I fell victim to a few scams and ended up losing money. But when I was introduced to CNII, I joined with some trepidation due to having been ripped off before. As I continued with Henry it became secure in my mind that this was going to be a legitimate business one day. He would get things going and then we would hit a road block. Sometimes he would disappear but when he returned he had new ideas of where we were going. That was one reason I continued with him for the next 14 or 15 years, because he knew what he had to do and if he didn’t he would figure out what he needed to do to make this a successful business.
    And here we are at last, on the cusp of something that no one could have ever imagined.
    Hello world here we are!

  21. I love my part time job working from home! The hours just fly by and it’s so easy to wake up and go downstairs to my kitchen table, aka as my office. No more fighting traffic or stopping for expensive coffee drinks, I now make my own and enjoy them just as much as the fancy coffeehouse ones. Once Compumatrix officially launches it will take working from home to a whole new level!

  22. Thank you all for still responding. I do believe that 2020 has been a major shift to the concept of working from home. It has opened the new reality to be a serious consideration for many around the world.
    That also means that our customer base for Compumatrix has also grown much wider than before Covid 19. Exciting times ahead.

  23. Thank you Hennie, I have got so used to being self-employed that I would struggle to work for someone else I think. I love my freedom, though as someone else commented, you can’t always walk out and shut the door on your work.
    My office room has my laptop and work on one side looking out over a busy street, and on the other side of the room, I have a desk with painting materials on it overlooking a garden. Compumatrix will allow me to spend more time at the desk overlooking the garden and painting rather than the working side of the room.

  24. I love working from home and have been doing so for many years. My family has set up a little shop in front of the house where we sell locally produced goods to our neighbors. It’s so satisfying to be able to run a business and see it thrive over time. Looking forward to adding Compumatrix as my other business venture.

  25. Great blog, I’m excited to work from home! The freedom to do what I want at my own space in my own peaceful atmosphere. Working in retail, doing long, hard shifts will make it only sweeter when the oppurtunity comes around the corner.

  26. Thank you Hennie for this great post. When I was still working I had an English school in the city where I live. Working in a school never stop when the lessons are finished. You have to work a lot from home, like preparing the lessons, correcting the tests, writing reports about the progress of the students. I like this working-from-home part of my job.

  27. I really admire Henry for being so strong and motivated in this venture…So many obstacles in his way but he keeps fighting on!
    Working from home was surely a new thing back in those days…More a regular thing today of course.
    Yes there have been delays but the future looks bright and promising!

  28. Hennie, I enjoyed reading your blog. Yes, we are with the most significant company in the world. I have not been with them as long as you. I am still in the learning curve. There have been many changes in the platform because of the rapid renewal of technology. I am sure there will always be more to learn. I am still a little mystified to have been given such education. Henry and all his assistance have given from their hearts to be sure we are knowledgeably working our businesses and to be sure we will be secure within our CDAP.

  29. Good one Hennie, Thanks for finally having the decision to come out and blog, we can learn from each other’s experiences.
    I too decided to work at home.
    Henry and Compumatrix opened that door and opportunity to run my own business.
    As I have said on many occasions, Compumatrix doesn’t give you a job, it gives you business.

  30. Working from home is the only way to work in my opinion. I have been working from home going on 15 years now and I would not have it any other way. The kind of work I do has dwindled due to BEE being implemented in South Africa, and after the stock market crash in 2008 I decided to let my computer work for me. I failed at anything online, time after time after time and eventually when I was introduced to Compumatrix I knew that I finally found the real deal. I am excited about the launch and looking forward to the day when I can log in to my CDAP and get working!!

  31. As you said Hennie; for many years there has been dreams of working from home and actually making a profit; The internet has changed so much as has the landscape of all jobs across the world, and now due to the lockdown from COVID-19, we are seeing everyone is a scramble to do work from home. But we who have connected ourselves with Compumatrix and Henry actually can see our efforts growing day by day. Our future is one day closer today!

  32. Hennie, thank you for sharing this story with readers. I think it is great that you are closing in on one of your original goals of being able to work from home. I was moved by Your statement, “The goal is to get thousands of families around the world working from home. Being a part of this business is not about me anymore but about helping others.”

    I remind myself of those exact same things almost daily, as I count the blessings in my life that I’m thankful for. Actually, it is number TEN on my list!
    😎We are on the same wavelength, sir!😎

  33. Yes, it seems so simple. And, the concept is simple. Get a computer, get a game plan, follow the game plan established by your leader. Done, done, and done. However, as with so many great plans, when you push the buttons the formulas that make the game plan work have to be in place and working. This one is not quite working yet. Still more tweaking before it works as laid out in the game plan. The good part is that it is a great game plan and when it is ready to roll, it will be as good as promised or better. This one is just going to require a little more patience and waiting for things to come together. It is also going to require that all member of the company work together toward the common goal of getting our cryptocurrency values up to a level that will make this company sail. We are almost there. Just get your ducks in a row and hold on.

  34. I love working from home. With Covid 19 is when I got the chance of working from home. I didn’t miss my drive into town and the long drive home. I love not having to deal with the traffic. By the time I would get home, I was too tired to cook or do anything that needed to be done. Working from home was wonderful. Climbing out of bed, getting a cup of coffee then to the computer, still in my pajamas. I am out of work now, but would love another work from home job.

  35. I’m legally blind in one eye and I don’t drive so working from home has been a blessing for me. I’ve been working from home since 2010 in the customer service field, at first it took some getting used to in the regard of being isolated from others, but overall I enjoy working from home much better than being out in the work force and being around people especially now with covid-19.

  36. Thank you Hennie for the great blog, I had tho change careers. I think Covid19 changed a lot. now I’m in a business I can do from home and I can stay Covid free. But I do currently go into a office. I’ve had my Insurance license for a while but I joined a group that is growing so I’m growing with them. I’m enjoying it and feeling I needed to move on from things I feel are living off me or dragging me down. These things let depression in so its better to just let it all go and move on. Compumatrix will be here soon and will change lives.

  37. Great article Hennie…I like the idea of being able to work from home. So much better during the winter with the bad weather and now with Covid19 as well. Seems more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home now and perhaps it will stay that way in the future…

  38. I believe that there is something that trumps working from a office and working from home. How about some mobile data on a WiFi device and work as you travel? Right now I’m working away from home on Compumatrix blogs. I could even sneak a bit of time in if we were on holiday and a resort. Only tell the wife if you are making some holiday cash for her to spend.

  39. I couldn’t NOT work from home. I did fifteen years in an office environment, in the cubicle, working in a company, a Software Quality Assurance Engineer. I did not like it. I dreamed every day all day about getting out, hating my job. So once I was able to make the leap and work from home, I knew I would never go back even I had “lean years”.

    And you are correct, Henry will never give up. I remember when he “went silent” for a year or two around 2008 or 09, and then he came back and asked the membership for help. Many were angry with him, but he was not defensive in the least and made no excuses. He eventually righted the ship and we are on the brink now.

  40. still reading and learning and working and mostly now is from the apartment — and thru this venture of Compu Biz and what has been learned –hoping sooner than later to find that Home and retire/work full from that Home not just a house building — love reading this blog — n thank you Henrik —

  41. Life is getting exciting. We have moved to a point which is close to realize that this business and working from home is a reality. It is time to see that you check your wish list. It is also important to have a detailed plan of your goals ready and set up, so you can execute your goals to fulfill your vision. You can do it from the comfort of your bed.

  42. Because of Covid-19, many people have had to work from home. There have been large companies that have transformed jobs to at home opportunities. An extravert type personality may miss the comradeship of being in touch with others, despite the connectivity of something like zoom. But for an introvert, this may be a welcomed set of circumstances. For entrepreneurs, working from home can help to build confidence and if successful on the business endeavor, financial wealth and independence.

  43. Yes Sherri. I believe that you have made a very important point. We can never assume that working from home is for everyone. It then becomes the choice each person needs to make. It’s the same choice we have to make when a desired job is only available away from home.

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