Your Life is Worth Living

“You know, there are two good things in life, freedom of thought and freedom of action.” by W. Somerset Maugham. This is a stunning and amazing statement that everybody should stop and truly consider. There is nothing better than having your opportunity in your life. This can be practiced by making a move and figuring out how to show your life to its fullest potential. One shouldn’t need to put their necessities, objectives, and dreams aside essentially because you don’t believe they’re significant or worth the possibility of working out as expected. This idea that your fantasies are never going to work out, it’s ideal to stay with the real world, whatever that reality may be, is the simplest way out of assuming the liability of your life. It’s so natural to simply surrender as opposed to have a solid soul that can manage you to your fantasies. This way is a harder way to go through, yet the main way that can lead you to the genuine opportunity that you merit.

It’s hard to attempt to be solid in a general public that publicizes so much cynicism. For instance, this pessimism can even be found inside your own family or dear companions. Individuals, when all is said and done, that simply state you can’t accomplish something, it’s out of your scope, quit living in the mists and return to the real world, every one of these remarks get instilled emphatically in your brain and at last you get bulldozed and accept these remarks. Individuals must be solid in shutting out pessimism to be solid, have self-esteem, profound mindfulness, and self-esteem. This isn’t a simple errand to do, because in this general public we have been raised to tune in to others’ feelings and not question them. For instance, we accept what we were educated by our folks and relatives and simply accept it as it is instead of inquiring their instructing strategies. You need to learn and settle on an astute choice and separate in what to shut out and what to not. On the off chance that somebody says you cannot do that, just because they have no confidence in you well this is the place your internal quality can sparkle and refute them.

The idea of appearance can encourage you all that you have to think about living your fantasy and not wishing to have the option to live your fantasies. The indication can transform you into a more positive life that merits living. You all have the option to have all the characteristics that you have consistently had however never rehearsed. Being a constructive individual that thinks decidedly and evades contrary energies is an individual that has figured out how to show their life and practices appearance day by day. You also can be a piece of this positive hover of vitality. Carry on with the existence you need to live; after all, you merit the absolute best. As referenced in the statement above, opportunity is the most significant thing in everybody’s life. If you might want to look for this and substantially more, at that point appearance is the solution to your fantasies which could be your world.

About the author

Murali Krishna Akilla is a founder member of Compumatrix. He is a writer and blogger. At the age of 72 years, he keeps writing.


  1. We are born free and have a right to decide how to go about our lives. So let us live life to its fullest and in the best possible way. However, the obstacles that we encounter, make it is difficult to always get what we really want.
    It is important to create opportunities to enhance our performance and to keep moving ahead, always. Good education and self-discipline are most essential. Learning to deal with people and difficult situations, is a big challenge in itself. Overcoming these challenges will definitely boost up our will-power is and make our lives more interesting and worthy of living.

  2. A Psalm of Life
    By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    What The Heart Of The Young Man Said To The Psalmist.

    Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
    Life is but an empty dream!
    For the soul is dead that slumbers,
    And things are not what they seem.

    Life is real! Life is earnest!
    And the grave is not its goal;
    Dust thou art, to dust returnest,
    Was not spoken of the soul.

    Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
    Is our destined end or way;
    But to act, that each to-morrow
    Find us farther than to-day.


  3. I so enjoy reading your blogs Krish — they are thought enhancing at the very least — also as I read thru my memories kicked in thru my time of hearing so many of those can’t do that messages from quote-unquote loved ones? It is fascinating how when looking back success comes to those who don’t listen to those naysayers and those who persevere with a Dream — liking that to compu now such a good read and thoughts —

  4. I am grateful to read your thoughts, as I make it my habit to wake up and feel good and confident before I get out of bed. Freedom of feeling good, happy, love joy is a choice. I was conditioned to believe I had to struggle with a 9 to 5 and now I believe I can share wealth and abundance, more importantly teach others to wake up with feeling good and confident. That is success and therefore, freedom. Thank you Krish and Compumatrix for reminders of freedom!

  5. Krish, Thank you I enjoyed the read and the uplifting vibrations you send out. Thank you are such a delight. I believe we all have choice and opportunities but if we aren’t in our right mind we can’t make a choice. Clear the mind and stay in your heart. Being in your heart helps you stay positive and free of fear. It’s a lot easier said then done. Thank you again for the uplifting message.

  6. Appearance! Things are not as they appear to be!

    I had to read this twice. Krish, this is truly a very deep blog from the mentality standpoint. A part of who I am is due to defiance. Even when I was in High School, I had a class that I just did not care to succeed in. The teacher told me there was no way I was going to pass that class. I passed but only out of defiance! All I needed to succeed is to have someone tell me I couldn’t!

  7. I couldn’t agree more! We must stay vigilant at all time and be the watchman at the gate as to what we allow into our minds .Avoid and keep out: the pessimism, the negative, the cannots and the you’re not good enoughs. Seek and allow in: the pure, the positive, the uplifting and the inspirational. Garbage in garbage out (miserable and sad life). Good and great in good and great out (happier-more fulfilling life).

  8. I really enjoyed this post, it reminds me of that old saying, “Seize the Day!” I do get caught in that trap of saying to myself “someday I’m going to . . .” This motivates me to stop and write down a few of those dreams, and tell myself that it’s time to just do it!

  9. So true, so true, so true. Murali, this is an excellent post. You have once again put into words a necessary truth. However, we choose to live our lives will define who we are and what we contribute to this life and also to our business community here in Compumatrix. We have to rise above the negative in our hearts and minds and walk our paths. Those even in our families do not know the real us, only the image of who they think we are, from their perspective of who they are in their hearts and minds. It is hard to be who you want to be because we do want to please those we love, and their opinions matter. One day there comes a time when you see an opportunity, and you know you want to participate. We just have to take a stand and believe in ourselves, and go forth in the face of adversity. What we think will be.

  10. Again my thanks Murali for blogging about a very interesting topic. A good reminder to keep our minds focused on our dreams not someone else’s, and shut out those people who are jealous, lazy and just down right ornery from our lives. And yes, Catherine a situation or person who can provoke defiance in our minds – that I’ll show them attitude works wonders for our own personal accomplishments. We can definitely turn a negative into a positive!

  11. This is a fantastic article, Krish. It is in alignment with everything I treasure and hold as my template of creation. Our thoughts are so powerful. That is why prayer is so powerful. When we focus on a positive outcome together truly, anything is possible. Life is full of possibilities with no limits.

  12. Your life is worth living for sure. In my humble opinion, each life is a gift from our Creator. We should live life to the fullest. As they say, we become what we eat and in my opinion we become what we think. If we have negative and immoral thoughts in our mind we soon become what we think. Life is better than evil worry and negativity. Just think about all the good deeds you can do for another in this old world. Just one smile to another in need may save a life or a gift of food to a hungry child. Thanks to our Creator for another day, so let us not waste another second, as life can be gone in the blink of an eye.

  13. Thank you Krish for a very thoughtful and provocative blog. It does motivate on to try one’s best to achieve our goals and not be daunted by the negativism of the naysayers telling you that it is not possible that you are undertaking.Keeping a Positive mental attitude and disregarding the doubters is the way to succeed in life.Thanks .

  14. Excelente blog Krishna! Realmente nascemos livres e podemos escolher o que queremos para nossa vida. É o famoso livre arbítrio! As vezes temos obstáculos, mas precisamos ter otimismo e superá-los. A risiliência também é uma grande aliada para que sigamos em frente na realização de nossos sonhos. Ver sempre algo bom em tudo que nos acontece, mesmo nos momentos mais difíceis, nos ajuda a seguir em frente em nossas metas!

  15. Freedom of thought and freedom of action , unfortunately we are loosing that as well as freedom of speech. You did and interesting blog on a subject that most people are or should be interested in Krish.
    I prefer to stay positive ,do the best I can and stay away from Negative people ,that can only pull you down into their own minds , the world they live in.
    I will always dream big, no mater how old I am getting … Never to old to keep your dreams alive.

  16. As always Murali, spot on with your latest blog.

    Many of us still live partially in a dream world wishing, hoping and believing that some of our dreams will come through. Personally, looking at homes, cars, a boat and the need to travel all over Europe before I leave this world, are all part of how I close out my days. I spend hours every night looking at everything I wish I could have or that I will be acquiring.

    When I make it to the bed I’m relaxed and happy.

    Knowing that some of my dreams, fantasies, likely will become a reality and soon, this diversion is a necessity in my life and a great way to clear my brain of all that goes on during the day.

    I share all this with my wife, a recovering stroke victim, as she enjoys all that we would like to see in our lives. Whether it all happens or not we got to experience the thought process. We move forward day to day and absorb all that is going on in Compumatrix. Our days of dreams and fulfillment are almost here.

  17. Some people go through life dreaming of fantasies that they never see work out. Their friends call them dreamers and after awhile, they believe they are only dreamers. Often it only takes a little shift in the way they see themselves or situations. It could be that gleam of reality they begin to see in their fantasy. One slight shift and they are in a planning thought of mind. Soon that fantasy is fully a reality and all those friends tell you how bright you are and they knew you could do it.

    This shift is happening right here at Compumatrix! The shift is a paradigm shift that has been occurring for some time. We all went thru those stages where we weren’t sure if this was going to happen. Somewhere along the line, our minds also shifted. Once we began to believe, our collective minds lend positive energy to making this happen. Even at its weakest moments, one mid kept it all together and never gave up. Thank you Henry for all your strength.

  18. Murali, just the title alone, ‘your life is worth living’ is empowering in and of itself.
    If one opens their eyes to the wonder of this planet it will add to the worth of living.
    Being in Compumatrix and having the monetary freedom to explore the world without the stress of a job just to make ends meet will bring a whole new meaning to your title. Thanks for posting such a worthwhile blog.

    1. Thanks for the blog and question “Is Life Worth Living” Absolutely without a doubt in my mind.With that said there are 48,344 recorded suicide in 2018. How very sad to read these stats, in fact it breaks my heart. As a Christian, I believe the Lord placed me on this earth for a reason, knowing that Christ gave His life for all of us. I have personally experienced suicide in my family and friends, I only wish I could have prevented it, but most cannot be prevented until we all become more aware of the situation. In my humble opinion we are here at Gods will and do do His will, including helping others as much as possible while on this old earth. We are her to serve our Creator, in my opinion, but I also understand many do not have that faith for one reason or another. I do pray we must always be alert to a possible suicide situation and do all we can when possible. Every beautiful life is a miracle and worth living.

  19. Murali, that was quite a powerful article. I think the best time I had the drive and the spirit to fulfill my dreams was in my early twenties and now that I am testing my seventies. I had a long period of time, where wife duties and motherhood took all my energy and my dreams were put in the back burner. It was also a matter of choice, since I wanted to be a housewife and raise a family, but the true freedom has come at this time in my life and I am hoping to fulfill many of my dreams moving forward.

  20. Thank you, Krish. Your blogs always are very profound with a message that makes you meditate on life.
    Dreams of wanting to be are with us since childhood. When I grow up, I want to be? As you go thru life stages, these dreams take a different form or meaning.
    At this stage of my life, I live to see the Compumatrix dream come true.

  21. Every morning I awake, I am grateful to the Universe to be here..
    I wish everyone peace and love
    Whether we are separated on good, or indifferent terms .
    May we all come together as ONE .

    I wish all SUCCESS and may we find what we are looking for.
    Always be open to new possibilities and new ways to be inspired
    Honesty, healing, guidance, understanding, self awareness, business, life and trauma
    are all apart of LIFE.
    Have Faith and Confidence during these difficult times,
    and embrace a new Beginning.

  22. Magnificent subject matter, Murali. I was taught from a very early age that any human being used less than 10% of his brain when he was at his most active in any thing. Science through imaging technology has proven this is so true, and we use less than that most of the time. So if we accomplish life, and are trained and educated to a personal view of life, with the little brain power we use; then just imagine what could be accomplished by any mind that can do as you have stated and think outside the box of social training, and really do what your heart desires? Unlimited potential, if you only ‘believe’ it to be true!! Also a term I learned at the same early age.

  23. Thanks for the great post Krish. It’s hard to be positive with all the negativity that surrounds you. It’s easy to listen to all the nay Sayers and not live up to your true potential. One must look to their inner self and chose to be positive. If your told you and succeed for what ever reason, prove them wrong.

  24. Yeah it’s much more difficult to stay positive when the world around you, the people you hang out with, your family and co workers are negative by nature..And many of them are!
    Many have been shaped by nature or by the general society.
    One have to be very strong inside to be able to find positive thoughts. I find physical training to be a big help in that process. Makes me feel good inside and I’m able to listen to people’s criticism without falling down or become negative about it myself.

  25. David the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 23:”Even though I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil”, fear is a debilitating emotion that blocks the clear thinking and positive action. So we need to understand that when fear comes we need to just walk through it and not build a house and settle down in it.We need to not allow the fear derail us, but look back on the things that happened to us that were positive,and for us that were uplifting and we were able to rise above the situation and and walk through the fear to the light of positive success.

  26. Somerset Maugham is one of my favourite authors of all time, I would add freedom of speech to the mix as well, unfortunately we are losing it very quickly these days.
    As for the opportunities coming in our lives, we need to be prepared and alert in order to seize them, to be in the right place at the right time.

  27. Yes, life should be lived in full, but very often it is just not possible. Living with our feet on earth and not in the clouds or in a dream world is more archivable. That doesn’t mean we can always reach for higher goals and our Compumatrix business could be the start of just that. Your post is very inspiring and knowing your own health problems it didn’t stop you to reach for the stars. Wishing you that you achieve all your dreams and mostly your health back again Krish . Looking forward to seeing more blogs from you again.

  28. Yeah it’s much more difficult to stay positive when the world around you, the people you hang out with, your family and co workers are negative by nature..And many of them are!
    Many have been shaped by nature or by the general society.
    One have to be very strong inside to be able to find positive thoughts. I find physical training to be a big help in that process. Makes me feel good inside and I’m able to listen to people’s criticism without falling down or become negative about it myself.

  29. Thank you for your great blog post Murali. When I read it I had to think about a movie that I saw last weekend. The way of Emilio Estevez. There is a quote from this movie that is in my mind since I heard it: “You don’t choose a life, you live it.” And you have to live it in a positive way and with a lot of passion.

  30. Great blog to remind all of us to live each day to the fullest and stay with a positive mindset. We have the ability to do this and wake up in a good mood ready to change the world, if we so choose. Life is short, can have many challenges and can be amazing so make the most of it. During quarantine I have felt that I have missed out on so many fun times with friend and family but we need to seize each day to the fullest.

  31. Dreams of wanting to be someone or achieve something are with us since childhood. What do you want to be when you grow up, a grownup would ask a child. When I grow up, I want to be… As you go thru life stages, these dreams of wanting to take a different form or meaning.
    At this stage of my life, My dream is to live to see Compumatrix dream come true.
    Although Henry’s dream, it has become our/my dream too

  32. I have lived a good chunk of my life already and can say that every day of my life was worth living! Both good days and bad days have had their value. Bad days give experience and make me grateful for the good days. Today I ignore negativity and concentrate on positive things

  33. You bet it is worth living it is a mind set. The Bible says 365 times to ( fear not) live your life it is the only one your going to get. Fear has stopped so many people from accomplishing there goals in life. When I got saved through Jesus Christ I lost all fear in most everything so much so that I freaked some people out a few times by speaking up for myself and not cowering down from there flat out lies and made up stories I can see right through them now. Best of all I proved some people to be wrong and all was well God is with me. This whole world would change if only all the people would listen to Christ and do what his word says to do. Take hold of them opportunities in your life don’t let fear stop you.

  34. Muali, Great blog! Life is not easy, but it is not difficult,if we choose the right path,always keep your thoughts positive and have a positive attitude towards others,our brain is a library so why not use it for practical purposes,the store of valuable information contained in it should be used to plan for the future and to benefit others as well and doing all this will build confidence in us that we will never go the wrong way in life,negative people should be ignored.

  35. My parents were very curious people and I think it passed on to me, so I have been too curious to not want to explore. In exploring, I have found that I am too busy trying to find out about the inner workings of something to be distracted or discouraged.

  36. Confidence is defined as the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. Confidence cultivated early in life, is one of the greatest factors in determining how successful someone will be. Confidence involves knowing that your life is worth living.

  37. this is a great blog read with such good solid info and if we keep pushing forward and doing it the right way and we keep our own Confidence at a good level we will push thru the tough times and we will succeed at whatever we are working towards — we must Dream and let our minds wander — Thanks again Krish for All you contributed here at Compu and the Blog !!!!!! rj

  38. Great Blog Krish. I couldn’t agree you more. We must stay vigilant at all time and be the watchman at the gate as to what we allow into our minds avoid and keep out: the pessimism, the negative. I feel you seek and allow in, the pure, the positive. During quarantine I have felt that I have missed out on so many fun times with friend and family but we need to seize each day to the fullest.

  39. Krish, your writing will impact the Compumatrix family for-ever, and will be in the history book of Compumatrix to be enjoyed by many in future years. You have shown by example what a winner is in devastating times.

  40. Life is an experience that is definitely worth living. If we are going to truly live the life that has been given to us, we must take advantage of it in its entirety. Experience all that we reasonably can. Learn from the successes and failures. Enhance the things we have achieved and effectively counter our failures. Taking life in its entirety and a cumulative experience and ONE BIG LEARNING MOMENT, life can be fulfilling and exciting!

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