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Writing a Blog

I just posted a comment on another author’s blog. The comment was regarding a procedure for someone to follow that was related to the subject of the blog. After posting, I thought maybe I should post something about writing a blog.

I NEVER sit down to write a blog!

Oh no, it’s 9 o’clock and time for me to write my blog! This NEVER, NEVER (DID I SAY NEVER) works for me. If it works for you, fine. I’m sharing some tips that work for me. An idea jumps out at me and I sit down and start writing. When I was writing 2-3 blogs a day, I had a running sheet with ideas. As I couldn’t sit down every moment I had an idea, I would use this sheet to record subjects to write about.

If I knew I would not get to that post for some time, I might write notes so I don’t lose the idea beyond the title. Years ago when I was writing a lot, I had great ideas in the morning when I was walking. I started calling my home phone and leaving the idea on voicemail!


Nine times out of ten, I have the title and I write the blog around it. Hence, the title: 


My mind settled on this as a subject of a blog so I pulled up Google Doc and typed the title. I won’t have time to finish this in one sitting because I have to have lunch soon then I have a meeting to attend. Sometimes I don’t have the title but I will give it one anyway so I can easily find it when I’m ready to write more. Some Titles may be misleading and often if this is the case, it was meant so by design.


As I stated above, I may or may not have the title. The subject might be the title or the title will be written around the concept from the subject. If the subject is something that isn’t clearly defined, I might just start writing. (I so appreciate typing in a document as opposed to when I first started writing- PRE COMPUTER) Pre Computer, often writing something took several rewrites because you couldn’t take out a line, sentence, or paragraph and move it. You had to grab another sheet of paper and start rewriting again and again.

Related to the subject, you also have to gauge if the subject is something that fits the blog category you are writing for. Ex: This blog’s category would be BLOG. This is being written for the benefit of our bloggers here at Compumatrix. One of the MAIN Blog categories is CRYPTOCURRENCY. When I “CHOOSE” categories for this, I will not choose CRYPTOCURRENCY. (I capitalized the word “CHOOSE” for the purpose of pointing out one of those items you perform after you write the blog and prior to PUBLISHING! More on that later when we talk about PUBLISHING!) 


The Body of the Blog is the Heart of the post. Basically there are only 2 parts of the blog you will readily see. 1. THE TITLE and 2. THE BODY OF THE BLOG. (We will talk in PUBLISHING about what you don’t see.) 

You tell your story in THE BODY OF THE BLOG. The purpose of the TITLE is to draw your reader into your story. The Title may not even be related to the subject of the blog as some authors use this trick to pull the reader in. (I have used this but I rarely would.) I want the reader to have a sense of urgency in reading my blog but I mostly want to keep the title short and to the point. AND spell everything out in the BODY OF THE BLOG. 

In his blog: Role of publicity and tricks in marketing, The author Murali Krishna Akilla (aka Krish) told his friend a marketing technique that blew his friend’s company sales (literally) through the roof! The technique was something like having a mismatched TITLE / BODY OF THE BLOG subject material. (Read his blog and see if you can find it)

One of the best-mismatched title to add content that I have ever heard of was by a long time marketer. He did email marketing and here is that award-winning subject: WE BUY DIRTY DIAPERS. Now, wouldn’t you open that email!


I’m not going to spend much time here as I already wrote more in this blog than I normally do! There are 2 things I want to share under PUBLISHING. 

  2. TAGS

CATAGORY: This is important so a reader might find your blog post. I didn’t think about this when I first started writing until a mentor vividly pointed it out. He had me do a search for a CATAGORY of blog postings. When my recently published blog post did not come up, he asked me why I didn’t want to find it and if I DIDN’T WANT TO FIND IT WHY WOULD SOMEONE THAT DIDN’T KNOW ME WANT TO FIND IT? 

I learned to use CATAGORIES. 

TAGS: Or proper term: META TAG. This is a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) term that is used to assist in finding blog posts when performing a Search. In basic terms, you are adding data to your post that is read by search engines to increase ranking.

Bottom line unless you are a coder and you add terms that you would search for if you were searching for your own blog. There is an area in the publishing site to enter these terms. After you are finished writing your blog, read through it, and find words or phrases that you have written in your post that someone might search for.

To finish up, if you want to blog, then DO IT! It takes practice, correction, and patience. (We should all have number 3 down tight by now! LOL) If you are fearful, think about it as: at least it’s not a speech! After you write your words down, you can take them back, rearrange them or take them back as long as you do this before you publish!

I like writing my blog in Google Docs and storing it there. When I finish, I copy it and paste it in the blogging platform. Select the Catagories and the Tags. When you are satisfied, Submit your blog for Publishing. 


About the author

Stephen Sampson is among the founding members of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network and writes various topics about life and business.


  1. I found this interesting as I thought of writing a Blog would be more of a free flow of writing. Freely allowing your thoughts to flow on something that would be inspiring to you. A life experience just as an example. Will have to re-read this again….to get a better understanding but think I will stick with the free flow approach.

  2. How wonderful that you shared all this for us. When I get the courage in the future I will try and write one. I like the idea that you shared about not just sitting down to write a blog. I would first have to be inspired before I even think about writing. Once you have a real true inspiring happening, or thought, then usually writing just flows for me. I can’t just sit down and write something as if it was a job or something.

  3. Thank you Stephen for the information. Very informative and a lot to think about.
    When I think of writing sometimes I am in bed, so then I jot down my thoughts.
    I always have paper and pen by my bedside, just in case. If I am out and about
    and have a thought I put it on my phone so I don’t forget and then I put it on paper
    when I get home, and done. Actually, to start thinking more. Krish is a very good
    writer too.

  4. Very well said Stephen, many great ideas on how to write a blog for beginners .
    I wish I could write like you but its not for everyone for sure and most important you must like it to write and not just for the potential gain.

    It’s not easy turning ideas into sentences and sentences into a beautiful piece of writing, so when it happens, it has the ability to affect a person in an incredible way. Keep it up .

  5. great information Stephen — and I agree with you on the parts of blog writing as it is a thing of– find the title and write around that title — I am almost ready myself to actually start interjecting some my lifes experience and hoping that info helps people here better themselves??? time will tell —

  6. I have two blogs. One about my life in Brazil and one about books. Through all these years I have learned two very important things. One: the blog that you write should be attractive to the eye. People are inclined to read a good looking blog but skip a blog that is dull.So use the blog building elements wisely. Second: use clear language and write to the point. People stop reading when the text is boring, full of difficult and old fashioned words and when it is too long. The choice of words should be appealing to the reader. You want to convey a message and the reader has to understand it.

  7. DO NOT let all the information I put in this post overwhelm you so you don’t write. Instead, use a piece of this (or all) so you DO WRITE. If there was one thing that I could identify that ALLOWED me to write, it would be: “desiderata” The one thing that desiderata speaks to me is that EVERYONE HAS THEIR STORY.

    As Alan says- LET IT FLOW

  8. I like this blog but I am still exploring of how to get a blog on this site (that is how green I am….lol) I see where you said you write in google docs but how do you copy and paste it in here? That would be good for me to know….what buttons to click on.

  9. Stephen has written a nice blog.
    I always wanted to write one but it takes time and concentration. Everything needs to be done perfectly.
    Like having a perfect recipe. All the ingredients must be perfectly blended and mixed correctly, so that the dish comes to be delicious.
    Hopefully, some day soon, I could write one and let my ideas flow through.
    Make it short, simple and interesting. Lets wait and see..

  10. Thank you Steven for this blog. I have personally never written are considered writing a blog. I think it would be a great challenge to myself to see if I could publish one in the coming weeks. The tips in the comment section I found to be very helpful. Making sure a blog is easy on the eye and easy to read seems like a good concept. Creating a unique name usually draws me in to many blogs. Earlier in the week we had a posting about staking. I believe Gail posted this with a picture of a steak. It definitely grabbed my attention.

  11. Very encouraging blog and very true written Stephen “everyone has their story”. When someone tells the story of their life then may also think about blog writing any of topic.

  12. I LOVE to read. I could almost read all day. When thinking about writing a blog, all I have to do is think about how great it was for one of the authors I follow to share their stories with me. Likewise, it is a GREAT thing for others to share their thoughts, dreams and stories right here with each other. reading these comments likewise is so very rewarding. There is someone above (I won’t call you out) but although they do not think they are ready to share a blog, we have been reading your daily comments and YES, YOU ARE READY!!!

  13. Excellent article Stephen. I already had a blog on the events area that I’ve been working for 27 years, but for some reasons I stopped … Now I’m reinventing myself, and I intend to write again on a blog on various subjects that can help mainly people who are thinking of getting married , as many useful tips can be given to them. And also when I’m more active with my work at Compumatrix, it can be a great option. Hugs to all!

  14. Stephen, I appreciate this blog. I too have wanted to write blogs, now that you can get points here or get steem dollars or I don’t what in Hive.
    But I have failed because I get frustrated too soon .
    Now that Stephen has shown us the way he does it, maybe give it a try once again.
    Let’s remember that Henry paid us with Compuceeds” for activities in the Old Portal

  15. Thank you Stephen for this blog, it encourages people like myself to write even if I am not a prolific or an expert in writing. I want to know if we are free to write about any topic, providing it stays within the parameters of respect and decency. I guess religion and politics are out, but there are many topics that could be of interest.

  16. Yes blog writing is the new thing compared to writing content for a website.In writing a blog you need to be precise,to the point and make it interesting for readers by writing about the latest and upcoming trend and technologies.readers need to gain interest in reading the blog.

  17. I can fully relate to this blog post because I love to write and never seem to have enough time to dedicate to writing a full essay, poem, short story, or screenplay in one sitting. I write “future titles of possible writings” in GoogleDocs and notes, but I also enjoy scribbling words onto a sticky note and putting them in a notebook or on a wall. The Publishing section of this post was very relatable too because I am a YouTuber. When I first started YouTube, I had no idea what a thumbnail was or what tags were – I also did not have many subscribers or views on my videos. Now that I know how to market my videos using thumbnails and tags, my subscribers and view counts per video has gone up. Whatever one wants to do in life, they should just get started because that’s the first step – worry about the technical stuff later as they progress in a field that they love.

  18. well as you can tell here it is 3 weeks later or since my last post here and I still have not wrote that blog or even started but i spent Good moments reading others blogs and replying but I still want to get myself pushing correctly to write and write some more in the blog arena — but as i grow also I know — time will ultimately tell the real story — great blog stephen — great info

  19. I think the main takeaway of this blog post is to just get started at whatever you want to do. Write words down on the page to get started, create drafts, and then decide later whether you like them or not – just do not never start (that would be called procrastination). If you want to pick up a new hobby: buy the equipment, take lessons, practice by yourself – do not make excuses.

  20. Thank you, Stephen, for this information. When I started writing the blogs, I had no idea if I was doing right or not. I figured I would start blogging as the company ask, and if they were not right, Gail would let me know.
    As you said in your post about one blog and then get another inspiration, this is is what I did. My blogs may not be perfect, but I did try to make them original. Most of the time, it was the title that came to me first, then the words about the subject. The first few blogs seemed to flow, but now I am stuck. Maybe I am trying to hard, to make something come forth. Your information is a help.

  21. this wonderful blog post is a very deep thought process and for me even 5-6 months later — if you do blog make sure You Want (( Heart Thing )) to blog — as I talk with my Daughter bake because You want to — blog here only because You want to — such great inspiring thoughts here on blogging — thank you again Stephen —

  22. Thank you for the great blog. I know I am still learning, so join the club. I think I’ll keep learning. But I thought I’d get blogging faster. But it has been a learning curve for me. I’m not one to sit in front of a computer all day, so learning to sit and blog is not something everyone does with ease. Gail just let’s us know and we keep going.

  23. Thanks Stephen, for the introductory lesson, we all need it! I have written for years online about things I am passionate about, and I did not take the time to scrutinize my writing close and made a lot of mistakes. Not, bad and got some interest but very few shares. I have improved over the years and my interest level rose as well as sharing. We at Compumatix require a bit more scrutiny and I find this harder to be as passionate because the narrow corridor, but I do find it more professional, and I am able to change, for the common good. Thanks again!

  24. The blog recalls refers to the “mismatched title” marketing techniques from another blog that uses an offbeat title to draw attention to a product that may or may not be the product the title has suggested. While it may work for some, I would be concerned about those who do not have a sense of humor and feel as though they have been mislead, remembering that first impressions for marketing a product are important.

  25. The sitcom, Seinfeld, supposedly evolved around the concept of nothing. Nonetheless, some see it as one of the most successful sitcoms ever. The plots were based on the most ordinary occurrences, pieced together into obscure, suspensful, even memorable shows, that have entertained audiences for generations.

  26. Very nice and informative blog.Thank you Stephen.Primer on writing a blog 101. Will give it a try writing one and see if I succeed.All phases of blog are important as pointed out by you .From tittle to the body of the blog bearing in mind the category it should belong to,etc atc

  27. I want to create a blog and make posts, but I also know that I will have problems with regularity due to inspiration. I’ve been trying to start a book for years, the idea of which is practically ready in my head and I can’t.
    Thanks for the text, it has excellent tips for those who are in this same situation.
    I use some programs that help me in writing: Scrivener and Scapple. They are excellent paid programs that help me fix my “Palace of Ideas”.

  28. Thanks so much, Stephen. I was literally searching for “How to write a Blog” and then I found this. I like the idea of keeping a sheet of ideas especially useful. I love to write, and I often find so many ideas rushing through my mind that by the time I think through the last one I have already forgotten my first idea. Simply carrying a pen and some paper around will help me catch as many “trains of thought” as possible before I lose them. I am so excited to begin my blogging journey!

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