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Working – @ Home


As with anything, necessity is truly the Mother of Invention. With the current events, Covid19, Social Distancing, Facial Masks, etc. etc., many are finding that working from is their BEST option whether it’s a modification of their current job to working from home or simply starting a new home business.

Job descriptions or home business choices share the same recipe for success. Remember the 5-P’s – Proper Planning Prevents Piss-poor Performance!

Setting up your workspace:

  1. Make it comfortable – Remember, you will be spending quite a good amount of time here so, invest in a good office chair and ample size desk with room to spread out.
  2. Make it Convenient – Add a phone so you aren’t constantly jumping to run answer a ringing phone; add a water fountain or a small apartment refrigerator to keep bottled water; keep books, printer, and supplies near, etc.
  3. Make it “homey”- Add things that make you feel happy; Photos of family, pets, cars, collections, art, etc.
  4. Make it “yours” – Speak with family and friends and work out an understanding with them that THIS is your workplace and it should be respected. Be assertive, keep doors closed and keep distractions to a minimum.

Manage your time well:

  1. Stay Focused and self-motivated. Success is dependent on your ability to manage tasks to completion. Learn to recognize procrastination and nip it in the bud!
  2. Success and self-discipline go hand in hand, so cultivate focus, self-motivation and self-discipline to ensure your work at home experience is satisfying your income needs.
  3. Set goals for yourself. Both short term and long term. Goals ensure we stay on task, weather hardships that will come to challenge our resolve and always keep your “eye on the prize”.
  4. Take planned “breaks”. Step away from the work area, stretch, walk, eat a snack or a sit down dinner with a loved one.
  5. Reward yourself for meeting goals. Even the small ones! Buy that specialty coffee or tea as a treat for a job well done. YOU matter!

Key Points

There are numerous advantages to working from home. But there are many challenges, too, such as staying focused and doing your best work.

Find ways to motivate yourself to work positively and productively. Highlight things that will likely distract you, and take steps to deal with them. Set up a workspace that’s comfortable and appropriate for your job, and do everything you can to limit interruptions.

Organize your day as clearly as you would at the office, including allowing yourself breaks. Maximize your time by creating To-Do Lists, and by managing the distractions of home life.

Keep the lines of communication open between you and your boss and other team members, but also make it clear when you don’t want to be disturbed.

Doing too much at home can be as problematic as doing too little! So, create “no-go” zones for work devices, take regular breaks, and have a door that you can shut on your work at the end of the day.

About the author

Born in Illinois and the third oldest child of 10 children. Gail learned many lessons in life that would serve her well in her future. Patience, sharing, compassion, understanding, love, and acceptance were a way of life. Family is significant to Gail as a mother of three herself.
Gail lives by the motto "live and let live," and she takes pride in helping others. Educated, yes, but believes life is the best teacher and learning depends highly on an open mind.


  1. Hi Gail, Don’t ever say again that you are not an expert blogger. This blog written in simple, understandable language is really interesting and useful.

    When compared to 9 to 5 in office with one and half hours journey on either side for commuting, working from home is far more easy and productive.

    There are two types of working from home:
    1. Working for an organization full time, working from home. In such a case you can’t have the option of your convenient timings. In this case you get a definite pat pack
    2. Working as a freelancer for many companies. Here you can work at your convenient times. Here you don’t have fixed monthly income.

    1. Thank you Santosh, blogging is not my area of expertise but anything to further our company I will sure try to do. Yes this is the “new normal” and I think a lot will find out perhaps we should have been doing it this way all along??

  2. Great tips for working at home! …. and another great thing is that “home” can change places once we can get back into travel mode – at the beach, visiting family, cottage in the woods – unending options. Usually one need we must have is an internet connection – without that we are offline and basically shut down! PJ’s are a good plus working at home also!

  3. Gail, I agree with Santosh Kumar Linga that you are really good at being a blogger. I agree that this blog is written in simple, understandable language is really interesting and useful.

    I have been able to work from home with my job every other week and I love it. I look forward to it each week. I do have set hours to work, so there is no problem with getting work done. I feel like I get more work done working from home, then I do when I am in the office. I love being able to sleep in and getting up and getting a cup of coffee and siting down and working. I let the sunshine in which is really good for my soul. I love when its time to get off of work, there is no hour commute home and thats a good day of driving.
    I really enjoyed your blog.

  4. Working from home getting more popular now with computers and cell phones it has a great advantage when a person understand how to use their time wisely. Now a person can stay focus as long they keep distraction at a medium. May improve performance it would be new form me but I believe I could do this as long I keep mined in the right perspective. I have done physical work all my life. I would need to do with better computer skills.

  5. Excellent article! You captured the full essence of working at home. The act of balancing all, in an organized way, not forgetting family needs is always a challenge. One problem many fall into is not caring about their appearance when working from home. Needing to remember to get dressed, put on makeup, and staying well-groomed shows the worth of the work being done. Acting professionally and being professional goes hand in hand. Giving yourself self-worth will inevitably give the business a whole different meaning. It is good to be organized or being lax to a point but to be a professional then include the whole package! I agree on your point to leave it when you shut down for the day. In other words, don’t ever take your work to bed.

    1. thank you Erline! I agree with you we need to respect our “job” as much as anyone we ask to respect it and this means “dressing” for the job. Sometimes it may be acceptable to work in PJ’s but for the most part it may be more beneficial to dress more formally to actually “feel” that we are at work!!

  6. Working at home article is very good read with a ton of good info in it and I thank Gail for finding and posting — I have tried thru my many years of life on more than one occasion to work from home– I was successful once lol but now I am getting better but still like mixing both home work n outside work —

    1. Yes RJ, to me that is a wonderful plus to working at home. We have the freedom to “build in” breaks and do more of what we love to do. I too love the outdoors, working in the garden and tending flowers. This mode of work allows us the freedom to take those breaks and be out where the sun is healthy for us and the gardens get their much needed attention too!!

  7. This post on working @ home is good and particularly timely, considering the “new normal” that many people are facing that has forced them to work from home. But just because they have been pushed into this situation doesn’t mean that they know how to do it in a manner that will allow them to be as productive as they can be. The tips and suggestions in this post are on track 100%!

  8. Very nice blog Gail! I love working at home, it makes me happy and content. Like being by myself and relying on only me. I have my office and it is very well organized and is well lit. Depend on your self and you will not be disappointed if you are focused and keep your eye on the ball. More and more companies are doing that for their employees. After all of this I believe more small companies will get on board. Also, I think more small businesses will put their wares on line and that will also help them in their time of need. It would be in their best interest.

  9. I do agree on most parts in this article. But working from home is a very individual. I’ve been working from home for 9 weeks now and feel a lot more asocial than before.
    The interaction with coworkers at work are a lot more important than I realized. There’s just so much you can get from talking through Skype or MS Teams.

  10. Great blog Gail. Working from home can have endless benefits and almost anyone who has had the chance to work from home would never dream of giving it up. By giving your employees this chance, they will be extremely loyal to your company. Colds and food poisoning make going into the office miserable, but working from home? Not so bad. Employees who are mildly sick can still get work done most of the time if it means not having to go into the office. Another bonus? No sharing illnesses.
    Also remember commuting? If you work from home, you’re at your office right when you wake up. The time that your employees would spend commuting can now be used for real work. Yes to homework any day.

  11. I’ve worked from home now since adopting two children from China. As Gail states, there are up sides and down sides, so balance is the key. Yes, I get distracted when the children are not in school, but I’m not sitting in traffic, shopping for new work clothing very often, sitting in elevators, getting out of parking lots, etc. So I really feel that that’s a was wash, and the benefits of total flexibility and making up for it at any time of the day or night make it all worth it. Gail also mentions – “setting goals.” I think that this is important. I have an ongoing TTD, i.e. Things TO Do list and I cross out and rewrite as I go, this helps me stay focused on priorities and know what self discipline is all about.

  12. With the pandemic, most of us were thrust into working from home. My boss said, “We’re building the plane and flying it at the same time.” So true. There were so many things to learn and get set up to be successful at home. I think most people had trial and error to see what schedules, procedures, setups, would work for them. Like everything, with a little practice and fine tuning, you get into a routine and it works.

  13. I guess one of the biggest draw back for me working from home is the options presented while at home. When I am in the office at work, all of the “home options” are taken away from me by the environment. I cannot fix that thing in my house that needed fixed. I cannot choose to bake some bread. I cannot, take the dog for a walk. All of that stuff is gone and not available for me to do. But working from home, for me, takes much more focus and much more discipline to stay at the work at hand and let all the other things go till later around the same time I would normally get home from work.

  14. I am pleased to read this article today, as I think we all need to consider the wisdom of your advice! It includes some very practical and sensible guidelines in how to treat working at home as a REAL business whilst maintaining the humanity in the shared personal space. I have personally been struggling to find that balance, and so this definitely comes at a great time – appreciation for the reminder, Gail!

  15. Great ideas, Gail. Thank you! I have been working from home for years, now. But something shifted with everyone else at home. I have found that I am taking time each day to be outside. We have a new garden planted (and growing!!). Now, that it’s warm out, I am biking or kayaking more. I am finally, taking some moments of time to just be, to disconnect and be present, here in my house, with family. At some point, everyone will go back to school or work, and I will be here, working at home, from home, working to hold onto the lessons I have learned when everyone joined me.

  16. Well reading all the comments on your blog Gail gives an expanded view on the topic. I especially like Erline’s ideas of keeping up appearances.
    A couple of other points to note is that if you are feeling a little under the weather it can be easier to still get things done so less work days lost as you can cater better to your needs in a home environment.
    Also it is less wear and tear on a vehicle and a person especially if one is driving an hour each way not to mention getting stuck in traffic.
    My Sister actually works harder at home and looks forward to being there for the kids when they get off from school.
    With the situation we are in at the moment it is a safer environment for Familie’s if they can work from home and for those that can do so it is just pure common sense.

  17. I can say I have always worked from home. My first work has been as a translator … way back when I used a type writer to do my job.. made my drafts on a different cheaper paper…
    I would only have to leave the house to deliver it when it was done.

    I quit translating a long, long time ago. Life ‘got in the way’ and I spent many years without a job, with family and, well, not working ‘as a job’, not for money.

    Years later I started working again, then with a computer and full time from home! Wow, technology had given a great leap, and with it, choices to do it without having to leave home too! All I can say now is I love to work from home and I guess this is the best choice many, many people will choose to do from now on.

  18. These are very good tips in the blog but also in the comments. Somedays working at home is the best for so many reasons, more flexibility,being able to take care of the kids..even though the kids are what makes working at home a struggle at times. Having the option to work after bed time helps on the hard days. While I struggle to find balance at times,I find that if I make my to do list and keep it close..all my tasks get completed.
    Thank for the great ideas and new perspectives.

  19. I have been working from home for 10 years now. I built an office on top of my house and moved there once my business partner passed. My friends were convinced that it would never last and that I would be pulling my hair out in 6 months….but they clearly did not know me at all. I love it! My problem is once I get into my office you have to pry me away from my desk! No taking breaks. I really should do that.

  20. I do have a lot of experience when it comes to working from home, in my case I was working for a big multinational company and it was due to some health problems I experienced in the office environment. Typically I would work 3-4 days at home and 1-2 days in the office every week. With no distractions at home I got more done than in the office, possibly the only problem being not taking enough breaks. Yes definitely you need to have a good self discipline. And since I got to spend at least one day in the office every week and meet my colleagues I’d say I got the best from the both worlds.

  21. Wow Gail!

    I worked for 20 years in two large banks here in Brazil, one Íngles HSBC and another national Itaú. During all the time that I was in these two companies I tried to fulfill my responsibilities so that my routine would be smoother and without ear tugging from my ex-bosses.

    But I also prioritized learning and dedicated myself to learning how a bank makes money. I discovered several ways and focused on specializing in those that I could do from my own home without having a relationship with anyone.

    And so after 20 years I found myself “free” and as an animal that lived in captivity it was scary at first.

    But I went ahead and just took the first step, the most difficult of all.

    Today I work from home, I have my office, my hours and I am also my boss. If I stray for any reason, I tug on my ears. After all, I can’t be fired from my business at all. I don’t even know if I could work at a big company and have to follow the rules of others again. And so I live happily, beside my family, participating in the growth of my daughters, having more time for real friends, meeting new people like in the Compumatrix Community.

    This is all because I work from my home.

  22. Many years ago (like in decades) a friend told me: 9-5 you make a living but from 5-9, you make a life. When you work from home, you are working that 5-9 and that doesn’t have to be the literal time you are working. You don’t have to punch a clock or have a set schedule. The one thing you will have to do if you work from home is TO SHOW UP!

    This may seem simple and make seem ridiculous but it is reality. You still have to be productive and you will be if you are motivated by the fact the work you are doing is for yourself and your family (because you are the boss).

  23. Years after retiring from employment, I learned about a wonderful work-from-home opportunity that have greatly helped the unemployed in our country. It is a one-on-one live online english tutorial with the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Online companies have set up their respective rules and procedures for applicants to strictly adhere to, like passing the online proficiency tests and having the required minimum speed internet connection. I would have jumped at the opportunity were it not for the age limit that the companies also imposed on the applicants.

  24. Another well.written Blog from you, Gail. Staying at home and work from there, used to be something that we woudl do on holidays, or in our free time.

    However, present circumstances require that we stay at home and work from home as well.
    Not only is it essential but it is imperative, for our own safety.

    We must create an ambience to work from where we call our “resting place”.

    It can be productive and is very effective , when we “CONCENTRATE” AND “FOCUS” on what we need to accomplish.

  25. In addition to working at Compumatrix, I am a producer and advisor for social and corporate events, and have been working in the home office for 7 years, when I moved to another city and made that decision. I adapted very well to this situation, because in addition to reducing costs, I have the freedom to keep my husband company and decide the time I want to work, except when I need to serve my clients, which is currently being done over the internet , due to the pandemic.
    In order to be able to organize myself better in relation to my professional and domestic activities, I use the Pomodoro Method and also the Todoist application.
    Gail, your article is excellent, with important advice! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    Hugs to all!
    Abrir no Google Tradutor

  26. Gail, you have a wonderful ability to take your subject and simplify it with words and photos
    that make it so easy to focus on and “retain”. Older people with a slight bit of memory issues will love reading whatever you write. It talks about focus, motivation and organization located in a familiar area that should make it easier to accomplish those things, unless we get lazy and float off into familiarity to the point that we become unproductive. I think your ideas about setting up your office, making it comfortable, and having rules to follow are as important as anything else you write.

    1. Thank you very much Bill! That is very encouraging and strengthens my resolve to carry on and try to explain in easy language about Cryptos and all they entail. The How To’s are important but by virtue of what they are they simply don’t explain much on the WHY’s…I hope to expand further here and to help do what I can. Thanks again!!

  27. That was a great article, Gail. I find one of the most important things when working at home is to keep a schedule. It is very easy to get side tracked or distracted and time can fly if you don’t keep a list of the things to do for the day. Working at home can save you a ton of money, not only in the commute, but also in clothes, hair styling, eating out and all the other expenses related to driving a car. Here in Portland the rainy season can last 5 to 6 months a year, braving the weather can be dangerous for those like me who used to work on call and had to visit schools and clinics, I was always trying to find the closes parking spot and in some cases it was a challenge to find one. The GPS became my best friend and one of the best inventions of the world. Now, even taking a nap can be granted and the stress of not being on time is a dream.

  28. This is a great article and ton of great replies and additional info to working at home and especially after all of the last few months it has become almost imperative that all of us older types find avenues of support where we do not have to venture out to achieve financial help or support —

  29. I only occasionally work from home, but I’m a firm believer that it can actually be a more enjoyable experience than going into the office, if done correctly. The post points out many great points, but to expand more. My home “office” is actually my computer hooked up to the TV and myself on the treadmill and keyboard/mouse on a custom stand. That way I can exercise while getting work done. It’s my “reward” for working from home and allows me to have an added benefit of exercise when I am not in the office.

  30. So many opportunities presenting themselves these days for working at home. Excellent well laid out article Gail. Good job.

    My biggest challenge is those that are around me, don’t realize I am “at work” and are always asking for my time. Sometimes to the point of getting upset when I can’t give it to them because I am in the middle of a webinar or writing an article. When I am focused – If someone changes that focus, I could be ruined for the day.

    So always be diligent when working from home. Make sure our family members know we are at work, just that it’s all done from home.. And always treat those that may forget from time to time with firm kindness, reminding them you are at work.

    Home working is going nowhere but up. Huge opportunity to build a home based business for all of us. Hmmmm… :-).

  31. Working from home has a lot of benefits and freedom. The one key to this I believe is setting up a day planner and sticking to it. The problem with the freedom is it can get in the way of accomplishing your daily goals if you are not disciplined enough.

    1. This is very true Alan. Freedom allows us to choose and freedom has not set of rules for making our choices. It can bring out our lazy or our down to business sides and only WE can decide which we are going to follow. Hopefully we choose a mixture of work AND play so that burnout never becomes an issue for us.

  32. I will write here for the first time … and with the help of our friend google. I have to read everything calmly and more than once, to understand. But I want to say that this blog is a place where I will find it very easy to continue learning about everything in our Compumatrix business.
    I also want to thank you, Gail, for writing in such a simple and easy way.

    About this subject: I think that work at home is great, because I have to take care of my old mom and the house. I don’t have a computer, but when I do I will love working at home!

    [Google Tradutor]

    1. Well let me be the first to welcome you Maryse!! Your response was very well understood so great job with Google translate! I envision this blog site being a great learning tool as well and so far the response has been really great! I’m so glad you decided to jump in and begin commenting. Looking forward to seeing more comments from you!!

    2. Maryse, I totally understand were you are coming from. We took care of my father in law for 10 yrs and he just recently passed on Jan. 2nd. I have worked from home for a couple years and absolutely enjoy it. It can be very taxing at times when caring for an elderly parent.

  33. Great article Gail! Prior to Covid I worked a few hours a week from home then traveled the rest of the time. The past few months have been a great change of pace for our entire family.

    Each family member had a room set up for school or work. It was very important to respect each other’s privacy during zoom calls and while working on time sensitive projects. Usually we would send out a family text stating “ I’m jumping on a zoom call or I’m taking a test, please don’t enter”. It was refreshing to all meet up in the kitchen at the end f the day and see how our day evolved.

    1. that is very interesting Jennifer..your whole family did what was necessary to make it through a very taxing time and sounds like you did it WELL. You respected each other’s work, time and efforts and all looked forward to sharing as a group at the end of the day. Family is most important and it sure sounds to me like yours has that all in balance.

  34. Before Covid-19, working from home really didn’t necessarily mean being at home all of the time. I’ve “worked from home” for over 10 years and there have been many a day when I took advantage of the freedom it afforded me. I would take my laptop, and a portable WiFi device, to ANY place that I felt like working.

    Those places included, but were not limited to: McDonalds, Starbucks, local parks, a local bars, a local restaurants, a friend’s houses, and even the parking lot of Walmart… LOL I look forward to returning to that level of freedom in my work, once the pandemic becomes a thing of the past.

  35. I am starting to get the whole gist of what we are doing here and I like the feeling of camaraderie and helping each other with getting along in life and I agree wholly with the fact that Freedom to work at home is and always will start with the Fact that in America We are Free — God Bless

  36. Hi Gail, thanks! My friend and mentor told me to write simple sentences, in good Portuguese, that the translator would probably / possibly do right. It seems that I did it the right way … Thank you very much for your attention and I will try, it is not very easy for me.
    I really want to do this work and be part of this family.

    1. You are very welcome Maryse! Keep doing what you’re doing as your friend gave you excellent advice! I love that the bridge between our languages can be built and we can share a common idea and wish. I truly believe we are here to make a difference and Compumatrix is bringing our world together!

  37. Você pode escrever sua postagem no seu próprio idioma.
    Mas tente ler o texto e, em seguida, responda a que o texto está se referindo, para que sua resposta seja validada
    Sim, usei o tradutor do Google para inglês-espanhol-potuguese.

    1. Maryse and Jorge, your use of Google Translate
      ( ) in order to participate on and to contribute on this blog is inspiring! It warms my heart to see Compumatrix and technology bringing us all closer together globally to achieve our common goals.

      Maryse e Jorge, seu uso do Google Translate
      (, a fim de participar e contribuir neste blog é inspirador! Aquece meu coração ver Compumatrix e tecnologia nos aproximando globalmente para alcançar nossos objetivos comuns.

      Jorge, this is great advice that you gave to Maryse: “You can write your post in your own language. But try to read the text and then reply to what the text is referring to, so your answer is validated. Yes, I used the Google translator for English-Spanish-Portuguese.”

  38. For whatever reason, working from home can be really helpful especially when you are a full time caregiver. I have worked in front of a computer for years and enjoy the ability to get so much done yet I can whiz into the kitchen in seconds. (This can be hazardous and weight threatening as some of you have noted. lol)

    Being in Compumatrix has allowed me ability to socialize a few minutes every day and most nights which breaks up my time when I am needed around the house. That has helped mentally as there is tons of information coming and going in our chat rooms.

    Really looking forward to this exotic machine rolling down the road at full speed and being able to earn some funds and reinvest a lot more..… love those assets.

    To all of my friends at CompU, thank you!

    1. Joe, I agree with your comments 100% because my experience has been nearly identical to yours. Working from home allowed me to be my dearly departed wife’s full time caregiver for the past 15 years. Cyndi and I used to talk about Compumatrix often and I really miss that. The social interaction with Compumatrix members in Discord, and now on this blog, is very helpful mentally for me as well.

      1. Kevin I think it is wonderful that you find mental solace here in the comments. A business OF PEOPLE should not ever be so big that the members don’t grow on all levels. This makes it more about the person than the money. YES both are important, but I believe a happy medium can be found which is mutually beneficial to all.

  39. I would agree with thought that our business not just here but in all our business ventures should be constructed to where the individual working his or her business is doing it from their Heart and if there are side benefits I believe that is awesome that they are able to accomplish family helps and other such stuff — thats awesome —

  40. Great Article Gail! Working from home is a Blessing for those that can.I believe the benefits out weight any challenges that may arise.There are also many Tax deductibles for having a Home Office. I think I am a great “Team Player” however my best work comes from working alone at my own pace,whether that be doing what would take a team a wk to do, left alone I complete the same task in 2-3 days or vice versa.
    My first work from home was years before the personal computer became popular ,selling Avon. I took the orders over the phone,package products,and held sample parties , my customers would come to my home to pickup and pay for their orders.Then I opened my own Child Care in my home in the daytime and did Telemarking at night selling Satellite Tv USSB.
    The hardest part of working from home for me was in the begining convincing family and friends that I was truly working.”Just because I am Home does not mean I have time for a visit or a chat on the phone. Also running Errands and housework has to have assigned times like on my “Days Off”and or early mornings or late evenings
    Once I got my own computer the 1st thing I did was join a Forum (MMG) looking for opportunities to earn from Home.
    Each of those jobs afforded me the opportunity to be a Full-time mom, I was home when my boys left for school and there when they got home,that was the #1 reason I chose to find work from Home.

  41. I enjoyed this blog and liked the tips you included. My goal is to work from home full time it will be convenient with my situation,discipline and meeting your goals is the most important in my opinion. I love gardening and them breaks will be perfect for that and other little projects going on like painting and upkeep on your property, I look forward to it.

  42. I go lalong with you Tim R –I am hoping to be able to work fully from home or at least from a financial stand all I need is my home based business income and then as an old cook if I want to go work in anothers kitchen then I can if I want — and the beauty of that is Freedom for me to Choose — I like that thought definitely —

  43. Thank you Gail for the wonderful article.I believe working from home is not an option but has become necessary for most people these days with the Corona Virus which has affected the whole world.And mainly with the worsening global economic situation,as companies closing down and people loosing jobs finding alternative work from home jobs would be a necessity.

  44. Thank you for this blog Gail. In my view the pandemia the world is suffering from shows that maybe working from home will be there for the long term. And it has advantages. You have more freedom and flexibility, you are within boundaries the boss of your own time and besides that it is very good for the environment. Of course it is not suitable for all jobs but for many it can work well.

  45. Excellent blog of the coming future for many people after this pandemic has changed so much of the landscape for so many companies and small businesses.

    The idea of working from home and the points you given us points to being devoted, and attention to the details of our work space as well as, what Erline added on showing yourself as a true professional, with the same attitude towards excellence. The fact of a home business is not being seen is a nice perk, but one never knows just when we might be seen, or viewed as the unseen professional, and our environment and persona will tend to motivate an active spirit of invention and process. Which can be seen and noticed without being in a physical locale.

    Thanks Gail for the pointers, I will use them!

  46. This article is perfect for anyone wanting to put together a workspace at home. I know this would have been very beneficial for me three years ago when I first started doing online classes for school. I remember being easily distracted – getting food, going for “water breaks”, and texting with my friends. I also remember not having a “workspace” to call my own; instead, I would lounge on a couch, bed, or floor. If I would have had this article three years ago, I would have probably excelled much more in my online classes.

  47. just went back and read again this great posting and the replies are just as great — and if you are or have been forced with this virus problem to start looking seriously at home being your new work zone — or maybe just want to start at home because you want to –you can not have better information than reading and learning from this blog just great business advice to start– rj

  48. Great article Gail.

    During COVID 19 I took the option to work from home and made a designated workspace in one corner of my living room.
    I found that I was able to get more work done, as I was not being interrupted or distracted from fellow co workers, (much as I loved to chit chat with them). Not having to travel to and from work every day was an added bonus.
    The only downside as my boss would often call my mobile at 7pm at night wanting information for the next day. If I had been working in the office, he would have asked me before finishing work at 5pm. Anyway a small annoyance.

  49. Thanks, Helen, glad you enjoyed it. There are a lot of pluses for working at home, and you sure found several of them. Of course, there is always a downfall and looks like you discovered one of those too – lol. I suppose there is still a trade-off of some sort and we will have to decide if it is worth it or not. I love working at home at my own pace and being the boss of myself. This way, I can argue with myself all day long without worry of getting fired!! HA!

  50. I can’t imagine you firing you Gail — you really put forth great effort and work ethic is very obvious — I have read this posting again for the simple reasons that there is great info and beings i am doing more and more at “home” these checklists are good help and when I come back and read again and combine with some of the newer blogs they go hand in hand —

  51. I find working from home a blessing and indeed being disciplined is vitally important. My mother would write to do lists when I was a child and as I matured I followed her lead. Crossing off each item as I accomplish it is very rewarding for me. Perhaps it was by emulating her that I have been very successful working from home.
    Taking a break is also important and a great reminder for me as I am guilty of making the completion of a task more important!

  52. I own my own interior design business so I have experience in working from my home. I like to be able to have a clean space in my home to take notes, make phone calls, and store supplies. I agree that it takes will-power to stay focused and not go on too long of a lunch break. To-Do lists have helped me massively in my career so that I can visualize what needs to be done in a day and what is most important. Great tips!

  53. Good article, Gail. Yes, working from home can be quite challenging, especially when you have little ones, and you can not shut them out totally. One option I used was to put them in a play pen in the hall where I could keep an eye on them and they could hear me, but not the client with whom I was conversing. Naptime was good unless I needed to nap too. I would do most of my work at night after everyone had gone to bed. With the time zones being later, this was a better time to speak with clients on the west coast. It was tough at times, but I had to set priorities and arrange times I could be consistent.

  54. I was forced to start working from home because of the pandemic and in the beginning, it was quite challenging but now I that I am used to it I must confess that I find agreeable. When business opens again and I have to go back to my own working space I have to get used to that again.

  55. Love the blog! Over the years, Gail, I have worked at home with different careers, primarily entrepreneurial type of efforts. I found with young children, there’s always the challenge of finding the solitude to be able to fulfill one’s “work duties”. Especially, if you do phone work! Sometimes people think, that because you’re home, you’re accessible! Those are Some of the distractions that one has to learn to balance to have a successful work at home career.

  56. I Loved this Blog. It is so relevant today since the pandemic. I was lucky and given the opportunity to work from home by my Employer. Although I missed the camaraderie of my work mates, I actually achieved more due to lack of interruptions. Thank goodness for modern technology and staff meetings were conducted by Zoom.

  57. Working @ Home is a choice and I could not be happier. I’m legally blind and I don’t drive so working @ home is the best choice for my situation. I have always been punctual and detailed oriented so it was easy for me to transition from the work force to working @ home. I’ve been working from home since 2010 in the customer service field, at first it took some getting used to, but overall I enjoy working from home much better than being out in the work force.

  58. Gail,Great to read your blog! The pandemic has made it possible to work from home,It is important to make rules for working at home,the best thing about working at home is that it saves a lot of time and pollution can be avoided,when it comes to working at home, we need to make time for our family as well as our work,modern technology has made online work from home much easier.

  59. IThank you Gail for the great blog. I found it hard being home. I was a stay at home mom and during that time received my Realestate and Insurance licence at the same time then went into health. I’ve never been one to just sit around. But being older and at home was more difficult because I didnt have little kids to take of and my dog had passed. So I really had to find a new new. Im lucky Im back to work but Ill be happy when Compumatrix is my job. Just to be honest.

  60. this is a great thought process — working from home is not as easy as it sounds — and so true is the fact You really need to put a schedule of work and work that schedule — and also just like in a 9-5er you would have breaks or lunch do the same — but when You work do your Best and make sure Heart is main part of Biz and you will or at least should have dadgum good chance of Success — jmho

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